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good then president obama had committed over thirty eight billion dollars to repair efforts in the region and that money was going to who exactly. our office also initiated preliminary inquiries into twenty three allegations of fraud waste and abuse even then u.s. military leaders optimistically saw the situation as a great springboard for their military campaign i'm not prepared to say that we have turned the corner but i think we have made significant progress in setting conditions in two thousand and nine and will make a real progress in two thousand and ten it takes a lot to keep that optimism up all these years but one thing the u.s. generals might have lost sight of is that if you plan to keep turning corners you'll end up right where you began donald quarter r.t. . french president may have been talking up his people focused policies in recent days but in part as right now these are live pictures or are rallying against his
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reforms our correspondent charlayne. is there for us we're just let's just stick with these live pictures for a little bit longer because earlier when we're talking to charlotte things had seemed quite peaceful we've seen police are on the streets we've seen what looks to be tear gas let's try and cross not to charlotte charted there was a little bit of a shoe with saw and hopefully you can hear me now it seems to picked up there in the french capital tell us what you're seeing. yes it surely in the last ten minutes or so what we've seen is the protest is over some of them trying to smash some of the buildings along the street where they were marching the police came in straightaway we had some sort of fine works looked to be like a moment of cooked up the concept that it was there was certainly an explosion and then we saw the police then displacing tear gas if you just look now you might see the police during the. distance you've got some of what are known as being the
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black marks here in the front they are covered with their faces that's because they don't want to be identified and you might be able to see that they are throwing items to wards the police i saw them throwing glass bottles earlier bottles of water and the police as you can see trying to move a whole move back to show you the way from that now we have had tear gas in the noses soon one presumes that mean injured in clashes with those protesters the protests is also destroying painting the police and the police trying to come and storm any destruction from property happening this process was meant to be about against bringing the forces together against not homes reforms instead it's still not to be yet another violent confrontation to the police just a crime you can see tear gas that's being spreading now by the police is they want to move the protesters away to try and stop that group from gathering to stop the
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people who is there in the police as you can see that you guys are just coming down covering this we're going to have to move back because that exasperates pretty rapidly and it makes it incredibly difficult to breeze to chew and also quite painful because it actually makes use when it touches it. sharp we're just seeing their eyes as you're seeing canisters going around the entire area you are seeing possibly block a block on a case were coming out was there a sense that there was more of a militancy are raw in that the marches than the were in the morning time. yes there is a lot of demonstrators here now thousands of come out into the streets and what we thought was going to be a very peaceful protest today that's what we were told we were told that this is being organized by party set just doesn't seem nice and they wanted this to be a peaceful protest and we wouldn't see. this small group of protesters who
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constantly hijack these protests but they are force yet again you might be hearing them they shouting all over the world hates the police and they go to china and whatever possible to just create chaos these protests ok charles we'll be keeping a close eye on this story thanks very much for updating us in the midst of all that charles dubin skee live from chorus. there were crossed back to charlotte in the coming hours this is a story a very interesting one there are nuff opioids it has been found in the waters off seattle on the west coast of america but shellfish have tested positive for the drugs scientists say it reflects the high number of people in the surrounding area who take the substance take a listen but what we eat and what we excrete goes into the puget sound telling me that there's a lot of people taking up to code on and you know in the puget sound area it's coming likely from the wastewater treatment plants so what was done was clean
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muscles were put into more than a dozen locations on three of the areas who were later confirmed to be contaminated waste water management cannot filter out the opioids the muscles are unable to metabolize to drugs but other sea life can and may become addicted now this is the first time scientists have discovered the drugs in shellfish there and believe it highlights the extent of the nationwide opioid epidemic in the u.s. there has been more than two hundred thousand prescription overdose deaths in the u.s. since one thousand nine hundred nine between the year and twenty sixteen overdose deaths have almost could group told six hundred and fifty thousand opioid prescriptions are dispensed daily well policy research or anything else that overprescription is behind the epidemic. the real problem is not that you can detect oxy code on and shellfish the the real problem is that over exposing the
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united states to this highly addictive drug has led to an epidemic of opioid addiction and overdose deaths in the united states doctors are prescribing opioids for very common problems where opioids should not be prescribed these are good medicines for treating pain at the end of life there are good medicines when used for a couple of days after major surgery but the bulk of the prescribing the bulk of the consumption in the united states is for long term common problems where opioids are much more likely to harm patients than how patients if other countries increase prescribing the way we did in the united states i'm afraid that they will follow in our footsteps u.s. military soldiers are being linked to torture interrogations in secret prisons in yemen and congress is the monday on investigation i'll break that story in ninety seconds and.
