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so now we're in the middle of the sea as you see there are tens of tens of those caused a leak into the sea to turn out we know that there we are going to sail three out of this one is where and not a good one as it is the last point we can we can reach what at policies are continuing that they want to return to beds and they're continuing the protests but here today in another way this is more of it and the time to break this seize up has been imposed on gaza strip for more than eleven years. so now we're entering the phone out of the closet you started to see israeli warships up. closer to the palestinian boat that they started asking them to leave the sea would still not clear were trying to get closer and to see what's happening but all we see is is right you want ships gone closer getting very close to the palestinian protester
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boats policy against one wants to go back to the seaport does as something big happens with now we started to feel that it's getting a bit dangerous. really forces said that to mass was using people to carry out quote propaganda operation and to breach the blockade the i.d.f. said that they also they're also ready to provide needed medical assistance to palestinians who will later be returned to guns. meanwhile this really parliament's debating a new law to ban the filming of its soldiers now those behind this bill say that such recordings are often used to undermine the army's spirit military chiefs have repeatedly stressed that the i.d.f. is acting legally and with restraint despite footage like this going viral.
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these amateur videos are insured late on aspects of the conflicts that might otherwise not get brought up in the public debate here in israel and it's very important that we have that debate on the conflict the bill suggests tough punishment photographing i.d.f. soldiers with quote the intention of undermining spirit will that will get you five years in prison intention to harm state security learn the ten year jail sentence no explanations given on just how to decide intent experts have told us that such punishments go against freedom of speach. this is an absurd piece of populist legislation just meant to limit you constrained the freedom of speech freedom of protest in israel something that contradicts the standing principles of this country and by the way this is very hypocritical as well because members of the
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right whenever settlers are evacuated they also filmed i.d.f. soldiers this is a time honored tradition in this country in this legislation goes against doubt doubt the right. soldier. there cannot. be. a commercial to get them to call who cannot do everything who's there and they think this is this is. i'm against this law for this legislation because you know when you don't allow people to take pictures of solid jewels it starts with the art to your struggle for them all for a speech you've moved. taking photos of and or whatever this is the end of the marcos of. demonstrators gathered on the streets of naples in italy angered by the president's torpedoing of the euro skeptic coalition's bid to govern the leader of
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the five star movement one of the parties which tried to form a coalition joining the march protesters brandished posters bearing the slogan our vote is important early on tuesday leader of the other party in the failed coalition called for a petition to change the constitution to have a directly elected president. the euro skeptic coalition failed to form a government after the italian president rejected their choice of finance minister who was seen as being anti european the president then appointed a pro europe premier minister the fresh elections are now on the horizon it seems and the failed coalition has called for the president to be paid just using him of bowing to e.u. pressure has been looking at the track record of brussels when it comes to getting its way. you can win an election create a coalition put together a plan for reforms and a ruling cabinet but turns out you still don't get to govern well that's if you're in the e.u. and you have
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a euro skeptic agenda if you're president i asked for the ministry and authority it's of political figure was not seen as supporting a line that could provide from the essentially this means that the majority of voters who between them opted for the five star movement and northern league two parties with an anti e.u. agenda in march actually don't get to decide the president awaits a red card because he doesn't like one proposed minister and q political crisis possible snap elections is this really how democracy is supposed to work. find a constitution the government can't commit to changing. this is a limited sovereignty it's a piece of democracy there is a way brussels hasn't shied away from warning the new italian government against disobey the e.u. rule book and it looks like it's got its way no matter what the tally in voters
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want it and when has that happened before oh yes back in two thousand and five a referendum was held on whether or not to adopt a european constitution here in france as well as in the netherlands voters rejected the idea yet despite that clear unease pushed ahead with branding it as the lisbon treaty three years later which contained many of the changes the constitution had attempted to introduce but this time the majority of the public didn't have a say because parliament simply ratified it island the only e.u. member which stuck with the referendum rejected in this been treaty. but that was so didn't go down well with brussels but i believe we should not rush to conclusions believe the truth is a lie and you should now try to find a solution and despite a clear fifty three percent no vote the irish will back at the polls just sixteen
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months later for what must have felt like day finally the e.u. got the answer it was looking for yes you were supposed to jump for joy what about greece the mediterranean country drowning in a sea of its own that its vote is decisively rejected the terms of an international bailout in two thousand and fifteen still efficient i would like to say that the greek people made a historic and brave choice responds well to the existing john logan europe but democracy worked in an unexpected way despite the greeks saying no to a sturdy government venture did agree to a painful bailout plan and what about the dutch who rejected plans by the e.u. to sign an association agreement with ukraine back in two thousand and sixteen. the court cannot just be ratified we have to take into account this no vote well
