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window of deniability and many different issues and this made me want to at this point i think we can't really know we'll see a little bit more i think in the coming hours so let's. now go the other direction let's say it's not the united states. some speculation has been that it could be israel who has carried out these airstrikes what would be their motivation in this circumstance well. the israelis the israeli leadership sees the syrian government has by. and the iranian forces as enemy targets and has been making them targets air strikes and other forms of hostilities. also just today we see that in the news that the united states is concerned is considering the us government and israeli minister said that the u.s. will soon recognize israeli sovereignty over golan heights the golan heights of
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course are part of syria that were annexed illegally by the state of israel and no country has recognized that so far. so that's an act of hostility against syria and it's clear that the highly literate government can in israel is looking for new war actions in carrying out war action against syria and against the allies of the syrian government so how important is this region going to be in determining the future of the syrian conflict. well. i think it's very important because the eastern area is where the oil is the syrian government and its allies have been achieving victories many victories in recent months. they have been through a lot of territory from rebel control as it's called but really from isis and al qaeda and like organizations so you have at the same time the
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u.s. . moving in more in the eastern part of syria and trying to establish a base there maintain a base and in effect as long as that exists syria is partition. right richard becker political analyst thank you for helping us kind of get our heads around an incredibly complex situation. as always good to talk to you thank you. so let's switch gears now to the u.k. where yulia squit paul has appeared in the media for the first time since she was poisoned along with her father a former russian double agent sergei screwball they were found unconscious on a park bench in the english city of salzburg on the fourth of march more details from our london correspondent an associate truckin. now in this particular media appearance she does give a statement to reuters news agency of an undisclosed location in london so her
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whereabouts are being kept under wraps and she appears to make a brief statement in russian which then she provides in written form in both russian and english to waiters and in the statement among other things she says that she is going to eventually be returning to her homeland of russia but not quite yet as reasonable a bit as a child to come to terms with the devastating changes thrust upon me both physically and emotionally i take one day at a time and want to help care for my dad to his full recovery in the longer term i hope to return home to my country well paul importantly had also said that her recovery had been slow and extremely painful and that she for now will not be turning to the services of the russian embassy again as a reminder this has been something that russian authorities had offered over and over again to the script palls any kind of cooperation or being able to get access
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to them which according to russia they should have been able to do given the conventions that exist on matters on this issue but there's not much else that she did say she only made that very brief statement and then did not answer any questions on camera this is definitely quite a development since this became the first media appearance that yulia script hall has made three ever since quizzing took place on march fourth when this whole saga unraveled created creating a massive ground between the u.k. and russia and of course this was the first time we're seeing a video of. her father sergei was also currently out of the hospital so now the next step we should be expecting is some kind of statements or information or appearance that he could possibly be making next russia's foreign ministry has look to to reassure you saying it has repeated. attempted to get in touch with her and her father we want us cripple to know there wasn't
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a day that the russian foreign ministry the russian abba's in london didn't try to contact her the main goal was to ensure she's not being kept against her will that it wasn't another person posing as her to get firsthand information about her condition and her father's. north korea is gearing up to close its nuclear test site in the country's remote north east there have been six nuclear bomb tests through their sense two thousand and six which were carried out inside a mountain of all places it is the world's last officially active nuclear test site now north korea has described how the site will be dismantled saying that there will be a controlled explosion to collapse the tunnels there that will result in all of the entrance points being blocked as well after that the above ground facilities will be destroyed and some changes have already been observed by experts on satellite images taken in april and earlier this month buildings have been demolished together with a railway line r.t. if you got it done off is among a group of international journalists who set out on an arduous journey to see the
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nuclear facilities shut down. so we're currently on a train somewhere midway through almost to the nuclear test site we don't even know the exact nation as to where we go we don't. say should so that phrase. means you have compartments and. we are shocked. shocked because from any. of the train now the train it journey will take the journalists eleven hours in total and as i mentioned they have been given strict instructions not to open the blinds following that the crews will have to spend several hours on a bus and then an hour trekking to the final location before boarding the train u.s. sent us this report documenting his journey from china to north korea's long time.
