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tv   The Big Picture  RT  May 25, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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this week the stan collymore show comes to another one of the thirty two nations to fight for the people woke up in russia welcome to colombia. i'm delighted to be joined by a man i wanted to catch up with in america in colombia i mean you're a hero of mine because i'm a i'm an aston villa fan and although i apply for the club all of the players that play from our great clubs i'm delighted one public joins us in russia this will only be the seventh and i was surprised that for some reason i expect colombia to be there more why do you think that they haven't consistently qualified for world cups i think it's a number of things. one has to do with obviously the project behind every.
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team or every qualification team that has played for colombia then the level of competition in the american qualifiers you normally get. argentina brasil and you take those still in two places for granted and then you have another two and a half spots to fight for and here with those can be a complete team with spots how many changed throughout the years to be with the golden generation used to be chile ecuador. now that all came back again and it just changed you know what i mean but this i think for my point to be. american qualifiers are the hardest ones you can will get to a stage like in europe where you have groups of four even if those two groups of foible full groups of three why view it would it would it would more reflect the quality across the continent of south america i think it's hard just to make it
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that way to change it that way and the reason being is because it has always been the same and the only one that you can make it happen that way should be a calf and the let's say you know american on it and you just play you only one continent playing the whole qualifications and you half a minute three or four groups tell us how passionate colombians all about football i mean the biggest for the countries football. has changed dramatically over the last so that's a thing years he was a league that was only majority for people from the cartel and now own there's a lot of companies own in teams and the structure of the league has changed it is not what it should be for the amount of talent that we've got in terms of the entertainment side of off off off the leak i think is there's a lot of steel is still to develop. but there is for my point of view there's only three big themes here there are. you not use america. in the last
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six seven years has been absolutely tremendous what has happened to the club the strength has transformed and the recognition to out there were for what we have known here is tremendous. do you think that the structure is in place now in colombia to provide the quality of facilities training and coaching for undoubtedly a quality football nation to break consistently at the top level. i mean the academies and ameri corps are. hundred percent and the most important thing that we've got because we have to sell players to survive so we depend on those youngsters. but then obviously every club have a house a different infrastructure and different philosophy in trying to basically develop the skates do they get sold to the young i think so but that is also the necessity that the clubs have explained to us thousand credible so i was a player plays what you know was pretty though i played against in the premier
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league for the ring call. run a disco ball why would those three copes in the ninety's such a special group a thing is there's a lot of things first of all and most important there was a lot of talent within those players when you name a few no for me are the republic the best paid that we we fact i think on my little get on the squad. a lot of talented players but then there was also a constant things with this national team of these group of players they majority of that group used to play for now so not the coach was from this or not but they used to train every day together they used to they didn't knew each other better than anybody and the coach used to basically be with them every day so i think that played a part there without taking anything away from them i mean the seacoast chances were different you know i mean that used and you know you get a group of people all players you basically get them together for two days or three
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days before a game columbia recently played in london of course in the craven cottage and norm of none of those players on back on the ninety go back on the older generation and they used to play in europe so does that make it much more difficult for colombia. years to come so when it will go i just think that the players are adjust to the circumstances and because one of the things that they care mind has that they can win has known is basically having these group of players that they really or. understand each other and they a lot of them play together in the lord to be shows on the younger national teams groups and now obviously this group this generation has changed the way people look at longer game than they were three world cups which are close to him he didn't qualify two thousand and thirty thousand and six in germany in two thousand and exclude the one at those three world cups it makes it much more difficult for those young kids to cite i want to aspire to do this on the world stage i mean there was a combination of
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a lot of things for my point of view nothing and i don't think that the team was as good as to should have been and then there was a lot of changes you put in the federation and there were changing coaches in between or in the middle of failure qualifications so there was a lot of mistakes and all the mistakes that we made in those three qualification or neutral and those three were cops and they basically create a much stronger for the ratio and the understood what they needed to do in order for us to go back to the national team i want to burthen things that the realize was the importance of having colombia play network up. this is andres escobar he played for the crew of the national team in the one nine hundred ninety four cuoco in the united states he scored an own goal he came back to colombia and he lost his life for it going to be chucked into the system yes that.
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you like to be jury. on the show thank you very much for joining me i would like you to tell our audience about your brother's love football. definitely doesn't it and in my little style it has lida. sympathy least. and only a movie legacy he may be a part of a friday and oh yes i can if you see a less confident that i see oh nice to be active. with those that now. that i know it will lead to a full boil it i suppose you look muscovy pro walls represents columbia represent which are columbia. and. let him say. so much we will all know it is
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a mess it up with the rest it. is have iraqi police or dialing gideon again day. or days. just hadn't food bowl but i live at although it took at least one of. tell me andrei's nickname caballero the gentleman in english everybody in football said he was very gentleman he was very respectful that most of my age are very proud when. i say a more important but. the more him i say give her eloquent chances are that the who go it is at a concert with faith and. kind but i think. system will take place is interesting
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and as has been the case and seen below by the. second survey. is only one in full but a single simulants let's go to. the tournament the ninety ninety four will cope the united states against colombia and raise school do not go when happened on the pitch what did you feel what were you immediate foods were a new for moment of moving to the season fourth. element of risk and the rest any hour now five. infin was a headphones sound was a let through the thing on my presence is him a mental for. the law careless thousand nine hundred forty just have yellow google you know the look it up but i. raised this a moment how did undress feel after the match is hanging out if we was hyla tell us
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who that little. knowing most there is. i say may mary hope. nine pm the point in the past for me of came in to me at the first and i mean fatal that any amount of fame which i can say this yeah when someone main thoughts and they have all this and finales. did you ever feel could you ever imagine. something on a football pitch that somebody would be so cruel. as to want to take somebody else's life no i don't. and then. the so many rule. that is. on call on the up arrow is simple move kaleb it up as it is and as it is
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a hamas. how happy are you. legacy is still very strong in colombia yesterday we were in. the drink and food. and he drew a picture of undress on the streets and i asked him why did you draw dreads and he said it is a legend is a gentleman and we will never forget him how happy does that make you feel. is not a good job we did and the money in the race is. good as a litany of infancy of tang's. and it wants us home massive with that in the mood to last in with a. fatal. you know anybody at the end of that one no one ready any it is
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so when. you want to but i've had a part in the law when i left and they had a little. money yes that it leads me to thank you so much for inviting me so your beautiful hong and talking with insights and passion about your brother thank you very much for joining me.
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in some american cities the please. point to read teaching. people who walk on the streets of the united states who are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect that people are no more afraid of police that. you can see something happening and this is like i don't want to call the cops. rather than call the cops and. their lives chasing the. trigger you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going to pull a gun so yeah unfortunately around and around here we end up on our guns all. true.
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last. month if i don't miss it the system heads in the food industry in the one nine hundred ninety s. . guidance on taking that and night and what does that have to. do that. i have almost swapped. life is a chemical widely used killed lee. was it was widely believed it was like it is. a mistranslation and a bunch of. possible temptations. that had occurred just scientists treif that.
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awful on the human race to sign a surface to free of g.m. and chrysler state would even be able to sleep cost the points of never send. so what better way than to spend a saturday evening to watch colombia's best football club we're going to watch out mexico nasional come on. i've. played against and delighted to have you on this non-callable show me very noisy up i think oh yes yell stadium trust you.


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