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why you risk your role your job your chair for. reform usually a prime minister. lost the job of for coming to meet the economy. finally knows an important news and import of recovery why if you lost the for a constitutional reform because i think for italy is absolutely important to simplify the system let me be very clear i love my country i think my country is the most amazing cancer on the world i really fall in love with the. ability of it to put nursing to me tell you of our. culture ma'am and women so i really really really
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excited for. when i think about my cunt lot of the sometime i'm not eat ellie's is maybe one of the most complicated countries around the ward and there were of organizations you know sixty five government in seventy one here italy is at killed up all of beauty in delhi jails of passion of food of love of why but in term of political organisation we are not the number one of the ward or our terrible complicated i tried to change i lost i lost my job but i think these was a corrupt fight this was a current bottle you can loose some bottles but if we haven't the courage to try to change it you lost. the for a day one so i say churchill what can i say. churchill is
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a totally different figure well they think you have to try you have to try this is very important votes obviously if you try you can weep and you can feel out i think of this bottle for a for a constitutional referendum what was corrected but the citizens the side. so now it's time for all the people we were to come back we'll take a short break right now when we come back we'll continue talking to matt behl renzi italy's former prime minister will talk more about illustrator and the future of the european union stay with us.
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at the moment it isn't anyone's guess where the korean negotiations stand against donald trump is the wildcard also is the u.s. isolating itself on the world stage. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers available to us but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. you guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to the center of the football with you and we'll go through all the great game the great game you are the rock at
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the back nobody gets to you we need you to get the ball going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join the team for the two thousand and three in the world cup in russia meet the special one it was also appreciate me to just say to redo the aussie team's latest edition to make up a bigger. look. we're back with that though. nancy to list former prime minister mr enzi i just want to
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get on my question to know how one question about immigration and i would love to talk to you about the future of european union because i know you're very outspoken about it and the touristy anti migrant when it will probably be interior minister he's saying he's going to kick out how the million people out of the country when you were prime minister you were also very tough on immigration and illegal. the refugees an immigrant regression do you think that's the way to go it's very easy to play the with the fears of the people and in the story. were migrants. in the history of the united states of america a lot of people come from america from ready to leave a path very brilliant and generous man and we were brought the history of the united states. but. crime and us
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killers people from mafia in the history of europe in ninety in name the fifty nine hundred sixty a lot of it i. believe the sulks of our country. were in a room in france in germany and a lot of people suffered for that so we know who does. it is to be migrant italy is incredible and gorgeous country in a very delicate position because all we are a natural bridge between europe and africa and if the politics refuse to play are all in libya because this happened after the terrible decision of so crazy and cameron to go. in libya and hillary clinton.
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their united states of america remember barack obama in the atlantic interview the side to try to needle view bush. made an interview not write a book about the mistakes of this decision the decision of europe not so easily because italy with the president decided to go make war in libya and my view is that after this decision we open. a gate. not from only beer to italy but to from africa. to europe. this gate arrived to for lack of a political governance in africa. and for the lack of vision. of european leaders i remember the discussions
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with my colleagues in two thousand and fifteen when i was prime minister please halpert not italy please out of these people who died in the business see a woman who died in the city pregnant they were a their child killed all who died in the sea. ok maybe i lost two pints. in the survey in the elections but i prefer to save you more lives than save the. two pints in my in the sun what would you do right now. i mean he is not does not mean i think everyone could arrive in italy i consider priority blot the people in africa and give them the paternity to be
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able to create a new life in africa particularly because of their long and perspective what about now people coming to your country should they be sent their last syria there are a lot of the number of migrants are. really. significantly discrete is that so now the situation is absolutely better than the past but i believe that all europe is able to have a strategy i mean common strategy for migration or europe will last or self. for that reason we proposed that when i was prime minister and i opened the government will come free of this approach a very clear message now it's time to budgets in european union and you know the money is very important for european discussion my proposal was that
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italy gave every year a lot of money for all the countries more or less to only be of us and the we are if we received only twelve fifteen billion euros every year sold the balance is six seven eight billion euros give to the old countries in europe if the occultists particularly. eastern countries with the most important people who receive the money from italy. decided to stop the welcome more correctly start with the welcome of migrants ok we respect this issue this decision but please italy stop with the money order is a salute for everything. migrants value or if there is
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this silly that it is to bring the money to refuse of migrants this is not solely direct this is the porch acceptable i hope the new government we continue does a strategy because this is the only subject the brief period to output italy and greece after is in the. leaving of the managing of migrant migrant migration crisis so this migration crisis in my opinion is probably one of the reasons why the euro skeptic movement is so big in europe. i grew up in france ok so back then it would be unthinkable for many lipans father to get platforms or to be channels to ever be second runner up in a presidential campaign u.k. is one example you cannot be can be cynical and ironic in mind but i mean it's an
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undeniable fact that this movements are gaining force do you feel like you the pro european forces the traditional politicians in europe can gather together and strike back or are these forces here to stay forever now on the european landscape . i agree with you is very different relationship between. france of today and france of yes. and the same is about to bracks. for and only if you see the blotter swabs of north of u.k. and the difference between london and. manchester or liverpool. swabs but i think our skeptic muse mood is very different the number of migrants in france it's unbelievable respected to the number of migrants in italy is not simply migrants because of us kept business in party as i'm of the
