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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  May 23, 2018 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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those deadly protests against the relocation over the embassy to jerusalem just last week is our middle east correspondent paula. the photograph immediately sparked fierce criticism from the muslim world saberi cut who is the secretary general of the palestine liberation organization the p.l.o. there's a friedman expressed to quote rude and hypocritical behavior you then have the tb who is an arab israeli law maker and comes from the israeli arab dominated political alliance called the joint let's and he has responded to the photographs by saying that this madman wants to bring peace a good thing you didn't put the embassy there at the same time we're hearing that the american ambassador has apologized freidman must not the word of the thrust in front of him when the. he was deeply disappointed that anyone would take advantage of his visit to create controversy the u.s. policy is absolutely clear we support the status quo on her arm to use temple mount now here which is the organization from which the man who gave the president
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came from has expressed its own concerns about the incident it says that the man who presented the picture actually acted on his own behalf but the problem is that the american ambassador already has a record of controversy even before this event he is a supporter of israeli settlements in palestinian territory and in the past he's also called on the u.s. state department to stop calling the west bank israeli occupied territory and this incident comes at a very unfortunate time it follows the inauguration of the new u.s. embassy in jerusalem from its original base in tel aviv and as you well know that sparked a barrage of both international and regional criticism this might provoke for the tensions it builds the rhetoric against the u.s. policies it would pressure governments to go in face of battle against the interests of the united states and at the same time there would be protests which
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are already being organized for quite some time right now in the passing interest is over the two months we lost one hundred thirteen people thirteen thousand injuries. already so this would only add fuel to the fire. the head of the u.s. military central command general joseph votel says america will know shifted focus in syria to stabilizing the region and monitoring the dangerous pockets that remain first despite president trump saying only this month that the u.s. would pull its troops out of syria very soon while the u.s. decides that or whether or not to stay in the region a survey of arab youngsters in the middle east suggests the majority view the u.s. as an adversary and also concludes that russia has cemented its position as the top norm. our senior correspondent more ghostly of looks next to her america's strategy has failed to win over hearts and minds. you can see why trump wanted
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a new middle east strategy the old one wasn't working allies unhappy people aren't waving american flags forecasts failed remember for instance when they proclaim that syria would be russia's and a new of kind of star russia will continue to. send troops home. in body bags these are hard lessons that the soviet union had to learn in afghanistan you have to dig back into agent history to see how this is going to play out for the russians turned out it wasn't it was killing jihad ists and terrorists isis al-qaeda and all flavors thereof pointing case take this poll every year it asks arab youths who their biggest allies are in two thousand and fifteen america was voted second friendliest country by arab youth now it's
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eleventh russia is fourth despite or perhaps because of its intervention in syria but that's youth what about the older folks is an ally obviously a strong partner certainly over the specter and a friend. and a friend of the united states in a very turbulent part of the world. of america i told you many times you are either with us or all of these terrorist organizations are disaster the united states is barely on speaking terms with a nato ally turkey they're withholding weapons there are syrian kurds the white b.g. who a turkey sworn enemies this friendship is dying and turkey thinks eat can unite and need the muslim world especially after trump stunt with moving his embassy to jerusalem that robida almost everyone. the wrong way condemn the u.s.
