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associated with the election of president term. a provocator i've got nothing to do with trump selection campaign and you are not a natural. i believe in french foreign policy that's based on independence there are things that tie is really closely to the us like foreign security. emanuel said that europe and the us have mutual obligations europe depends on the us in the realm of security which you don't have to worry about that will help which will provide security. the most anticipated meeting was between emanuel my crawl and flatter me a putin it was the french leaders first visit to russia as president. was there as the day unfolded. this year in front of the cameras is going to happen right here. for now if you were a diplomatic rock brawl schmall none of that tapping on the shoulder but
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a few smiles were visible out there. now that the presidents are busy topping that policy and it's all about what they'll choose to say with journalists to do. and how the press conference begins in this room. that was when and manual macron surprised the people in the room first but then his speech went on to resemble somewhat of a love letter to russia he spoke for about four times longer than vladimir putin then also showed off his affection for some of the big names in russian literature like solzhenitsyn or the yes but it wasn't just about how many nice things the french president said about russia and this power is quite surprisingly again one billion worth of business deals were inked they talked about so much and brought up so many things syria iran ukraine cyber threats the korean
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crisis sanctions multi-polar world freedom of speech and even football the french and russian leaders were two hours late for their rendezvous with the journalists obviously that was because of this massive list of things they wanted to cover but also i guess that was due to the lavishness of their dinner and the tastiness of it i just want to tell you about what was on their menu pancakes with the cab here as well as a crab starter then at for additional russian soup with a french twist searching steak in venice and was the main course and that was all topped off with chocolate cake. for dessert now i just want to quickly go back to the first seconds of the summit where manual macron was leaving his limo. even hugged him and also prepared a copy of flowers for micron's wife regine from the very start to the very
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end at half past eleven one of the russian journalists decided to turn away from politics and asked mr macron whether he was willing to come to russia in a month again to support the french national team during the football world cup most tweeted in the end i had to travel to support. your friends makes it to the quarter final i'll definitely be here to support it it's not his mistake by nature if you don't meet again with president putin you know that if you only have a drink go or cheat. ok city faces renewed political deadlock after the prime minister designate said he's failed to form a government that's because the populist coalition of choice for economy minister has been vetoed by the country's president. of the ministry of political figure from the coalition parties who is not seen as the supporter of a long line who could provoke italy's exit from the euro. now this is the man in
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question paolo sub all of he has decades of experience and find it. industry minister he's also know for vocal criticism of the e.u. he. had to drop the euro which he branded a german cage and one of italy's populist leaders is sure the german establishment played a key role in being vetoed. german journalists and politicians insult us italians a big lazy tax evaders freeloaders an ungrateful people and we should choose a finance minister the the like no thanks. and this is one of the front pages that cited as an example of german media bias it shows a van painted in the colors of the italian flag falling off a cliff the caption you can see calls it in europe's a big disobedient child let me know that stefano for at least five star movement one of the two parties that's been seeking to form a coalition government told us he wants to see the president impeached. we brought
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to the part of the president. the president of the council there were there for every steps was agreed with him before to bring it today and the all the far it was ok with was the minister of economy incredible point is that it's come today to me. was the first saying to us that italy has to stay in the e.u. in the euro zone but this to be more strong in the east if you show to bring some good point at home not that i said today in a t.v. conference was that it was not ok in the past he criticize the view so can you imagine them on crissy where a minister cannot be i mean stare he has some political idea you can be a trial so you can be a problem you've been job just guilty for something but you cannot be a problem if you have some good idea why we are bringing the president about that i
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love to be impeachment in the parliament. coming out by left wing activists are resorting to quite unusual tactics to disrupt ronnie's and events led by the un team are going to time to for germany party more that's another story so after the short break. what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line they did accept it or reject it. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to just. let you go in the press this is like a. three and a beautiful. and interesting question the one.
