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unable to metabolize drugs but other sea life can and may become addicted well this is the first time scientists have discovered the drugs in shellfish there and believe it highlights the extent of the nationwide opioid epidemic in the u.s. now there have been more than two hundred thousand prescription overdose deaths in the u.s. since one thousand nine hundred nine between zero and twenty sixteen overdose deaths have almost could rippled on this faker six hundred and fifty thousand opioid prescriptions are dispensed daily policy research under a collage me thinks that overprescription is behind the epidemic the real problem is not that you can detect oxy code and shellfish the the real problem is that over exposing the united states to this highly addictive drug has led to an epidemic of opioid addiction and overdose deaths in the united states doctors are prescribing opioids for very common problems where opioids should not be prescribed these are
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good medicines for treating pain at the end of life there are good medicines when used for a couple of days after major surgery but the bulk of the prescribing the bulk of the consumption in the united states is for long term common problems where opioids are much more likely to harm patients than help patients if other countries increased prescribe in the way we did in the united states i'm afraid that they will follow in our footsteps. there is a grim new assessment of progress for the united states in its strong mission in afghanistan government auditors say efforts have stalled at best and worst are failing with more here so don't quarter. you think that after sixteen years the u.s. led mission in afghanistan would finally have something to show for its trouble well here's how the federal authority tasked with overseeing reconstruction sees it. between two thousand and one in two thousand and seventeen years government efforts
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to save the licencee cure in contested areas in afghanistan mostly failed the us government greatly overestimated its ability to build and reform government institutions in afghanistan a pretty clear picture from cigar the top brass in washington though wants to assure you they have everything under control now looking ahead to twenty eighteen as president gandhi said he believes we have turned a corner and i agree the momentum is now with the afghan security forces and the taliban cannot win in the face of the pressures that i outlined you think they're talking about two completely different wars but they've been at opposite poles before just last year cigar said the u.s. failed to properly mentor afghan forces let alone give them the momentum to beat the taliban with the enormous personal and financial sacrifices already made by afghans in their international partners the country my have relapsed to control by
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extremists and terrorists and again us generals are reading from an entirely different script. afghanistan special operations forces are becoming the best in the region and the afghan air force is unable in those ground elements there is more work to be done and it will take time however this remains a very very worthy investment failing or not u.s. military leadership doesn't seem to be that bothered about how much this war is costing either flashback to twenty fourteen cigar reported that afghan reconstruction had exceeded the true cost of the marshall plan you know the u.s. is project to reconstruct all of western europe after world war two yeah it sounds like a budget busting hefty price tag. for american generals though it's a necessary expense to get things just right for a victory we should be seeking to win this war counterinsurgencies take a while i think we have gone a long way to setting the conditions for what generally would usually is the
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defining factor in winning a counterinsurgency which is to set the conditions for governance so that the conditions for the rule of law set the conditions for economic opportunity go back farther to two thousand and nine and things already weren't looking so good then president obama had committed over thirty eight billion dollars to repair efforts in the region and that money was going to who exactly. our office also initiated preliminary inquiries into twenty three allegations of fraud waste and abuse even then u.s. military leaders optimistically saw the situation as a great springboard for their military campaign i'm not prepared to say that we have turned the corner but i think we have made significant progress in setting conditions in two thousand and nine and will make a real progress in two thousand and ten it takes a lot to keep that optimism up all these years but one thing the u.s. generals might have lost sight of is that if you plan to keep turning corners
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you'll end up right where you began donald quarter r.t. u.s. military soldiers are being linked to torture interrogations in secret prisons in yemen congress has the money and investigation we've got the details after this. i've played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch pull the funnel school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else on to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy a great one more chance with. the base this minute.