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we're in the beijing international airport and as you can see behind me we're being greeted like celebrities the of those who go to north korea would be here for the past couple of days and all journalists spots of this press tour have been amassed in the chinese capital because that's where we got our visas that's when we where we got our tickets and now we will be proceeding to check in to our flights that those are the windows that we're waiting for the personnel and so i'll be signing off for you hopefully greeting you from north korea itself next time so this is the choreo flights we will be taking to get inside north korea thing is we aren't even exactly sure as to where exactly we're headed because according to our media to documents we're going to the southern port city of one sound but according to our boarding passes we're headed to the north korean capital pyongyang so i guess annoyed the option but to find out on board the plane. at the same time it
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seems to you know if you're going to pyongyang or two once on. one time thank you. so there are roughly twenty john that's here on this plane and so as we're going to one son i just want to give that point glimpse of what's going on on board would be evened out the rest of the pieces like this one for example the only on time it's mostly about politics but also features pieces like recipes for this right send money or in the case also we've been given and this very very kind of colorful kolby a magazine which features everything from the latest one as to what's been going on like the like it will be on the supreme leader of north korea but also hundred speeches around still young and the like to pieces like the ones for example of how the bullets will be beat.
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so you walk out of any airports what's the first thing you expect to see it's a bustling crowd of people pushing and shoving it's the taxi drivers offering often overpriced services well check this out nothing of this sort here it's just an empty parking lot and three buses that will take us to the city. solution you want to. save. this is. somebody who. in the meantime follow eagar on twitter where he is posting details and photos from the reclusive
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country whenever possible find out what kind of food you might expect in north korea and have a look around local hotels to see what they're like. there's been two months coming but italy has now named its next prime minister decepticon has been approved for rome's top job by the italian president after emerging as a compromise candidate put forward by the euro skeptic five star movement and the far right a league party now be appointment ends in eleven weeks along the political impasse artie's don't you hawkins has more. italy's new prime minister is neither a familiar face nor name in fact googling will bring up an altogether different leader world football manager at least which has already been the butt of much humor of course while one continues to try to see if chelsea two trophies do separate conti has a tougher job taking the reins in italy and he's already been accused of lacking experience and even exaggerating his quite impressive twelve page academic c.v.
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law professor nominated to become italy's next prime minister he's facing allegations that his c.v. now question. time and. new york. there are a lot of questions swirling in both the italian and international media about his background some of the inflated elements of his curriculum his resume about where he may or may not have studied but that hasn't put him off the scholar law professor has already promised a government of change taking his biggest legal case yet as the italian people's defense attorney well italy first is the slogan of the day after all. i am a law professor over the course of my life i took on the causes of many people that my aim now is to defend the interests of. on the international and european stage i
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am proposing to be a defense attorney of a being the figurehead for the army's e. coalition of the populist five star movement on the right wing likud party won't be an easy task they must implement an ambitious anti austerity government program deal with a shaky stock markets and an even more nervous brussels which will be keeping a close eye on the euro skeptic government described as allergic to bureaucracy he's affirmed his commitment to slashing what he calls as useless laws in the country a pet hate of both. parties. the choice italian people have made is a step towards freedom for the whole of europe away from the streets and in security we want to rebuild europe based on people not bureaucracy we want to be listened to otherwise all these sectors and industries that are suffering from injustice because of european treaties and directives will have to be reimbursed his first task will be to form a cabinet after a two month deadlock in italian politics there is now some momentum but can conti
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deal with the pressure with brussels and it's brought down on him is the question many are asking today i think you will see the agreement in coalition agreement put together by the. last week which has been quite an interesting almost in terms of of the of a political agreement because they basically. only. include . taxation and pension reform the problem however is how much. will be a leader or somebody in action a coalition agreement. a number of advocacy groups in the us are urging amazon to stop selling its facial recognition software to law enforcement across the country they say the tool has become an inexpensive form of mass surveillance which could be used not only to target criminals but also to spy