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twenty five years ago companies a go public as a way to expand their would be a viable corporation you have to meet certain criteria for being a bible corporation and then you are allowed to go public now there are no such criteria so if you're essentially burning through cash and going bankrupt or using a public marketplace to bail out a losing position. please we continue to discuss only about some law matters of the maastricht. like the six bottles and we don't we have nothing to give to the next generation. these are the rich to be proud to be utopian these is the reason all of us kept.
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it in minutes past five pm welcome back claims that u.s. military personnel have been involved in torturing detainees in secret prisons in yemen has seen congress vote to demand the pentagon investigate a u.n. report say suspects at the science were exposed to beatings electrocution and sexual violence some were imprisoned in a metal cell into wrecks sunlight others were denied medical treatment. well there are reportedly eighteen secret torture prisons in yemen in neighboring countries as well this sites are mostly run by one of the main u.s.
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allies in the region the united arab emirates know those prisons were reported on in an investigation by the associated press there are sources at the pentagon knowledge that u.s. forces had been involved in interrogations but the night and the participation or knowledge of abuse even so american personnel could still be liable for complicity in torture that's if the question detainees who also have been subjected to torture will human rights advocates accuse the u.s. of inertia. the u.s. hasn't learned a lesson that cup orating with forces that are targeting detainees and ruling families apart is not an effective way to fight extremist groups the united arab emirates denies being involved in running secret prisons in yemen and refutes claims of being linked to torturing suspects where political analyst ozment told us earlier there should be an independent investigation that's listening and to be an
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exit you sure and then be the investigator you cannot be the judge and investigate and then execute but this is what the u.s. is doing basically the u.n. should be doing this should be the job of the u.n. the u.n. should be doing this and best to geisha widely and with the support of the so-called civilized western world which is obviously not source of allies as we have seen with the tortures and as we have seen also with the cover ups this is what the u.s. has been doing all over the world in every base that it has every time they can't someone allegedly someone who is linked to terrorism or at least someone who was against the u.s. imperial demands or requests inside of this country they are treated like animals even worse. billionaire philanthropist george soros is pouring millions of dollars into the campaigns of selected district attorney candidates in california at the same time leak documents revealed he is also spending millions on an empty briggs's group in the u.k.
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kill above looks at how far the billion or spear of interest expense. now with all this talk of foreign meddling you would think that the activities of a hungry and billionaire pouring money into american politics might get more mainstream media play george soros is a long time liberal money man and right now he's trying to influence the election of district attorneys across the united states basically he's pouring money into the campaigns of prosecutors he thinks will enforce the law in line with his liberal politics my name is noah phillips and i'm running for district attorney we've got some work and some healing to do to rebuild trust so we can keep sacramento safe forever. now getting supported by george soros isn't always a plus the man has plenty of detractors what is the out of state billionaire funding no with phillips campaign not telling us you know with an unethical dangerous wrong for. george soros has been sticking his
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nose into politics around the world for decades he started out funding anti communist dissidents during the late period of the cold war more recently he's been backing best for britain and anti brags that group in the u.k. we've got one mission and that is to try and stop george soros is foundations have along with a number of other major donors also made significant contributions to i would indeed through his foundations he's contributed four hundred thousand pounds he's been working to try and repeal the abortion laws in ireland. the activities there have actually been deemed illegal with amnesty international being ordered by the authorities to return his donations that hasn't stopped him or even given him pause in trying to influence the politics of a foreign country that is just another example. outside interference but i did use. very young kids and it matters concerning where she's in the ocean
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surface recently experienced a few setbacks in hungary central european university which is very close to was unaccredited so what did he do to move it over the border into austria george soros has no problem crossing borders moving money and creating a ruckus in order to further his political agenda the man has actually gone as far as to speak of himself in divine terms i admit i have always hob with an exaggerated view of myself and putin's to put it bluntly i fancied myself as some kind of good or an economic reform alike or even both to a scientist like einstein with all this talk of washington corruption and big lobbyists don't forget about the big man himself george soros is globally oriented and he has no problem going to other lands and telling people how to live their lives they will mop and r.t. new york well american journalist monks blumenthal believes lobbying in the united
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states is a way of corruption covered up as business. but you get kind of a a cook narrative that leaves out the real source of corruption in washington which is our allies buying influence and taking american policy over the brink in the middle east foreign governments are paying billions of dollars into think tanks. lobbying firms and even hollywood in order to curry favor in the u.s. the term collusion can certainly be applied to this lobbying this is the story i think that everyone in washington is missing out on because it's considered business as usual and it's basically collusion only takes place. or stories for not is there still buzz around bitcoin much as they find it's after the break the latest report is next.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is on this very dramatic development that only i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. fifty years ago breaking and within to come together as a sleeping pill the dust pieces would only because of those shifts the side effects what terrible but not on the road. you're not. across europe victims are starting legal battles demanding at least some compensation. in two ways first will the physical damage itself as well that the