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please we continue to discuss. all matters of the maastricht. six boxes and we don't we have nothing to give to the next generation of reason to reach to be proud to be utopian these is the reason all of us can. hear back with r.t. now claims that u.s. military personnel have been involved in torturing detainees in secret prisons in yemen has seen congress vote to demand the pentagon investigate a u.n. report say suspects at the sites were exposed to beatings electrocution and sexual violence some were imprisoned in a metal cell in direct sunlight others were denied medical treatment now there are
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reportedly eighteen secret torture prisons in yemen a neighboring countries three sites mostly run by one of the main u.s. allies in the region the united arab emirates well those prisons where reported on in an investigation by the associated press their sources at the pentagon acknowledged that u.s. forces had been involved in interrogations but the night any participation or knowledge of abuse even so american personnel could still be liable for complicity in torture if the question detainees who had also been subjected to torture human rights advocates accuse the us simply of inertia. the u.s. hasn't learned the lesson that cup orating with forces that are targeting detainees and ruling families apart is not an effective way to fight extremist groups well the united arab emirates denies being involved in running secret prisons in yemen refutes claims of being linked to torturing suspects political analyst osman say
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yes there should be an independent investigation. because not to be an exit you should and then be the investigator you can be the judge and investigate and then execute but this is what the u.s. is doing basically the u.n. should be doing this should be the job of the u.n. the u.n. should be doing this investigation widely and with the support of the so-called civilized western world which is obviously not so civilized as we have seen with the tortures and as we have seen also with the cover ups this is what the u.s. has been doing all over the world in every base that it has every time they catch someone allegedly someone who is linked to terrorism or at least someone who is against the u.s. imperial demands or requests inside of this country they are treated like animals even worse. let's talk money no billionaire philanthropist george soros is pouring millions of dollars into the campaigns of selected district attorney candidates in california at the same time leaked documents reveal he is also
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spending millions on an empty brags that group in the u.k. in tal afar with the billionaire a spirit of interest actually extends now with all this talk of foreign meddling you would think that the activities of a hungry and billionaire pouring money into american politics might get more mainstream media play george soros is a long time liberal money man and right now he's trying to influence the election of district attorneys across the united states basically he's pouring money into the campaigns of prosecutors he thinks will enforce the law in line with his liberal politics my name is no phillips and i'm running for district attorney got some work and some healing to do to rebuild trust so we can keep sacramento safe forever. now getting supported by george soros isn't always a plus the man has plenty of detractors what is the out of state billionaire funding
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no with phillips campaign not telling us no after. the teacher. george soros has been sticking his nose into politics around the world for decades he started out funding anti communist dissidents during the late period of the cold war more recently he's been backing best for britain and and he brags that group in the u.k. we've got one mission and that is to try and stop breaks that george soros has foundations have along with a number of other major donors also made significant contributions to i work indeed through his foundations he's contributed four hundred thousand pounds he's been working to try and repeal the abortion laws in ireland. the activities there have actually been deemed illegal with amnesty international being ordered by the authorities to return his donations that hasn't stopped him or even given him pause in trying to influence the politics of
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a foreign country that is just another example. also ensures. that huge and there's concern in the ocean surface recently experienced a few setbacks in hungary central european university which is very close to was unaccredited so what did he do move it over the border into austria george soros has no problem crossing borders moving money and creating a ruckus in order to further his political agenda the man has actually gone as far as to speak of himself and divine i admit i have always hob with an exaggerated view of my self importance to put it bluntly i fancied myself as some kind of good or an economic reform. or even a scientist like einstein but all this talk of washington corruption and big lobbyists don't forget about the big man himself george soros is globally oriented and he has no problem going to other lands and telling people how to live their
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lives. art see new york. american journalist mark blumenthal believes lobbying in the united states is a way of corruption covered up as business. but you get kind of a a cook narrative that leaves out the real source of corruption in washington which is our allies buying influence and taking american policy over the brink in the middle east foreign governments are paying billions of dollars into think tanks. lobbying firms and even hollywood in order to curry favor in the us the term collusion can certainly be applied to this lobbying this is the story i think that everyone in washington is missing out on because it's considered business as usual and it's basically collusion only takes place after hours news. but if you're on the move don't forget the r t up will ensure you don't miss
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a thing done loaded for free more great programs running. on a. local blog or telling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chickenhawk forcing you to fight a battle that will. produce talk for the tell you the public gossip the public profile. off of advertising think you are not cool enough to buy your product. or we along with all the walking.
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fifty years ago britney and we were into a concert going on as a sleeping pill does this is what i mean because our two of us would share this thought the side effects were terrible but not on no. one for boardwalk. war then boom boom of across europe victims are starting legal battles demanding at least some compensation in two ways first will the physical damage itself but as well there's a constant reminder that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been born to justice and there has been a couple of be i have found that out that here. again as you see it that is all.
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high. and. by then coffee session on the not very. by then is a shift the long. haul cannot get any closer to going on one. song so. much so that. the new and also because if you have the multiple injuries among countrymen and the keeps a few but look what the shows are your you are most on the phone to the phone lamon if you can put a command call from possible so you're welcome to booking a more awesome. month. hanumant of nothing. off allowed me. somethin to watch. on long enough something. a little slit must.
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come up in that maybe maybe a magic bullet after. she genetically modified organisms in the system it's in the food industry and the nine hundred ninety s. . the islam is taking that in lives and what does that have to do is check them out . almost swamped. life is the chemicals widely used kills league.
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was it was widely believed it was like the beer is. they use closer to runs off there's a possible temptation. to try to curb just such a scientist's truth that g.m. products really awful on the human race dishonest service to loans free of g.m.'s in crisis eight would even be able to see as we passed the points of no resends. in july twenty seventh team. a freelance journalist working with on t.v. shows militant shelling in syria. jonah his sacrifice quality has established a memorial they will recognize more reporters who often risk the most with the sake of the truth and through the use you can submit to your published works you know the video for breaking for much fun till june twelfth go to a lot. i'd
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quite like a swimsuit but does now time. for people. this is a special tent. it fills the freshly poured concrete from direct sunlight and rank . this section when be opened until the concrete has hardened enough. love on up was a good move it will come up when you pull one of the of the bridge on. the concrete next is prepared according to a special recipe that has to be high performance concrete that's extremely stable in water. was a good. partnership
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with. me i use few. players but for. most of that. anyone who's ever built their own data isn't afraid of concrete. or what it was or to do or did you know. there's just unbelievable what both. ok i know you're sitting there having a loft and thinking there was scuba divers down there waiting for my signal to release a couple of dolphins but honestly the truth is much more straightforward lots of plankton builds up around the palace and that attracts fish and that you know what attracts the dolphins was. little boy furthermore that they did feel. like it. once again responses visits an answer.