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despite the vote brussels went ahead and did it anyway so while many in the may vote against the blocs plans it seems that the e.u. prefers to have its own way regardless. another day and another scare story how to football's world cup in russia british tabloids are claiming the russian hooligans are threatening to kill gay and transgender fans and it takes a story. as the world cup is just around the corner it seems to be scaremongering gold war from some of the tabloid newspapers here in the u.k. essentially spreading the message of don't go or else and discussing all sorts of possible horrific scenarios that could take place among the one of just many of the latest stories being discussed are legit death threats being made against the community and this is by far not the first time that something like this is being
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discussed we've seen headlines talk about things such as russia about to unleash its hooligans how the police are quote thuggish in russia how there is a threat of being whipped by cossack horseman during the world cup this summer as well as talk of racism in hoppers potentially breaking into your phones through wife i when you're there as a fan and while all of this whipping up a frenzy is unraveling we've been hearing officials from both sides really in russia as well as here in the u.k. say that everything is going to be ok among those people was britain's top football police chief who was speaking at a foreign affairs select committee hearing who said basically russia is on top of it and the same message came from the england football association but we've been engaging the last two years in conjunction with the foreign office school so the f.a. that they say to try to see those resources from the russian authorities with
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a great number of meetings with them and every time with them there is a consistent reassurance that the spear a she scored a safe at the shows sure to the best of the disability post security team have been impressed with what they see on the ground in the city. particularly organizations going to the confederations cup last year the traffic. coach for the school well the foreign office has also been releasing certain instructions that have been playing down any worry about what could happen during the world cup they have said that among other things since twenty. sixteen five matches involving british teams have taken place in russia and those went without any trouble and of course the fact that british police and russian police have been cooperating ahead of the world cup and british police will in fact also be present on the ground as the world cup unravels earlier we heard from donald telis in england football fan and author of the book we're queer and we should be here he told us that his experience
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with russian fans has been very different from what the tabloids to paint. well i'm a black gay football fan and have been for thirty years out here in britain and my personal experience was one of safety feeling safe and feeling secure during the champions league two years ago. the c.s.k. fans against racism we managed even to be interviewed on the pitch but the stadium of c.s.k. with a rainbow flag. i didn't need to hide my identity while i was there and i hope it will be the same for l g b t fans traveling to the world cup. polish defense ministry has asked washington to permanently deploy thousands of u.s. troops in the country poland says that it's directly appealed to the u.s. after nato ignored a similar request for almost twenty years. this president is of great importance
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because it deters the adverse three you through things are the only ones in the world that have the ability to defend their positions against the adverse three. articles from don't call to join me in the studio so directly asking the u.s. for assistance why is it happening that's correct neal actually the request came in the form of a document from the polish the defense ministry and it was titled proposal for a u.s. permanent presence in poland and now this document outlined the government's willingness to dedicate two billion dollars to the construction of a military base permanent military base there and it also suggested the location for the base as well as locations for military hospitals and housing facilities for the troops that would be stationed there now russia has already reacted to this the kremlin spokes person dmitri peskov said that he called the move expansionist basically he said that that would inevitably lead to russian countermeasures and
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now earlier in may there was the nato spring session and it took place in. poland's capitol in warsaw and on the first day the president of nato is parliamentary assembly said that that power was actually necessary military power was necessary in having political discourse so let's take a listen to what he said. we. see on. russia. it's a bit difficult to see how this stablish min of a permanent us military base in poland would give the government there any more power than it already has because seeing is there's already four thousand nato troops stationed in poland and other ball and the baltic countries such as the stony a lot of the lithuania they're constantly rotating between these countries and maintain
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a centrally a permanent presence there another thing is that there's military drills going on throughout europe every almost every month actually and a lot of them occur on russia's border one of which is called ball tops and it actually occurs in poland it's a u.s. led maritime exercise it encompasses troops from seventeen nations it's five thousand seven hundred troops in total forty two ships and two submarines but actually that's going to look like basically nothing in comparison to another military drill they have scheduled it's called anaconda it's supposed to be coming up in november it's it happens actually every every two years it's also in poland but this year they have scheduled something different ten thousand troops are supposed to be in attendance from around ten countries allied to nato and that's all according to nato as website so it's hard to see how a permanent military base in permanent u.s. military base in poland would give the government there any more pull with russia for example. of foreign troops on polish so thanks for the update don't have
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culture with me in the. now in other news a russian m.p. was forced to miss the un general assembly meeting earlier this month after finding his visa had been an old constantin course a chore who oversees foreign affairs in the upper house of the russian parliament was added to the u.s. sanctions list back in april two weeks later his visa which allowed him to take part in meetings at the u.s. new york headquarters was canceled and that he had to sit out a discussion of a resolution that he'd actually coauthored. the recent u.s. sanctions against russia targeted more than a dozen top government officials and seven of the country's richest men the sanctions were linked to the ukraine crisis and moscow's alleged attempts to interfere in the twenty sixth in u.s. presidential race constantine costa chief says that washington never explained why he was targeted much earlier with which you're with me because i was added to the think sions list with no explanation the only reason given on the u.s.
