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tv   Going Underground  RT  May 28, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm EDT

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live fire by israeli forces against palestinians in gaza the house calls for a suspension of u.k. sales to israel unless it can be demonstrated that weapons and components imported from the u.k. soley in accordance with the consolidated criteria that motion did not make it to debate and while just after the killing of protesters britain did join the chorus of countries calling for an independent investigation when the un put sending a war crimes protocol to a vote the u.k. abstained calling into question just how important the truth is to teresa mayes government and leaving london in the comfortable position of condemning potentially horrific abuses also in the guns to carry them out they are they have always been i mean it's rather not actually they have increased that are. in critical occasionally the more the more shareholders go. we do so but she has a right i'm a guy who can really i think i really believe the. hope of people working at the
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existence or any other. line israel's point they can see where i was where those children were coming in one by one. they can see i don't. know i think they would walk away in the street. meanwhile four and a half thousand pairs of shoes have been laid out in front of the council building ahead of a meeting of the blocs foreign ministers each pair is meant to represent meant to represent a palestinian killed by israeli forces over the last decade. over a thousand of them some of us children and i brought the shoes of my daughter as well. just to show that i'm standing with those fathers the smothers brothers and sisters who lost their children and their siblings in this war. that's why we also calling on the european union say enough is enough until you know for them to put sanctions israel show them the by the test. where the israeli army has
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repeatedly stressed that it is acting in accordance with standard operating procedure and accused thomas of fuelling the riots initial ominous me says that israel has every right to protect its borders the ones that were killed were close to the border they were either throwing molotov cocktails throwing stones shooting trying to do whatever they could to break through the border fence in order to kill israeli citizens please don't call them protesters we don't care how old they are if hamas is willing to put up teenagers or others that are young or old or elderly even in order to break through the israeli border the israeli army will stop them that's reasonable the fact that there have been countries that have condemned israel i will say so what every country needs to protect their border every country needs to protect their citizens meanwhile israel is expected to ignore e.u.
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coast to not demolish bedwyn village on palestinian territory israel argues the village was built that permission. it is. all. best we all have it's the only school here and there are no others i can go to jericho just traffic is so have that if they come and terrace called down i'll study sitting on the ground. that had left them out if they tear the house down brick the school people i was in they hear all the never say as bedouins been to most of their bodies out in the sun
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in which meant israel is holding not only this settlement there are those that want other things to quit trying to some of it i don't know what you mean. i. know a journalist attacked and the n.r.c. rally in sacramento in twenty sixteen claims that californian police tried to file false charges against him because of his political views he claims he wanted to film the protests which then turned violent leaving ten people injured.
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so rick abandons a long time activist against racism and police brutality he was seriously injured two while filming the sacramento protest the activist claimed all the evidence he had on his camera including images of the attacker were raised by police a ban and also says the police did little to protect him from being stabbed place in turn claimed the activist was fueling the arrest by raising his face in the air as a symbol of black power and and they had wanted to charge him with a sold they also say the activist was promoting extremist views on social media which had record ban and told us why he thought he was charged this is a problem with racism in america you know all this is why somebody like the president the united states will get r.t.d. is it's you know though the parliament by the examples it's trying to please a reaction to not violence or really absolutely clear violence is the same
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is that. listen allow this situation there's a good you know even the parts of the aisle i could see his wife at last with all sympathies you will eat all the nuts you are that's all you can do what is the truth. is that it's this lady was lucky in that it worked a little. too little my eyes are on the wires that. well we did ask police to elaborate on their allegations against o'bannon but so far we haven't received a response. this isn't the first time black activists have found themselves in the wrong side of the law was prosecuted as a black identity stream ist he was arrested for political views expressed in his facebook posts under a her is charged with unlawful wounding after he was beaten up by white supremacists. ivan the terrible who ruled his rushes
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are in the sixteenth century still making headlines today because a painting of him that hangs in a moscow gallery was vandalized by a visitor who claims it falsifies the past. they came to see that being things i wanted to leave but then dropped into the bathroom and drank one hundred grams of water. it's still not clear whether he killed his son he's been portrayed as this. so if
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you look at other countries rulers at the time they would. be without a we're going to take a quick break now we'll be back in two minutes. nor make us manufacture consent to the public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the final merry go
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round be the one percent. we can all middle of the room six. million. these we continue to discuss only about some amateurs of the mastic. six spots i know we don't we are nothing to give to the next generation our reason for which to be proud to be european these is the reason of us kept. here with us a now europe is making last ditch efforts to save the iran nuclear deal during a meeting of the blocks foreign ministers in brussels officials are promising
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a number of measures to shield european companies from u.s. sanctions but this initial reports washington does appear to have the upper hand. it took twelve years of international diplomacy to reach a nuclear deal that trump decided to tear up and now you are pissed left are vowing to protect economic ties with iran from renewed u.s. sanctions we've been acting already beginning and you know level to make sure that the nuclear agreement is preserved and the economic investments from beginning to side but also from other sites in the world so are protected and we will work so that we can maintain the framework of the twenty fifteen points of the american decision we will ensure that our companies can stay in the wrong business leaders however have struck more of a pessimistic note the c.e.o. of all giant total is ready to pull out of a multi-billion dollar project and less given
