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they made a good point i mean president moon when cross the d.m.z. i mean think of that for the last you know since nine hundred fifty three what that means is crossing the berlin wall exactly as i think i read it and did what they could you know we can't accuse both north korea and south korea of not doing anything for peace but coming back to that article by ray mcgovern you know i have a peace plan for korea let me just remind our listeners that craig my government is a hero you know he's a former cia official who is now a dissident who recently got beaten you know because you want to and incompetent question but my peace plan you know based on that great mcgowan psychical what he says that trump should be glad to know dream of his nobel peace prize since the novel peace prize is already discredit by being put into a bomb that the nobel peace prize committee in north will let them come to donald trump and see congratulations and all that drop meant get your price need to ten don't have to save us time to do what. they did their family will do the only way
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to save their noble peace prize after obama gorbachev are far and other ok let me go back to before we go to the break and i think which i don't want to go into it in great depth but i mean you know we had my mike pompeo come out with his twelve points for in dealing with iran here i mean we can compare that which was all quite ludicrous and very much ridiculed by foreign people in the foreign policy blob it seems to me that does mirror the north korean strategy meaning there really if they really haven't thought it out very well go ahead alex you know we've got twelve steps to a war is really what it was twelve steps to regime change but i mean i think you're right peter can overstress the fact that it's not only the libyan model that north korea is nervous about it's the iran. north korea is that it's not let's not forget it's only been a couple of weeks since united states broke their agreements with iran so there's no doubt that. i'm looking at. what happened in iran oh yeah north korea has
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already made two significant gestures of real significance they have detonated their tunnels that they used for nuclear detonation and they unilaterally returned three u.s. spies so they've obviously done their part but even both in this sabotaging this not only referring to the threat of libyan regime change but by demanding that north korea completely denuclearized right from the get go without anything of force before that meeting and saying they're calling for there is a peace treaty signed before there's fay any type of face steps and this is a way of raising expectations both in actually said that he wanted the talks to go forward as soon as possible so that nothing could be done to then spit steps later and jump right to more serious measures we all know we all know what that means essentially what bolton a saying first surrender and then we can sit down and talk ok and this is exactly the same message gentlemen that the u.s.
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the trumpet ministration is sending to ram we're going to go to a short break gentlemen after that after that short break we'll continue our discussion on some real new stay with our team. twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest. but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to be the center of the beach . and do all the great. good you are the rock at the back nobody gets
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to you we need you to. go. alone. and i'm really happy to join. russia meet the special one. just like the radio. latest edition is bigger. than a wal-mart selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chickenhawk forcing you to fight the battles they don't. produce offspring to tell you that will be gossiping probably by files of the most important. off the bad guys who tell me you are not cool enough and let's invite. all the hawks that we along with all the walking.
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these we continue to discuss only about i am in terms of the maastricht. but. i do we don't we are nothing to give to the next generation our reason to reach to be proud to be european these is the reason all of us can. welcome back to crossfire we're all things we consider to remind you we're discussing some real news. ok gentlemen it's switch gears i just came back from the st petersburg
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international economic forum obviously in st petersburg one of the things i find really quite remarkable not the fact that mccrone was there because he'd just been in the united states and you know we've got a lot of hugs and you know that his dandruff and taken off his shoulder but he didn't get anything. in st petersburg look very very different. there was an open in brace and we had the john they drew up a nice prime minister there we had angle merkel that is visited putin twice in sochi gone to china there seems like a lot of movement on the table right now go ahead well. if isolation is about fifteen thousand international business figures come into st petersburg that's a very nice a situation i wish many countries in europe these kind of isolation by the indeed there are i think it was a success you know mr monk wrong and and come to st petersburg however in general i don't think has the power to he'd like to he'd like to go up
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there. patient with russia unfortunately there you know that article. so-called energy dependence on russia. a lot of other discriminate very cold us about relations with russia they're written in their in their in their norms of the european union mr monk simply doesn't have the power to change them and i think this is something that a lot of people don't understand but you know do we go to alex in cyprus here i deme is absolutely right a lot of this is really kind of written into stone here but i think there is we're in a moment right now where people are beginning to look at options something we haven't seen on this scale in my lifetime at least ok i mean you do have the europeans actually considering different ways of moving forward because of the growing mistrust with trump's white house go ahead alex in cyprus you know we're seeing the world under president trump and just as president trump it's exercising his art of
