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tv   Cross Talk  RT  May 28, 2018 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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put forward a motion to suspend sales altogether in the lights of the extensive use of live fire by israeli forces against palestinians in gaza the house calls for a suspension of u.k. sales to israel unless it can be demonstrated that weapons and components imported from the u.k. soley in accordance with the consolidated criteria that motion did not make it to debate and while just after the killing of protesters britain did join the chorus of countries calling for an independent investigation when the un put sending a war crimes protocol to a vote the u.k. abstained calling into question just how important the truth is to teresa mayes government and leaving london in the comfortable position of condemning potentially horrific abuses also in the guns to carry them out they are they have always been i mean it's rather not actually they have increased there are. in critical occasionally the more walled the more shareholders go. right in with the guy with the route i think i really believe that they. hope that
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people working at the a system already you know they're. lying israel. they can see where i was where those children were coming in one by one them without legs they can see i don't. know i think they would walk away. the israeli army denies using excessive force against protesters but accuses hamas of fueling the riots but new reports of the i.d.f. deploying heavy weaponry appear almost every day on sunday the gaza health ministry said so that three palestinians have been killed by israeli tank. the idea of posted this video saying that it attacked hamas military posting guards are and how to detonate a bomb that operation apparently preceded the tank fire incident the political analyst michel barak says that israel has every right to protect its borders the ones that were killed were close to the border they were either throwing molotov
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cocktails throwing stones shooting trying to do whatever they could to break through the border fence in order to kill israeli citizens please don't call them protesters we don't care how old they are if hamas is willing to put up teenagers or others that are young or old or elderly even in order to break through the israeli border the israeli army will stop them that's reasonable the fact that there have been countries that have condemned israel i will say so what every country needs to protect their border every country needs to protect their citizens at the same time a small bedouin community on palestinian territory is about to be demolished the e.u. mission in jerusalem calling on israel to stop it it asks that the community be allowed to quote live decently.
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it's the only school here and there are no others i can go to jericho just traffic is so have that if they come and tear our school. the whole study sitting on the ground. at the gym or how that had affected him obviously to the houses down brick the school people i was in they hear i never say as bedouins the minute most of their buddies and i don't want the sun on me israel is halting not only this settlement for them to the east could try to slow down a little. but
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journalist attacked a neo nazi rally in sacramento in twenty sixteen says california police tried to file false charges against him because of his political views he claims he wanted to film the protest which then tun violent leaving ten people injured. so to rick o'bannon is a long time activist against racism and police brutality he says he went to the right to film it but ended up being seriously injured by the activist claims all
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the evidence he had on his camera including images of the attacker where actually he raced by police he also says police did little to protect him from being stabbed other police in turn say the activist was fueling the unrest by raising his fist in the air as a symbol of black power and had wanted to charge him with assault they also say the activist was promoting extremist views over social media my colleague cover now and earlier i asked our cedric o'bannon what he thought the real reason for the charges were why would the police though have sympathies with neo nazis again if you imagine in their own private lives there are some but eggs there are people that you don't understand how they're thinking you said all the police there that day there was not one that was really looking out for you a journalist simply as you say peacefully documenting this clash. this is a problem with racism in america this is why somebody like the president the united states well you know he is it's you know well there's
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a problem with violence on both sides it's right. it's not a real claim. it's the same day is a. listen now to this situation we have asked the police to elaborate on their allegations against obama but so far no response but it's not the first time the black activist to found themselves on the wrong side of the law i reckon below going to was prosecuted as a black identity extremist he was arrested for political views expressed on facebook and de andre harris was charged with unlawful wounding after he was actually beaten up by white supremacists. ivan the terrible who ruled as russia czar in the sixteenth century is it seems still driving people mad today a painting of him that hangs in a moscow's trajectory of gallery was vandalized by a visitor who claims it falsifies the past.
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the first. they came to see the painting i wanted to leave but then dropped into the by faith and drank one hundred grams of what. is the world's first minute it's still not clear whether he threw the sun he's been portrayed as this old tube on in life you look at other countries rules at the time there were no bets.
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on still to come here on the program on the drama of the champions league final was not complete without a russian meddling twist what explain that one more after the break. the for. the for. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line when they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure more some more want to be.