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a waiver it's not possible to run the global company in this world today we've just . as a us system that's all of us all here if you have the world and other european companies accosting major doubts as a primacy of political system and if your premise is that this is what you're going to do that's exactly what you're going to do they you house decided to activate a law that will ban european companies from complying with the u.s. like sins against iran but there's a snag the statute has never been used before and this seen by european governments as more of a political weapon than a regulation because this was a difficult to enforce. indeed the e.u. blocking regulation could be of limited effectiveness that given the international nature of the banking system and especially the exposure of large systemic banks to the u.s. financial system and u.s. dollar transactions history has taught us the transplanting partnership has been strengthened by cooperation of trade defense and shared values but in this current
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crisis and mission needs to be taken even if the european union would act to protect european companies. want to continue to do business review iran they cannot really prevent the united states to sanction them on the american markets they don't want to push to believe me to have a trade war with the european union member states be strong enough that we live a pretty got a reader to really decide to come to measure us rich night united states we are not so far you need a position to do research while the e.u. scrambles to safe the nuclear dale this hasn't gone unnoticed by tehran which is ramping up the pressure these political support for the nuclear court is not sufficient then once one of the possible withdrawal by major european companies
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from a corporation with iran is not consistent with the european union's commitment to implementing the deal as it currently stands europe is talking tough on doing business without the us but can the bloc really stand alone when the time comes to act. now there are growing suspicions that the u.s. is prepared an indictment against wiki leaks founder julian assange washington has for years refused to officially confirm or deny whether it has done so democratic congressman adam schiff the leader of one of the investigations into alleged russian meddling in the u.s. has said he said testimony from a stange but only if the whistleblower is in custody that after a silence reportedly sought an audience with shift to prove his innocence you joined us i was willing to speak to yes he told me when mark this year in the end why does join a side want to do that because well he's ready to show that there is no collusion
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but in the wiki leaks denied it's found to have actually made such an offer adding that assigns quote does not speak to the public through third parties do you sanchez long been a standing nuisance for the u.s. since the foundation of wiki leaks back in two thousand and six it has published thousands of documents exposing u.s. officials diplomats the army and intelligence services and over the years top u.s. officials have not minced their words when it comes to assad's this guy is a traitor a treasonous and he has broken every law the united states the guy ought to be and i'm not for the death penalty so if i'm not for the death penalty want to do it illegally shoot the son of a. woman as a terrorist act often say if we catch you we're going to hang you while whatever wiki leaks walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service ignorance or misplaced idealism is no longer an acceptable excuse for a why amazing these demons well investigative journalist makes women voters believe
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that assigns would face a bad fate if taken into u.s. custody. us has refused to speak to julian assange except under duress under harsh conditions possibly after solitary confinement which shows that they don't want to know what julian assange knows they don't want to interrupt their narrative with with what could be fact almost no one in washington in the press corps will stand up and defend julian assange as a fellow journalist who is facing some of the harshest conditions any journalist in the west is facing because he embarrassed the u.s. government and he embarrassed the cia and we should also remember that there is no grand jury for julian a son for the d.n.c. hack or leak or whatever it was it only relates to the revelation internal cia documents so this is a case that sets
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a precedent for the rest of the media and how other journalists will be treated if they reveal classified information and it seems like there's very little concern about that within the journalistic community in the west so that brings up tonight here. in thirty five. i played for many years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the super money billionaire owners and spending to get to the twenty million why. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want
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to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful game a great chance with. the basics. what holds us in studio. we put themselves on the on the big get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something i want to grips with. the too good to be for us this is what will go for three of the boys can't be good good. i'm interested always in the waters and back out. there should. still some seem wrong when old roles just don't call. me old yet to say proud disdain comes to educate and in detroit because betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground the. hello welcome to sophie and co i'm so see not set plans to further integrate member states together are clashing with a rising tide of anti essential meant across the continent the latest being easily where the euro skeptics are now forming the new government how will the continental union come out of this well as sit down with his former prime minister to talk about this. shocking euro skeptic way to italy ripples through berlin paris and
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brussels throwing doubt on e.u. plans for tighter integration what will the block's answer be to the spread of anti e.u. sentiment how can popular discontent within the union be sued and would force through radical change in europe. and their answer is really great to have you on our program it's been a long time we were trying to get you as a guest so amazing that you're here lots to talk about so it is about to become the first you country having a populist government first in e.u. like there were attempts in other countries with never happened so the two parties that form the coalition they're going to be in the government they resent everything you oppose what are your thoughts about it my view is that. we need a very good relation between government and the people but this is relation will be based and farkas the not. easy problem is but on the results concrete projects greet
