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tv   Keiser Report  RT  May 29, 2018 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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spite that clear unease that pushed ahead well branding it as the lisbon treaty three years later which contained many of the changes the constitution had attempted to introduce but this time the majority of the public didn't have a say because parliament simply ratified it island the only e.u. member which stuck with the referendum rejected in this bill treaty but that was old didn't go down well with brussels but i believe we should not rush to conclusions believe the truth is a lie and we should now try to find a solution and despite a clear fifty three percent no vote the irish will back at the polls just sixteen months later for what must of felt like day finally they got the answer it was looking for yes you are supposed to jump for joy what about greece the mediterranean country drowning in a sea of its own that it's
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a vote is decisively rejected the terms of an international bailout in two thousand and fifteen. i would like to say that the greek people made a historic and brave choice to respond to the existing john logan europe but democracy worked in an unexpected way despite the greeks say no to a sturdy government venture did agree to a painful bailout plan but what about the dutch who rejected plans by the e.u. to sign an association agreement with ukraine back in two thousand and sixteen. the quote cannot just be ratified we have to take into account this no vote. well despite that brussels went ahead and did it only way so while many in the may vote against the blocs plans it seems that the e.u. prefer to have its own way with god less the elite made
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a decision and now it's sixty to seventy years ago that one thousand nine hundred fifty four you know the start of the whole thing was the european union and there is nothing you can do against the european union is it's gotten it's got nothing to do with democracy it's not it's not decided by the people there's no european people european union worries as a part of the governments of the e.u. governments you know they get together they make the solutions and i don't think there's even a. democratic spirit behind it you know it's just this is what we decide to leave eliezer it's not we the people. in the u.k. bret's of supporters are now claiming there's a secret plot to keep the country in the european union offered a motion of the government to set aside money for next year's new parliamentary election but officials say the money is only there in case of an emergency. it's a precautionary measure so that we have the necessary funds to deliver our
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functions as a european parliamentary election in the likely event that they do go ahead. elections for the european parliament will take place next may two months after the u.k. is supposed to have left the you and yet the u.k. has put aside eight hundred thousand pounds for those elections and it's been almost two years since british voters narrowly chose to leave the e.u. since then the negotiations between london and brussels have encountered numerous stumbling blocks including over the irish border and while there is still no solution that satisfies all sides the e.u. says it wants more clear proposals from the british prime minister. we want an ambitious partnership with the united kingdom but for that we need realistic proposals from the u.k. a negotiation cannot be a game of hide and seek a downing street spokesperson said simply trying to get the best possible deal that would satisfy both sides meanwhile the ukip m.e.p.
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margot parker believes british people are growing frustrated about how long it's taking the government to find a solution the british people if voted for this referendum have for expectancy to leave frustrated with our government being so slow in their negotiations you know we we find it very annoying very upsetting that they seem to be so slow every time i think they've come to brussels brussels perhaps ask for something more and i'm afraid our government appear to be full of capitulation and they appear not not to be putting the british people first think this is a load of nonsense and i think if you were to put this back two years and say that would be at this position people would say no. so they need to sort themselves out but i do think the british public are getting very very fed up with this lack of moving forward. israel's parliament is not discussing
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a new law. the filming of soldiers those behind the bill say that video of the i.d.f. can be used to damage the israeli army's reputation well the idea. of using excessive force. i. think. these amateur videos often shed light on aspects of the conflicts that might otherwise not get brought up in the public debate here in israel and it's very important that we have that debate on the conflict the building colludes are some tough measures for example for photographing i.d.f. soldiers with the intention of undermining spirit one can get jailed for five years
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but if the intention is to harm state security the maximum sentence is ten years we discussed the proposed law with several experts who say it goes against freedom of speech this is an absurd piece of populist legislation just meant to limit the constrain the freedom of speech and freedom of protest in israel something that contradicts the founding principles of this country and by the way this is very hypocritical as well because members of the right whenever settlers are evacuated they also film i.d.f. soldiers this is a time honored tradition in this country and this legislation goes against that. so. there cannot. you can never take them to call who cannot figure is there and they think this is this is. i'm against this law for this legislation because you know when you don't allow people to take
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pictures of solar jewels in. the for them or for speech then you move to. taking photos off my hand or whatever this is the end of the mcchrystal i still to come here when our international donald trump is being accused of separating seven hundred mexican children from their families on the u.s. border i will shed some light on that in just a moment. it's. we've signed one of the greatest. by the way who's going to be our coach.
