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tv   Documentary  RT  May 27, 2018 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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north korea and ensure will leave happily and the unpredictability on the korean peninsula has fringe benefits for some american rivals the south china sea has been a serious bone of contention as of late with the u.s. attempting to assert its naval presence there much to beijing's annoyance so the larger threat of north korea's nuclear program has shifted u.s. military attention that would otherwise be focused towards china and although russia doesn't directly benefit from its unpredictable neighbor it certainly doesn't mind a challenge to u.s. dominance in the region what these countries are just beginning to recognize is they getting into an arms race as it's increasing in and as china is expanding its military operations it takes money out of the economic damages of the kind of the which we can is there a kind of the it's a very complicated issue except for the south koreans who are essentially getting the short end of the stick this is something that must change countries as
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they begin to take the spread sheet. it will be to benefit the countries in the region from peace is. another big story of the week the world's business political elites gathered in russia's northern capital city petersburg the international economic forum brought together more than fifteen thousand business figures investors and politicians and on friday a puddle of world leaders from russia japan china and france the scuffs the main economic and political challenges facing the world today. and we're going to do it sure that we have to do everything possible to save the deal the u.s. president hasn't closed the doors a negotiation he says he's dissatisfied with a number of issues in the deal but he doesn't exclude talks with iran it's a two way road the door must remain open i think not all is lost that they are but in a stop i couldn't change the terms decision on iran but at least i tried i explain
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that this agreement was signed using international efforts i think that president trump has refused to sign a two thousand and fifteen agreement because he was initially signed by his predecessor who is as he thinks by definition. china hopes for peace and stability on the korean peninsula under no circumstances should we allow water breakout in the region that's why we should promote the process of demilitarization to. ask for the summit between north korea and the u.s. i think we have to do everything to make this summit happen so that many issues can be resolved. but do you have any advice of the world in terms of how to deal with president trump because you were somebody who was. associated with the election of president term. a provocator i've got nothing to do or trump selection campaign and you are not a natural provoke a. decision i believe in french foreign policy that's based on independence there
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are things that tie is really closely to the u.s. like foreign security. emanuel said that europe and the u.s. have mutual obligations europe depends on the u.s. in the realm of security which you don't have to worry about that will help which will provide security is. the most anticipated meeting of the forum was the one between our money and his russian counterpart it was the french president's first visit to russia as leader or to go watched the day on ford. this year in front of the cameras is going to happen right here. for now if you were a diplomatic rock brawl schmall none of that tapping on the shoulder but a few smiles were visible out there. now that the presidents are busy
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talking that to politics it's all about what they'll choose to say to the journalists going to outlets. and now the press conference begins in this room. that was when emanuel macron surprised the people in the room first but then his speech went on to resemble somewhat of a love letter to russia he spoke for about four times longer than vladimir putin then also showed off his affection for some of the big names in russian literature like solzhenitsyn or the state yes but it wasn't just about how many nice things the french president said about russia and this power is quite surprisingly again one billion worth of business deals were inked they talked about so much and brought up so many things syria iran ukraine cyber threats the korean crisis sanctions multi-polar world freedom of speech and even
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football the french and russian leaders were two hours late for their rendezvous with the journalists obviously that was because of this massive list of things they wanted to cover but also i guess that was to do with the lavishness of their dinner and the tastiness of it i just want to tell you about what was on their menu pancakes with the cab year as well as a crab starter then at for additional russian soup with a french twist surgeon stake in venice and was the main course and that was all topped off with chocolate cake. for dessert now i just want to quickly go back to the first seconds of the summit when emanuel macron was leaving his limo lot of even hugged him and also he prepared a box of flowers for micron's wife bridget from the very start to the very end at half past eleven one of the russian journalists decided to turn away from politics and asked mr macron whether he was willing to come to russia in
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a month again to support the french national team during the football world cup most tweeted that in the end i had to travel to support. your friends makes it to the quarter final i'll definitely be here to support it it's that i'm optimistic by nature and i'll meet again with president putin that is only have a drink go r t but during the three days all of the same petersburg gathering we discuss the major economic and political issues with foreign participants from all over the globe. trade war between us china would result in a lose lose situation which means the policy makers on both sides are likely to be irrational that's what we have seen in past two weeks but having said that i think the trade the tensions between china united staes unlikely to go away really just for one reason the u.s.
