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elections are now on the horizon and the failed coalition has called too for the president to be impeached accusing him of bowing to pressure he's been looking at the track record of brussels when it comes to getting its way. you couldn't win an election create a coalition put together a plan for reforms and a ruling cabinet but turns out you still don't get to govern well that's if you're in the e.u. and you have a euro skeptic agenda if you're president i asked for the ministry an authoritative political figure was not seen as supporting a line. from the essentially this means that the majority of voters who between them opted for the five star movement and northern league two parties with an anti e.u. agenda in march actually don't get to decide the president awaits a red card because he doesn't like one proposed minister and q political crisis
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possible snap elections is this really how democracy is supposed to work. i mean find me your constitution government can't change. this is a limited sovereignty it's a piece of democracy there is a way that brussels hasn't shied away from warning the new italian government against disobeying the e.u. rule book and it looks like it's got its way no matter what the tally in voters want it and when has that happened before oh yes back in two thousand and five a referendum was held on whether or not to adopt a european constitution here in france as well as in the netherlands voters rejected the idea yet despite that clear unease pushed ahead well branding it as the lisbon treaty three years later which contained many of the changes the constitution had attempted to introduce but this time the majority of the public
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didn't have a say because parliament simply ratified it island the only e.u. member which stuck with the referendum rejected in treaty. but that was so didn't go down well with brussels but i believe we should not rush to conclusions believe the truth is a lie and we should now try to find a solution and despite a clear fifty three percent no vote the irish will back at the polls just sixteen months later for what must have felt like they finally got the answer it was looking for. those you were proud to jump for joy what about greece the mediterranean country drowning in a sea of its own that its voters decisively rejected the terms of an international bailout in two thousand and fifteen silly business i would like to say that the greek people made a historic grave choice do they respond to the existing john look in europe but
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democracy worked in an unexpected way despite the greeks saying no to a sturdy government avenge the did agree to a painful bailout plan and what about the dutch who rejected plans by the e.u. to sign an association agreement with ukraine back in two thousand and sixteen the court cannot just be ratified we have to take into account this no vote. well despite that brussels went ahead and did it anyway so while many in the may vote against the block's plans it seems that the e.u. prefers to have its own way regardless of the elite made a decision in. sixty to seventy years ago that in one nine hundred fifty four you know they started the whole thing reads the european union and there is nothing you can do going to the european union has just gotten it's going nothing to do with
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democracy because now it's not decided but there's no european people european union words as part of the government of the government you know they get together they make the solution so i don't think there is even a. democratic spirit be i only have to start this is what we feel leaked it's not we the people. in other news tonight israel's parliament is debating a new law to ban the filming of soldiers that is behind the bill say that video recording is often used to undermine the army's quote spirit where critics of the plans to call them an attempt to hide excessive use of force by the israel defense forces although that is something denied by army chiefs despite footage like this. ha ha. ha.