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same time i think i'm part is the lack of political vision of europe this is very very important thing europe is an incredible experience of peace and prosperity after center is of war after sentries of the civil war between italy france germany and finally. the europe became the place of. a piece of dialogue but in the last period where is to reduce to europe to only technical approach only at the commission vision i think europe is a place of vision for the future a global vision for the future and in this way i believe absolutely crucial to be able to give a message of change in the political leadership for you what change because sharon
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another likely kind of thing is changing up the pants because of something these different elements of the next generation. studies together or arsenals is the path being realize that by european leaders now what parameters of must stick to the human there is a human culture a human rights civil rights is a part of identity our europe so if we continue to discuss only about our mentors of the master. fiscal compact six parts and we don't we are not able to give to the next generation and reason for the rich to be proud to be european this is the reason of euro skeptic because so we have a lot of single problem a single issue is surely migrants surely the lack of employment
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of an employment is one of the most important problem of my county but in general a part of europe surely the lack of good the relation between some cities and older cities particularly in the bowl here in the swaps surely this is true this is a part of cause of kept abysmal euro skeptic is now the economy and finance now because the working for america even if the very line in one formula is craft also for use in the boat. some countries very rich you see them grow up one of the scepter business so ultimately production in a germany with a very good performance in economy it's a strange message so it's not only economy it's also economy is also economy but is not only current. in my country. is not only money its program
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because the rich not. vote for a populist party as a leader not. please visit dima for europe to come back to great failures to greet the great ideals and i believe the ideas and they the arts and they believe this is possible if the new generation of the nothing of european because i'm italian and for a time i am but then my my passport is and i'm so proud to be telling but they also proud to be european citizens the next generation that will be the generation come back europe to a side of their you and not valid to say this on their own to thank you very much for this interview all the best of luck with everything thank you so much like to the power and then give us an absolutely sell or.
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fifty years ago pregnant women to come together as a sleeping pill. does. the scientific sweat terrible but not on the road as shown in dutch when troubled love will be here not the war. across europe victims are starting legal battles demanding at least some compensation. in two ways first will the physical damage itself as well that the
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concert mind that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been the justice and there's been a couple of. local blogs selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chickenhawk forcing you to fight the battle still. when you talk for the tell you that the gossip the tabloids my files the porn. off the back doesn't tell me on the whole enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with all of what. you know. you never know what's around the corner you never know what's in the pub you going to walk into a nice excitement in fact not knowing that's where the adrenalin much comes from.
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and you can easily move by definition and the extremes who will support. the violence is a part and it's almost a schizophrenia gang culture where you can do all these things and behave like badly. important people of course colorful all possible schools more so for the last. one this may end infirmed little money will get done for less than they thought. i would rather when the really did uphold i don't want to see. meaning in reason is that at least if you don't and involves it's constantly evolving and.
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i. it's least president appoints an interim prime minister after dede writing a euro skeptic coalition by blocking one of its cabinet papers from think almost his impeachment part of it i'm wondering. we are in a democracy and if in italy the italians decide the germans decide the french decide. as the u.k. condemns israel's use of force against palestinian protesters it's revealed that british firms are selling a record number of weapons to the country and we speak to
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a black eye to this to the neo nazi rally us who says the police try to press false charges against him. because five pm here in moscow you're watching r.t. international. law yet more political turmoil is on the cards in italy after the country's president steve railed plans for a euro skeptic coalition he also appointed a former international monetary fund official this interim prime minister rarely stressed the need for close ties with europe the new owner will be a role within your remains fundamental as is our continued participation in the euro area well his appointment came after the president rejected the euro skeptic coalition's choice of finance minister the media were quick to react though denouncing the president for acting as
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a quote king who blows everything up. as the story. well what we know is that italy will have an interim neutral prime minister he's called carlo quarterly as you mentioned he's a former director of the i.m.f. and he now has to form a government that government then has to be approved by the italian parliament if they don't approve his choice of a government full of ministers then italy will face fresh elections as soon as or ghost if his government picks are approved and those elections are likely to be pushed into the first half of the twenty nineteen well why are we here well that's because the italian president had vetoed the choice of the economy minister put forward by the attempts to form a coalition by the league and by five star movement that man that was rejected was eighty one year old barlow so a sort of honor who is known as a financial expert but he was vetoed because he was seen as being too euro skeptic
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and even on sunday the italian prime minister was saying look guys just give me somebody who is not so against europe and i will prove your government a little bit i have proved all the proposals for the ministers but i did not approve the name of the minister of economy i ask for their ministry and author it is political figure from the coalition parties who is not seen as a supporter of a line that could provoke italy's exit from the euro will the coalition leaders these the leaders of the league and the five star movement be angered by that decision by the italian prime minister saying that it absolutely not democratic they say that they've got the support of six out of ten voters in italy and they are seizing that what's happened in italian politics problem and i'm wondering if we are in a democracy and if in italy the italians decide what the germans to sign the french decide it's incredible. that this is the actual point we'll have
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a great problem in italy this is not a free democracy. well the leader of the league also went on to make accusations against german politicians and the german media saying that they were interfering then they were describing italians as being tax evaders as being beggars and that comes after we saw the publication of a number of german magazines basically pointing out what they thought of that potential coalition government one the weekly dish to go had described italians as being scroungers another had used its front cover to show a van with the italian flag on it and the symbols of those two parties actually driving off a cliff showing that that is what they thought and that went down like a lead balloon in italy meanwhile the new prime minister carlo got out early has been speaking today about what he sees as the friendship with europe and the e.u.