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economy right now you're facing the risk of overheating. school old the poor old country europe i'm bored and budget from diplomacy is always ahead of us to keep beat and we have to convene germany to call me this zapped me off to me i always said the wrong you all pos to be it said i knew all of us to see these united states i was away easy since following zoe i will interest as i do to rebuild and the relation between denied states and you open you up on the russia still too stupid to see the sanctions. i know that europeans wanted money many people in the world think the sanctions are absurd including me i hope their drop will america withdraw the sanctions probably not will the europeans say we're going to do it anyway probably so the germans don't see any reason for it italians many people do not see any reason for the sanctions and they will pull out i don't know of any sanctions in history that i've had
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a major effect yes they affect some individuals and some companies and sectors but historically speaking i know of none that i've had a major effect the fuse of delegates there are the same pittsburgh international economics where a public inquiry is launched into the gren fell tragically almost a year on and more stories in ninety seconds time. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race based on often spearing dramatic developments only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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a plate for many flips over the years so i know the guy even so i got. it all all isn't. me about what happens on the beach for the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the super money. and spend the two to twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game but great so will transfer . the case it's going to. your back with r t international earlier in the week and almost a year on from the grenfell fire in london in which seventy two people died a public inquiry into the tragedy was officially launched it opened with emotional testimony from victims' families and survivors the first to speak told of how his
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son was stillborn just hours after the tragedy you may find some of the following video upset. it's all a pantry oh hi. she's made the hardest thing to do i know. it was a strength coach so will be. yes
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the week went on where survivors were giving their accounts of how events unfolded on how their loved ones were lost the probe was set up to look into wider issues like the government's response time and preventative actions but here a cheater has been to meet locals who say they're frustrated at how little has actually changed. it's almost been a year since the devastating blaze and what's left of the grenfell tower can be seen here behind the scaffolding it's a harrowing reminder of a tragedy that has left many questions unanswered. there are over a hundred tower blocks in london alone similar to grand felt and people living here
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want their government to make sure that it is also like that does not happen again it's like a year now and we're still living in the same situation when we found out altered it was the truth when. it just costs us praise and strangeness cheaper to just the lives of so many people and so this food comes in the street. so we know that it's obviously not safe before it could happen again at the moment for her to come on the program or homes with so what can the residents of tower blocks like these do in an emergency the advise used was to stay put but now according to the london fire brigade is being changed to similar evacuation because of the farmable clopping however the government is yet to ban it tourism a promise to spend four hundred million pounds to replace unsafe clubbing on high rise public housing books just sixteen other tower blocks have had their alum in
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europe having material replaced with non combustible materials so all the authorities doing enough awful lot of government haven't done enough. to the needs of those of the search by going through in terms of their experience when family i don't think they're doing enough for them not nearly enough no i think the issue with the clothing they should have resolved upon our next meeting that was i could see i mean the gardens that one keeps it sort of coming over and nothing's. what struck me as i've spoken to a number of residents who live here at the child courts estate in camden is the fear in their eyes at the thought that they too could have lost their lives and now they're after clarification from the government as to what's going to happen next to resolve those problems and action to be taken in india tutor r.t. . the u.k.'s housing minister sees the government is listening to concerns and will
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discuss a policy review concerning a ban on flammable materials in construction. well over two thirds of former grenfell residents still to be of some eighty two souls are still living in emergency accommodation a campaigner whose home overlooks the charred remains of grenfell tower sees he has little hope that the government's words will turn into something substantial we haven't seen corresponding option on to see action it's difficult to believe the government why ask for consultation if we know that they are calm boss to my tools still wrapped around buildings to do we shouldn't discuss it in part that we should take action to d. because we need to have a new dog they should be versity there should be presentation if there is no representation in democracy is not democracy is not just issue raj to cause more year to argue that we need a diversity in that it is thinking of the easy to see that we view what was obvious
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how long lead to justice. it's been a long time coming but on whedon's the next prime minister was named just separate county has been mandated for rome's top job by the italian president he emerged as a compromise candidate put forward by the euro skeptic five star movement the league party the appointment in an eleven week long political impasse with the details not done your hawkins. italy's new prime minister is neither a familiar face nor name in fact googling conte will bring up an altogether different leader world football manager at least which has already been the butt of much humor of course while one continues to try to steer chelsea two trophies separate conti has a tougher job taking the reins in italy and he's already been accused of lacking experience and even exaggerating his quite impressive twelve page academic c.v.
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law professor nominated to become italy's next prime minister he's facing allegations. his c.v. now question. and time and. new york. there are a lot of questions swirling in both the italian and international media about his background some of the inflated elements of the curriculum his resume about where he may or may not have studied but that hasn't put him off the scholar law professor has already promised a government of change taking his biggest legal case yet as the italian people's defense attorney well italy first is the slogan of the day after all. i am a law professor over the course of my life i took on the causes of many people that my aim now is to defend the interests of only tell you that on the international and european stage i am proposing to be the defense attorney of being the
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figurehead for the armies ie coalition of the populists five star movement on the right wing likud party won't be an easy task they must implement an ambitious anti austerity government program deal with a shaky stock markets and an even more nervous brussels which will be keeping a close eye on the euro skeptic government described as allergic to bureaucracy he's affirmed his commitment to slashing what he calls as useless laws in the country a pet hate of both parties. the choice the italian people have made is a step towards freedom for the whole of europe away from constraints and insecurity we want to rebuild europe based on people not bureaucracy we want to be listened to otherwise all these sectors and industries that are suffering from injustice because of european treaties and directives will have to be reimbursed his first task will be to form a cabinet after a two month deadlock in italian politics there is now some momentum but can conti
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deal with the pressure with brussels and it's brought down on him is the question many are asking today i think you will see so the agreement of the coalition agreement put together by the. suite which has been quite an interesting in terms of of the of a political agreement because they basically. ground on different policies including the stance towards the euro including taxation and the pension reform the problem however is how much prime minister will be a leader or somebody who puts in action a coalition agreement who together by others. europe's longest bridge is now open the kurtz street bridge connects the crimean peninsula to the russian mainland we've got the inside track on how it all came about after the us.
