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center were tortures were a normal thing to do now when we go to yemen this has been the case for the past three years i mean we have in our arab media we have heard about this or have even seen some photos about this for as back as three years now about these prisons that are run by the united arab emirates that torture people and they flicked all sorts of psychological torture as well on them by holding their families as well hostage so i think this is something that the u.s. has known about but but the investigation is only new because it was set out set out by representatives from the house of representatives now whether or not this will be taken seriously wouldn't then have to wait and see because i think it's going to have to be one hundred and twenty days of investigations until the report is out that despite the fact that one hundred twenty days which means more one hundred twenty days of torture for these prisoners inside of these. camps run by the u.a.e. the real question here is are we going to see also some sort of an investigation
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concerning the u.s. made bombs that are falling on the hands of the yemenis as well there's been very little coverage in the media about these allegations why do you think that is. well basically when it's something related to the imperial world it's related to the western world especially when the us cover up is a major. issue i mean look at the current head of the cia i mean she has an entire history of torture and it was well known and still she got to be the head of the cia this is not a matter of what are the u.s. does it or not i mean what's laughable for me was when the california democratic representative mr connor who actually issued. or demanded such an investigation he literally said this is not the way that the u.s. does business or i but i bet it is and i promise it is this is what the u.s. has been doing all over the world in every base that it has every time they catch someone allegedly someone who is linked to terrorism or at least someone who was
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against the u.s. imperial demands or requests inside of this country they are treated like animals even worse they are treated and torture centers they are i mean it can you really deny the fact that the u.s. is involved in this when we have seen what has been done and will have libya for example but it's it is it is hard that we don't know exactly how deep it goes inside of libya i'm talking about the u.s. involvement especially with torture cells now when we when we talk about yemen and specific the entire yemeni war has been not covered properly by the main mainstream media especially because it has been funded and waged by major ally for the u.s. which is the kingdom of saudi arabia even the numbers if you want to talk about the numbers of fatalities the number of people who are even dying from diseases inside of yemen the numbers that we get from the u.n. at the u.n. are not entirely true to be honest because the u.n. representatives cannot bear to be in all of these places that are highly risky and
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that are fatal places for them so basically when we want to talk about yemen it's more related to what the u.s. wants to cover more than what for the u.s. wants to uncover for the media ok political analyst mossman thank you for your time and sharing your thoughts on this issue. eighty six palestinian demonstrators were injured in violence on the gaza border on friday is the eighth week of anti occupation protests known as the great march of return encourage ray has been following events oh. oh oh oh. oh. oh oh. oh oh since the beginning of the great march of return on the thirtieth of march at least nine thousand palestinian protesters have been injured with live ammunition tear gas canisters and other weapons that israeli forces have been using against
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the palestinian protesters and sends the last the last death throes of today is one hundred fifteen palestinian protesters were killed as you see tensions are rising the palestinian protesters are throwing rocks and the israeli forces are i really acting to these are rocks with live ammunition and i can clearly see that it's ready. and we can hear also the live ammunition they're stationed right here we can see like at least eight there israeli soldiers who were trying to walk towards the fence there are also other ambulances here ready to take any injury it's very obvious that's why listing us will continue to protest and want to give up on protesting the israeli defense forces defended their hunger of the protesters they said in a tweet that the use of riots dispersal means and fire is in line with standard
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procedures. just hours before friday's demonstrations israel's supremum court rejected a petition by human rights groups against the use of a lethal military force targeting unarmed protesters in gaza and the ruling judges also rejected the idea that the demonstrations have been pays full claiming the situation amounts to an armed conflict against him us which israel sees as a terror group the decision has outraged human rights groups these really supreme courts completely ignored the broad factual basis presented to it by the petitioners which includes multiple testimonies of wounded and reports of international organizations involved in documenting the killing and wounding of unarmed protesters in gaza since the protests began on march thirtieth israeli forces have killed at least one hundred palestinians. i have. not but i met a lot of. fun to belittle the articles that. oh. there
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. is none of it but it's not a good. or are. there. we use this kind of visitors why this is right don't go system. on this trying to humiliate the system against the c.d.'s we have this many times and we are now we have video you see this concerns of all the lives of the silliness more and more told this is one kind of encourage one thing green lighted the israeli. should be should think it was the civilians the only sure thing also killing so this is the time that the international community in order to be on the side of the palestinian
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civilians against such a good violations committed by the israeli. court and is writing to her. and to most it's come this hour including a test on shellfish in waters off west coast america reveals the extent of prescription drug case in the us join us again after the break. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten dollars fine champion each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you look to the ultra rich eight point six percent market shock thirty percent this last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per cent for sure and it points rose. twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the
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only numbers you need remember one one doesn't show you know for a minute the one and only. if we continue to discuss only about all matters of the maastricht. six and we don't we are nothing to give to the next generation and these are the rich to be proud to be utopian these is the reason all of us can. welcome back there are enough opioids in the waters off seattle on the west coast of america that shellfish there have tested positive for drugs scientists say it reflects the high numbers of people in the surrounding area who take the substance