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ha ha. ha to. these amateur videos are insured like aspects of the conflict that might otherwise not get brought up in the public debate here in israel and it's very important that we have that debate on the conflict and the bill wants tough punishment to photographing i.d.f. soldiers with quote the intention of undermining spirit could land you five years in prison intention to harm state security could give you a ten year jail term yet no explanation is given on how to decide intent experts told us such punishments to go against freedom of speach. this is an absurd piece of populist legislation just meant to limit the constrain the freedom of speech freedom of protest in israel something that contradicts the founding principles of
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this country and by the way this is very hypocritical as well because members of the right whenever settlers are evacuated they also filmed i.d.f. soldiers this is a time honored tradition in this country in this legislation goes against that value of life we can do. so. poorly. you can never take them to call who cannot go into figures there and they think this is this is. i'm against this so for post of the law for this legislation because you know when you don't allow people to take pictures of solar gels it starts we start to your style before the more free speech then you're moved to. taking photos of my hand or whatever this is the end of the more closely. meanwhile israel has turned back a group of palestinian ships trying to breach the gaza blockade insight into song
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prove it was carrying patients wounded in recent border process as well as students who were hoping to get an education abroad we can cross lines now and to look for spending. on board one of those boats and she's with us now good evening to you here and tell us what happened today. so we are here to sense the morning and there were a lot of cost and tourist that's where a bridge just trying to leave on the boats seventeen passengers including two injured palestinians from the great march of return and others were people holding visa students and stuck people that have been living under bill kate for more than eleven years we went into the boat and we we were we were with these people on on the we were following that with the boat we went to the sea with eight not a clue miles. what happened as we saw the warships going very close to these two boats that had all these passengers and what happened is the war ships try to
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surround the palestinian prayer boats what happened at that time that we went back to the seaport because it was very dangerous and we started tracking the boat but what happened is the israeli soldiers naval forces arrested and control the boats were took and that's where word launched from the guy the seaport and those boats have. have seventeen passengers so far and now they're all arrested and detained for the israeli side it's also this is. very much of return is continuing the organizers of the committee say that there will be another boat that is going to be launched from the gaza seaport this weekend they say that they will keep protesting and there is an also. big day a million march on the fifth of june so the great march of return. are continuing
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palestinians are continuing to protest and they state that they won't stop or start staying until they achieve their demands and until the bloke a on the gaza strip that has been imposed for eleven years is released and the palestinians will continue to protest in the positive months. at least one hundred fifteen palestinians were killed thousands were injured in the great march of return but today the palestinians how the new way of protesting where in the past month they were protesting on the land near the fence and today the palestinians are protesting on the boats near the sea so so far where breaking the siege committee how israel the responsibility of. arresting these palestinian protesters and they say that they will continue to protest and this is only the first attempt for launching the boats but there will be more boats going and sailing. from gaza strip
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ok thanks for the that was a local correspondent gary force in gaza thank. you what you know is the international israeli forces said that hamas was using people to carry out quote a propaganda operation breached the blockade the i.d.f. said also ready to provide needed medical assistance to palestinians who will later be returned to. so that's the latest that you're watching are going to be in the company. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each
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day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be old for rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trees per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember one one doesn't show you can't afford to miss the one and only. hello again welcome back to the polish defense ministry has asked washington to
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permanently deploy thousands of u.s. troops in the country but one says it's directly a payout to the u.s. nato would know what a similar request for almost twenty years. this present is of great importance because the adverse three useful things all the only ones in the world have the ability to defend their positions against the. cold he joins us now and discusses the donald what's the main motive behind this move do you think well and the request actually came in the form of a document from the polish defense ministry it was titled proposal for a us permanent presence in poland it outlined the willingness for the polish government to shell out two billion dollars for the bases construction and it also suggested locations for the base and military hospitals as well as have housing facilities for the soldiers there now the russian government has already responded
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to this kremlin spokes person dmitri peskov said it was an expansionist move and said it would inevitably lead to russian countermeasures now the president of the nato parliamentary early parliamentary assembly also gave a statement about this saying a foreign military presence is simply necessary part for political dialogue now let's take a listen. we know. you . now it's a bit difficult to understand how a permanent u.s. military base might give the polish government any more pull with countries like for example russia because already four thousand nato troops stationed throughout the baltic states as well as poland now these personal rotate throughout these
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countries every now and again but at any given time there's four thousand troops there from nato another thing is that there are nato military drills going on throughout europe about every month every year and a lot of them have been right on russia's border and one of these one of two annual drills actually take place in poland is called ball tops and it's a u.s. led maritime exercise it takes place from the beginning of june to the end of june and it involves participation from seventeen nations involves five thousand seven hundred military personnel forty two ships and two submarines but that's actually pocket change in comparison to another military drill that's coming up also to take place in poland it's called anaconda and it takes place every two years but this year specifically it's supposed to involve approximately ten thousand military troops from about ten allied nations of poland that's according to nato as website
