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tv   The Stan Collymore Show  RT  May 25, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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residential election there's been no shortage of ideas to banish the writes and great lesson news outlets is probably the only trend in which must get a bit late to the party will be about with all the latest in just over thirty minutes we see that. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest race in truth to stand down the news business you just need as the right questions demand the right answer. questions. in some american cities the police have built
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themselves cling to reputation people who walk on the streets of the united states who are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect that were people are no more afraid of the police than of a criminal so. you can see something happening this is like i don't want to call the cops let that happen rather than call the cops in those young black men lose their lives chasing the ana with their fingers on the trigger you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going to pull a gun yet unfortunately around and around here we end up killing our guns on the dance told from such precocious place to plan or do.
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i. weigh all hay out one of the world's most famous stadiums on failed when i used to play for liverpool many years ago and the champions league final in the coming days we'll be bringing you that fantastic episode next week but first this week it's colombia which engines won pablo i can go on right now he gets out about colombia chances for the world cup enjoy the episode.
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this week the stan collymore show comes to another one of the thirty two nations to qualify for the thief woke up in russia welcome to colombia. i'm delighted to be joined by a man i wanted to catch up with in america in colombia i mean you're a hero of mine because i'm a i'm an aston villa fan and although i apply for the club all of the players that play from our great clubs i'm delighted when public joins us in russia this will only be the seventh and i was surprised that for some reason i expected colombia to be there more why do you think that they haven't consistently qualified for world cups i think it's a number of things. one has to do with obviously the project behind every.
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team or every qualification team that has played for colombia then the level of competition in the american qualifiers you normally get. argentina brasil and you take those still places for granted and then you have another two and a half spots to fight for and here with those can be a complete team with spots how many changed throughout the years to be with the golden generation used to be chile ecuador. now that all came back again and it just changed you know what i mean but this i think for my point to be. american qualifiers are the hardest ones you can will get to a stage like in europe where you have groups of four even if those two groups of foible full groups of three why view it would it would it would more reflect the quality across the continent of south america i think it's hard just to make it
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that way to change it that way and the reason being is because it has always been the same and the only one that you can make it happen that way should be free caf and the let's say you know american on it and you just play you only one continent playing the whole cations and you have three or four groups tell us how passionate colombians all about football i mean the biggest for the country's football. has changed dramatically over the last let's say ten years he was a league that was only majority for people from the cartel and now. there's a lot of companies own in teams and the structure of the league has changed it is not what it should be for the amount of talent that we've got in terms of the entertainment side of off off off the leak i think is there's a lot of steel still to develop. but there is for my point of view there's only three big themes here there are. you not use america. in the last
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six seven years is being absolutely tremendous what has happened to the club the strength has transformed and the recognition to out there were for what we have known here is tremendous. do you think that the structure is in place now in colombia to provide the quality of facilities training and coaching for undoubtedly a quality football nation to break consistently at the top level. i mean the academies and ameri corps are. hundred percent the most important thing that we've got because we have to sell players to survive so we depend on those youngsters. but then obviously every club have a house at different infrastructure and different philosophy in trying to basically develop the skates do they get sold to the young i think so but that is also the necessity that the clubs have explained to us thousand credible so i was a player plays what you know was pretty though i played against in the premier
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league for the ring call. run a disco ball why would those three copes in the ninety's such a special group a thing is there's a lot of things first the ball and most important there was a lot of talent within those players when you name a few no for me are the republic the best player that we. think on my little on the squad. a lot of talented players but then there was also a constant things with this national team of these group of players they my joy of that group used to play for nasa not the coach was from this or not they used to train every day together they used to be day knew each other better than anybody and the coach used to basically be with them every day so i think that played a part there without taking anything away from them i mean the seacoast chances were different you know what i mean that used and now you get a group of people all players you basically get them together for two days or three
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days before a game columbia recently played in london of course in the craven cottage and norm of none of those players on back on the ninety go back on the older generation and they used to play in europe so does that make it much more difficult for colombia. in years to come to win it well i just think that the players are adjust to the circumstances because one of the things that baker mine has taken one has known is basically having these group of players that they really or. understand each other and they a lot of them play together in the lord to be shows on the younger national teams groups and now obviously this group this generation has changed the way people look at columbia game and there are three world cups which are close to him he didn't qualify two thousand and two two thousand and six in germany in two thousand and. one at those three world cups it makes it much more difficult for those young kids to say i want to aspire to do this on the world stage i mean there was a combination of a lot of things for my point of view nothing and i don't think that the team was as
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good as to should have been and then there was a lot of changes you fit in the federation there were changing coaches in between or in the middle of things qualifications so there was a lot of mistakes and all the mistakes that we made in those three qualification the neutral and those three were cops and they basically create a much stronger for the ratio and the understood what they needed to do in order for us to go back to the national team i want to report and things that the realize was the importance of having colombia play network up. this is andres escobar play for the crew of the national team in the one nine hundred ninety four polk in the united states he scored an own goal he came back to colombia and he lost his life for it going to be chucked into the system.