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what we eat and what we excrete goes into the puget sound telling me that there's a lot of people taking up to code on and you know in the puget sound area it's coming likely from the wastewater treatment plants. clean muscles were put into more than a dozen locations in puget sound three of them were later confirmed to be contaminated waste water management can't filter out the opioids the muscles are unable to metabolize the drug but other sea life can and may become addicted now this is the first time scientists have discovered the drugs in shellfish there and believe it highlights the extent of the nationwide opioid epidemic in the u.s. there has been more than two hundred thousand prescription overdose deaths in the u.s. since the one nine hundred ninety nine between that year and two thousand and sixteen overdose deaths have almost quadrupled six hundred fifty thousand opioid prescriptions are dispensed daily policy research under coloccini think that overprescription is behind the epidemic the real problem is not that you can detect
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oxy caught on in shellfish the the real problem is that over exposing the united states to this highly addictive drug has led to an epidemic of opioid addiction and overdose deaths in the united states doctors are prescribing opioids for very common problems where opioids should not be prescribed these are good medicines for treating pain at the end of life they are good medicines when used for a couple of days after major surgery but the bulk of the prescribing the bulk of the consumption in the united states is for long term common problems where opioids are much more likely to harm patients than help patients if other countries increase prescribe in the way we did in the united states i'm afraid that they will follow in our footsteps. as a good new assessment of progress for the united states and its drawn out mission in afghanistan government auditors say efforts have thought at best and at worst
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are failing his own quarter. you'd think that after sixteen years the u.s. led mission in afghanistan would finally have something to show for its trouble well here's how the federal authority tasked with overseeing reconstruction sees it between two thousand and one and two thousand and seventeen years government efforts to save the licencee cure in contested areas in afghanistan mostly failed the us government greatly overestimated its ability to build and reform government institutions in afghanistan a pretty clear picture from cigar the top brass in washington though wants to assure you they have everything under control now looking ahead to twenty eighteen as president gandhi said he believes we have turned the corner and i agree the momentum is now with the afghan security forces and the taliban cannot win in the face of the pressures that i outlined you think they're talking about to completely different wars but they've been at opposite poles before just last year cigar said
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the u.s. failed to properly mentor afghan forces let alone give them the momentum to beat the taliban with the enormous personal and financial sacrifices already made by afghans in their international partners the country my have relapsed to control by extremists and terrorists and again us generals are reading from an entirely different script. afghanistan special operations forces are becoming the best in the region and the afghan air force is unable in those ground elements there is more work to be done and it will take time however this remains a very very with the investment failing or not u.s. military leadership doesn't seem to be that bothered about how much this war is costing either flashback to twenty fourteen cigar reported that afghan reconstruction had exceeded the true cost of the marshall plan you know the u.s. is project to reconstruct all of western europe after world war two yeah it sounds
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like a budget busting hefty price tag for american generals though it's a necessary expense to get things just right for a victory we should be seeking to win this war counterinsurgencies take a while i think we have gone a long way to setting the conditions for what generally would usually is the defining factor in winning a counterinsurgency which is to set the conditions for governments set the conditions for the rule of law set the conditions for economic opportunity go back farther to two thousand and nine and things already weren't looking so good then president obama had committed over thirty eight billion dollars to repair efforts in the region and that money was going to who exactly. our office also initiated preliminary inquiries into twenty three allegations of fraud waste and abuse even then u.s. military leaders optimistically saw the situation as
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a great springboard for their military campaign i'm not prepared to say that we have turned the corner but i think we have made significant progress in setting conditions in two thousand and nine and will make a real progress in two thousand and ten it takes a lot to keep that optimism up all these years but one thing the us generals might have lost sight of is that if you plan to keep turning corners you'll end up right where you began donald quarter r.t. you can have your say on all of our stories by following r t on social media all the latest coming your way at the top of the hour. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to.
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have to do it for us this is what the four three people. interested in the waters of. the ship. chose seemed wrong. but old rules just told. me to get to shape out just because the ticket and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. i don't think that that is our that are out here other. than as an.
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idiot out here tell us a little. easy. to hate. and . by then got a session on the nod there in. by then is a shift that on. all of us starting with nothing not is said and. done want. some some. not so it. can be and most of it was revealed to the multiple injuries among current america so don't fuck yourself you will see the look of the show real your mercy on the phone to the phone lock on the roof you can be a complete fool from before the sea so you're welcome to book in a moral sense of what a month. hanumant of nothing
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left off allowed me. somethin to work. on long enough something outside of. us and into hospitals look ma no hands know what up to now maybe maybe maybe for that's. fifty years ago breaking within two cons are going on as a sleeping pill does this is what i mean because there are two of those who said this is the side effects were terrible but not all known. more to hear not the war. across europe victims are starting legal battles demanding at least some compensation. in two ways first will the
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physical damage itself but as well there's a constant reminder that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been born the justice and there's been a couple of. but if you're. going to. get. a last name that story. coming in.