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decision on jerusalem because of its great bias against the historical and permanent rights of the palestinian people see the united states the solution to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel is a dangerous one it will threaten security and stability and frustrates efforts to resume the peace process with trump bleeding allies moscow is making inroads with ankara now turkey russia and iran gather regularly on syria and trump isn't being invited but they at least friends still buy american guns right we signed historic agreements with the kingdom this landmark agreement includes the announcement of a one hundred ten billion dollars saudi funded defense purchase. and we will be sure to help our saudi friends to get a good deal from our great american defense company that was trump boasting
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before saudi arabia saudi arabia america's chief ally in the middle east declared that it is buying russian s. four hundred missiles which turkey is also doing that's a new low for us policy and things aren't looking up. you can bet there are no one filled russian basser ships in countries that matter it's moscow as doris day almost unbelievably vacant american posts in egypt jordan libya could tar saudi arabia syria turkey and of course iran where we have no embassy america's policy has been simple divide red versus blue sheer versus sunni friends versus enemies problem is the world isn't black and white there are agree greens browns and purples which washington needs to
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recognize to talking here about. states or a region that has been heavily dependent on the united states in pretty much everything defense become a me cars technology everything and now people are thinking you know this is not reliable anymore this is not an ally anymore this is becoming more of an adverse are definitely the shifts or the huge shift in rhetorical between the obama administration and the trumpet ministration has played a role to agitate people but we need to understand that the policy that hasn't been much change. nearly two thousand far right extremists in germany are illegal possession of at least one firearm according to the government's own figures the green party says leaders are sweeping the problem under the carpet though reporting from berlin our europe correspondent peter oliver. here in germany almost two thousand people identified as far right extremists have
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a permit to possess a firearm that's according to the government's own statistics twelve hundred of that number described themselves as reich citizens and since november of twenty sixteen around four hundred fifty of them have had their firearms licenses taken off them by the state but he was right citizens and dangerous reich citizen is a catch all term for a loosely affiliated bunch who claim that the federal republic of germany is illegitimate and say that the pre-war value mark constitution remains in effect that's the same system that allowed adult hitler to take power well today's reich citizen groups come in several shapes and sizes but almost all of them have some link to either neo nazi groups or far right ideology. the historical revisionism forms an ideological link that connects various right wing extremist currents and
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right wing extremists among right citizens use those connections to cause confusion to provoke authorities and to create a social platform for right wing ideology it's estimated that there's around eighteen thousand of these right citizens in germany and some are allegedly preparing for a day when they'll rise up and take their country back but these aren't just hollow empty threats eighteen months ago a policeman in bavaria was killed during a shootout between officers and a member of one of the sorites citizens' groups the number of people in significantly significantly increased violence. has increased in number if the numbers go on to increase if these fever really used in britain hears them selves for opposing in resisting public. then it is a challenge for the state opposition politicians have accused the government of
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trying to sweep the extent of germany's problem with far right violence under the rug first the federal government explains the right wing terrorist groups can form spontaneously and have a strong digital network but then many of their actions are not counted as raping terra fences the impression is that the federal government consciously accepts blind spots in the recent past berlin hasn't pulled away you from publishing intelligence findings that showed as many as seven hundred radical islamists could be in the country and a capable of preparing a terrorist attack but it does seem that they're less forthcoming when that threat is potentially posed from elsewhere we now are facing the end of being intellectual dominance and culture into legally gemini and under this umbrella of growth right think populism of course right in the radicals right wing extremists still protect it the german state district do their bit with all the power and strength it has
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germany has very strict gun control laws thankfully gun deaths are a rare occurrence here but perhaps one way to keep it that way would be to not allow people who the government considers a threat to the public to have access to firearms peter all of. a footnote to this final word on it from the german government for now says that although the threat posed by right wing extremists is reportedly increasing goes on to say the overall threat level from such groups remains relatively low and comfortably take that focus on italy politics there it's been two months coming we can report tonight italy has no form the government and named it next prime minister he's just content he's been approved for rome's top job by the italian president after emerging as a compromise candidate put forward by the euro skeptic five star movement and the right wing league party the. the ends of political deadlock one that's lasted since the election results came in at the beginning of march conti was seen as an
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unlikely choice at the time given he's a relative newcomer to politics the little known law professor has however served the boards of several high profile italian companies he's also been behind the five star movement justice program on over there's little indication as to what policies he will favor as prime minister seems conti's be in the past vocal about rooting out corruption at least italy's coalition government program was unveiled last week the members of the cabinet are yet to be sworn in. talking of events to come just over three weeks time the greatest footballing show on earth gets underway right here in russia the biggest country on earth nations have been busy naming their players for the fee for world cup while our own former player peter schmeichel explores next the host cities ready to welcome them and his trip continues we'll leave you this hour with peters to around russia's western most point kaliningrad enjoy.