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so with all this military exercises and such a military presence in europe especially on russia's border it's hard to see how nato might not be the aggressor in this case thanks don that is the course there thank you. now in the u.k. praxis supporters claim there's a secret plot to keep the country in the european union it has emerged that the government has set aside money for next year's e.u. parliamentary elections but officials do insist the money is only there in case of emergency it's a precautionary measure so that we have the message sort of funds to deliver functions as a european parliamentary election. do go ahead well european parliamentary elections to take place in may twenty nine to into months after britain is supposed to have left the u. and that raises questions why the u.k. would need eight hundred thousand pounds for the vote it's been almost two years since british voters narrowly chose to leave the since then negotiations between
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london and brussels have been counted numerous stumbling blocks including over the irish border while there's still no solution that satisfies all sides the u.s. says it wants clearer proposals from prime minister to resume a. we want to membership partnership with the united kingdom but for that we need realistic proposals from the u.k. and it cannot be a game of hide and seek the downing street poker spokesperson says that may is simply trying to get the best possible deal for both sides but michael parker a member of the european parliament for the u.k. independence party says the british people have been left frustrated. the british people for this referendum have full expectancy to leave we're frustrated with our government being so slow in that they go see a show and as you know we we find it very annoying very upsetting that they seem to
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be so slow every time i think they've come to brussels process perhaps ask for something more and i'm afraid our government to pay or to pay full of capitulation that they appear not not to be putting the pressure of people first think this is a load of nonsense and i think if you were to put this back two years and say that would be at this position people would say no. so they need to sort themselves out but i do think the british public are getting very very fed up with this lack of moving forward. so that's how things are looking so fast that i hear an r.t. don't forget we've got a website so you for stories you can find that at r.t. don't come. you never know what's around the corner you never know what's in the. excitement
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it's knowledge that's where the adrenalin rush comes from. an extreme. violence is a part. of schizophrenia. you can do all these things. you're born before the horse collar for all. the more so for the last. war. in the start. of a broader we're not by really did a poll. sleep meaning in these music at least if you don't involve this comes from the involvement. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be
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an arms race in. spearing dramatic development the only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful ready. to sit down and talk. to local blogs sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle of. the new socks credit tell you that will be gossiping by files a little bit. off the back telling me you are not cool enough to buy their products. these are the hawks for me along with all the walking.
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well. this is the pat on the land. five years ago it was all grass. like that over there now and this is pumper going day in day out we didn't have any choice really we could have put it over that way a ways i mean we could have moved it a little bit. but we have to let the people who own the mineral rights get to those minorities and they compensated us for what they took here but the company built it and we have it now for no next forty years i'm guessing i don't own. my house up there and there we have we used to have a beautiful view. now we have this to look at brings in
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a little bit of money very little if they took us out of here and get back all the money i made off of it's. going to happen. someday. you know on oil is all pumped out of the ground they will come back here and level it out and turn it back into farmland but that's you know like i said it's going to be out of most of our lifetimes be out of mind for sure. i. have nothing to say about where. i should say i have nothing to say you can suggest
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but they don't have to listen to you don't i mean you have no legal say in it put it that way so yeah they can put a wherever they want they don't need any your permission foreign oil industry follows a proper practices i don't think will have a problem but there's always that if me if they don't then we could have an issue in the biggest issue would be to do ground water as i see it when we live our air in rural areas most of us depend on wells for our our drinking water and all the water we use in our homes so if that would happen it would be a very bad thing. as all that fraction job that's where they pump the sand the fluid inhale the chemicals they use as it is one they use a chemical called bio bio it kills all biological elements so so when they pumped
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out that off into ground any kind of bacteria is going to kill it any kind of living organism of any kind it kills it because of one of our guy has he. he has some of it on his hands and light and i disturb just swallow his hand we were bad because that's what my old bio bio kills biological. anything. i'm pretty sure is it's is wrong in the water. for history it is as a nobody drinks the water out of. from north dakota i think everybody drank so bottled water you know it just it's just like you ever. drop water on the out of the night isn't this it is pretty nasty when we're fracking with no oil or go. this is allowed to be spilled on the ground if you make an a mistake and you drop one cup you have to clean it up and take it away with you
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it's not polluting north dakota the air is clean the water is clean. this is privately on land this is not government land and in less the environmental protection agency fines scientific proof that there is real pollution going on they won't be able to shut this down. and so far there is no proof. there's just. propaganda. is it possible to respect safety measures tracking. down how to pain is advocating his mission in attempt to avoid all risk of polluting groundwater it seems to success is very unlikely these are this the question is me raised to address the attention of anti-fashion groups. one thing is certain the practice if i try the tracking to be as large quantities of drinking water.