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treasury department's website is that i'm an official of the russian government it didn't affect any of my personal interests as i don't have bank accounts or assets in the us is made it impossible for me to continue my attempts to bridge the gap between our parliaments then i also had my visa an old we should allow me to take part in the un meetings in the us a week ago i was supposed to attend a general assembly meeting on a resolution that i could. unfortunately i wasn't allowed to take part the same though applies to other international organizations it's a blatant violation by the us as the host of an international organizations h.q. it goes against international law and rules diplomacy i'm assured that i was told it did for my beliefs and political activity which has nothing to do with the united states. as many as seven hundred mexican
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children have been separated from their parents at the u.s. border with mexico since october the figures came to light in the new office of refugee resettlement report and it's prompted accusations the trouble ministrations been using excess force this image you can see here in particular of small children and sleeping on the floor that went viral and caused outrage it was assumed and it showed the harsh consequences of traumas policies towards mexican migrants though they later turned out critics were a bit too quick in rushing to judgment. about . the out the outlook this is happening right now in the any debate that matters is how we foresaw government to get these kids back to their families this false the seemingly possible.
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again i'm going to write it today as always appreciate you coming here and ought to join me and often l. for the latest. banks geysers financial advice they say money to the galaxy. pledging to use it to the central banks for dying at the moment of the problem right now so stop.
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but. all. right now. while the two thousand and eight financial crash drives america into recession and unemployment willis and a small town in north dakota experiences a genuine black gold rush. thanks to a drug fracking to case or oil is discovered in this tiny town in fact it turns out
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the williston is sitting atop one of the largest shale oil fields in the nation companies restaurants quite this new energy resource period thirty two miles bloodier surface oil soon flows freely and news present like wildfire for the ones left behind by the crisis of two thousand and eight relisted seems like their last chance for you in life with an unemployment rate of zero percent and wages are three or four times more than the national average the promise of prosperity in desperate times is too great to ignore joined by a common hope thousands of men and women throw themselves once again into a desperate rush towards the mythical american tree and at any cost. history repeats itself in the midst of his new book no doubt the most impressive in u.s. history. they need there's more work out here and they got people to do it. i don't believe. i. have to believe there's a dream i want you to get there still only. last.
