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so lee in accordance with the consolidated criteria that motion did not make it to debate and while just after the killing of protesters britain did join the chorus of countries calling for an independent investigation when the un put sending a war crimes protocol to a vote the u.k. abstained calling into question just how important the truth is to teresa mayes government and leaving london in the comfortable position of condemning potentially horrific abuses also in the guns to carry them out they are they have always been i mean it's rather not actually they have increased there are roads in critical occasionally the more walled the more the shareholder to go. with these overtures i don't know you're right i'm a guy who can really i think i really believe that the german. people working at the exist already you know they're. lying israel's point they can see where i was where those children were coming in one by one them without legs they
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can see i don't. know i think they would walk away in the street. meanwhile four and a half thousand pairs of shoes have been laid out in front of the council building ahead of a meeting of the blocks foreign ministers each pair is meant to represent a palestinian killed by israeli forces over the last decade. over a thousand of them symbolise children and i brought the shoes of my daughter as well. just to show that i'm standing with those fathers the smothers brothers the sisters who lost their children and their siblings in this war. that's why we also calling on the european union say enough is enough until you know for help to put sanctions israel show them the by the test. well the israeli army has repeatedly stressed that its actions so it is acting in accordance with standard operating procedures and dicky's thomas fueling the riots political analyst mitchell barrett says that israel has every right to protect its borders the ones
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that were killed were close to the border they were either throwing molotov cocktails throwing stones shooting trying to do whatever they could to break through the border fence in order to kill israeli citizens please don't call them protesters we don't care how old they are if hamas is willing to put up teenagers or others that are young or old or elderly even in order to break through the israeli border the israeli army will stop them that's reasonable the fact that there have been countries that have condemned israel i will say so what every country needs to protect their border every country needs to protect their citizens meanwhile despite the growing tensions israel is expected to can or. not to demolish bedwyn village on palestinian territory israel argues the village was built with that permission.
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e.t.a. you. all have to it's the only school here and there are no others i can go to jericho just traffic is so have that if they come and tear our school down all study sitting on the ground. that had left them out if they tear the houses down brick the school people i was in they hear never say as bedouins been to most of their bodies like the sun in which mean israel is holding not only this settlement there are those in the northern part of the east could try to do some of that i don't really believe.
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that a journalist attacked a twenty six day near nazi rally in sacramento says that local police did try to file for charges against him because of his political views he claims he wanted to film the protests which then turned violent leaving ten people injured. crew of. the. crew. well cedric abandon is a long time activist against racism and police brutality and he was seriously
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injured two while filming the sacramento protests there the activists claims all the evidence though that he had on his camera including images of the attacker were raised by police o'bannon also says the police did little to protect him from being stepped or police in turn do you claim that the activist was fueling the unrest by raising his fists in the air as a symbol of black power and they had wanted to charge him with assault they also say the activist was promoting extremist views on social media centrica banning claims of the charges didn't come to fruition is the evidence didn't back up the claims he told us why he thought he was targeted. this is the problem with racism in america you know this is why somebody like the president the united states will get our keep. its you know there's a lot of work by example so it's. a reaction to nazi brothers are we absolutely clear violence is the same thing is
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a. listen analysis of the situation there's a good you know you need. to see here's where the national sympathies you know the top of the us you are that's all you can do what is the truth so it was. it was live in that there were little things in. little myra's. but we have asked the police to elaborate on their allegations against o'bannon alone so far we've yet to receive any response this isn't the first time black activists a fan sells in the wrong side of the law and he was prosecuted as a black identity stream missed he was arrested for political views expressed in his facebook posts and the andre harris was charged with unlawful wounding after he was beaten up by white supremacists he was here at international going to take a quick break probably back containments.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes have been each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be all for rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three first circuit first second and fifth cornrows to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one just shows you can't afford to miss the one and only.