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question. welcome back to the program thousands of people have been running in the march organized by the immigration alternative for germany party however a counter protest by left wing activists true even bigger crowds saudis peter all of us has been at the center of it. supporters of the on c immigration alternative
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to germany party gathered just behind the iconic brandenburg gate behind me on all sides though you might be able to hear coming from over this way for news around here this and around it bike thousands and thousands of counter-demonstrators. that come from jimmy's politicians from my current groups from both ends at night club seats being taking part in something they call the base away the a if they all say trade unions represented in amongst you see you coming out the say no to racism stop racism that's of course what they think alternative for germany stand fulton to for jimmy themselves they say yes they want to close the borders but that's because they say the policies of angle of merkel when it comes to immigration on the right for germany what we are seeing from the large scale counted demonstration is this could just be the start of something because coming up this summer there is at the peak alternative for germany party congress it's taking place in out and as
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i looked into well those counter-demonstrators are getting prepared for that in a big way alternative for germany will be holding their party conference in the beautiful bavarian city of the summer however on t. fascist groups at the time and to disrupt it going as far as to publish to guide for those wishing to tear it up and demonstrate that contains the few tips on how to stop the riots we suggest tracking and exploiting the f.t.'s weak points across germany so that we can guarantee the necessary space for protests and it's a very detailed guy did include some ops of where members will be staying the routes that they'll be taking in the best places to disrupt the event from and there's also a section that includes rioting and life sucks everything the first time riots will needs like how to grow. prepare paint to be hurled correctly but there's
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also some more unsavory instructions as well the best ways to burn tires to smash shop windows or to burn cars all without leaving any evidence that you were there or for that matter being able to identify on security footage we wish you a lot of fun trying our instructions we showed the so-called right guy to pay if the spokes person ronald glaser and asked him just how worrying it is to his members the meth just clear we know we're all there being we're going to come for you this is some kind of disgusting kind of intimidation but he will not keep it you know with anybody in the party that considering any extra security measures. will extra security measures. can be helpful but we did not have any party gathering any big party without a lot of security around the police and private security organizations so it would
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be different this time we also spoke to the left party and asked whether they endorsed this guy or if they thought the far left group anti far gone too far this time. it's left the rio the traditional. which say never. and never again year fifty years a clearly anti human this. bring forward racist statements proof or the truth as she or even work together of context to militaristic fascist groups so we all the human just forces and actors in society have to. it's to do resistance against. the police in oxford are preparing for what's being described as an unprecedented operation some two thousand officers will be drafted in including reinforcements from nearby areas and they may well be needed fighting
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between anti fire demonstrators and police has turned nasty in the past. i i. i i. i i the police in hamburg were also warned ahead of time that something big was being planned there and with just over a month to go before the a half day conference on the thirtieth of june. to see if they can stop a similar situation unfolding there peter all over r.t. . now america's ambassador to israel has been criticized this week after posing
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with a rather controversial gift david friedman was presented with an aerial images of jerusalem the photograph though had been altered to replace the islamic dome of the rock with the jewish temple the temple of course is a biblical reference to a new place of worship to replace an ancient one which has been destroyed now the photo immediately sparked some fierce criticism from the muslim world with some officials saying it expressed rude and hypocritical behavior the u.s. embassy insisted the envoy was simply taken advantage of and demanded an immediate apology. friedman was not aware of the image thrust in front of him when the photo was taken he was deeply disappointed that anyone would take advantage of his visit to create controversy the u.s. policy is absolutely clear we support the status quo on the her arm i'll show you if temple mount. the incident with the picture came at extremely sensitive time with the region shaken by violent israel protests over
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a hundred palestinians have been killed in the last two months alone with thousands more wounded the situation worse in the after the u.s. moved its embassy to jerusalem a step strongly opposed by palestinians both sides of the last thing statehood bids for the city we discussed the latest developments with our guests. this might provoke for the tensions it builds the rhetoric against the u.s. policies it would pressure governments to go in face and against the interests of the united states and at the same time there would be protests which are already been organized for quite some time right now in the past in territories over the two months we lost under thirteen people thirty thousand injuries and already well it does come of the sensitive time and in fact is the united states embassy issued a. correction to the mistake saying that they support what's called the status
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quo in jerusalem which is exactly what the is what every israeli government since one thousand nine hundred sixty seven has also supported the status quo which means sensitivity and respect and honor for the muslim holy sites and this was a unfortunate. reflection of that insensitivity that was corrected by the u.s. administration. and other news russia hosts football's biggest event the fee for world cup in just over two weeks time now and some suspect moscow's was sorting through the most unusual tactics to help the home team.
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so full of myself here are for this i would join us. for the latest global news updates.