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as being absolutely essential to italy and we already know that his appointment is been given the seal of approval by brussels who say that they fully support the decision by the italian prime a president to appoint. somebody who is clearly not an easy use skeptic but it's almost over there is still much turmoil in italian politics and you can be sure that both five star movement and the league will be using what's happened over the last twenty four hours or so to drum up support whenever italy holds its elections next. devinsky reporting there which is to give you some background a general election almost three months ago resulted in no party securing a majority however a coalition pact was eventually formed with a political novice appointed prime minister but he then resigned just a few days later after failing to form a government we spoke to a member of the five star party one of the coalition partners who says that the
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rejected economy minister vona was not anti european incredible point. the candidate mr boehner was the first saying us as stay in the e.u. in the euro zone but is to be more stronger in the east if you show to bring some good point at home what my fella said today in a t.v. conference was that it was not ok in the past you criticize the view so can you imagine a democracy where a minister cannot be a minister because he has some political idea you can be else you can be a problem we've been drugged just guilty for something by you cannot be a problem if you have some good idea. well the former italian prime minister matter of n.z. is the latest guest. discussing why the country is politically divided at the moment you can see the full interview later today we have
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a lot of single problem single issues surely migrants surely the lack of employment govern employment is one of the most important problem of my county but in general a part of europe is not on li money's problem because the rich ne. vaults for a popular spot for years now start to verify if the brand is in the slogan of a left or right company will be broad git logos. in india live sort of at the opposition but they are really cool use we will see if after agree. we agree. for the citizen those populists will be able to achieve results.
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in other news today israel defense forces have raided a palestinian refugee camp in the west bank allegedly hunting for suspects who killed an i.d.f. soldier the day before. her reports suggest that dozens of soldiers entered the refugee camp in ramallah early on monday morning thirteen palestinians are believed to have been wounded during the raid as clashes broke out when soldiers used tear gas and live ammunition against own throwing protesters camp residents also claim a number of palestinians have been arrested. meanwhile he weapons manufacturers enjoyed record sales to israel last year a new report by the campaign against arms trade has revealed yet british politicians at the same time condemn israel's use of force against palestinian protesters shouting booga reports. after israel's use of life fire against
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palestinians on may the fourteenth there was condemnation in much of the world not least the u.k. yesterday's horrific massacre because it left at least fifty eight and the loss of life we have seen is tragic and extremely concerning. this is just just a peace efforts and we call on all sides to show restraint the launch of life is extremely concerning we continue to employ israel to show great restraint yet despite those strong words for years britain has been ramping up how much weaponry it sells to israel since two thousand and fifteen numbers have skyrocketed up eleven fold in the span of just two years and those sales include star power rifles weapons sites in munition for small arms anti-riot equipment and other items similar to those used by israeli forces against unarmed protesters.
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the u.k. doesn't keep data on how such equipment and weapons are used after being sold until that can be established m.p.'s put forward a motion to suspend sales altogether in the lords of the extensive use of. israeli forces against palestinians in gaza the house calls for. israel unless it can be demonstrated that weapons and components imported from the u.k. . in accordance with the consolidated criteria that motion did not make it to debate and while just after the killing of protesters britain did join the chorus of countries calling for an independent investigation when the un put something a war crimes probe to gaza to a vote the u.k. abstained calling into question just how important the truth is to teresa mayes government and leaving london in the comfortable position of condemning potentially horrific abuses also in the guns to carry them out.


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