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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  May 27, 2018 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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that threat as being something beneficial south korea is spending billions of dollars making bases and paying u.s. troops essentially to be there to ostensibly protect against. the north now that being the case if there were to be peace in korea. there's going to be questioning as well do we need our troops there and so i think in that sense there are forces that don't want a resolution that off the instability and allow us to maintain these troops and dozens and dozens of bases and posts in this small country in a region that we think strategically is or anime's of a government our friends of its military industrial complex and having a nemesis like north korea is a great excuse to pump up that military budget request includes an additional four billion dollars to support missile defeating defense announcements to counter the
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threat from north korea no point seven billion to repair damage to u.s. navy ships and one point two billion in support of my administration south asia strategy japan is one ally that stands to benefit from u.s. military expansion especially after the recent reelection of its prime minister who vowed to defend japan from north korean aggression weeks after p.r. yang's missile launches these election is about whether we can defend japan from north korea and ensure it will leave happily and the unpredictability on the korean peninsula has fringe benefits for some american rivals the south china sea has been a serious bone of contention as of late with the u.s. attempting to assert its naval presence there much to beijing's annoyance so the larger threat of north korea's nuclear program has shifted u.s. military attention that would otherwise be focused towards china and although russia doesn't directly benefit from its unpredictable neighbor it certainly doesn't mind a challenge to u.s. dollars. and so in the region what these countries are just beginning to recognize
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is they're getting into an arms race as it's increasing in japan as china is expanding its military operations it takes money out of the economic sector damages an economy which weakens there a common enemy is a very complicated issue except for the south koreans who are essentially getting the short end of the stick this is something that must change countries as they begin to take the spread sheet and figure it out they will be to benefit the countries in the region from peace and north east asia. the world's business political elites gathered this week in russia's northern capital city petersburg the international economic forum brought together more than fifteen thousand business figures investors and politicians and on friday a panel of world leaders from russia japan china and friends discussed the main
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economic and political challenges facing our world today. sure that we have to do everything possible to save the deal the u.s. president hasn't closed the doors a negotiation he says he's dissatisfied with a number of issues in the deal but he doesn't exclude talks with iran it's a two way road the door must remain open i think not all is lost if they are put in a stop i couldn't change the terms decision on iran but at least i tried i explain that this agreement was signed using international efforts i think that president trump has refused to sign a two thousand and fifteen agreement because he was initially signed by his predecessor who is as he thinks by definition. china hopes for peace and stability on the korean peninsula under no circumstances should we allow water breakout in the region that's why we should promote the process of demilitarization to. ask for the summit between north korea and the u.s. i think we have to do everything to make this summit happen so that many issues can
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be resolved. but do you have any advice of the world in terms of how to deal with president trump because you were somebody who was. associated with the election of president term. a provocator i've got nothing to do or trump selection campaign and you are not a natural. i believe in french foreign policy that's based on independence there are things that tie is really closely to the u.s. like foreign security. emanuel said that europe and the u.s. have mutual obligations europe depends on the u.s. in the realm of security which you don't have to worry about that will help. will provide security. yeah as you saw there the most anticipated meeting of the forum was the one within these two men the money with his russian counterpart it was by the way the french president first visit to russia leader only up
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a trickle watched as the day on ford. this year in front of the cameras is going to happen right here. for now if you were a diplomatic rock brawl schmall none of that tapping on the shoulder but a few smiles were visible out there. now that the presidents are busy talking that policy and it's all about what they'll choose to say to the journalists to do this. and now the press conference begins in this room. that was when and manual macron surprise the people in the room first but then his speech went on to resemble somewhat of a love letter to russia he spoke for about four times longer than vladimir putin then also showed off his affection for some of the big names in russian literature
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like solzhenitsyn or the yes but it wasn't just about how many nice things the french president said about russia and this palace quite surprisingly again one billion worth of business deals were inked they talked about so much and brought up so many things syria iran ukraine cyber threats the korean crisis sanctions multi-polar world freedom of speech and even football the french and russian leaders were two hours late for their rendezvous with the journalists obviously that was because of this massive list of things they wanted to cover but also i guess that was to do with the lavishness of their dinner and the tastiness of it i just want to tell you about what was on their menu pancakes with the cab here as well as a crab starter then at for additional russian soup with a french twist surgeon steak in venice and was the main course and that was all
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topped off with chocolate cake. for dessert now i just want to quickly go back to the first seconds of the summit when emanuel macron was leaving his limo. even hugged him and also prepared a copy of flowers for micron's wife bridget from the very start to the very end at half past eleven one of the russian journalists decided to turn away from politics and asked mr macron whether he was willing to come to russia in a month again to support the french national team during the football world cup most tweeted that in the end i had to travel to support. your friends makes it to the quarter final i'll definitely be here to support it it's that i'm optimistic by nature and i'll meet again with president putin that is only have a drink go r t. well what's an action packed three days up the simply gathering during that time we discussed major economic political issues with foreign
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participants from all across the globe. trade war between us china would result in a lose lose situation which means the policy makers on both sides are likely to be irrational that's what we have seen in past two weeks but having said that i think the trade of tensions between china united staes unlikely to go away really just for one reason the u.s. economy right now you're facing the risk of overheating. it's called old support old country iraq by border crossing diplomacy is always ahead of us to keep peace and we have to convene germany to come with us that's me off to me i always said the wrong you all pos to be it says i knew all of us to see the united states i was the way it is isa followings a way of our interest to rebalance the relations between just nineteen states and
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europe by you upon the russia to stop to see the sanctions. i know that the europeans wanted many many people in the world think the sanctions are absurd including me i hope their drop will america withdraw the sanctions probably not will the europeans say we're going to do it anyway probably still the germans don't see any reason for it italians many people do not see any reason for the sanctions and they will pull out i don't know of any sanctions in history that have had a major effect yes they affect some individuals and some companies and sectors but historically speaking i know of none that are had a major effect where back with more of our breaking news from syria after the break stay with our to international.