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g.m.a. signed genetically modified organisms in the system kids in the food industry and the nine hundred ninety s. . brian tom is taking that a night and what does not have to do with g.m.'s. trysts . officials from ocilla. is a chemical widely used to kill we. listen to the world wide legal service like a beer because. they use privacy and a bunch of. possible temptations that they can occur to just scientists proof that she in context really awful on the human race to science servants to wells free of g.m.'s in crisis eight which may even be able seen as we pass the points of never
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send. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way he's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to go i mean eighty percent of the shuttle we are with you and we will show you all the great the greatest good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going left go. alone. and i'm really happy for joined out to for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one i was also be sure to meet just at the reno theology team's latest addition to make the. bigger certainly better just look . i'd quite like
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a swimsuit but does now time. for people. this is a special tent. it fills the freshly poured concrete from direct sunlight and rank . this section when be opened until the concrete has hardened enough. love on up all those little both of you will come up above that when you will one of the jobs of the bridge and on. the concrete next is prepared according to a special recipe that has to be high performance concrete that's extremely stable in water. just above the. cars are set up with. the i use here you're. liable for. what i think. anyone who's ever built their own
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data isn't afraid of concrete. work what it is water to do or did you know part of the show for you when the book was both. ok i know you're sitting there having a laugh and thinking the risky but i was down there waiting for my signal to release a couple of dolphins but honestly the truth is much more straightforward lots of plankton builds up around the palace and that attracts fish and that you know what attracts the dolphins but one. little boy will serve the figure he'll. get. once again responses visits an answering or as he still failed. before in the brides don't try. to fix approach to the interest of people there would. be joy because she died of course on what you're going
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to name two months arena just rashad adopting the strategy instead of scouring crimea she should look for a bride here and some are. moving here the last little is there still a little much to do. here is the soup list there are more to go to. zero zero. zero. zero point zero eight so. you know. it's interesting you can you go to them and you put up a sky just tell you what you just have set aside just like this is how vehicles board the ferry literally bumper to bumper it's hire some ordeal first you have to wait in line for tickets then line up for inspection then again to actually board what they're. after all that even in good weather and depending on how many
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cars there are the crossing can take two to three hours even though the actual sailing time is only fifteen to twenty minutes but if it's stormy forget it you stay ashore praying for the weather to break. but i. just got here of course that i would. never sell you. the. ferries have the cerro bromance about them every hope they keep going after the bridge opens. you know and i made it across the straits she's going on to moscow and all vis a vis shots and some are. all serene this prophecy was frights has finally found a bright schoolteacher called elvira. now they're off to sing for all people to shop for a wedding dress. it suggests three hours to get from time on to kirk's because there was no queue at the crossing then another three and
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a half hours to simferopol that's almost seven hours in total but when the bridge opens for shots no virar will be able to reach them for opel and half the time. look i think this is. the best the order of us. who is because it is the least you and. get us. some shook hands in. no wolf yes. to that joke that. was the purpose this one because we're almost no. we're just not are there. let's look. at. installing
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the bridges which at the ground culmination of the project before the arch was installed it was just two of the painted sections heading towards each other once the arch is installed it becomes a bridge built up finished. both out as well built in carriage the railway arch was first to be installed the bridge builders did something quite unique. to shift the arch towards the fairway they laid it all to floating continents. the six thousand ton bomb all started ploughing for the water. here it's been placed over the void between the pillows a few hours later and it's lifted into place by a special giant jacks. celgene
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it's hard to believe that man is capable of anything quite so grand. just six weeks later the bridge builders pulled the same trick again the highway arch this time. on the black sea coast to so will is home to one of crimea's most beautiful light houses just fifty kilometers from courage and surprisingly it still works and still lights the way for passing ships. cheerful because those guns and pistols keep almost all summer sort of the more to the more solid shorter. city of moore. to be able. to hear calls to look positions you've just heard things get out that help why don't. you. just another ten kilometers drive south
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from the lighthouse and you find yourself in the approximate reserve that we can see incredibly beautiful salt lake's delightful babies and the mysterious grotto. itself variable man take. up the course or grasp of the ideals. and double the camino. this is a broadly garment sent each new creamy on. the shelf the end of this going to suit you going to look because we. do have them out in the dark. cloud. by the by not of that. so. it's a very important day for a shot is there in the car or a muslim wedding ceremony. all of the shots relatives aunts sisters and brothers
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are here all of them. getting cold feet she's reluctant to leave the car. to. come to the con spec mosque and starry crane it's one of the most ancient mosques on the peninsula. some seven hundred years ago starry crim or qur'an as it was known then was the golden horde's administrative center. it's also the origin of crimea's modern name. this is the location rashad chose for his new car. to be honest i've never been inside a mosque before this is just as exciting for me as it is for the bride and groom. i don't understand a single word but even so it's very moving. and. always
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wanted to come here in winter and yesterday there was literally a storm i can't imagine how the buildings can stamp this weather. i've been on the bridge for about ten minutes and my face already feels as though it's being caught in a siberian frost during a storm crane operations are suspended but today the wind has subsided and work is on the way. we know you know the groups near. you when you will remove. the bullshit.
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good the word about was how you know it so. that big building a but he just know both the powerful or both or most of the buckles. world war. the working man the canteen is sacred in fact it's like a factory all by itself. it is actually comparable to the construction site. is a typical lunch. one thousand and eighty liters of soup two hundred seventy kilos of salad one hundred twenty kilos of meat patties thirty kilos of humpback salmon and vegetables fried chicken forty five kilos not to mention five hundred liters of fruit cool deal you have to agree that's pretty epic. either
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washed or pretty in the queue people can but here's stitching up or you get that only you can not figure what's next for you. you mean your words not show some muscles that are strong. force you to push for what you feel because we were just a. canteen works around the clock breakfast is prepared to have a nice lunch is cooked in the morning from lunchtime onwards they make dinner and this is a continuous. that's always shoot for. the before and the. last one but not for. most of the worst form of presumably you does it for when you say never was told churchill nothing. would be up what would you do with your own little bubble of us which is one loathsome.


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