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the deal foreign policy practice it works both ways and we're seeing the europeans were. you know we're seeing russia and china also weigh their options and look at their negotiating leverage when dealing with the united states as well as when dealing with each other so i think we're seeing a lot of jockeying for different positions we're seeing the national interests of countries come back to the forefront and this is really all because of trump's instability it's unpredictability but also his style of bringing you know everything about foreign policy too to a transactional level it's all about negotiations and so it works both ways and the europeans i think are now are starting to realize that they can exercise their their options mark yeah well i you know i see your dismissals work as usual. i mean i think we have to take all of this with a not just a grain of salt but a good dash of salt over the shoulder because mccracken seems to have this type of
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simpering ego. unstick personality where he has to kiss the rear end of whoever he's in the room with and played to whether that's trump or or putin and as we saw i mean to add insult to injury and his recent trip to the white house evidently the tree that he planted that he and his wife planted with his teacher his wife whatever the the story is they're planted in the white house grounds was then dug up after he left so. i don't. i certainly i mean is that breaking the mc i don't want to deal with that you know there's you know it was widely reported the head of the i.m.f. the french president the japanese prime minister and the chinese president that's in or that's isolation vice president and vice president you have a second in command in china that is international isolation. but this these
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steps by. merkel visiting sochi a gad then visiting china for a second time coming to russia talks of reconciliation mccraw that admitting the the obvious must stakes were made when talking about reconciliation with russia you made a lot of the day which is very clear who made the mistakes of the yeah exactly this is we shouldn't we should be happy for this but we shouldn't take it for more than it is this is normal realist balancing this is what states do when states other states do things that anger of them they. send a message that they have all their options to explore and that's when you look at this and marks absolutely right but what is not right or kind of. out of balance is it and we've mentioned this on this program before trump doesn't care you know he doesn't care about the implications and we have said here he's playing to his base
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i'm sure he's got. checklist in his pocket you know he's checking them through i mean is unpopular and his wife moving the embassy to jerusalem going out of the iran deal being very fickle when it comes to north korea i mean these are these these are things he ran on well i think we should always remember that we are not being told by states where polls by an ideology and the problem with trump is that he is aggressive stupid dangerous but he does not understand this ideology he was not certified by them he won unexpectedly and the conflict gave it to him even though he did all the things that they wanted he bore him to syria he he was very threatening to north korea he did everything they usually do continuing threatening of venezuela interest on russians of sanctions on russia internet you know russia russia russia should these sanctions agents agent because that it is war bonds if the. plea and the funny thing is there the democrats and the european
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liberals and used him of being in coups with russia they continue to accuse him even though he has done more anti russian things than any president in history of the united states before him i mean to me this is all just inboard it in that terrible loss you know that the democrats have made and they want trump to support them just let me remind our listeners don't put too much into the lawsuit there i think that is a joke they're still in russian federation russian intelligence trumps complain julian assange gendered. to me it's like this is crosstalk on the ground look there's no law that says. it's bill gates and santa claus only you know jerry and jordan a son it's likes you and mother three years and stormy daniels environ wasnt you know going to do in their minds they were stormy daniels free zone here. may be
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your view. but one of the interesting things. and i'm agreeing with the mayor is that it's it's an anglo-saxon cobol here that is the anti russian i mean obviously elites in europe going to play along with it because that's the key that they're given from the from berlin and i'm sorry from washington but it seems to be very anglo-saxon when continuing this anti russian rhetoric and policies they see the europeans that is something we have the european leaders coming here to moscow and to negotiate negotiate is the beginning of the beginning of a process go ahead alex you are right in the beginning i believe that micro alert even stated whites are essentially that you know that russia is and it trickle part of europe i mean he was he was very clear in his statements that he has now what russia to drift through east but you know let's let's not forget that trump is not a statesman or a good lad he's a business guy so i don't think you really understand any of this stuff that's going on i think you brought everything to
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a business level and let's face it being a real estate tycoon in new york is probably a very dirty business and you make agreements and you break agreements and you twist arms you can do a lot of stuff that you know maybe see below their belts in foreign diplomacy and trump is bringing a lot of that to the world stage and you even had russian president putin say that it seems to be right now that you know the new rules are all about breaking the rules and that's very much an allusion to how trump is dealing with a lot of the foreign policy issues to date and it's a very good point i mean you know it's breaking all the rules but you know if you're always breaking the rules you can't make a new rule and that is the big problem here right now mark i think trumps art of the deal is like a mafia don where john bolton brought up the you know the libya option for. north korea. to trump replied well that's not what we're planning the libyan option we totally decimated them that was
