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engagement equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart when she's to look for common ground. sixty years ago pregnant women to conjure gun as a sleeping pill and does this is what i mean because like to just what you said this thought the side effects were terrible but not on known as sean indulged on for boardwalk mortal here not the war. will come up across europe victims are starting legal battles demanding at least some compensation. in two ways first will the physical damage itself but as well that the concert mind that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been able to justice and there has been a couple of. more
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than ninety g.m. crops a cultivated head in the usa including corn soy potatoes rake seeds and alfalfa. together they form the majority of american agricultural exports improvise half the world's castle. ninety four percent of rake seeds and ninety five percent of sugar beets cultivated in the usa is genetically modified along with ninety three percent of soybeans and ninety percent of course in corn. the usa is also a country in which the most powerful movement against g.m.o. and life to sate is growing.
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another rally is being held outside the doors of the environmental protection agency a. place to see the most widely used to reside in the world. is being found in the water here or st pauli bread. breakfast cereal breast milk and he assures one or two man and one of their three women are set to get cancer reach your hand if you have almost one in your family with cancer . are you so sorry this is the street we heard today this is a very high percentage this is a health crisis in america we have the highest rate of infertility and sterility and miscarriages is an important history thirty percent the fact is if we did not
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have the welfare of our children first before profit we destroyed. our future. centanni cuts is the leader of an organization cool to moms across america i had about half from henry to switch with me in england another recent i really wanted to meet this woman was that she has managed to kill his own son psychologies. i have been home i have a son and she has one hundred percent going to his mill. and we've been drinking milk for what that tens if not hundreds of thousands of years right as a human race while the sudden measures i'm allergic to milk right and my son's two of my son's two. is it's not our kids. it's food. you. are in twenty sixteen there was no requirements in the us to label the
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products packaging to show whether or not it contains trams shams finding a product with no jammers is a real challenge. even if you do succeed does still doesn't mean there's no good i feel safe even in oak creek markets. in america and especially canada with an america spring like so many now to more americans like you hire or start one end of the females over the age of thirty thousand in turns out but i believe it's not really in the round up and i say this being straight is trying to change the story there and outlining the costs and the body of knowledge into that as well. in fact that there's been studies to show that one bowl of spinach back in the fifty's is equal now to several dozen bowls of spinach now there's actually less nutrition in our food and i attribute
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that to the pesticides which drop to deplete the soil and actually draw out the vitamins and minerals in the plants and in the soil if you you don't. healthy nutritious toy you're not going to be able to grow healthy nutritious plants and you're not going to be able to feed animals healthy interest which will then have less nutrition right so it's an entire cycle. now many americans eat a pound a day and that is just so much meat and you must consider not only the fats everybody's in it but that they're being fed g.m.o. feet and jamel feed can have up to four hundred parts per million of life saver and it has one of parts per million of life say to has even much higher levels of the other chemicals that are renowned of that are completely untested i don't know many people know this but the end products round has never been safety tested only though they call it the one active chemical ingredient. is to say it's whomp people
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we write to monsanto to ask the reply simply informed us that's all information can be found on the company's website which of course states that all products are safe and environmentally friendly. against tapings make an appointment to meet a representative this time we were said to another website to a company that promotes innovations in biotechnology we never have the opportunity to talk directly to anyone from on sunday. night to not put into the must of course need any country moment to kentucky which when you're a mere g m or the national carrier to force your. religious it's. ok. my situation is also
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many many people in my family together generation started myself are sick for myself with another condition to my. dozens of cancer my children with allergies and side disorders and i got off work started school got our grades in three different states. so i've heard apathy i her frustration and anger mum's across america believes that the g.m. life is a situation could be changed if everyone paid attention to what's printed on packaging and people it's safe products demands full healthy food will generate the supply all of healthy fish but if the consumer is to be able to choose what's he will she old projects have to be labels properly that's what these women are fighting for their weapons of rallies petitions the election is. off to the workshop to send any cuts invited me and told me about how she cured one
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of her children's allergies and another's autism took my resume. oh and then i. think so in the fall of two thousand and thirteen we noticed that he was having some difficulties in school a little tough math a little bit tough oversight and very angry and had a rash on his mountains well so that's when i realized that that's what places he does it destroys the beneficial got bacteria actually targets the beneficial bacteria but at that time i also had a test to find a lab for life to see just as urine and he tested eight point seven parts per billion positive in his urine and this was eight times higher than was found anywhere in europe when they tested eighteen different countries and we all are again because we realize that the meat he was eating was also a bit animals were being fed to you most which is highly sprayed we're going to see
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and he did within six weeks we retested him and his life you see it levels are no longer detectable and his optimism sometimes work on behavioral issues here. it's never come back it's been over two years. what i asked eating in this kid said why are eating regular food like readers and shias and i said no you are the one who is eating to chemo the joke is not on me which i don't even drink or yeah you're eating normal food right they're the ones who will feel. they can grow very very good. and these guys encouraged me you know after we had a whaling campaign here in california last i was crying in a parking lot and it's very very upset and then what you see me. mom it's ok all right you can start first six cents.