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you have to be the center of the. you are the rock at the back. and i really. appreciate. the review. because. i could have you to join us here for the program on our seven hundred mexican children who have been taken from their parents at the u.s. border with mexico. that's according to
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a new office refugee resettlement report and the issue has sparked public concern with people now accusing donald and his administration of violence and accusations coming after the u.s. attorney general said that the policy would help to minimize child trafficking and the policy was reportedly implemented more rigorously after this remark the official also called for the use of tougher immigration measures as a deterrent donald trump meanwhile says that the policy of the democrats is to blame saying it all started long before he became president. put pressure on the democrats to end the horrible law that separates children from their parents once they cross the border into the us catch and release lottery and change must also go with it and we must continue building the wall democrats are protecting emmas thirteen thugs unfortunately president obama has been the president that has the forty most people from the united states and that is some very shameful fact along
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with his secretary of state hillary clinton at the time pillory clinton that then secretary of state we only state as one dollar ins as the hundred community here in the united states that she has a lot of blood in her hands for promoting end of violence the political mess the believing there between the poverty that are the root causes of this massive migration trump came out and said the other day that bye bye once again distant from asian and chaotic tar that this that this president is so adapted to and it seems to work in there in our media that he can say well it's the democrats problem the fact the matter is that it was trump who destroyed dark it was trump who took away the ability of children that were born lived there most of their lives almost all of their lives here make them undocumented in the face of. this illegal government action of denying doctor members membership to these people so really
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what's happening is that trump administration is now doing something it's against international law by taking away the rights of parents to be with their kids and blaming it on someone else which is the active that's what he does all the work however many are now saying that there is some truth in trump's words on the democrats and some of the evidence used to prove his administration's involvement turns out to have no connection whatsoever to the republicans for example or this photo which has recently gone viral reportedly show. children sleeping in cages was thought to show the consequences of the policies of the top administration however in reality it has nothing to do with trump it dates back to twenty fourteen and barack obama's administration.
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this picture of immigrant children sleeping on the floor of a cage have to be forcefully ripped away from their parents should be the defining image of trump's reign is trump's vision of making america great again concentration camps filled with children torn from their parents. to tell parents from bringing children. doesn't own cancer so these kids matter even less to them. this is happening right now and the only way that matters is how we hold government to get these kids back to their families as humanly possible.
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millions of children in the u.k. are now living in poverty with teachers reporting they have to feed and clothe their pupils instead of teaching them redfish has released the first part of its report on the worst hit areas you can watch on the full video on red fisher's website or on you tube facebook and other social media platforms once upon a time the british government pledged to make child poverty history. it's britain in two thousand and eighteen place where millions of pounds of public money has just been spent on a lavish royal wedding but while inside this bubble fifty thousand pounds spent on a royal wedding cake outside of it the number of food banks to feed hungry kids this growing britain is also a place where the dream of ending child poverty has been shattered london and
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birmingham are the areas hardest hit by child poverty here in the child poverty rate is fifty two percent twice the national average mr ali is in a wheelchair and lives on the tenth floor of this council estate this is his fifteen year old son hussen learning disabilities yet in the absence of proper care workers he's his father's main care. willing when. the school no one ever came to this country. after i tend to after mine it's. quite a bit and. i tell my dad when mick am home our. own. father of five martin moved to the u.k. along with his family in search of a better life but they have found themselves living in poverty and in overcrowded
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accommodation thanks to the stigma attached to living in poverty martin and his wife rachel tell their relatives they are doing fine at their request we have changed their names and blurred their faces. yes it's very difficult for the family but. the most important. is this house problem. is. a housing charity shelter more than one million children in england live in bad or overcrowded housing the charity also estimates that one hundred forty families become homeless every day at the same time more than two hundred thousand homes lie empty at a combined worth of forty three billion pounds kids like joseph dream of a better future.