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it's like the gold rush is very very similar to a gold rush. there is fresh out of cincinnati in two thousand and twelve after being unemployed for months he hears about the boom happening in williston. at first he works for an oil company but soon his desire for independence takes over and he sets up his own service company. bought the company and we had a sweeper truck and the situation williston went from a manageable situation where i would get like some sleep at night and i could like
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keep up with like daily activities like taking showers every day to like an all out sprint trying to like keep up with so much work it was amazing go from one job to the next to the next to the next to the next as it is now i have not right now i have not taken a full day off in over nine months and i'm very thankful i'm here i'm not complaining one bit very thankful for the money an opportunity here was like someone who had been starving for years for like money like all of a sudden there's like. all you can eat like buff a day and all you have to do is go out there and get the work done and people give you money to do it was amazing this year i'm probably going to be making around two hundred fifty thousand is a lot of work involved a lot of work it's twenty four hours a day seven days a week. well i guess i should get back to work. here in an inhospitable handful of contrasts before the boom willison was
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a small conservative agricultural town and in many ways this aspect seems. untouched everything has its own place including florida emptiness and silence the streets are practically deserted it's a town that has motion this within its history and past. then you have another town the one that needs to welcome this new wave of residence oil company settling down a large numbers with the goal of extracting at least a million barrels of oil a day. this is the one we unpacked like a raft gift and a real without so growing up with a kind of uniformity copy and paste prefabricated never cost me. investors are right in that everything based upon a population that should be multiplied by for. the first came up here in the spring of two thousand ford saying i work there are neighbors they did a hydraulic fracturing and i was looking at how much it will not cost me to stay
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somewhere you know is going to stand a whole tale it was like a hundred dollars and i was an ok hundred dollars a day seven days a week that's seven hundred dollars on a course of a whole week and so i just came to the conclusion you know what i get me a van fix it up so that you know i can be comfortable in it it makes financial sense because i get to keep the majority of my money versus just just on the way on housing and stuff like that. is my first and then. get worse. and that's because the. jury cannot survive very long it is van where winter temperatures sometimes drop of the minus twenty. for the time being messy is ready everything has happened so quickly it's very hard to find a place to. makeshift housing known as man camps mine up by the hundreds on the edge of town or close to drilling sites.
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these dormitory towns built by necessity and empty lots of. reese between one hundred and one hundred fifty dollars a night two meals including. two thousand and twelve the population living in these men camps was estimated to be over ten thousand guys phone and now to florida nevada chicago cleveland you name it i've seen the license plate. every week you know this is the best thing going for single men you know i mean that's what i mean it's fun wages and time off to the everything you know the whole country should be this way. because. this place will put like a stress on you know put away that you'll be carrying around on you and you won't
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really realize it and when i went home i came back i noticed that weight pressure that whatever you want to call it it builds up over time for me and. you wouldn't come up here unless there's some reason for you to come up here you know nobody was moving up here into the in two thousand and one i was moving up here in two thousand and one or two thousand and so it wasn't until ok i can gain something financially i can i can improve my situation i can better my status my situation or on the level that i met in life now and that's that's what the all fill up here really brought to a lot of people who were smart about it and save their money. because i'm telling you man i asked him a lot of. there's not much help here to do to keep you busy focused on something you know you know keep your time occupied you
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know is really allow me to save a ball. and i'm in a position where you know i can go back home about your house. i just like the sound of it. go back home about your house take a for house not a car now a car but a house. all around with just in the boom lisa's footprints on the landscape the fast as it cleans are covered for good by these horses for as far as the eye can see sweeney slowly to extract the by calls from the subterranean depths. it became urgent to build four lane highways all around town in order to accommodate the lines of trucks transporting all kinds of pipes beams sanded water used to track it. nothing was planted in advance everything was done in
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a hurry because of the immediacy of the work of the enormous influx of workers investors and the unemployed rushed in chasing their dream to grab a pieces of pie. german gun austrian gun italian american and my rifles just in case i need to kill someone . most americans have guns in their house. and at the foot of my bed is a bible. most of my adult life was spent in universities doing teaching or research i went to the university of maine and got several degrees there in agricultural engineering information systems then i worked for mit on the human genome project. there came a time when there was a recession there was high unemployment i spent a lot of time reading the news on the internet and i kept reading about the
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williston the oil boom the bokken shale. i wasn't doing anything i was going into debt so i decided to go from an area that had almost ten percent unemployment to an area that had less than one percent unemployment. i came looking for work but i didn't know what kind of work to take. so i fell into wireline it was very difficult at the beginning i had. accidents while pulling a trailer i could have been killed there were explosives in the trailer and it's fun three hundred sixty degrees and the explosives came out the back. but my boss didn't fire me they gave me another chance after the first year i was very pliable i had a marketable skill. it pleases me that i had a hand a small hand but nevertheless i changed my career late in life and involved myself
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in american energy independence and in weaning this country of our foreign oil dependency. you know america would sell its own mother for energy. i live in st george utah. have my families down there i need to come up here to make some money to pay off debt and stuff we're getting there. i went to school and became an teach school elementary school i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year and drive a truck so i chose to drive truck.


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