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in his stories send mentions professor sara lee me from france he studies the health impacts of genetically modified foods and rounds at no human health say that's rats the results divided the academic community being based back to severely criticized. we met the professor in california with the results of it well we decided to take two hundred rats and to give them. a diet with. containing roundup and with roundup alone with a regular diet and we saw in both cases big memory tumors on rats and also kidney leakage very hard kidney diseases and liver problems and also the sexual homeowners where. up to so there were out there was less strong and more as trojans and the reverse way so we thought that this wasn't really
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a problem for jim it was on the long term consuming g.m.o. in the long term or having these pesticides in them. terming the temperature because it's a major push the side of the world. there are some of the poetry's in the us that it started checking tajiks the glyphosate content when customers are. making me do you want to change the law so. you know they got it will people using more and more and it will come accumulating in them on the my task was to. develop a new method to me to take life they say because life as it was considered safe. for many many many years. for that reason no one didn't develop a method to test for it in food because if it's safe there's no reason to test for that but the war health organization may come out and say it's not only possible carcinogen and with that i had to come up with
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a way that you can close attention to type life and say. at this point i mean there's. there's no scientific proof that it absolutely does harm you there's no definitive proof that is a carcinogen but glaad will say it's possible it's a potential so it's not to say that it actually is bad for you but. it might it might lead you feed your children to speak to them to like and unfortunately because it's it's been used for decades. everyone uses it. it's pretty much everywhere it's in all foods. it's almost impossible to avoid. because the salt water soluble even run off water. before maybe organic but there are again it doesn't mean the park next to them is or.
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if they do this by saying it runs off there is a possible contamination that can they. occur. no it was. but what i purposely. my daughter will quietly. probably not have a choice. if you just scientists proof that g.m. products really are harmful on the human race to size surface to a world free of jam in crisis eight would be even be able to say as we passed the point of no ricin. transgenic pollen can travel dozens of clematis still in a regular parts jam crops more resistant and can full south natural vegetation
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and that could result in eco side for the whole planet as they were visible disappearance if not truth i think city and eventually life itself. travelling around the world i'll stiffen people the same question. with and simply because i think. it's impossible and nothing is impossible and nothing is not actually in question. with generational change. anything you can think of although you know there's. a huge country in the world so interesting. to the person who creates threads jim crow which is a g.m. tomato is now. thinks a chimp culture not the way cool so the actual designer of the fed g.m. crop the first. multi-species actually doesn't think g.m. crops in the future. should be interesting and there are actually no g.m.o.
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tomatoes now over. latest news is that sales of conventional food has struck a chord billion dollars this year and organic sales are rising thirty percent a year so we are really increasing a lot of sales by spreading the word like this by talking to each other by talking to our mom friends you know moms by eighty five percent of the food so i'm going to give eighty five percent of the kudos to pons and i'm very excited about dad and her power as soon worth so it's important that people bring the vote with their pocket. when they're for if there were a whole politicians who want your money use or wonder why we're going to do grocery store and you see a product that says you know what is known as receiving hero. who are
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sure which is used in a sugar all these things or whatever poor quality are out on the shelf i guarantee you the grocery store sells will bend over backwards to supply consumers want to eat we're not forcing their food is still a choice right now we have a choice but get it through fair as. it is you know what it actually is cheaper than funerals. say now has there been any changes consenting chimo in crisis eight in the last two years well the u.k. government approved still tests of jim wheat's to taste can we roll and still if people would start taking classes eight tests on mass in twenty sixteen that that's hasn't happened jazz. to us since just a little on projects labeling packaging this now include information about any synthetic and greedy and including. that consumers can only find out by scanning
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a special q. cage with the smart thing which isn't particularly convenient. everybody house one . says send honey cuts continues his legal battle fattah quit labeling but so far it seems to be losing. in february twenty eighth a federal judge in california rules that people don't need a label ruining the life estate content tools can't sell. ourselves additional manipulation which is seen as manual soyou reason also because of the over all issue orders we've got that this the us up to what again is no more your mo would have been called that the show is this my god movie zero have it out norma you know what i'm going go on video on your war. first so pretty good. i have now changed my diet it's completely and try to buy only organic products my
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son and i have started cooking at home more often i must say i didn't have to wait long for a result my son's allergy symptoms have gone. to. the pub or d.s. now have reduced by fifty eight levels to which i don't want to retake the tests just yet i'm too scared. elite. oh my.
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ilk. the. elite.