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only this proof this. because they might be facing. west thinks that white house produce. the right thing to do. to give. to give room to live and. to have the right to have a good life. and live comfortably. nearly a year since the start of the saudi led blockade of cuts out of the wealthy gulf nation is hitting back the government in doha all imports from saudi arabia and other countries that have suffered ties with qatar however many goods are still
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finding their way into qatar through other countries including oman and kuwait and checks have been announced to make sure shops are complying with the ban and the blockade of cut thought it was imposed last june by saudi arabia egypt bahrain and the united arab emirates they accuse qatar of funding terrorist groups diplomatic ties with transport links with a country were closed but economist jack russell most told us qatar has managed to adapt to these sanctions. could target probably feels that the u.s. military bases near our are important enough that it can take reciprocal action but the outcome we're going to sit down and negotiate now. they have a lot of exports energy products and a lot of people will want to buy them so i don't think it'll have a long term target and the united states really doesn't want to come down on one side or the other given its policies now towards iran. contrary is
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a lot to offer other countries that don't really care about the feud with saudi arabia qatar is financial center that plugs it into the broader world and i'm i'm sure that saudi arabia's is a little bit jealous of that and their access and you know their connections and that's another source of saudi concern eight twenty eight here on tuesday morning this is an international flight from moscow we have many more stories for you today on this morning program we are back with more. her. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. you're out caught up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm
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sorry but only i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was again still some more fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never again like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. join me every thursday only all excited i'm sure and i was reading to get a feel of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then
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. i. i was. i. i. oh i. while the two thousand any financial crash drives america into recession and unemployment willis and a small town in north dakota experiences a genuine black gold rush. thanks to a drug fracking to case or oil is discovered in this tiny town in fact it turns out
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the williston is sitting atop one of the largest shale oil fields in the nation companies rest to exploit this new energy resource period thirty two miles below the first surface oil soon flows freely and news spreads the wildfire for the ones left behind by the crisis of two thousand and eight relisting seems like their last chance for a new life with an unemployment rate of zero percent and wages it three or four times more than the national average the promise of prosperity and desperate times is too great to ignore children by a common hope thousands of men and women throw themselves once again into a desperate rush towards the mythical american tree and at any cost. history repeats itself in the midst of his new album no doubt the most impressive in u.s. history. they need there's more work out here than they got people to do it. don't believe. i still believe there's
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a dreamer i want you to get you still mostly. it's like a gold rush it is very very similar to a gold rush. there is fresh out of cincinnati in two thousand and twelve after being unemployed for months he hears about the boom happening in williston. at first he works for an oil company but soon his desire for independence takes over and he sets up his own service company. bought the company and we had a sweeper truck and the situation williston went from a manageable situation where i would get like some sleep at night and i could like
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keep up with like daily activities like taking showers every day to like an all out sprint trying to like keep up with so much work it was amazing go from one job to the next to the next to the next to the next as it is now i have not right now i have not taken a full day off in over nine months and i'm very thankful i'm here i'm not complaining one bit very thankful for the money an opportunity here was like someone who had been starving for years for like money like all of a sudden there's like. all you can eat like buff a day and all you have to do is go out there and get the work done and people give you money to do it was amazing this year i'm probably going to be making around two hundred fifty thousand dollars is a lot of work involved a lot of work it's twenty four hours a day seven days a week. well i guess i should get back to work. here in an inhospitable handful of contrasts before the boom willison was