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back to the right to be for us it's like in the forest tree in the morning can't be good for i'm interested always in the waters in the house passed. back i should. in july twenty seventh team hunted a freelance journalist working with. militant shelling in syria. on a sacrifice quality has established a holiday memorial day will recognize war reporters who often risk the sake of the truth and through that piece you can submit to your published works in a video or written form until june the twelfth go to t.v. dot com. it is good to have you with us today diplomatic efforts to save the iran nuclear deal are in full swing with european idea ronnie and diplomats making enthusiastic
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sounds but european companies operating in iran are less optimistic after u.s. president donald trump reneged on the deal he threatened sanctions against us that work with terror on. takes a closer look it took twelve years of international diplomacy to reach a nuclear deal that trump decided to tear up and now you are pissed after a valve in to protect economic ties with iran from renewed u.s. sanctions and. we can meet in the european union will have to protect our european companies and in particular the small and medium sized enterprises it is and. work so that we can maintain the three point two fifteen points of the american decision we will ensure that our companies can stay. business leaders however have struck more of a pessimistic note the c.e.o. of all giant total is ready to pull out of the multi-billion dollar project and
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less given a waiver it's not possible to run the global company in this world through the reviews that we've voted in york he says the us system just about all of us oh yeah if you have the world and other european companies accosting major doubts there's a primacy of political system and if your premise is that this is what you're going to do then that's exactly what you're going to do they you house decided to activate a law that will ban european companies from complying with the u.s. sanctions against iran but there's a snag the statute has never been used before and this seen by european governments as more of a political weapon than a regulation because it swells a difficult to enforce indeed the e.u. blocking regulation could be of limited effectiveness that given international nature of the banking system and especially the exposure of large systemic banks to the u.s. financial system and u.s. dollar transactions. history has taught us that transplanting partnership has been strengthened by cooperation of trade the fence and shared values but in this
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current crisis and mission needs to be taken even if the european union would act to protect european companies. want to continue to do business review iran they cannot really prevent the united states to sanction them on the american markets they don't want to push to berlin meet of a trade war with the european union member states be strong enough to relive the put you got to read it to really. decide the countermeasure us reach really bite the united states not so far you need position to do this while the e.u. scrambles to save the nuclear dail this hasn't gone unnoticed by tehran which is ramping up the pressure these political support for the nuclear code is not sufficient then ounce one of the possible withdrawal by major european companies
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from a corporation with iran is not consistent with the european union's commitment to implementing the deal. as it currently stands europe is talking tough on doing business without the u.s. but can the bulk really stand alone when the time comes to act. a state of emergency has been declared in one county in maryland due to a heavy storm causing massive floods. i was. never sides the downpour a nearby river broke its banks and swelled to record levels in many areas water flooded the ground floor of buildings are going to stand no fatalities or missing people reported sunday's scenes were reminiscent of the last flood would maryland two years ago then two were killed at the time and a number of others were injured. as. wiki leaks founder
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and will so blower julian assange has been holed holed up now in the ecuadorian embassy in london for the last several years of course fearing extradition to that of the united states the now u.s. congressman adam schiff one of the top officials investigating alleged russian meddling of the twenty sixteen elections says he would only accept testimony from a song if he's in custody previously though u.s. authorities said prosecuting him would be difficult as this could set a precedent and see journalists jailed we can leaks founder had earlier reportedly reached out to shift with a request to testify. you have julius always willing to speak out of shit yes yes he told me when he walked into the why does join the stars want to do that because well he's ready to show that there is no pollution but a wiki leaks use you to tweet denying that such a request has ever been made by its founder. well joining us on she has been
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a long standing nuisance for the u.s. since the foundation of wiki leaks in two thousand and six it has published thousands of documents exposing u.s. officials diplomats and intelligence services a top u.s. officials have not hesitated to speak out against assad's this guy is a traitor a treasonous and he has broken every law the united states the guy ought to be and i'm not for the death penalty so if i'm not for the death penalty want to do it illegally shoot the son of a i think the man as a terrorist can act tough and say if we catch you we're going to hang you whatever wiki leaks walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service ignorance or misplaced idealism is no longer an acceptable excuse for lionizing these demons investigative journalist a mix of blumenthal told us the songes work and his publications ultimately make officials in washington notice. us has refused to speak to julian assange except under duress under harsh conditions possibly after solitary confinement which shows
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that they don't want to know what julian us knows they don't want to interrupt their narrative with with what could be fact almost no one in washington in the press corps will stand up and defend julian assange as a fellow journalist who is facing some of the harshest conditions any journalist in the west is facing because he embarrassed the u.s. government and he embarrassed the cia and we should also remember that there is no grand jury for julian a son for the d.n.c. hack or leak or whatever it was it only relates to the revelation internal cia documents so this is a case that sets a precedent for the rest of the media and how other journalists will be treated if they reveal classified information and it seems like there's very little concern about that within the journalistic community in the west. meanwhile that russia
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seems to be expanding its foreign agents now fighting them even among foreign football players and with the fifa world cup fast approaching some suspect must go over sorting to unusual tuck ticks to help the national team.