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on the general public. we demand that amazon stop a government surveillance infrastructure that poses a grave threat to customers and communities across the country as advertised recognition is a powerful surveillance system readily available to violate rights and target communities of color and was on recognition is a powerful software tool which uses artificial intelligence to identify faces and is able to detect in real time objects and people in a wide variety of settings can also track explicit images and content the software is able to produce a positive match even when a person's face is not fully visible here's how amazon explains it. recognition video extracts measured data from this video but is there to objects and activities. with amazon recognition video customers can track persons even when faces aren't visible tracked persons that are fully or partially leave
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the scene and. when response amazon says it's technology has many useful applications the tech giant also defended the sale of the tool adding that just like any service users will be made to comply with the law all right joining me now is. the co-founder and executive director of data for black lives joins us thanks for being with us here on our international this is an interesting story to say the least. so recognition isn't the only tool of its kind and many other companies are also selling it or versions of it so why is amazon. particularly concerned. yes thanks i think that's a really good question you know there's been a number of privates up contracting companies that work with law enforcement come time a major tech company has established this kind of relationship with law enforcement
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you know i think just the fact of amazon's reach you know in the year two thousand and twenty one amazon will be responsible for fifty percent of all e-commerce sales right so that means that the purchases any of the interactions that we have with amazon's age all that data that the consumers are creating will be used and we think weaponized against vulnerable communities through this software you know i think also besides amazon size and its reach and its influence in the world right now you know jeff bezos has come out and spoken out against selective government surveillance that you know but we believe that actions speak louder than words and we hope to hold these o's and amazon accountable in this situation but surely there are genuine benefits to the sec knology as well any tech of this kind can be abused so does that mean that we should stop making a developing this software completely. yes you know i believe that
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data or big data tools whether it's machine learning or facial recognition software can be an instrument of social change or a weapon of political oppression depending on whose hands it's in and if somebody you know as founder data for black labs my background actually began organizing and i'm doing police accountability work in florida right and i remember one situation where police officer color organization and said that she was at a shooting range and it was when she went into the shooting range and she saw that law enforcement there were using mug shots that black males for target practice one of the individuals mug shots being used was actually her brother right so we we see that you know in this situation we've always said that police have used black people black communities specially black men as target practice with the use of facial recognition software specifically in orlando where we've seen this being piloted with with amazon this is automated racial profiling all of the unchecked
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bias all of the racism and honestly a long and pervasive history of suppressing like that a guy who is of criminalizing individuals you know really really really comes to feed in this situation this is automated racial profiling you know this technology for example was being used to identify victims of sex trafficking if it was being used to help you know identify some of the millions of missing children all over the country if it was being used to protect you know young people from school shootings for sure let's use facial technology but we know that this is not happening specifically that because we know the history of these armed force we agencies and certainly there's good cops and certainly there's folks who want to do better but as a whole we're not at a place where we can really trust law enforcement to actually use this facial recognition software as none other than a two. oppression in continuing repressed people just trying to get their voices
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heard is there a possible solution in your mind with the focus being on ensuring proper oversight regarding the databases and the guarantees that are in place to prevent such instances of abuse so you kind of taking the human equation out of it so that it isn't the racial profiling and it's more of a generic database. so in terms of the database i think that's a really important question you know what are my colleagues and someone we really look up to in this work is can be a mule and she always says that in the united states of america we don't have a rest day now we don't have crime data we have a rest state and we know who is disproportionately being arrested all across the country the ratio is three to one for black people being arrested to white people that means that black groups are three times more likely to be arrested if we're basically come this facial recognition software off of mug shot databases for
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injunction databases are muslim band databases are. any of these databases that the f.b.i. and local law enforcement have access to more than likely black people are over sample in that data and i think that when it comes to just the concrete data you know in terms of protecting our data and protecting you know who we are you know we see examples you know in twenty sixteen facebook twitter and you know facebook and instagram really responding to another call by the a.c.l.u. or baltimore police to stop using facebook instagram and twitter data through the facial recognition type technology of media they rescinded access to all their data to a feeder because it was shown that in the baltimore uprising in the protests in response to freddie gray you know they were literally using that data using you know facial expression recognition to lock young people high school students tracking them on