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a decimate. and he said it case you don't know what that means that was with the omen roman legionary practice of killing why the out of every ten people. north korea has already been through worse than that there are the us. hellacious bombing campaign of north korea during the north korean war so that it could have been well received there but then he said that is that's only if we if you break the if you don't sign a deal that's the only time decimation so either side on the bottom line or get decimated that is a mafia don threat something to sleep the whole st petersburg and international economic forum was overshadowed by trump's trade war on global trade i've not not just globalization but trade with allies trump has put affectively sanctions on south korea he's put tariffs rounds of tariffs on china
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sanctions on russia syria north korea iran he's promising the biggest sanctions in world history because they don't trump the trump around with his little fingers loves everything big bigger that it is he likes to exaggerate the size of everything but he's also threatening sanctions in two ways over both iran and the completion of nord stream against his own allies in the e.u. right which is sure to you know really what oil them in europe really interesting is i'm glad you brought up the energy security or it could deem it because you know there's a lot of things that the europeans will go along with with the with the americans traditionally not not specifically with trump now but their energy security is something that is very real and very much theirs and i see in the germans are leading that push back that they will have north stream we also have that the pipeline will be coming through turkey so i mean it looks like there are there yet will only be one because turkey is always
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a wildcard but i mean this is an issue. it is very real and very important to them and russia is a reliable partner we've seen some of that but there are two different things the european union and europe europe needs russian gas the european union needs to damage russia basically why did they destroy the project team the sols team was a savior for europe you know it was going to bring cheap energy to the two most problematic states to that end to greece but they did everything before the project to be fair the germans rule the south stream so they can get nordstrom. energy and all of you are getting screwed and so there are estimates that the jurors are gentlemen to have the judgment run out of time in a many thanks and i guess here in moscow and in cyprus this is the end of our broadcast segment stay with us with the extended version on our you tube channel see you next time and remember crosstalk rules.
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fifty years ago britain and within to come together as a sleeping pill does this is what i mean because this is. the sort of things what terrible but not on. the board will be here not. across europe victims astonishing legal battles demanding at least some compensation in something in two ways first will the physical damage itself as well as the constant mind that the people who take this call it has never been able to justice and there's been
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a couple. what holds us and stoop to something to. put themselves on the on the big get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to preserve. it's a right to be for us this is what before us three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of our. question.
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there are calls for president to be impeached after he rejects the coalition's euro skeptic. i'm wondering. if. this is. america police were trying to. charges against him.
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for this hour live from the international thanks for joining us welcome to the program. still no government. after the euro skeptic coalition clashes with the country's president over his rejection of choice of a key cabinet post the economy minister the coalition is now calling for the president's impeachment saying his actions violate democracy more details now with . i'm wondering. crecy and if in italy the italians decide or the germans decide the french decide it's incredible. i have proved all the proposals for the ministers but i did not approve the name of the minister of economy. i guarantee that i have made the greatest effort and given this task my master passion. i ask for the ministry and author it is political figure from the coalition parties who is not seen as a supporter of
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a line that could provoke italy's exit from the euro. but this is the actual point i have a great problem in italy this is not a free democracy italy has been forced into a new political crisis after the italian president rejected the idea of paolo being the next economy minister for the country in the coalition government of the league and the five star movement well mr servo owner is eighty one years old he's a former trade minister in italy and he's had a long career in the financial sector but he was deemed to be too euro skeptic he's talked out in the past against the euro itself in the past with his latest book actually suggesting that the single currency is actually a german cage and that's why he couldn't be economy minister now we have heard from one coalition leader who actually suggests that the german media and german politicians have had an underhand role in stopping that appointment german
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journalists and politicians insulting italians a big lazy tax evaders freeloaders and ungrateful people and we should use a finance minister the the like no thinks well those accusations came after a number of german publications basically showed their displeasure with that coalition populist government going ahead despicable which is a weekly in germany had basically accused the italians of being scroungers and wanting to scrounge off the the red. steve the e.u. and it also talked about this coalition as essentially proceeding to wards blackmail while another magazine had a front cover with a cameo in a truck with the italian flag on it and also the symbols of this populist coalition essentially driving off a cliff and there is a real reason for that concern in europe because both of these two parties have