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it is all to international we're back soon with mall. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. about it for many clubs over the years so i know the game and saw. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman to kill the narrowness and spending to
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get to the twenty million one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy great so what will chance with. the thinks he's going to. damn afshin rattansi we're going underground is the chinese communist party officials in the united nations office of outer space affairs announced details of a new china space station coming up in the show on today's anniversary of the convening of the first palestinian national council what now for palestine we go to ramallah to ask palestine chief negotiator so i barack out of the u.k.
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backed israeli government can ever be made to abide by un resolutions and what now for israel we speak to the co-chair of the northwest friends of israel the bloom about the difference between self-defense and war crimes plus why the writer of going underground looks the way he does we speak to the designer who dressed more like paul weller about class and the story of british modernism goal acim or coming up in today's going underground but first today politicians from across the e.u. discuss implementation of the iran nuclear deal or j c p o to many around the world statements like these from washington which is arguably violated un security council resolution two two three one is destroyed a post nine hundred forty five consensus the usa has declared an all out economic war against a middle east superpower these will indeed end up being the strongest sanctions in history when we are complete after our sanctions come in force it will be battling to keep its economy why compare that with the foreign minister of the largest
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economic bloc in the world nuclear deal with iran it's crucial for the security of the region of europe and of the entire world that's for france's position on the j c p o iran nuclear deal that's why france will not leave the g.t.p. henri the same goes for the international community even if britain arguably wavers in alleged. genuflection to the usa the course the president is is right to see flaws in it and he set a very reasonable challenge to the world look iran is behaving badly iran has a tendency to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles we've got to stop that we've got to we've got to we've got to push back on what iran is doing in the region we've got to be tougher on iran britain is nato partner turkey which borders iran is arguably more forthright we did not find this to be right for the sake of the peace of the region. because as the international atomic energy agency statement says in respect to the nuclear issue iran is
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a country which filled their obligations early one has been increasingly more forthright against the usa he faces electoral opponents in less than a month's time who threaten to shut down nato as bases interlink from where washington bombs countries all around the region they could also kick out all u.s. soldiers in turkey by christmas president for his part was the first nato nation leader to kick out an ambassador from anglo-american backed israel in the past few days the reason british armed israeli soldiers were doing or killing thousands this month well joining me now from ramallah is palestine's chief negotiator. thanks for coming on going underground firstly your reaction to groups such as britain's labor friends of israel let alone boris johnson's foreign office blaming hamas for the israeli massacre of great return much protest as this is shameful this is as low as look can get you know when you have sixty four palestinians slaughtered and killed in cold blood more than two thousand five hundred wounded not
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a single bullet was fired not a single demonstrator had anything in their hands and then they have this spent to blame the killed and the victims and i don't know what we would missing in international politics even with all this t.v. coverage with all this situation where the mage and all of them were killed in the land of all of them were wounded and then to go is that not a single israeli was shut or even even threatened and yet there are those people who come out to say. those who are killed should be blamed this is shameful this is disgusting and this is how low in this international politics we're going i would never thought in my life to see in the friends of israel and britain or the nikki haley in the un or others who are more plain more
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israelis than the israelis on this at least there were some israeli writers who stood tall to say enough is enough about these massacres being committed against the innocent civilian population and then the second pretext the us they say oh they're hamas lieberman the defense minister of israel says there are no innocent people of gaza imagine two million people there isn't a single entrant child woman man in the eyes of lieberman who is innocent so everyone can be killed everyone should be killed and then secondly. we have videos of israeli soldiers shooting sniping our kids and then dancing dancing on it and number three we called for an investigation commission and who rejected negotiate their investigation commission israel halley from friends of israel and london and nowhere what was going on. that cannot stand that that cannot stand if we if you