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concert my. that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been born to justice and it has been the cup of. tea and a sign genetically modified organisms in the system and in the food industry in the one nine hundred ninety s. . the time is taking that and nights and what does not have to do with g.m.o. . trysts. still have the shadows almost swamped. life is a chemical plant least khaliq. listen closely include service like the old the deer in the street. names pricing and runs off
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there's a possible temptation that. can occur teaches scientists truth that she in context really awful on the human race to sign a surface to wells free of g.m.'s in crisis state which may even be able to see as we pass the points of never sent. seventy four design submissions. seven thousand pilings. to jonjo jews. and eight hundred sixty nonstop days of. a russian w.b. a championship. under russian mob stuff to show you how. long the crimea bridge was built. with those the construction moving you need to transport doughtery that will help
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the crimea the cost of most all those you know all go for more snow yet it abuts will. timex kaiser this is the kaiser report i am feeling it stacey hey max home ready in the near and talian two year yields still near zero percent as new government proposes haircut for creditors and alternate currency markets on knife edge the proposals by a government for a debt right off and the issuance of short term credit notes as a sort of alternative currency are hallmarks of a looming default and should cause a spike into the stratosphere or at least into the double digits and so italian
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government bonds fell in the yield spike today adding to the prior four days of spiking but wait. italian bonds were trading it at the two year was at negative rates only a few days ago so a few weeks ago so. people are bunkers this is hilarious the world is flat and i can prove that because the ship of the economic state is about to fall off the edge of the world and plummet into the abyss so no economic interest rate gerrymandering manipulation contortionist that deeply. reengineering plain man. will result in anything less than the bond apocalypse the bond market is in a three hundred air bubble it's about to blow and it's going to cause
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massive problems and chaos so let's put it only compare it to the united states ok we we both like clowns as president that's apparently true but italy can't print their own money yet they're trying to introduce a parallel currency but nevertheless one can agree that they've had a history of devaluing they kept on devaluing for example leading up into the euro i did a lot of deals with them when i was at a film distribution company and we kept on having to renegotiate because they were always devaluing today they're in one of the worst debt crises and we've been talking about this for quite a few years since the fight the last financial crisis of two thousand and eight through two thousand and nine when is italy going to blow and can europe deal with that well five trading days ago the italian two year yield was still negative point one two percent in other words investors were still paying the italian government
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whose new players are contemplating a form of default for the privilege of lending money and now the two year yield has spiked to a positive but still minuscule zero point two four seven percent of the moment by comparison the us treasury two year yield is two point five seven percent over ten times higher so the u.s. government right now has the world's reserve currency the us dollar it cannot possibly default on your bond so they could print money italy cannot print euros and yet people are paying ten times more the u.s. government has to pay ten times more than italy does to borrow. they're showing that their pay is such a bank will continue to buy these bankrupt chalion bonds you know in a world where the pentagon recently announced they lost twenty trillion dollars and they can't find it you know that say they're showing you for for example that the
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u.s. can print money they could blow up twenty trillion dollars and nobody it doesn't matter italy if they blow up ten billion euro is the chaos ensues across europe right ok so you have twenty trillion dollars gone missing in the pentagon and there's no accounting standard whatsoever and italy that's a subset of the size of the italian economy the total g.d.p. of italy is considerably smaller than twenty trillion dollars and so you have obviously robots that are buying these bonds without any sound economic reason to do so so this is part of the bound bond pocalypse is that there's nobody actually a human being deciding that these negative interest rate bonds are a good deal these are robots eighty to ninety percent of all the deals are done by robots or the robots are either a trying to destroy the global economy or b are not programmed to act rationally well that's one way of looking at maro jaggy but we're going to look at why these ilands why the u.s. government has paid ten times more than italy to borrow money for two years why
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that is happening is partly because the u.s. fed is no longer buying their own bonds like they were during quantitative easing their tapering i remember we've often said you can't taper ponzi what happens is the collusion is a soon as the u.s. stops buying the u.s. treasury stops buying the u.s. fed stops buying their own bonds well then the e.c.b. steps in so how is this possible according to wall street is says as the possible because the e.c.b. run by an italian has been buying a talon government and corporate bonds hand over fist along with bonds from other countries in the eurozone as part of its q e in order to do whatever it takes and what it took was to stop any and all. price discovery and to force investors such as life insurers and retirement schemes that have to buy euro bonds to buy italian bonds even when the yields were negative these outfits actually their beneficiaries whose money this is are now pocketing guaranteed losses so it's not hilarious to