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if you. really need the russian thing plates reached in between the rainy hole in the baltic sea a minister place to build the audience arena in munich. thirty five thousand screaming fans for the four game set up. is of course the much anticipated match between. what else is going on around this place but i'm peter schmeichel and i'm here to find out. i'm a bunch of meeting one of the few from bassett is for cleaning greg she's a five time olympic gold medalist and in one thousand times. in synchronized
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swimming a name is no time. since she's asked me to meet in very unique place. so you asked me to meet you can you tell me about this. karen and. the unique place. and the end of the old sheriff have. to remember. we have here along the beach as like a couple. but this is also one of you next goes world which is so it's yes. incoming that we have. made sure that. you know we're on for. yes i'm from over the. weekend so i am. you colby could teach you
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how she does potty training swimming and you can hold your breath for three and a half minutes and award yet the male do the yes they can. it's the so called well that out. i pads for you and they you make expands to add weight care and we can try to harness right so i don't know whether i've got a unique experience it's also a unique challenge i just realized and i've never done that before for more than a minute maybe that's always the first and this fellow here and we are the best of friends on. i have option two no idea what i'm doing. you know this is a long this been the horse. you are
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very very right this is the only way to see it. that's cleaning guys faces to see through and it's futile posts a moment i'll take you inside to show us the things he did you can see that for yourself it's just a spot of the style he actually showed lots of the street not just the shit he did on this is stuff that i've never done to. you i just don't. care. it's just. ok i got a little bit of an idea i think i'll challenge myself to something a little bit more. i disagree.
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that's the best i could. go there. but when juries make decisions for him and for the things he's made for sex sure and. this is shipping city. not from canada. as you might well you know rush for is a massive country in terms of eleven time zones from east to west it's just unbelievable god is not in the baltic sea and i'm taking advantage of being here so today i decided to go fishing i absolutely love fishing going on here in the baltic sea i've got to lean in got out of the back and be straight for. it's
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going to take us two or three days to get there so. the problem is not do not fall while we are doing we are trying to catch my lunch and hopefully some style that it's going to be. salmon this size. not very big. puts out its own flood sometimes with paper. you know. the mold growing. most of all do i it's all eight. dollars.
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seventy four design submissions. seven thousand pilings. to join judges. and eight hundred sixty nonstop days of work. a russian w.b. a champion of it. and a russian mob stuff. show you how. the crimean bridge was built.
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witnessed the construction of when you need to transport. that will help the heart of crimea the faster most of those you know won't go for more snow yet it abuts real. hello and welcome to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle
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we've all gotten used to it the media hate trump and the president returns the favor in kind how is this mutually charged hate fest changed media and journalism does the corporate liberal media report the news anymore and is journalism today a fake profession in the service of partisanship. cross talking media wars i'm joined by my guest robert how the new york he is a political pundit and journalist contributing to the huffington post also in new york we have lionel he is a legal analyst and news decoder at lionel media dot com and in los angeles very early in the morning we have ron paul cohn he is a comedian a frequent guest on the jimmy door show and the young turks as well as host of his own streaming show get your news on with ron i love how that rhymes are a gentleman crosstalk rules in effect and i'm thinking jump in anytime you want i always appreciated let me go to you first in new york just very broadly speaking
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how is the media changed in the age of trump because in the age of trump trump doesn't change it seems go ahead lionel in new york ok first of all let's talk about news media versus the media here's how it's changed we often use the term mainstream media to define people like a.b.c. n.b.c. and m s d n c fake news c.n.n. that's not mainstream anymore what's mainstream is this what's mainstream right now is podcast again you tube and other platforms that is dead that is a star that burned out millions of years ago yet the light still hits us so when we say mainstream the first thing that happened was. calibration of the term mainstream because what old is doing what's new is now that's a very good point but the problem is that the legacy media still have a huge impact on the population i would say because people believe in the conspiracies that a lot of the former and i'm going to go with your terminology former mainstream media peddle ron reflected on that in no way yeah you know i i agree with lionel
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said i think the term mainstream media is something we have to try to shy away from i like to simply say corporate media all the time because definitional and that's what it is it is a corporate media owned by very high for profit entities but as far as did the media. in the trump era i would say the corporate media that we're referring to has not changed in the trump era i think it's the same formula that they've been going by for a long time now they like hyper partisanship one way or the other they like sensationalism they like to have a little fun soundbites and take bits to to inflate for as long as they can and trump gives them plenty of those you know michele wolf at the white house correspondents' dinner nailed it she said you guys love trump just didn't made it because he's giving them what they want and that's kind of all they care about and