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want peace in this region if we want to defeat extremism in this region we cannot allow this extremist israeli government to do what's doing in terms of settlement activities the massacres the confiscation of land the settlement activities the siege the closure with sharon gas then to a big prison in the last eleven years to a big prison then one response from britain is now to send prince william the first ever member of the royal family to go to israel what do you think of the we were contacted and he also want to go to to visit us we are not against anybody is coming to visit this region but we want people to stand tall we want britain to stand tall and you have a you know the british parliament almost three years ago voted unanimously to know how to recognize the state of palestine with these drugs in the sky better. the government didn't is that i should not be rewarded i'm going to interfere in the politics of britain who comes and who goes but all i'm saying is that if we want to
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preserve international law if we want to preserve nonviolent palestinian struggle against israeli occupation people should stand tall people especially in britain should stand tall and condemn these atrocities and and crimes committed against the palestinian people and take take a step of courage but who knows in this state of palestine because when you say that you support the two states you should know who is the two states are not one state i know you have said that because of the trump decision to move the embassy all talks are off even if there were talks what is the state of health of your leader mahmoud abbas the hospital as a matter of fact just visited with him he's doing well he had some. lung infection and some high fever and he needed some treatment and he's really recovering and doing very well but didn't the palestine paper leaks in effect mean that you offered israel what trump has you said the biggest jerusalem in jewish history with
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all of this is this wasn't true what i said was jerusalem should be divided is jerusalem should be the capital of palestine and was duracell him be the capital of israel but then we can have open city of big jerusalem that can be on both sides we don't want. out there after peace is signed if we ever have to that there things should look different palestinians and israelis deserve their to live and let live and that's what we did we did we did yes we did look you know there's a right to exist in business you can succeed in lines we have accepted many many many terms in terms of security arrangements and so on but unfortunately we haven't had an israeli official say that there are who knows the state of palestine on the nine hundred sixty seven lines. we haven't heard any israeli official saying that settlement should be stabbed in the country or government since oslo agreement continued to build settlement activities and continue dictations and continue siege
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and closure assassinations and all this collective punishment being employed so if peace of the end of the day is a need and we need peace israel need peace if one day there would arise in israel a guy leader a party that is willing to commit itself to peace they should know that the only solution is for the state of palestine with east jerusalem as its capital to live side by side with is the state of israel. on the one hundred sixty seven lines as a solution based on international law to fiji's prisoners water and other issues should be should be found and we can do it but so far this israeli government supported by the driver of the main driver for them now is mr trump himself they believe they can dictate the solution on us they believe they can get away with the settlements and the siege and the closure and making a deeper apartheid system in the west bank and east jerusalem then that which existed in south africa there are orders in the west bank today and is jerusalem we
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cannot use as palestinians only israelis can use and such diseases as bigotry and racism was then afflict underneath our skins our skins as humans. all of us we have it in this is to just defy it sociologically psychologically economically sexually and now as well as in the pretext of security to just defy the apartheid system also apartheid will not survive the current situation is not sustainable so what netanyahu are doing they're destroying moderates like me who believe in the two state solution who believe in. peace peacefully and nonviolence. and i mean me and my president mahmoud abbas and my party and the majority of the palestinian people there really destroying palestinian out of moderates and if you take a shit and take the terms. and the last see what he did in the last year who get and then who lost their destroying a destabilizing stability in this region they're destroying the moderates in this
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region this things and extremism in this region and extremist this region bloodying their decisions as you said of president ram because they are telling us look for twenty five years you have been negotiating and you realize there's a you want you you sit us you if you look to the two state solution jerusalem is the reason we got there of palestine was doesn't have the reserves and look what they're doing to you know what do you answer what do i answer you said when the leader arrives israel until that peaceful protest arguably doesn't work what are your people supposed to do until a leader. of what we have no place to go could there from the river jordan to their military and and the greater historic palestine today i am fifty point nine percent of the pollution. and forty nine point one percent.


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