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yesterday you said. this you. missed then what is the source of the list yes do you believe those lists. yes he's still here you can actually see the third doesn't see. if you look closely to him i have come to time out to give you the inside story on one of the biggest. engineering projects of our time trust me i won't leave a single stone unturned. due for
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a new new york. guy but the sheer scale of this construction project is so much present here are a few numbers the construction site is divided into eight parts each one piles up being driven in the time the sound of the piles being how much into place has become the construction sites true it will be too. early. loosely it would be usual here when you usually more the judge doesn't fire to hear. someone on the spirit of our i was born in kerching have a small house here so i'm a real crimean local that's why i really do have a vested interest in the crimean bridge. welnick i tells you all about the project of the century i'll show you some of the amazing parts of crimea that you've
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probably never heard of gets made a few locals through well basically i'm going to show you my crimea. yes there are for sure but i see. through the fairway that india. might well be the only girl in crimea who drives a long haul truck she lives in yes the turia and from there she regularly travels to moscow i'd. like to hear what she did. that they shouldn't short of. that. let's take a look at the map there's crimea. there's curch and some others here. that's where the crimea bridge will be built but two bridges relic one for trains and another road bridge here's where the ferry service is based off cause to quote crim. this might look at a place to build
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a bridge but in the winter strong currents here would push up against the pilings much harder than on to spit so this is a lot safer. to be honest i'm really more of a tourist here. these guys around me are the real heroes. while seven am and it's time for a check up. working men are no stranger. to medical checks at seven in the morning was allegedly to have been a construction site is by definition a danger zone so they do everything they can to minimize risks. including the with. their love for you. this is an aunt serena and she'll be my guide here and some on. here and with you.
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when you get what. you think you. just look at. once you. get over. on serene i used to teach english and made a little extra cash by selling odds and ends at some on markets but now she's retired and concertina sister lives in curch but they don't get to see each other too often to visit her sister aunt serena has to go from some on support of cards then take a very to crimea and then the boss the current if there had been a bridge the whole trip would take no more than twenty minutes in the end on serene at the side of not to make the trip but instead to be the welcome in host herself. this is rich shots are answering this neighbor who's just dropped in. you know
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there's a lot you're going to go. forward with like the device you cook up who. you are have to go there. when they're incompatible there's literally just going to be like most time on women on serena as well a part of a which feels the need to do the business doesn't that you have to do you. because you've. never done. that. but. the good. yours is worth of this is what an ordinary some on software engineer looks like rashad keeps chickens ducks and sheep and his recently built a big house. his parents live with him do this in fact the only thing rashad doesn't have is a wife when he finds one she must be from crimea. shots
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taken his aunts to crimea because the promise to set him up with a nice girl. that's not good enough and it's about the most about that but it's not just about what about it she was. up there such that is just not stuck on. what i know very well what's there a construction site. this might just look like a simple piece of metal but it really has an important element in bridge construction. like this that welded into the piles that will support the enormous white of this bam off it coordinate through storms after drifting ice. and then i take a quick pit stop. this long. lazy god is no one.
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here knows. honestly i know nothing at all about wheels and boats but like any of those she doesn't just know about it she can actually do it in your mind your. response in his songs are almost village. and introductions to the potential bride are bouts of begin. and this is one. of the. hard tradition dictates they don't peep. should only meet if they're chaperones on hand it may feel a bit awkward but sure dition is tradition. that the young couple successfully should do so for a cup of coffee it's time to go home. we're going to risk averse more than working a few sundays down some of them i was. there right there cause i'm going to be useless against someone who marries until good progress is easy to get is that you
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would come up with the money and like me i guess you. bring the cake knew that if you could get that meant there when she sang about it because it is the only until you open it up according to their system is not your business and. look at that beauty. the real work of industrial. does it up a little in scheme please your last option in washington in the news lingo is he is very nice to see is that people smile there is still does a smothered knows the. story but is just in will. get this guy way or he because thats because its. each day more than two hundred pieces of construction
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equipment and a fleet of multi twenty four autographed hard work on helping no less than ten sell some stuff. never before has there been a project on this scale in russia. her . i wouldn't make this manufactured consensus instant of public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. with the
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primary go around certainly the woman boss that told. us to ignore middle of the room sick. deluded in the real news is the world. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. you're out caught up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave
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a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this was different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to blame that mainstream media has met its maker. genetically modified don't. since the system is in the food industry in the one nine hundred ninety s. . what a song is taking that in lights and what does that have to do to jam out. those almost two months.


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