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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  May 27, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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well said that europe and the u.s. have mutual obligations in europe depends on the u.s. in the realm of security but you don't have to worry about that it will help which will provide security is. the most anticipated meeting was between emanuel. putin it was the french leaders first visit to russia as president. was there as the day unfolded. this year in front of the cameras is going to happen right here. for now if you were diplomatic rock roll schmall none of that tapping on the shoulder but a few smiles were visible out there. now that the presidents are busy talking in that palace it's all about what they'll choose to say to the journalists going to holland. and now the press conference begins and that's right.
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that was when emmanuel macron surprised the people in the room first but then his speech went on to resemble somewhat of a love letter to russia he spoke for about four times longer than vladimir putin then also showed off his affection for some of the big names in russian literature like solzhenitsyn or the yes but it wasn't just about how many nice things the french president said about russia and this power is quite surprisingly again one billion worth of business deals were inked they talked about so much and brought up so many things syria iran ukraine cyber threats the korean crisis sanctions multi-polar world freedom of speech and even football the french and russian leaders were two hours late for their rendezvous with the journalists obviously that was because of this massive list of things they wanted to cover but also i guess that was due to the lavishness of their dinner and the
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tastiness of it i just want to tell you about what was on their menu pancakes with a cavalier as well as a crab starter then at for additional russian soup with a french twist surgeon steak in venice and was the main course and that was all topped off with chocolate cake. for dessert now i just want to quickly go back to the first seconds of the summit when emmanuel macron was leaving his limo. even hugged him and also he prepared a bucket of flowers for micron's wife regine from the very start to the very end at half past eleven one of the russian journalists decided to turn away from politics and asked mr macron whether he was willing to come to russia in a month again to support the french national team during the football world cup mostly that in the end i had to travel to
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a food safety board of friends makes it to the courts if i know i'll definitely be here to support it it's the most mistake by nature and i meet again with president putin that it's in the at the train go r t. thousands of people have rallied in berlin and amount to organized by the anti immigration alternative for germany party however to counter protests by left wing activists through even bigger crowds he says correspondent peter all of it was at the center of it. supports is of the on c immigration alternative to germany party gathered just behind the iconic brandenburg gate behind me on all sides though you might be able to hear coming from over this way from move around here this and around it by count it demonstrates is provided at this blocking truck is the a if they support us at monstro in the central station here in berlin over to the brandenburg gate it's only around a kilometer up but they've been flanked on all sides by thousands and thousands of
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pounds it demonstrates is. that come from politicians from no jimmie's politicians to a migrant groups from the ins at night club seats being taking part in something they called the base away the a f d a what state beam blasting music along the route. also you trade unions represented and amongst those that are coming out the say no to racism stop racism that's of course what they think alternative for germany stand fulton for germany themselves they say yes they want to close the borders but that's because they say the policies of angle of merkel when it comes to immigration on the right for germany now they were expecting ten thousand people to take part in the pro a if the demonstration they say around five thousand from the stages they were setting off i think they were being very generous there i would put it somewhere close it's a two foot what we are seeing from the large scale counted demonstration is this
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could just be the start of something because coming up this summer there is the big alternative for germany party congress is taking place in outs book and as i looked into well those counter-demonstrators are getting prepared for that in a big way alternative for germany will be holding their party conference in the beautiful bavarian city of the summer however on t fascist groups of the to and to disrupt it going as far as to publish to guide for those wishing to tear it up and demonstrate that contains the few tips on how to stop the riots we suggest tracking and exploiting the f.t.'s weak points across germany so that we can guarantee the necessary space for protests and it's a very detailed guy didn't clue to mops of where members will be staying the routes that they'll be taking in the best places to disrupt the event from and there's also a section that includes rioting and life sucks everything the first time riots will
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need like how to block roads how to prepare paying to be correctly but there's also some more unsavory instructions as well the best ways to tie is to smash shop windows or to cause all without leaving any evidence that you with they're all for not being able to. identify on security footage we wish you a lot of fun trying our instructions we showed the so-called right guy to a.f.p. spokesperson ronald glaser and i asked him just how worrying it is to his members the meth just clear we know we're all there being we're going to come for you this is some kind of disgusting kind of intimidation but he will not cave in you know with anybody in the party that considering any extra security measures. will extra security measures. can be helpful but we did not have any
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party gathering any. without lot of security around the police and private security organizations so it would be different this time we also spoke to the left party and asked whether they endorsed this guy or if they thought the far left group anti far gone too far this time. it's less party rio the traditional view also which say never again interest is and never again year fifty years ago clearly anti human this. action there is bring forward racist statements bring forward racist or even work together of context to militaristic fascist groups so we all the human lists forces and actors in society have to step into evidence. it's to do resistance against the politics of the. police in oxford are preparing for what's being described as an unprecedented operation some
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two thousand officers will be drafted in including reinforcements from nearby areas and they may well be needed fighting between demonstrators and police has turned nasty in the past but. the police in hamburg were also warned ahead of time that something big was being planned there and with just over a month to go before the a half day conference on the thirtieth of june. to see if they can stop a similar situation unfolding there peter all of our r.t.