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to be cheering. on the show thank you very much for joining me i would like you to tell our audience about your brother's love football. he definitely well until the muslims tell us who we are a p.s.t.n. press release congratulating here in a number a movie a legacy the movie a portal to board a plane oh yes i could if you see a left concentra scioli lesbia is ill of have you only tied up with the man. i know for a falling star told in ireland i warn you it only to include bolivia suppose you look muscovy i hope rhodes was understood to represent columbia a represent our moods but a columbia was saying i can tell i like him to take a longer part
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a little too much to all new to live with it up with the clearest with our luck caveat is have you back a collie so direly giddy elohim to kill him to put a saw he. was the sudden kind helpful bull but i thought though it took edison on to. tell me belts andres nickname caballero the gentleman in english everybody in football said he was a very gentle man he was very respectful that must've made you very proud when he saw i feel more important but it's a similar legals a a. daily him to you as a parlor when too but i lose my chance of father for that look who wrote it but i consider his faith an electronic check for alekhine but i think has a system which has this is an interesting chance infosys because it isn't seen
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below but actually it's a considerable a if it is only an infomercial but a single if you will and let's go to the tournament the nine hundred ninety four will cope united states against columbia and i'm draws scored one goal when happened on the pitch. what did you feel what were your immediate fools we knew for moments of mourning to do with the. element of risk and the rest any oh now five to six. in all a book on to the last infant cause isn't. that true we think when we present this himmelman thought for. the last thousand nine hundred forty just have yellow doodle you know do look it up but i. there's a moment i did undress for you after the match is hang the chief we must tell us
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how low. you know we most tourists i say mary hope. none will commit bus for me or came into any activists around me fatal said any amount of fame which i can send this year when i was so mean thoughts and ever all this capacity and finales. did you ever feel you could you ever imagined. because of something on a football page that somebody would be so cruel. as to want to take somebody else's life no i don't how much on my. own hand mental illness and open mental note that so many rules and not that they look for a cite is in class and call on the up arrow. move kaleb it up as it is and. how
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happy are you that andres escobar as legacy is still very strong in colombia yesterday we were in maybe walking around to drink and food. and he drew a picture. on the streets and i asked him why did you draw and he said it is a legend is a gentleman and we will never forget him how happy does that make you feel much more is not a good job with than the said lot of money in the race. put a lot in the ellington see it hangs. up earlier than it once was hung massive with that little morsel mass in with a heavy barrel we already at the near that
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a man know it was very early it is when. he was a bit of us had a pool in the lot. less than a atlas as. it lays which is thank you so much for inviting me. and talking with insights and passion about you brother thank you very much for joining me. you know. you never know what's around the corner never know what's in the pub you can walk into excitement it's that knowing that's where the adrenaline rush comes from. it is
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a moot point definition and the extremes of all forms of. violence is a part and it's almost a schizophrenia. where you can do all these things and behave badly. important people of course qualify but all. the more so for the last one. hundred million infirm for more money more or less in the start. of a broader where no five figure out a really beautiful don't want to get. meaning in reason is that at least if you don't and the involves it's constant involvement. with kind of school and to accept if you need. to try ration of offering defended that's what's got something in push away that is the beginning and the nightmare
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that's how faked indo falls and some of the. sounds that are out here that. present the students all. hate. it just don't. by then coffee for sure. by then is a shift of on. not a. closer look at one more. for someone. so it. can you know so it was if you have to get multiple you shoot them i can't connect to so i'm just keeps a few. but the shows you know you know i was on the phone to the. people the people
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from the c.d.c. say yes but you know there's somebody i was and what my. own i'm going to have nothing to laugh aloud. how i need something to watch. something. else and then to look at my. i like my maybe maybe i'm happy for that. so what better way than to spend saturday evening to watch colombia's best football club we're going to watch out let me call now stand out from. i don't think.