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peace we continue to discuss only about so i am in terms of the mastic. fiscal compact six pockets and we don't we are nothing to give to the next generation and these are. to be proud to be utopian these is the reason our viewers can.
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start back with her breaking news story this hour for russian military personnel have been killed in fierce clashes with terrorists in juries or province in syria that is according to defense ministry. and just live on the news room with the details checking what are we learning about what happened in eastern syria well at this point we know that syrian forces backed by russian servicemen were attacked for roughly an hour by terrorists that still remain in the region that's according to the statement coming from the russian defense ministry and during that fight forty three terrorists were killed and six of their vehicles were taken out and we also know that russian servicemen also perished during that attack two died at the scene and two more were taken to the hospital and there they succumbed to their injuries in addition to that three more russian servicemen are injured and still in hospital. that's all according to the russian defense ministry and at this point
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that's roughly all we know apart from not knowing whether or not other syrian forces were injured or killed in that attack i'm sure that information will come later on. to get the latest on our breaking news this hour. earlier in the week and almost a year on from the grand fell fire in london in which seventy two people died a public inquiry into the tragedy was the official it opened with emotional testimony from victims' families and survivors the first to speak told of how his son was stillborn just hours after the tragedy you may find some of the following video upsetting. so i held my son. hoping it's what i treat my wife. she's made of the hottest the serial.
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killer for strength coach will be. the week went on more survivors have been giving their accounts of how events unfolded and how their loved ones were lost the probe was set up to look into wider issues like the government's response time preventative actions and here
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a cheater has been to meet locals who say be are frustrated at how little has changed it's almost been a year since the devastating blaze and what's left of the grenfell tower can be seen here behind the scaffolding it's a harrowing reminder of a tragedy that has left many questions unanswered. there are over a hundred it's how long in london alone similar to can tell and people living here want their government to make sure that it is all stuff like that does not happen again it's like a. and we're still living in the same situation. when. it just costs us. just thinking this is. just the lives of so many people see this bill comes from the state. so we know that it's obviously not safe
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before we could hop in the good. for the good with the books. so what can the residents of tower blocks like these do in an emergency the advise used was to stay put but now according to the london fire brigade is being changed to similar evacuation because of the farmable clopping however the government is yet to ban it tourism a promise to spend four hundred million pounds to replace unsafe driving on high rise public housing just sixteen other tower blocks have had their having material replaced with non combustible materials so all the authorities doing enough awful lot of government haven't done enough. to suit the needs of those of us which in terms of the for their experience when family i don't think they're doing enough not nearly enough no i think the issue with the clothing they should have resolved upon our. choice i could see i mean the gardens that were sort of coming over
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and nothing's happening what struck me as i've spoken to a number of residents who live here at the estate in camden is the fear in their eyes at the thought that they too could have lost their lives and now they're off to a clarification from the government as to what's going to happen next to resolve those problems and action to be taken. altie. just the u.k.'s hoisting minister has said the government is listening to concerns and will discuss a policy review concerning a ban on the farm bill of materials in construction. well in terms of those who have been moved from that area over two thirds of former grenfell residence still have to be some eighty two households they are still living in emergency accommodation a campaigner whose home overlooks the charred remains of been telling us he has
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little hope that the government's words will turn into something more we haven't seen corresponding option on to see action it's difficult to believe the government why ask for consultation if we know that the outcome boss table materials are still around buildings today we shouldn't discuss it in part of it we should take action to d. because we need to have on the ground feel they should be versity they should be presentation if there is no representation in democracy is not democracy is not just issue raj to cause more year to argue that we needed adversity in that it is thinking of want to see that we view what was obvious how long will it justice. that's our stories look for this hour europe's longest bridge is open the current strait bridge connects the crimean peninsula to the russian mainland and we held
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the inside track on how it all came to be starts after this. when lawmakers manufacture consent to step into the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts and we the one percent. tonight we can all middle of the room sit. in the real news room. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of
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politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. i'd quite like a swimsuit but does now time. for people. this is a special tent. it fills the freshly poured concrete from direct sunlight and rank . this section when be opened until the concrete has hardened enough. love on up all those little both of whom you love above the one you will love love love really just love. the concrete mix is prepared according to a special recipe that has to be high performance concrete that's extremely stable in water. was a. good. partnership