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them as i said the pension accounts and the retirement accounts are programmed robotically algorithmically to buy these bonds even though makes no rational sense or locking in losses the other makes no sense so i get on the titanic and you hear the warnings there's an iceberg ahead iceberg ahead but you say you know i'm going to ignore the warnings i'm still going to sail into the iceberg again they're basically italy is allowed to borrow at a lot cheaper rate than the united states people are buying negative yielding bonds on a government that's about to disappear to implode the economy there in italy let's look to investors in the united states mint mostly new york stock exchange and nasdaq an all that trading is done by robots but those robots act on behalf of the ordinary investor and for pension funds and things like that but they're also v.c. funds and they've been well the entire economy is movie based now enjoy it while you can overall seventy six percent of the companies that went public last year
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were unprofitable on a per share basis in the year leading up to their initial offerings according to data compiled by jay ritter a professor at the university of florida's warrington school of business that was the largest number since the peak of the dotcom boom in two thousand when eighty one percent of newly public companies were on profitable of the fifteen tech companies that have gone public so far and twenty eighteen only three had positive earnings per share in the preceding year according to mr ritter so they talk about it or air b.n. b. we work until body makes money they have massive losses they go public they still don't have earnings air b.n. b. is the first time they've actually made some profits in the last quarter so we. we have a negative basically venture capitalists have been financing vast sways of our economy can take a nuber so cheap and so easily because investors are paying for half of the ride you can pay you get cheap office space in downtown manhattan because investors are
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paying half of the price the they no longer have true cost to them they're basically subsidizing the customer in order to basically destroy all the competition and create monopolies right getting back to the especially accounts there are vast pools of capital that are algorithmically managed and so they see these companies that are going public as a way to put money to work even though it makes no rational sense now twenty five years ago companies to go public as a way to expand their would be a viable corporation you'd have to meet certain criteria to for being a viable corporation and then you're allowed to go public now there are no such criteria so if you're a socially burning through cash and going bankrupt you're using the public marketplace to bail out a losing position so in effect you have taken the concept of a lottery ticket and you've turned that into a listed piece of paper on the new york stock exchange so there's no viable
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businesses here that are generating a viable business you know profits and earnings there simply hundred billion dollar lottery tickets. ok so i'm going to compare this to the situation in italy italy has no viable economy partly because there is a monopoly on printing money for the euro that's the e.c.b. the e.c.b. has been locking in losses for pension funds and other passive investors across europe by basically buying up on their behalf bonds for the italian government at negative yields i.e. them and paying the italian government to continue with their reckless policies here they're hoping to have a similar sort of monopoly position that central bankers have that's the only way to compete with central bankers you as a businessperson have to compete with the central bankers they have a monopoly position and can print money at will but also burn money at will so here
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the rise in on profitable companies is partly the result of the growth in the technology and biotech sectors where companies tend to lose money for years as they spend on customer acquisition and research and development but it also reflects the willingness of shareholders and deep pocketed private investors to keep fast growing up starts to float long enough to conquer a potential winner take all market today's public tech companies generally earn more revenues than their dotcom era counterparts and could find it easier to flip the profits which once they reach a sufficient size of course that reminds me of when ben bernanke you said you know we can print money for here to eternity and whatever you know as soon as inflation happens we could just flip a switch here they're doing it the opposite is they're hoping to destroy all the competition and once enough to competition is destroyed that's just flip a switch and it be able to jack up their rates but by the time they destroy all the competition of course are going to destroy the jobs at the competition and therefore a lot of people won't be able to pay the higher rate jeff bezos is the model that
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everyone is chasing he famously earnings absent until he's flicked a switch and became this chilling. but i only got to take a break much more calling it way. g.m.a. style kinetically much if i don't miss it the system heads in the food industry and the nine hundred ninety s. . brian todd is taking that i'm not upset and what does that have to do with g.m. out. there was just. almost too much. like this
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is a chemical widely used to kill leaks. was it was widely believed there was the right to be here is because. they use privacy and runs off there's a possible contamination that. can occur future scientists proof that g.m. products really awful on the human race to sign a surface to a world free of g.m. and chrysler state which may even be able to see as we pass the points of never send. these we continue to discuss only about some amateurs of the maastricht. six pods and we don't we are nothing to give to the next generation and reason for which to be proud to be utopian these is the reason all of us kept.


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