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. faith public inquiry has been listening to the grenfell tragedy almost a year on that story and more after this break. if we could. to discuss only about some amateurs of the masters. but six parts and we don't we are nothing to give to the next generation
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a reason for the rich to be proud to be european these is the reason of us kept. back almost a year on from the ground tower fire in london in which seventy two people died a public inquiry into the tragedy was officially launched this week it opened with emotional testimony from victims' families and survivors the first to speak at the opening day of the inquiry told how his son was stillborn just hours after the tragedy a must warn you may find this video disturbing. hoping
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. it's all a petri dish. she's made of the harvest the serial. killer for strength coach will be.
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more survivors of even their accounts of how events unfolded and how their loved ones were lost the probe was set up to also look into why the rich use such is the government's response time and preventative actions including a ban on flammable clothing used on the tower parties and vivid cheaters been to meet locals who say that they offer straighted just how little has changed. it's almost been a year since the devastating blaze and what's left of the grenfell tower can be seen here behind the scaffolding it's a harrowing reminder of a tragedy that has left many questions unanswered. there are over one hundred how long in london alone similar to grand felt and people living here want their government to make sure that it is like that does not
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happen again it's like. living in the same situation. with. special prayers and strange. people see this one comes in the street. so we know that it's obviously not safe before we could. become a reporter. so what can the residents of tower blocks like these do in an emergency the advise used was to stay put but now according to the london fire brigade is being changed to similar evacuation because of the farmable clopping however the government is yet to ban it tourism a promise to spend four hundred million pounds to replace unsafe cladding on high rise public housing books just sixteen of the tower blocks have had their. material replaced with combustible materials so all the authorities doing enough awful lot
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of government haven't done enough. research in terms of the for that experience when family i don't think they're doing enough for them not nearly enough no i think the issue with the clothing they should have resolved the primary. source i could see i mean you go through sort of coming over and nothing's. what struck me as i've spoken to a number of residents who live here at the child courts estate in camden is the fear in their eyes at the thought that they too could have lost their lives and now they're after clarification from the government as to what's going to happen next to resolve those problems and action to be taken now dear tutor r.t. . britain's housing minister says that the government is listening to concerns and will discuss a policy review over a ban on flammable materials used in construction. in other news
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america's ambassador to israel has been criticised this week after posing with a rather controversial gift david friedman was presented with an aerial image of jerusalem but the photograph had been altered to replace the islamic dome of the rock with the jewish third temple the temples a biblical reference to in new place of worship to replace an ancient one which has been destroyed the photo immediately sparked fears criticism from the muslim world some official said that it expressed quote rude and hypocritical behavior the u.s. embassy insisted that the envoy was simply taken advantage of and demanded an apology freidman was not the word of the image thrust in front of him when the photo was taken he was deeply disappointed that anyone would take advantage of his visit to create controversy the u.s. policy is absolutely clear we support the status quo on the her arm i'll sure use temple mount. the incident with the picture came at an extremely sensitive time
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with the region shaken by violent anti israel protests over one hundred palestinians have been killed in just the last three months thousands more have been wounded situation worse enough to the u.s. moved its embassy to jerusalem is that strongly opposed by the palestinians both sides have long lasting statehood bids for the city we discussed the latest development with our guests this might provoke further tensions it builds the rhetoric against the u.s. policies it would pressure governments to go in face and against the interests of the united states and at the same time there would be protests which are already being organized for quite some time right now in the passing territories over the two months we lost under thirteen people thirteen thousand injuries. already well it does come at a sensitive time and in fact is the united states embassy issued a. correction to the mistake saying that they support what's called the status
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quo in jerusalem which is exactly what the is what every israeli government since one thousand nine hundred sixty seven has also supported the status quo which means sensitivity and respect and honor for the muslim holy sites and this was a unfortunate. reflection of that insensitivity that was corrected by the u.s. administration. but i hope more news coming your way home for now i hope see them. well don't walk so you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle is going. to do so. try to tell you that plenty gossip the public by itself of the most important news today. off the bat
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telling you i'm not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with our audience will watch. welcome to max kaiser's financial survival guide. two year down. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain. you watch kaiser report. my. goal. was
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when you look a thousand in the middle be nice to. be a story. today coming up you know what i thought i left you know. the south is a kind of home. of sorrow was easy to look after. coming to believe because of the old love to give to the physio and no i have probably got off with everything off. at the moment be the only one could get that. also put up she warning me and i'll. be. going and this is you i tend to talk to an awful spanish put there for a little and. a day no. matter to me. and he said we had a shot to feed off of your money all of them not to both of us remember she was
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going to mitchell. not to. excess you know when i'm started by the way some. lines of your stool beside you said if you come to me seven months. come on so found out something like and the thought of how does she have any but this old fault so on and so on mars that unless unless i had to see it on the salt in the first place how far that can sense that profound truth will come out of some sort on though i have been just so thought that's enough to set me manning said nothing self but you don't know what the not let's not be funny enough of your line of thought it was an odd place some thought ultimately well let's see the barn number. i don't call professional profit with the show. i don't know what the law will also look when the mound be walked on. a minute ago that got
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us it was the clear. so's. you can if someone to call. again when actually the. three oblivious to the other clueless to. presume you've achieved the key to do so yet even me does and one of them is a new mother and dad beat and because of.
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this looking at more awesome would be. my. own a bit off those. who think i'm on our. own. level of it. was. both. this and that that is not. our. costs too much as if to see if that is all. good. each.
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for the not of the fan can hide. and i hold on. to someone. who said that person will. sleep tonight and i didn't. see more than one of those. by then coffee. by then is a shift of. the fast and.
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