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welcome back you would say now europe is making last ditch efforts to save the iran nuclear deal during a meeting of the books foreign ministers in brussels officials are promising a number of measures to shield european companies from u.s. sanctions however as in the reports washington does seem to have the upper hand. it took twelve years of international diplomacy to reach a nuclear deal that trump decided to tear up and now you are pissed after vowing to protect economic ties with iran from renewed u.s. sanctions we've been acting already i do european union level to make sure that the nuclear the mentees preserves and economic investments from beginning to side but
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also from other sites in the world so are protected and we will work so that we can maintain the framework of the twenty fifteen points of the american decision we will ensure that our companies can stay in. business leaders however have struck more of a pessimistic note the c.e.o. of all giant total is ready to pull out of a multi-billion dollar project and less given a waiver it's not possible to run the global company in this world today we've just we've actually says the us system that's all of us all here if you have the world and other european companies accosting major doubt as a primacy of political system and if your premise is that this is what you're going to do that's exactly what you're going to do they you house decided to activate a law that will ban european companies from complying with the u.s. actions against iran but there's
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a snag the statute has never been used before and this seen by european governments as more of a political weapon than a regulation because this was a difficult to enforce. indeed the e.u. blocking regulation could be of limited effectiveness there given the international nature of the banking system and especially the exposure of large systemic banks to the u.s. financial system and u.s. dollar transactions history has taught us there transplanting partnership has been strengthened by cooperation of trade the fence and shared values but in this current crisis and mission needs to be taken even if the european union would like to protect european companies who want to continue to do business review they cannot really prevent the united states to sanction them on the american markets they don't want to push to bully me to have a trade war with the european union member states be strong enough to relive the
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political real to really decide that countermeasure us rich bite united states we are not so far in a position to do this while the e.u. scrambles to save the nuclear deal this hasn't gone unnoticed by tehran which is ramping up the pressure the us political support for the nuclear chord is not sufficient there non-small of the possible withdrawal by major european companies from the corporation with iran is not consistent with the european union's commitment to implementing the deal as it currently stands here appears talking tough on doing business without the u.s. but can the bloc really stand alone when the time comes to act. now there are growing suspicions that the u.s. has prepared an indictment against wiki leaks founder julian assange washington has for years refused to officially confirm or deny whether it has done so well
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democratic congressman adam schiff a leader of one of the investigations into alleged russian meddling in the u.s. has said that it except testimony from a stanch but only if the whistleblower is in custody that is after a stanford portably sought an audience with schiff to prove his innocence. you have joined us all is willing to speak to the city yes he told me when he walked this year and he why does join the stars want to do that because well he's ready to show that there is no collusion but in a tweet we can lease denied its founder had ever made such an offer adding the stange quote does not speak to the public through third parties you can assign just long been a standing nuisance for the u.s. since the foundation of wiki leaks back in two thousand and six it has published that is of documents exposing u.s. officials diplomats the army and also the intelligence services and over the years to top u.s. officials have their words when it comes to such this guy is a traitor
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a treasonous and he has broken every law the united states the guy ought to be i'm not for the death penalty so if i'm not for the death penalty want to do it illegally shoot the son of a. terrorist act tough and see if we catch you we're going to hang you whatever wiki leaks walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service ignorance or misplaced idealism is no longer an acceptable excuse for lionizing these d.m.'s to give journalists maximum folder's believe that a songe would face a bad fate if taken into u.s. custody. us has refused to speak to julian assange except under duress under harsh conditions possibly after solitary confinement which shows that they don't want to know what julian assange knows they don't want to interrupt their narrative with with what could be fact almost no one in washington in the press
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corps will stand up and defend julian assange as a fellow journalist who is facing some of the harshest conditions any journalist in the west is facing because he embarrassed the u.s. government and he embarrassed the cia and we should also remember that there is no grand jury for julian a son for the d.n.c. hack or leak or whatever it was it only relates to the revelation of internal cia documents so this is a case that sets a precedent for the rest of the media and how other journalists will be treated if they reveal classified information and it seems like there's very little concern about that within the journalistic community in the west. dramatic pictures to show you because the state of emergency has been declared a cheetah a heavy still causing massive floods in a county in the u.s. state of maryland. i was
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you can see the force of it from those pictures while a nearby river also broke its banks and swelled to record levels and water also flooded buildings too although no fatalities have been reported but one person is thought to be missing sunday scenes reminiscent of the last flood which hit married in two years ago to work with then at the time and a number of others were injured it's. live on the terrible who ruled his rushes in the sixteenth century still making headlines today because a picture of him that hangs in a moscow gallery was abandoned lies by a visitor who claims it falsifies the past.