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with. the i use here you're. liable for a little. bit of that. anyone who's ever built their own data hasn't afraid of concrete. was what it was or to do or did you know what will of the show for you when the book was both. ok i know you're sitting there having a loft and thinking there was scuba divers down there waiting for my signal to release a couple of dolphins but honestly the truth is much more straightforward lots of plankton builds up around the palace and that attracts fish and then you know what attracts the dolphins was. little boy furthermore that they did feel. that. once again responses visits in answering are
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as you still failed to far in the brides don't try a scientific approach like you know if you look beautiful. there would. be joy because she died of course let you go there's just too many months arena's she just rashad adopting the strategy instead of scouring crimea she should look for a bride here and some are. moving here the last few years little is there's a little much to do. here sue cliffs. took a. toll on the wrong. point so. you know. it's interesting you can you go to them you. just have seen a service like this is how vehicles board the ferry literally bumper to bumper it's
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hire some ordeal first you have to wait in line for tickets then line up for inspection then again to actually board one. after all that even in good weather and depending on how many cars there are the crossing can take two to three hours even though the actual sailing time is only fifteen to twenty minutes but if it's stormy forget it you stay ashore praying for the weather to break. but. it will never sell your. ferries have the cerro of bromance about them every hope they keep going after the bridge opens. you know and i made it across the straits she's going on to moscow and all this had been shot in some on. this prophecy was frights has finally found the bride a schoolteacher called elvira. and now they're off to sing for all people to shop
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for a wedding dress. it took us three hours to get from time on to kirk's because there was no queue at the the crossing. another three and a half hours the same for opal that's almost seven hours in total but when the bridge opens for shots no virar will be able to reach them for opal in half the time. oh yes look i think this is. the best dog i love us. to is because it is the least you would. get us. some shook hands and. you know wolf just. to cut. that down it was the post this one because most know. we're just not for this make it but.
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let's look. at. installing the bridges which is the grand culmination of the project before the arch was installed it was just two of the painted sections heading towards each other once the arch is installed it becomes a bridge based on finished. both arches well built and carriage the railway arch was first to be installed the bridge builders did something quite unique. to shift the arch towards the fairway they laid it all to floating continents. the six thousand ton belmont started ploughing through the water. here it's been placed over the void between the pillows a few hours later and it's lifted into place by a special giant jacks. looking
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to sell out it's hard to believe that man is capable of anything quite so grant. just six weeks later the bridge builders pulled the same trick again the highway arch this time. on the black sea coast chris our will is home to one of crimea's most beautiful light houses just fifty kilometers from courage and surprisingly it still works and still lights the way for passing ships. cheerful because those guns and pistols keep almost all summer sort of a lot more to the war somewhat shorter not more severe to see out of noor.
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but if you will not come up to your calls for love positions you've just thursday to get out the couple why don't. you. just another ten kilometers drive south from the lighthouse and you find yourself in the approximate reserve that we can see incredibly beautiful salt lake's delightful babies and the mysterious grotto. itself variable mantic. do that because her grasp of ideals. and. well the camino. this is a broadly garment son teach me what he knew on. the ship from the end of this it was he going to go because he. knew nothing about. either by milton does that matter.
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so. it's a very important day for shots and it's there in the car or a muslim wedding ceremony. all of the shots relatives aunts sisters and brothers are here all of them. getting cold feet so she's reluctant to leave the car. with consummate con spec mosque and starry crane it's one of the most ancient mosques on the peninsula. some seven hundred years ago starry crim or caribbean as it was known then was the golden horde's administrative center. it's also the origin of crimea's modern name. this is the location rashad chose for his new car. to be honest i've never been inside a mosque before this is just as exciting for me as it is for the bride and groom. i don't understand a single word but even so it's very moving. and. always
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wanted to come here in winter and yesterday there was literally a stall i can't imagine how the builders can stand this weather. i've been on the bridge for about ten minutes and my face already feels as though it's being caught in a siberian frost during a storm crane operations are suspended but today the wind has subsided and work is on the way you know your course your. good sneer. at you when you have all the new sure. the bullshit.
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oh no i don't want war from everywhere and i'm so. big building a but if you just know both the cover for both the most of the book will see the. world war. the working men the canteen is sacred in fact it's like a factory all by itself. it is actually comparable to the construction site. is a typical lunch. one thousand and eighty liters of soup two hundred seventy kilos of salad one hundred twenty kilos of me to patties thirty kilos of humpback salmon
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and vegetables fried chicken forty five kilos not to mention five hundred liters of fruit cody all you have to agree that's pretty epic. either was store good in the gift you give but here's stitching up or three a fairly typical nothing your nephew or you. you mean your words not show some muscles that are strong. force to push a. few shocker for the world yes the. canteen works around the clock breakfast has prepared a one night lunches cooked in the morning from lunchtime onwards they make dinner and the search continues. for shoots for. the football and. last one but not for. most of the worst forms presumably because of the use.


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