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i'm. pregnant and i'm delighted to have you on this non-callable show me very noisy athletico nothing else. but you ask you about the ninety nine who will call public so i think we need to apply for the colombian national so you get to make who got it when i. don't. got i know myself and i must be i guess you'll continue well could be finished third in the group and play cameroon in the second guy what's your memories of that much when it was. in full book when it comes. i look at the ending. see it make if i had it to be would be mythical find out if you don't make you will come to me. you. know i've been lucky if
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i. get out of. this b.s. how do you describe your playing style no nest you know. is the law though. i like people c.s.i. lead. to legal important looking for through telescopes and model where you the welds sweeper keep up your. nose you see most come out of in the studio with upon the sound horse who got a. school hand. day because who. they think says eat no shoulders how well you want to leave it. i will not comply with you know you or you in the way i'm going to use discord three international goals which was your favorite. and went on. me forty dollars. out of it even in. england vs colombia at wembley my home stadium
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the scorpion kick did you have a practice this computer see you so it will not. go see your practice and say if you knew all in those i.q.'s i said a lot either plus i don't seem quite your sassy and the i you know they've been all said and i sort of which is you are going to get your i don't know when. which i just. don't i suggest you missed it. this is. what he said. but don't call him a loco for no reason to the children seem to be of either of. us who have. you one of the players went from colombia. to england in the united states how
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important was it for you to get out there and playing different countries and. exposed to different footballing cultures how much. education. sorry i don't really learn how to be a. basically a good professional a good food bowler in argentina and then obviously one that went to europe i just had to basically did the things that i needed to do in circumstances that were also very difficult for us because at the time want to join us to build the club were in prepare for players from these latitudes you know what i mean the majority of flayers that were playing in foreign players that were playing in england were from scandinavia and so the club was in ready to half americans so what was your learning curve reading there was a lot of things i have a personal issue that basically to cope or. three days after i joined the club my and my wife become very very ill and died when i was there so that was probably the
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biggest point in terms all of that that the club wasn't ready for the level of the leak the level of the club i was coming from this or not we never turn around here then i went through play a move in and then i went to ask them at that time even in right now you know when you go a remember when i made my debut when to play to this beautiful old successful the united team and then the formation was about this little blonde i mean becomes calls all of them and when you look name by name you know use is a massive difference then was must for physical weaker i got there in january which is probably the tops of the league and i wasn't ready as well as the exactly so there was a lot of things that that i didn't even know the language i couldn't speak a word. so all of that you know when you put that together use it makes it hard and then six months after i mean can a fist start adjust to life and i ended up loving every bit of my time in there the strength of his colombian squad. first of all. there's
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a good amount of this group of players that are ready to play new work out i'm not a i think in itself is a big advantage there are already been there you have the experience of being in a world cup they know the spectators of the country right now are higher than they were before. and then obviously the inclusion of five cow i think is going to be a big blast because of what he represents for this group of players and then there's a lot of young players and the been together for for a number of years. there's going to be probably a couple of guys that are going to join these group because of the level that they're playing right now i'm one of them might be that you haven't and he's playing a very low level i think he's probably going to be part of the national team but in general think. the structure of the group and being together for that long the image of this player i think that's the biggest friend that they got was that it was the summits of columbia's ambitions will cope in your opinion i mean at least
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through the do what we. get past the first group and then we'll see what happens and take it from there i think you know what happened in those previous friendly games i think has given and given us a lot of fate that the team is playing in particularly against a good side and like france the way they play and the way they basically perform as a team i think he's given us hope my half a chance to do something similar that what we did in brazil being call all you will fight for it to win the faith woke up in russia the shit. why and the reason why i ask why is because there's a lot of people saying brazil of course this time four years ago they were game seven one by the germans and the germans always gets you off on your seventy so what's changed your view about brazil what brazil do better this year off in the coach tests basically have gone has known a tremendous job and understand the culture what they are they way they have to
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express the game in order for them to perform well. at least say thank you so much for joining us it's great to see you here and you out it's a medley and i don't know the i'll be off many other funds would like to say to you well the villa thank you mum and thank you to fred my regards to every villa fine up there in england. this week we'll continue our look at the group stage of the world cup in russia as our attention shifted group left and right and you will champions germany game on shelf to join balls follow european side sweden with mexico and south korea adding competition in flavor to a very interesting grouping date they so much you can love some and will attempt to win but it's about cycles as last all students a team includes also a magician mesut ozil and fun unique informed on the mouth joshua came in germany
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will hardly convincing during qualifying winning all time if that will keep you i forgot aims and scoring a total of forty three goals twenty. summits of group that. there's a slim chance we've issued legend slots on abraham of which could return to international she said after his newts i like alex a bully just enough to whiten say mexico can't see i'm great club does when his team are currently ranked fifteenth in the world by constructive sweetness the pope has the time to grow up in. south korea with the two thousand and two world cup hosts along with your prime and i will attempt to recreate their dream of reaching the lots of stages just as that i did sixteen years ago leading the line for south korea will be huge means so on you could emerge as a surprise star of the tournament after an excellent season. next week out world
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cup focus continues as we look at preachy which preaches the belgian red devils hall night england come on. in some american cities the police of course a refutation of people who walk on the streets of the united states who are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect that more people are afraid of the police than if. you can see something happening and this is like i don't want to call the cops. resident call the cops in
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those young black men lose their lives chasing the with their fingers on the trigger you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going to got so. unfortunately around here we end up going our guns off. from search because. true. seems wrong. all. you get to shape out just because to advocate and engage equals betrayal. when so many worlds apart. she still look for common ground.
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i. mean. and now everything is being turned into a massive cloud of dust and not a correspondent witnesses how north korea keeps its end of the bargain with the u.s. by destroying its nuclear test site. is down as long as the demolition donald trump canceled a potentially historic u.s. north korea summit leaving pyongyang wondering if its peace efforts were all in say . french president mcraney recognizes russia's strong role on the world stage and he joins lot of the international economic forum and some pages but our team that has all the details from the ongoing events.


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