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ten young is the owner of eclipse services a company that facilitates the shipping of water for fracking through pipelines and provides water storage and its huge tanks as well. these things for the youth to hold water for the fracking they hold thirty five thousand barrels and so they'll pump water from one to the other until eventually it's over to the frac and down the hole. it's fresh water all the water thrown in here is coming out of the city water line so it's all clean water. no doubt spend millions of dollars on water for one frack is one of the biggest expenses or one of these wells the frac. of the water after the frac they just log back out of the ground and they all went off to a disposal. right here this is called
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a flare natural gas comes up with the oil and so they have to get rid of it so they just burn it off right here well comes out of the pump jacks goes underground to the treaters and there it separates the oil the water in the guess this site your produces more water than what they can pipeline out of here so i have to come in with a truck intricate out take it to disposal facilities. keast their lives sixty miles out of the list and on fort berthold reservation for black calls flows freely and accounts for one quarter of north dakota's production. this oil field isn't all that good for everybody we have secured land and we have virgin land here and now there's oil role of oil fields.
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at night time some of these trucks to drive along gravel roads and they don't poison. rock in water it's all water and all the things into the ditch. because they're too lazy to drive to the dump station and that is going into our river going into our creeks it's going into our stock pond. this is not in the water but it is you know they're not telling the truth. i have twenty nine grandchildren i want them to enjoy this river where i didn't want them to walk in the water one can to catch a fish you can eat no one to grow a garden and to do would have to worry about poison in the plant i want to have plants with their medicine it's not deformed now because of the things that are in this water. oil workers are best suited to judge the eventual pollution. this caused by fracking. unfortunately this problem is not
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a priority they are in survival mode first and foremost they are in need of work. during the drilling phase radioactive debris brought back to the surface is a major risk for workers and the environment some companies clearly are not concerned and do not hesitate to suppose of these toxic materials into wild dumps. specially teams are left to ship them back to suitable treatment states. in north dakota no one with an oil rich piece of land will tell you that fracking could be an environmental hazard. doing so could jeopardize one of the best ways to get rich quick. of course all beautiful stories have been in rhetoric christmas two thousand and fourteen all science turned red thanks to saudi arabia the staggering fall of the price per barrel of oil put it in and the moment of euphoria saw the us rise in the
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first producers of crude oil based the shale. in. we can feel the concern brought by the price cut everywhere and will is to now shows the science of a boom town going bust. people in this town are very very suspicious of oil booms because that almost always comes with a large bust and the bust to be rather difficult and now that i'm a part of this town i'm a little bit worried because we're seeing gas prices start to drop down and i'm wondering what's going to happen to my business because we have a message here. january two thousand and fifteen the price per barrel fell below the crucial fifty dollars mark. in this little town here west and is a major major reason why the price of oil around the world is. coming down because the opec countries saudi arabia leading them there out there they're very scared by
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the. developments in hydraulic fracturing they know that the united states in the past five years went from importing something like sixty percent of the oil that we use down to thirty percent and that is a direct result of the hydraulic fracturing that's taken place like here and williston in the bach and and in other areas they want to put these companies out of business. even if circumstances are worrisome these days i think he has not stopped after ten thousand well as we still need to extract the millions of barrels lying beneath the bokken. this situation brings happiness to the ones for him for serious companies but it is devastating to the oil workers who are no longer needed they are thrown out into the streets without pity they must decide whether to go back home or stand liston looking for new jobs.


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