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i came to see the painting i wanted to leave but then dropped into the bath eat and drank one hundred grams of water. using a snowball's loosening yet it's still not clear whether he killed his son he's been portrayed as this have been in place you look at other countries rules at the time they were no better.
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and that's how the news is looking so far this hour we're going to be back with more feet in thirty five and. one else seemed wrong why don't we all just all. the all get to shape out of this thing comes back to haunt and in again transform equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when we choose to look for common ground. you never know what's around the corner i never know was in the pub even to walk into a nice fat excitement in fact not knowing that's where the adrenaline in much comes from. i'm going to use
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a nice feeling to finish him and the extreme so will supply. the violence he's a pug an example might as a schizophrenia. where you can do all these things and behave badly. i. don't want to be holocaust qualified at all for more so focused on the last. punishment and infirmed then on my wall far less than the thought. i would roll the way enough i figure out a really beautiful down down when to fulfill your. meaning in reason is that at least if you don't involve these constantly involved in. a fight for many flips over the years so i know the game and so i gots. football
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isn't only about what happens on the beach for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just kill the narrowness and spend each image a twenty million album fly if. it's an experience like nothing else on it because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy like great so will transfer. and thinks it's going to.
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hello and welcome the crosswalk were all things are considered i'm peter lavelle at the moment it is anyone's guess where the korean the go she stand again donald trump is the wildcard also is the u.s. isolating itself on the world stage. cross talking the korean peninsula i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have dimitri bobbitt she's a political analyst with international and we cross to alex christian forro is the
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director and writer for the duran dot com all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate alex let me go to you first then cyprus here i sent out to all you guys an article written by ray mcgovern. regarding what's going on with the on and off again when they go she ations about this upcoming summit in singapore. what's really happening here because it looks like it's we really have a love fest i don't think that's an exaggeration with the koreans right now we had a second son. secretly. coming together then release to the press goes out there now he says maybe he's back in what's going on inside the john bolton a fact mike pompei you know is there a tug of war do you think inside the white house because the koreans seem to have a lot of commonality in the at this moment yeah absolutely i think that it all comes down to mike pence and john bull to bring up the libya card why they had to
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bring up libya is anyone's guess but obviously we know what happened in libya where they got rid of all their other weapons and then ten years later actually ten years later the u.s. and nato. dismantled the entire the state and now the country is in shambles and so you know when you when you look at north korea's response to what it said it was actually pretty measure kimpton it responded our. korea responded. and i believe they were funded properly because libya is a sensitive topic especially with north korea and the fact they're going to give up their weapons at any rate to defense that they have so i think what you have here is a very poorly. timed statement by parents and of course bolted and i think you're seeing both in the both in effect for sure here in the trough are. you know mark when you bring up the libya model there's actually two of them and i think this is
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one good problems that the administration is having one was an agreement to take apart their nuclear program and a general reproach moment with the west and then you have the two thousand and eleven bombing in destruction i don't i don't think you can separate them well though because certainly they're not separated in the minds of the north korea of anyone i don't think because they're first of all libya did not have nuclear weapons north korea is a nuclear armed state these are vastly different scenarios and north korea demands to be treated as they are is that is how i got on the table libya. at a loss and nuclear program that really had to make any advances they didn't have the resources or the the scientific expertise to really pursue it they gave up everything really in just returned from goodwill from the west and several years later the result of that is their government was bombed out of power and overthrown and gadhafi was brutally killed in fact ian bremmer the head of the eurasia group
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put out a he has an orca called jeezy labs that makes little cute puppet shows that reinforces political messages and the latest one quite tasteless and really disturbing had kimmel giong. having nightmares of waking up like being brutalized raped and then murdered by the rebels and that of course is the message that was sent to north korea the reason john bolton said this is because he intended to sabotage the glocks. it was easy we identified it early on that he was one of the biggest obstacles to these talks in any progress being made and he would have a talk in it and a trumpet that you have you have pump aliant is actually secretary of state right now he was there before he was even confirm to start moving the go she said so and he's butting heads it would seem we jump bolton well it's true and it's just