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shown that they are hugely euro skeptic who told this to everyone even only european level for now only italians coming first that's important because italy was not just only a founding member of what became the european union but it's also one of the three largest economies with france and germany so it is a cause for concern if you look at what their manifesto had pledged to do over the next three years being a good italian also means being a good european citizen it needs to be repeated out loud especially now we have to brace ourselves for the worst scenario and the worst scenario could be no operational government that had included putting italy first rather than brussels renegotiating e.u. treaties also cutting taxes lifting sanctions against russia and deporting more immigrants all these things pretty much against the ethos of what we hear from brussels so what will happen now well
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a stopgap prime minister has been put in place for the interim period but the coalition has threatened that they might go ahead and try and impeach the italian president now as a result of him blocking that coalition government going ahead or we could also see italy facing fresh elections it's only eleven weeks since the last elections but it's up to anybody's game to guess what will happen next. just to give you some background on an election was held nearly three months ago when no party security majority however a coalition pact was eventually. formed with a political novice appointed prime minister but he resigned just a few days later after failing to form a government and we spoke to a member of the five star party one of the coalition partners he says the rejected economy minister servo owner was not anti europe incredible point is that the candidate. was the first saying it has to stay
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in the e.u. in the euro zone but there's to be more stronger in the east if you show to bring some good point at home what might that alice said today in a t.v. conference was that it was not ok in the past it criticised the you so can you imagine a democracy where an minister cannot be a minister because he has some political idea you can be else you can be a problem you've been dried just guilty for something by you cannot be a problem if you have some good idea. former italian prime minister my tailor renzi is the latest guest on artie's sophie and co i discussing why the country is so politically divided you can watch the full interview later today we have a lot of scenes of problem single issues surely migrants surely the luck of employment govern employment is one of the most important problem on my count
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about the part of europe the economy in france now because it was not working for many counties it's graft also you for using to vote. some countries very much you see them grow up one of the skepticism in my county is not on the monies problem because the rich ne. vault for. an art. police this is time for europe to come back to greet. to greet the great the us. the u.k. sold a record number of arms to israel this year according to a new report by campaign against arms trade it comes as british politicians condemn to use of force against palestinian protesters artie's jacqueline investigates.
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after israel's use of life fire against palestinians on may the fourteenth there was condemnation in much of the world not least the u.k. yesterday's riddick massacre because of left at least fifty eight dead the loss of life we have seen is tragic and extremely concerning. this is just just a peace efforts and we call on all sides to show restraint the launch of life is extremely concerning we continue to employ israel to show great restraint yet despite those strong words for years britain has been ramping up how much weaponry it sells to israel since two thousand and fifteen numbers have skyrocketed up eleven four in the span of just two years and those sales include star power rifles weapons sites in munition for small arms anti-riot equipment and other items similar to those used by israeli forces against unarmed protesters.
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the u.k. doesn't keep data on how such equipment and weapons are used after being sold until that can be established m.p.'s put forward a motion to suspend sales altogether in the lords of the extensive use of. israeli forces against palestinians in gaza the house calls for. sales to israel unless it can be demonstrated that weapons and components imported from the u.k. . in accordance with the consolidated criteria that motion did not make it to debate and while just after the killing of protesters britain did join the chorus of countries calling for an independent investigation when the un put something a war crimes probe to gaza to a vote the u.k. abstained calling into question just how important the truth is to teresa mayes government and leaving london in the comfortable position of condemning potentially horrific abuses also in the guns to carry them out or there always are. i see them
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increase that are. in critical occasionally the most the more shareholders go i'm just i'm with you to hell but chad right i'm going to be the really i think i really believe that the ice jam and hold people working at the elbow or any of their money back to buying these routes point out that they can see where i was where those children were coming in one by one some would not like they can see i don't study these weapons so i think they would walk away from the industry is ready army denies using excessive force against protesters and accuses hamas of fueling the riots the new reports of the i.d.f. deploying heavy weaponry almost every day on sunday at the gaza health ministry said that three palestinians have been killed by israeli.


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