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as you still failed to find the bride don't try. to fix approach to the easiest location there will. be joy because she died of course the whole lot of you going to move on to arenas she just rashad adopting the strategy instead of scouring crimea she should look for a bride here and some on. moving here the last few years little is there's a little more sensitive to. your superiors there are more took a. toll on. you point out so. you know. it's interesting you can you go to them you put up a scout just tell you what you just have seen a service like this is how vehicles board the ferry literally bumper to bumper it's hire some ordeal first you have to wait in line for tickets then line up for
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inspection then again to actually board with the music. after all that even in good weather and depending on how many cars there are the crossing can take two to three hours even though the actual sailing time is only fifteen to twenty minutes but if it's stormy forget it you stay ashore praying for the weather to break. but i. just got see a course that i would. never sell your. ferries have the cerro mance about them every hope they keep going after the bridge opens. you know and i made it across the straits she's going on and all of us had been shot and some are. all serene this prophecy was frights has finally found a bride a schoolteacher called elvira. and now they're off to sin for all to show. for
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a wedding dress. that circus three hours to get from to monte kirk's because there was no queue at the cross and then another three and a half hours to send for opal that's almost seven hours in total but when the bridge opens for shots no veer i will be able to reach some throttle in half the time but. look i think this is. the best dog i love us. to it's because it is the least you would. get us. some shook hands in. no wolf just. to cut. that down it was the post this one because most know. we're just not. there.
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was. installing the bridges which is the grand culmination of the project before the arch was installed it was just two of the painted sections heading towards each other once the arch is installed it becomes a bridge built on finished. both arches well built and carriage the railway arch was first to be installed the bridge builders did something quite unique. to shift the arch towards the fairway they laid it all to floating pontoons. the six thousand ton belmont started ploughing through the water. here it's been placed over the void between the pillows a few hours later and it's lifted into place by a special giant jacks. looking
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to sell out it's hard to believe that man is capable of anything quite so grand. just six weeks later the bridge builders pulled the same trick again but the highway arch this time. on the black sea coast to so will is home to one of crimea's most beautiful light houses just fifty kilometers from courage and surprisingly it still works and still lights the way for passing ships. cheerful because those guns and pistols keep almost all some sort of a little scam order the author would surely not most of you to see out of newark.
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but if you will not. be your call still love positions you've just thursday to get out the couple why don't. you. just another ten kilometers drive south from the lighthouse and you find yourself in the approximate reserve that we can see incredibly beautiful salt lake's delightful babies and the mysterious grotto. this old variable man take. up the course across the bay of ideals. and that will do come in the home but this is broadly government sent to. be shocked that when there's going to suit you going to go up because you. think we can do nothing about the right. either by milton does that matter.
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so. it's a very important day for shots and it's there in a car or a muslim wedding ceremony. all of the shots relatives aunts sisters and brothers are here all of them. getting cold feet so she's reluctant to leave the car. with come to the con spec mosque and starry crim it's one of the most ancient mosques on the peninsula. some seven hundred years ago starry crim or caribbean as it was known then was the golden horde's administrative center. it's also the origin of crimea's modern name. this is the location ryszard chose for his neck. to be honest i've never been inside a mosque before this is just as exciting for me as it is for the bride and groom. i don't understand a single word but even so it's very moving. and. always
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wanted to come here in winter and yesterday there was literally a stall i can't imagine how the builders can stand this weather. i've been on the bridge for about ten minutes and my face already feels as though it's being caught in a siberian frost during a storm crane operations are suspended but today the wind has subsided and work is on the way you know no course. groups near. you when you will remove. all the bullshit.
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you have new. did it go to. the lower debacle over how you know it so. big building a but it's just not possible for both or most of the buckles of the. world was. the working man the canteen is sacred in fact it's like a factory all by itself. it is actually comparable to the construction site. is a typical lunch. one thousand and eighty liters of soup two hundred seventy kilos of salad one hundred twenty kilos of meat patties thirty kilos of humpback salmon
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and vegetables fried chicken forty five kilos not to mention five hundred liters of fruit kodi all you have to agree that's pretty epic. either was store. good people but here's stitching up or you get that only you can not figure what's next for you. this you mean your words not show some muscles that are strong . force to push a. few shopper for the. canteen works around the clock breakfast is prepared to have a nice lunch is cooked in the morning from lunchtime onwards they make dinner and this is a continuous. issue. put forward. very . little stand up now for. most of the worst form of presuming you does it for when you say never was cool charitable nothing.
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you know what will give you a little of those portraits on the lonesome. double. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage and we've signed one of the greatest kill people. but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach . you guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and a huge amount of pressure you have to communicate to the center of the problem here with you and do so with all the great great good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get going let's go.


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