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as far as news and information in our country not only is it a huge disservice but as lionel pointed out it is a sinking titanic when we use that logic there robin i just want a quick diversion here than the entire foreign policy elite in the united states much love lot of mere putin keeps the good word. then flowers and sam pain at the end of the year you know but rob if we agree with lionel said in that in los angeles but there is one thing that is changing is that their ratings or plummeting in this is maybe the only thing that about this old legacy media that's really true and on top of it they want their. revenge ok you have like facebook teaming up with the atlantic council they want to claw it back and it's going to get nasty people are being to monetize people being shunned and throttled ok so the old the old media is up to the same habits of trying to control the media space go ahead rob in new york. well we have to realize that media is a is evolving i'll tell you one thing that hasn't changed my father was
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a newspaper man i grew up in and around the business i remember as a youngster that there was a conservative advertisement against the new york times with a picture of fidel castro they put on a bus that said i got my job through the new york times still makes me laugh out loud so things haven't changed that much but another thing that has changed a monster i worked on and off for time incorporated since nineteen eighty three and for one period for fifteen years straight there was a publishing behemoth a colossus that no longer even exists in the name was literally pulled off the building and there was no time publication in the time in life building i don't even know if think all the time unlike the like so the media is evolving in ways that i don't think we can even predict lidl may have a word for it which i'm going to need this authority afterwards unless we get a translator but it's happening at
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a pace that that i may not see in my lifetime i don't want to make a prediction do i like words going you know can i stop it no is it just part of change unfortunately yes hopefully some one day it will be for the better lionel jump in go ahead peter and let me give an example this past week in new york are we just had the upfront this is an annual event where everybody used to be it used to be the biggest thing there was this is what all the stars came into town and spoke to the advertisers and the affiliates and it was like number of the many academy awards it is now shrunk it is now minimized to nothing let me tell you what my day is every day we normally look at my wife and i look at our our kind of media e-mails and what you will see is you will see for example c.b.s. which has a show at night and the biggest p.r. arm that will spread through social media the idea that last night. it was this monumental event where coal bearer whoever trashed are attacked the president we
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live now in a click bait economy let me tell you what also happened recently rosanne rosanna completely changed things because bob iger who is very very smart realizes that he owes of a new sherry duty to his shareholders and what america wants believe it or not and this will kill the mainstream or lame stream or ted baxter media what they don't understand is that the american actual viewer is not somebody in the left wing right wing bubble or swamp it's somebody who recognizes the value of let's say a rose and another's so while they don't realize just like i'm telling you again they think that they live in the world of rachel maddow that c.n.n. that people reflect their ideas it's not true it's the opposite ok ron i mean you do have a prevalence but you know we can always talk about the exception of fox when it comes to cable and they certainly make money off of their click bait but they're not practicing journalism anymore and i mean we can talk about the the the
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infrastructure the business model but the profession itself i mean i watch the cable news because i have to because for my job but i don't see journalism being practiced at all i mean and on top of it people expressing opinions without really much knowledge i mean it's kind of a lot of dumb people saying dumb things that are very cliche and some of these issues are really very important go ahead. well you know what peter this is a this is an odd double edged sword for me because the corporate media in the united states does bother me however if they ever got significantly better i might be out of a job sure i get to exist i get to exist in the capacity that i do because they they are failing so hard but i do see journalism practiced however the practices i see here often. negative types of practices the employing propaganda
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techniques word associations and stuff like that recently on the show were for the jimmy door show c.n.n. smeared us and then used a very very typical propaganda technique and the smear they associated us with other with other types of outlets that was it was not in accurate association at all but they did that it's an intentional thing when you do that it's a certain type of grouping and of course it's a wide wide net so is there some are there some diamonds in the rough shore you know you've got to look for it it's not on page one quote unquote you got to dig for it but it is there but as a whole they're not talking about the things that reflect with the average americans at all i mean there's harvard studies dedicated to that stuff where they spend about seventy five percent of the time talking about russia or something like that that's an important issue to about six percent of the population say percent yes so they don't it's kind of they're all done to the point and they're on the
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east coast ok that's it and that's in washington d.c. here you know let me go let me go to rob here i mean i think all of you are familiar with i certainly know my audience is jordan peterson i think is a very interesting case where i've seen cable news it was n.b.c. and then the new york times i mean what how much it jobs they do again you can disagree with his approach and in some of the things he has to say i very much appreciate what he's doing and but the again we're going to have to employ the lionel terminology here the old mainstream move put it that way legacy media they really just go after that guy and n.b.c. and the new york times i have i have this strong feeling they never watched one of his videos ok. seriously but i mean that i'm getting into this ideological bend here i mean because someone like jordan peterson is.


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