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opportunities in italy the election show a county divided with a victory for two parties will create a new government my view is now it's time to verify if the promises in the slogan of electoral campaign will be. lows realisation in the life of the baby saw i am of the opposition but i am really curious we will see if after a grave the electoral campaign with a grade. for the citizen those populists will be able to achieve results when your party was offered to form a coalition with the five star movement you said it's absurd and now they're
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forming a government probably the next prime minister would be from the partitive distil think it's absurd or maybe it was worth it forming a coalition with them maybe you could have done great things together i think there are a great difference between five star movement. democratic party. the people who vote for a five star movement represent an a.d.f. of. development for italy different respect to the people who vote for democrats but and vice versa so. if five star movement and democratic party should be able to create a government together nobody could understand in italy because a we are. we were derived during a letter or it can be i think after elections weans
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make a government laws make opposition so the idea to create a government between two write words is very strange now it's time for the five star movement to create a government now it's time for democratic party make a position i hope and i believe that as soon as possible very very soon in my dreams in my hopes and also in my. ideas we come back the time for us to come back to the power to come back to create a government so when you can power in two thousand and fourteen it was like this big breath of fresh erika's this young man comes out of this long period of stagnation and you said i will demolish the establishment do you feel like you. actually we're able to do i think this is normal in the life in two thousand and fourteen italy had aged it be as minus two percent now the g.d.p.
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is almost plus two percent in four years every year we have one pint of g.d.p. positive this is different or respect of the past i not all the countries are the very best performance by their performance but i know italy two thousand and fourteen was a country really really in trouble it's now is a new country with more energy in economy when i started spraying i served. my service as prime minister in two thousand and fourteen february the number of employees jobs twenty two millions in my country now is twenty three media one million more so in this period we increase
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is number of job level of us g.d.p. . capacity to attract for investments tourism and culture. money factory export i'm really happy for the results of my country i'm not one you became establishment it's more difficult than two months the fresh image the fresh approach but they know the role of prime minister is not money a good your image their overall of prime minister is save your country so four years ago. my. servers are better but the number of jobs in italy are wars that i prefer to change direction of company to change the results of
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g.d.p. . see my personal image for my purse a major i have to come back because we have time so you. have a europe. so why are mentioned you promising to demolish the establishment is that these people who are now in power are also coming to power on anti-establishment slogans and. when you look at their ideas on paper they're radicals and they don't have a majority in the parliament so most probably the reforms that they're proposing will go we're under undergo checks in a parliament so whatever you have the outcome of these reforms is not going to be what they're proposing right now do you feel like you come to power with this interest i wish meant sentiment but then at the end the system never really lets you change things completely this is a good question for
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a lot of reasons the sentiment. was a particularly. supported in the last year the from of the social media company. or from use. social particularly dark you may view. i'm a very great fan of social media i one i was one of the forced to use the facebook and twitter instagram in my country i know in the last period in the last years a lot of people. a lot of politician use the social media not for. the kountry but for the rich for change of the citizens the mind of citizens stress the elements of criticism
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of skepticism and of angry against the politician and establishment it's normal one other believe this is a very dangerous why because if today the populists won the election thanks to this. sentiment and establishment became establishment the risk to have the same. reaction and the same impact in the citizens so i believe a very important try to be very honest and promote there is a project for italy and for europe a platform
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a program which is able to respect the promise made to election made it to the citizen during elections this is the point so the governor or the people who win the election how a very great responsibility let me be very clear for the populism everything is easy until to arrive to government. formerly is easier for us to have the same zilog this in parliaments this same message. is she was. able to win the election because. the two more the man called to solve the problem in france is not there is a mineral mccrum israelis of four of them are. in germany you expression against migrants against the. establishment against under america because every day
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every man every man is and america the woman who is a book one of to be able to solve the problem in italy the situation is different because the man the woman women with. able to change the thinks are the populists and they believe the populist everything. that they win the election i am also very curious to see how long they going to stay in power because i remember you proposed a constitutional change you want a streamlined account a tally in government system sixty five government in seventy years but italians didn't have it in one it why's that. i lost a very important battle and a lot of my friends told me why you risk your role your
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job your chair for. reform usually a prime minister. lost the job for coming to meet the economy. finally and knows an important news and import of recovery why if you lost a for a constitutional or a four because i think for italy is absolutely important to simplify the system let me be very clear i love my country i think my culture is the most amazing cancer on the world or i really fall in love with the. ability of it to put nursing immediately of our. culture man and women so really i really.


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