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public transportation and locking them up in nj rolls because of the protests so you know when it comes down to data when it comes down to the actual use of the machine learning out rhythms behind the patient recognition software none of none of this is going to change unless we have public accountability and transparency unless you know instead of amazon kind of working in bathrooms and you. behind and out of public view with with law enforcement that people in the community the public have an opportunity to say you know what this is not something that we want being used against us in our communities and certainly not with you know our own data now briefly there have been several tech scandals involving data abuse recently if people become suspicious of what private firms or government might do with their data where is the out card here like who should have control of this information. question i think you know one of the things that data for black labs
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is working on in addition to supporting a.c.l.u. with this effort is we came out with the open letter to facebook calling on facebook to instead of focusing on harm reduction and restricting access to dado making it possible for again the public to be engaged in how data is being used right for one committing some of the data most of their data right to a public data trust where researchers advocates and community members can have access to data to use it for for good in addition to that we called for a code of ethics and internally facebook and this goes for amazon to hire more black and data scientists of to color as well as researchers because again we can go and we can protest and we can demand that change is happening but none of this is going to happen unless internally there's folks who are really really pushing and we've looked at everybody at emma's not as against this everybody at facebook
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was against that all the fiasco around the election but we reached really really see this as an opportunity to for big data companies like amazon and facebook to do more you know big data isn't mentioned in the constitution i'm going to have to here is a chance for us and i have to end it right there unfortunately we are literally out of time up against the wall you shame about millner very interesting to hear thought co-founder and executive director of data for black lives thanks for being with us here on our to international. all right that doesn't for me i will be back in about twenty five minutes with another look at you to stay with us this is art international. it's.
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there. and you'll protest rally a protest against something that some visible to the naked eye impossible to touch but this is still present everywhere we go i this is absorbed by the dissolves in water and soaked up by the soil. it's a boy. i'm going to. take it in the proper way you move. along
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. with. it's all right if you're. going to do to force an issue you got to be a lawful take. on. ok we're ok being. a good. cook we're going to trust. there's a true cook the doors. i didn't rush. holds just if. you want us to. live in it is a. quibble
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very different. but we have one terrier feasting common we constantly fight without. my. you. keep. my feet. which. i.
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am a saw genetically modified organisms this depends on the food industry in the one nine hundred ninety s. and one thousand nine hundred the monsanto corporation cultivated to back a that was passed resistance genetically modified tomatoes followed soon offset. i started looking at labels when shopping for groceries as i thought i was closing my kids' allergy a soon came to realize the tide been slightly wrong. and. then put the says stall put in this investigation. i happened to be that when i'm teaching my last fix we're getting ready for a rally. we don't need no see. most of. those things oh no.
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thank you for. the life i mean this one is only for god the over geno order yes or obese some people say or. just say i believe more than you do organization this is not exact as. hard we never call you know in one of five seats from the environment they were there for the rest is history. know what. it is they're. going to love my family more. real you know the shot at a little ball and. i hope. that fest i couldn't figure these people out. simply rejecting anything new or
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revolutionaries shutouts about the facts and fight for the health of future generations. corporations that produced seeds of g.m. plants claim that trance genes are absolutely harmless and most his move they make things trust ecclesia farm is spying creasing transfer systems to pests and diseases they bring high yields and they could finally help to feed to manatee. in two thousand and seventeen the total area of g.m. crops reached almost two hundred ninety million hex has three times the size of france currently g.m. crops a cultivated in twenty eight countries most of all in the usa which is thirty nine percent of the area of g.m. crops in the world brazil has twenty seven percent argentina say team descends canada and india has six percent each at the same time you have some individuals. countries two in two thousand and sixteen mania left the transgenic cultivating
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club. in spain with. paris. poland venezuela greece and switzerland. a free. kick. the country i live in russia forbids cultivating g.m.o. but doesn't forbid selling it and if baby food contains chimay maybe that's what's causing my kids' allergy because that's what i buy. and i decided to look for foods grown as they say organically you. know are xander to come of olive decided to reconsider his diet off his granddaughter was born. back then it was really hard to find organic food in stalls so he decided to make a comic food himself.


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