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a small conservative agricultural town and in many ways this aspect seems. untouched everything has its own place including florida emptiness and silence the streets are practically deserted it's a town that has motion this within its history and past. then you have another town the one that needs to welcome this new wave of residence oil company settling down at large numbers with the goal of extracting at least a million barrels of oil a day. this is the one we unpacked like a raft gift and a real without so growing up with a kind of uniformity copy and paste prefabricated never cost me. investors are right in that everything based upon a population that should be multiplied by for. the first game of this rang of two thousand ford saying i work there are neighbors they did a hydraulic fracturing and i was looking at how much it will not cost me to stay
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somewhere you know is going to stand a whole tale it was like one hundred dollars and i was an ok hundred dollars a day seven days a week seven hundred dollars on a course of a whole week and so i just came to the conclusion you know what i'll get me a van fix it up so you know i can be comfortable in it it makes financial sense because i get to keep the majority of my money versus just just on the way on housing and stuff like this. is my first and then. it works. and that's because the. jury cannot survive very long it is van where winter temperatures sometimes drop of the minus twenty. for the time being nothing is ready everything has happened so quickly it's very hard to find a place to. makeshift housing known as man camps mine up by the hundreds on the edge of town or close to drilling sites.
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these dormitory towns built by necessity and empty lots. for reese between one hundred and one hundred fifty dollars a night two meals including. a two thousand and twelve the population living in these men camps was estimated to be over ten thousand guys phone and now to florida nevada chicago cleveland you name it i've seen the license plate. every week you know this is the best thing going for single men you know i mean that's what i mean as far as wages and talent to the everything you know the whole country should be this way. because. this place will put like a stress on you know put away that you'll be carrying around on you and you're
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really realizing and when i went home i came back i noticed that weight pressure that whatever you want to call it it builds up over time for me and. you wouldn't come up here unless there's some reason for you to come up here you know nobody was moving up here in two thousand and two thousand and one i was moving up here in two thousand and one or two thousand and so it wasn't until ok i can gain something financially i can i can improve my situation i can better my status my situation or on the level that i met in life now and that's that's what they're all filled up here really brought to a lot of people who were smart about it and save their money. because i'm telling you man i asked him a lot of. there's not much help here to do
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to keep you busy focused on something you know you know keep your time occupied you know is really allow me to say well by. my money and i'm in a position where you know i can go back home and bob's your house. i just like the sound of it back and go back home about your house take a for house not a car now a car but a house. all around with just in the boom leases footprints on the landscape the fast as it please your coverage for good by these horses for as far as the eye can see sweeney slowly to extract the black calls from the subterranean taps. he became urgent to build for the main highways all around town in order to accommodate the lines of trucks transporting all kinds of pipes beams sand and water used to track it. nothing was planted in fence everything was done in
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a hurry because of the immediacy of the work of the enormous influx of workers investors and the unemployed rushed in chasing their dream to grab a piece of the pie. german gun austrian guy italian an american and my rifles just in case i need to kill someone. most americans have guns in their house. and at the foot of my bed is a bible. most of my adult life was spent in universities doing teaching the research i went to the university of maine and got several degrees there in agricultural engineering information systems then i worked for mit on the human genome project. there came a time when there was a recession there was high unemployment i spent
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a lot of time reading the news on the internet and i kept reading about the williston the oil boom the bokken shale. i wasn't doing anything i was going into debt so i decided to go from an area that had almost ten percent unemployment to an area that had less than one percent unemployment. i came looking for work but i didn't know what kind of work to take. so i fell into wireline it was very difficult at the beginning i had. accidents while pulling a trailer i could have been killed there were explosives in the trailer and it's fun three hundred sixty degrees and the explosives came out the back. but my boss didn't fire me they gave me another chance after the first year i was very pliable i had a marketable skill. it pleases me that i had a hand a small hand but nevertheless i changed my career late in life.


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