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i. was. the i pad. by the look of that was was i was on the phone. i was. in the stories that shaped the way carty is one of the few news outlets invited to north korea to witness what is said to be the demolition of its only known nuclear tests are. critical. and now everything is being put into a massive cloud of dust another day another diplomatic u. turn from donald trump as he heads the historic summit with north korea may be back
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on despite pulling out days earlier. regretted. that. international economic forum saw global business leaders around the political elite gather in russia's northern capital will take a closer look at what was one of the most anticipated meetings between the french and russian leaders. follow their work with five pm here in moscow the latest developments and a look back what's been happening over the last seven days you're watching the weekly here in r.t. international. now north korea has taken a highly symbolic step as pyongyang appeared to destroy its only known nuclear test site in front of the world's cameras on thursday r.t. correspondent dan up was among a select group of journalists invited. we're
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going to be doing international airport and as you can see behind me we're being greeted like celebrities who have bills to go to north korea now we will be proceeding to check in to our flight. so you will counsel and that is what's the first thing you expect to see it's a bustling crowd of people pushing and shoving it's a taxi drivers offering that optional the price services will check this out nothing will distort it it's just an empty parking lot and leave buses that will take us to the states and. this is where i will be spending the next eleven hours or so my very own oriental express i guess so check out the room
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the first thing to notice about it is the windows the blinds are shots there is some sort of a seal and we're not allowed to you can peek from them never mind filming the thing is an air conditioner some beverages but really not much left to do but to go back . to everybody so we're just woke up it's six in the morning but check this out this one from something really quickly they've opened the window the blinds are out still would probably mean we're really really close. so we've finally arrived this is the dog station we're being told are still in the now we're up for a bus ride these are the buses that will take us through the next leg of our journey.
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behind the easy organ tunnel number two that's where you clear tests five most recent nuclear tests have been conducted people here are reassuring are saying that there have been no radiation leaks that the environment is good but many journalists may feel good well it's better safe than sorry you can see some a worry respirator mox and some crews have taken. me to sit with them to this trip which were billed confiscated at the customs who were also handed out leaves yellow safety helmets. to go in the world but now every. day. the barracks were used for living for the soldiers to help to locate soldiers and what is there well now your screens show you that it is destroying the
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infrastructure to. clear throughout this trip we have to be made very clear that what we've been treated to end this trip was a privilege to many people here knew for career get to experience it done of reporting from north korea see. well on the same day that pealing yang raised its nuclear facility to the grand theft the us president abruptly canceled in the story meeting with kim jong un. however not for the first time with the more trump that changed within a matter of hours because and saturday he then said that they get together might still happen. but we're doing very well in terms of the summit with north korea so we're looking at june twelfth in singapore that hasn't changed. it to
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terminate the planned summit in singapore in june twelfth. everybody. you know that better than anybody the world continues to come to terms with donald trump's unpredictability and just a day after he announced of the historic summit in which he would meet with kim jong un in singapore was called off well now he seems to be hinting that it may be back on the table so what changed his mind once again what appears to have been a statement made by north korea and which they said they were still open to meeting and sitting down with the united states at any time now seems particularly sensitive to these statements from north korea his previous decision to cancel the summit was also based on a statement from north korea this is donald trump sadly based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement i feel it is inappropriate at this time to have this long planned meeting north korea has
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actually released three american prisoners and they've actually gone as far as to blow up their only nuclear test site however it seems that for donald trump words speak louder than actions some people are looking on this and saying that maybe something deeper is going on beneath the surface here perhaps this is what you might call a psychological tactic of attrition donald trump did after all right the art of the deal and it seems like he might be playing a hardball in the lead up to a potential meeting or no potential meeting with north korea people wonder what the ultimate outcome will be but it seems like only donald trump really knows what's going to happen next who know what he thought to i'd suspect least of all don't we try. to i mean this is somebody who jumps into the main thing first of all quicker than a ferret's up a drawing there is no. policy behind this is somebody who is into making headlines and appeasing the base what we're seeing is a huge naive with the current american administration when it comes to foreign
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policy making or fueling hopes that the summit will take place after all on saturday the leaders of north and south korea held a surprise meeting at the border i mean jane told his northern counterpart that trump is committed to ending hostile relations but later revealed that kim does find it hard to trust trump's words the leaders of the two koreas agreed to hold more talks on friday. how the world's business and political elite gathered this week in russia's northern capital petersburg the international economic forum brought together more than fifteen thousand business titans investors and also politicians and on friday a panel of world leaders from russia japan china and france discussed the key economic and political challenges facing the world today. and we're going to do it sure that we have to do everything possible to save the deal the u.s. president hasn't closed the doors of negotiation he says he's dissatisfied with
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a number of issues in the deal but he doesn't exclude talks with iran which is a two way wrote the door must remain open i think not all is lost. in a start i couldn't change the terms decision on iran but at least i tried i explain that this agreement was signed using international efforts i think that president trump has refused to sign a two thousand and fifteen agreement because he was initially signed by his predecessor who is as he thinks by definition. not trying to hope for peace and stability on the korean peninsula under no circumstances should we allow water breakout in the region that's why we should promote the process of demilitarization to. ask for the summit between north korea and the u.s. i think we have to do everything to make this summit happen so that many issues can be resolved. but you have any voice in the world in terms of how to deal with personal trauma because you were somebody who was. associated with the
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election of president term. a provocator i've got nothing to do with trump's election campaign and you are not a natural. i believe in french foreign policy that's based on independence there are things that tie is really closely to the u.s. like foreign security. emanuel said that europe and the u.s. have mutual obligations europe depends on the u.s. in the realm of security which you don't have to worry about that will help. will provide security is. the most anticipated meeting was between a man who macron and vladimir putin it was the french leaders first visit to russia as president he was there is the day and felt that. this year in front of the cameras is going to happen right here. for now if you will.


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