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amazing how trump says i had to cancel this meeting because of your hostile statement that he has that to kim don't know him well i mean if i knew on late host of statements it was mike pence who compared korea to leave it and if anybody should have a nightmare as this should be sarkozy you know the former french president who is now accused by the french justice of taking money from qaddafi using them for his campaign that was stocking won't believe it before all of the other nato members and then. seizing the assets of the libyan government their bank account so if anyone should have nightmares at brick stop quantas that should be star quality and there's a holocaust and i doubt it happens we're going to go back to alex of in cyprus here what i think is really interesting what's going on here western media is so western centric and they're all looking at what's in that what's going on in the white house what we just talked about right here but really the real game in town is the
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south korean president moon and looks like he came in and really did snatch victory from the jaws of defeat here and i find it really remarkable how adroit he is and his diploma cross that he's right. in every single way he did that a very good point go ahead alex movie showing that he's very serious about a peace that goes without question and really he batra into a corner and there's a lot of ego in and around trump that i think will play to a now the government that is article i mean this is this is trucks chances big chance to get a nobel peace prize and so you have on the one hand trying to sabotage the peace process which he's done before in the past and i think you're going to be looking at maybe some other people in the trump white house trying to play the trump ego and move on i believe the latest card perfectly by meeting with him showing that he's serious about a huge showing that he's serious about a negotiation a peace deal and now the world and transport and i would also say one other player
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going to mark here the chinese have shown themselves to be quite serious about what's going on here as well i mean there is this perception is that. kim went to beijing for permission basically no he wanted to inform his chinese and in talker's what he was going to do and they agreed to it because it is a solid approach here the problem is is that. enemies in the u.s. and in the world don't want to see him succeed that's the imbalance they show when reporting all this particularly in the media. but all the other players seem to be quite serious on how to move forward yeah he made his second trip to china and the last year and i'm sure that the peace talks were the biggest and again we said this weeks ago already north korea and south korea whatever happens with the u.s. and the mixed signals it is sending it's it's clear that they don't have a clear policy at this point and i don't i don't think this is any type of
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strategic ambiguity that they literally don't know what they're doing. and north korea and south korea need to sit down with each other and continue the process no matter if they need to actually ignore the u.s. and then again maybe try to buy it in at a later date but i think it's important again this libya scenario you mentioned that you know bolton statements while provocative were largely ignored by north korea north korea was more upset with the u.s. and south korea. against agreements that had already been made conducted strategic that is nuclear drills on the north korean border involved they announced it was going to be conducted with b. fifty two s and f. twenty two which are both nuclear capable of north korea really objected to this great strenuously and then it was dial back in the b. fifty people who were dialed out of it but the interesting thing is here's a maximum. pressure being applied here you know but i mean it's
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illogical i mean this is a very sensitive time right now i mean mark really made a good point here i mean president moon when across the d.m.z. i mean think about it for the last you know since one thousand fifty three what that name was crossing the berlin wall exactly as i think i read it and did what they could you know with both north korea and south korea of not doing anything for peace but coming back to that article by ray mcgovern you know i have a peace plan. korea let me just remind our listeners that craig my government is a hero you know he's a former cia official who is now a dissident who recently got beaten you know because he wanted to ask and a competent question but my peace plan you know based on that great macgowan psychical what he says that trump should be led to no dream of his nobel peace prize since the novel peace prize is already discredited by being given to a bomb and that the nobel peace prize committee the north will let them come to
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donald trump and see congratulations and all that drop meant get your price need to ten don't have to save us time to do what. they did their family will do the only way to save their noble peace prize after obama gorbachev are farther and other ok let me go back to before we go to the break here i think which i don't want to go into it in great depth but i mean you know we had on my pump a zero come out with his twelve points for in dealing with the rand here i mean we can compare that which was all quite ludicrous and very much a ridiculed by foreign people in the foreign policy blob it seems to me that does mirror the north korean strategy meaning the really if they really haven't thought it out very well go ahead alex you know we got. steps to the war is really what it was toast as to regime change but i mean i think you're right peter can't overstress the fact that it's not only the libyan model that north korea is nervous about it's the you ron.


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