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please we continue to discuss only bolts of armor those of the maastricht frisco come back the six parts i know we don't we are nothing to give to the next generation our reason for the rich to be proud to be european these is the reason all of us kept. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself in taking your last bang turn. your out to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry for me i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each
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breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was again still some more fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one difference i speak to now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. when all makers manufacture consent to certain to the public wealth. when the ruling classes to protect themselves. in the final merry go round the certainly the one percent told. to ignore middle of the room sit in. the real news
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room. but if you're. going to. use. our last name that stood. talking in.
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this place he says. this man was. misled it was the source of the lowest years do you believe the list. this he still lived next to this office of sleep during the sleep. the closeness of the new i've come to time out to give you the. inside story on one of the biggest engineering projects of our time trust me i won't leave a single stone unturned. near new york that. i might pick up but the sheer scale of this construction project is such
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a large presence here a few numbers the construction site is divided into eight parts on each one of the piles are being driven in the time to sell the piles being hammered into place has become the construction sites true while peter. was there would be usual here when you usually look the judge doesn't matter to you . on the spirit of our i was born in curch and have a small house here so i'm a real crimean local that's why i really do have a vested interest in the crimean bridge. well nicholai tells you all about the project of the century i'll show you some of the amazing parts of crimea that you've probably never heard of gets made a few locals to well basically i'm going to show you my crimea.
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yes there are other shit but i just thought on through the fairway that insidious. might well be the only girl in crimea who drives a long haul truck she lives in yes the turia and from there she regularly travels to moscow i'd. like to hear what she's in a. way that they shouldn't short of the ocean that. let's take a look at the map is crimea. that's correct and some other news here. that's where the crimea bridge will be built. well two bridges rally one for trains and another road bridge here's where the ferry service is based off cause to quote crim . this might look at a place to build a bridge but in the winter strong currents here would push up against the pilings
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much harder than on to spit so this is a lot safer. to be honest but i'm really more of a tourist here. many of these guys around me are the real heroes. while seven am on it's time for a check up. one of. the working men are no strangers to medical checks at seven in the morning was alleged to have been a construction site is by definition a danger zone so they do everything they can to minimize risks is. the word with. them mostly in the north. and this is on serina shall be my guide here and some on. there and what did you
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do that when you get it was. you. who. was. going to be. on serina used to teach english and made a little extra cash by selling all of the lens at some on market but now she's retired. on three in a sister who lives in curch but they don't get to see each other too often to visit her sister aunt serena has to go from some on support of cards then sake of varied to crimea and then the boss the curch if there'd been a bridge the whole trip would take no more than twenty minutes in the end on serena decided not. to make the trip but instead to be the welcoming host herself. this is rich shots on serena's neighbor who's just dropped in. a little if you're working together go. forward more like you are going to devise you know cook up who
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. you think you are going to go to the cooker. when they're incompatible there's. just going to be to be like most time on women on serena is well a bit of a which you need to do the job it's been the subsidy doesn't that you're stupid you . because it's going to be the number that. you that you are going to go. through. this is what an ordinary time on software engineer looks like rashad keeps chickens ducks and sheep and he's recently built a big house. his parents live with him to this in fact the only thing rashad doesn't have is a wife when he finds one she must be from crimea. bishops'
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taken his aunts to crimea because the promise to set him up with a nice girl. that's not good not only did you know but i must know what that was not just about what good will that mean she was. up there such that is just not stuck. to. what i know very well what's there a construction site. this might just look like a simple piece of metal but it really has an important element in bridge construction. like this that welded into the piles that will support the unknown most white of this bama that coordinate through storms abstracting ice. come to the union i take a quick pit stop. the song i've got this. place because no one. here will soon. honestly i know nothing at all about wheels and bolts but luckily
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she doesn't just know about it she can actually do it you know you're going to do it and. all the shots in his songs are almost a village. and introductions to the potential bride are bouts of begin. this morning. starts our tradition dictates that young people should only meet if they're chaperones on hand it may feel a bit awkward but sure dition is tradition. that the young couple successfully should do so for a cup of coffee it's time to go home. for my dearest purpose more than forgiveness and use as a mother i was. the right look i'm going to use force against someone who weighs i'm talking about specific goodness that would cause a man in the e.u. why you. bring in your partner that if you could get pregnant there would be
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something about it because it is illegal to be over there but the court in their system is not it is a. look at that beauty. of industrial. political inskeep well you just switch the machine to the nearest loony goes who is going to use this is the cheapest mother it's still does a smothered. here in the. store but it's just in will now. because that's because it's. each day more than two hundred pieces of construction equipment and a fleet of multi twenty water craft.


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