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tv   News  RT  May 29, 2018 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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all science turned red thanks to saudi arabia the staggering fall of the price per barrel of oil put it into the moment if you phoria saw the us rise of the first producers of crude oil face to shale. we can feel the concern brought by the price cut everywhere and will is to now shows the science of a boom town going bust. people in this town are very very suspicious of oil booms because that almost always comes with a large bust and the bust to be rather difficult and now that i'm a part of this town i'm a little bit worried because we're seeing gas prices start to drop down and i'm wondering what's going to happen to my business because we have a message here. january two thousand and fifteen the price per barrel fell below the crucial fifty dollars mark. in this little town here west and is
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a major major reason why the price of oil around the world is coming down because the opec countries saudi arabia leading them there out there they're very scared by the. developments in hydraulic fracturing they know that the united states in the past five years went from importing something like sixty percent of the oil that we use down to thirty percent and that is a direct result of the hydraulic fracturing that's taken place like here and williston in the bach and in other areas they want to put these companies out of business. even if circumstances are worrisome these days i think he has not stopped after taking ten thousand the well as we still need to extract the millions of barrels lying beneath the bokken. this situation brings happiness to the ones pushing for serious companies but it is devastating to the oil workers who are no longer needed they are thrown out into the streets without pity. they must decide
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whether to go back home or stayed with us and looking for new jobs. in february twenty fifteen want to one of my coworkers i work with he calmly and he says managers laid everybody off. he's in and told everybody to go to a room get all the stuff in get out and this will two o'clock in the morning and night in february in the winter. a man can say emptied out enclosed waiting to the next. these dilapidated barracks will probably kaluta landscape for eight years to come. construction sites for abandoned by the dozen and left to rest and.
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housing construction began at the peak of the willis tower is now nearly complete. occupied in part by survivors of the the neighborhood seems sadly empty. here and with the downturn in the economy. boil prices. i can still raise more money than i can back home. just. now as much they're used to. i consider myself fortunate because i still have a job as talk no friend just yesterday he got laid off so he's got to go back to louisiana to find.
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please let me. bring in the. belief that you stopped by to tell you that let me. tell you on the whole and. please. leave. me alone with our lives.
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it's hard. but i'm. i made him good money and i'm the bills off me both to help my children. and. my children are very poor. just something that has to be done. you know that it's just like this job to you know two nights ago i wanted to go home i was tired. but. the roof was high tanks we had to haul the water otherwise that the well shut down and.
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people get upset so. you do what you have to do. in the oil. adults has slowed down though but still steady and you know just well doing three jobs every day of the week. said the donor shop it's work about sixty eight hours. in the day for the guy doing construction. maybe five or six years and this he's now working out three or four making the sandwiches and.
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i read this place to adam for only three hundred fifty dollars a month he has the whole downstairs to himself. which is a little bit messy. i claimed. he had to leave california because there's no jobs why is there no jobs there's too many mexicans makes kids who do the same job i was doing for half of the price. you know how many donuts oh. wow.
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they were twenty four dozen or. have. been encouraging out him to save some money. so that he can move his family here and put a deposit first and last month's rent on an apartment he's a good father he misses a little girl. mr. forward . when oil reached twenty nine dollars a barrel we weren't doing anything march was a bad month but now it's suddenly picked up to forty dollars a barrel and we're busy again the companies have done so much cost cutting and efficiency that if the price goes to fifty it will be like it used to be eighty.
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the rig counts the number of rigs drilling new holes in the ground has gone way down from over two hundred to i think the thirty five rigs active in the block and . as time goes on without new wells being drilled and fret our one point one million barrels a day will go down naturally slowly in some point in the two to five years there will be a supply and demand reversal whereas now we're oversupplied will be under supply and the price will shoot up between now and then it will go like this and at some point it will go up. and if the price go ever goes to one hundred and it will someday. north dakota will be crawling with workers looking for housing and there will be a huge labor shortage the companies will be throwing money at us. now
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we're mostly working for folks who have oil rigs oil pumps on their land and they have those monthly checks coming in from the old companies and they're spending money on their homes. or lot of people have disappeared out here gone back home i guess i know some are gone back to bozeman big sky erika's constructions doing ok there some went back to minneapolis some to idaho but yeah a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here anymore they're all gone just slow down too much they lost their jobs got laid off so couldn't put in the hours a lot of families to a lot of guys in the oil business the higher ups the guys making more money they want to south america in the middle east so they'll be back i guess some day but.
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so that's the general process. sort of her cleaning the litter. i could buy a house and i did i could stay in a very nice apartment but i don't need it and i have very low overhead and i like it that way and i don't have a lot of needs. so this is stuff. that is just this was a born garage and there was a snow storm and heavy snow storm about three years ago i suppose and the snow load on the roof caused the roof to collapse so anyway it's kind of an open air garage and. i. have a hose hooked up in there and i wash it off and rick. thanks
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. to the oil industry has changed dramatically and i don't like to see that i see companies going out of business and people being fired and laid off and loading up a u.-haul trailers and heading out of town and it's sad. it hasn't really affected me because. we service the infrastructure that has been built and once that infrastructure is built it still needs to be maintained i'm very thankful for that sort of share here.
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so tonight i will. do. one of the last minute rush. but it's nice to have the company and i actually enjoy . as i said before i've you're really outside of. the former girlfriend came all the times oh you're like the only visitors that i've had here. in the over forty years that i've been and will most. used to be are are or who are interested in girls. that like politics i've come to realize well politics is a scam girls are just problems. i mean.
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so i stay away from both of. you. for. this gas station over here we used to deliver to them. three four dozen donuts last week they quit the order altogether because nobody was coming in to buy don't want so. here goes one more. it's always get this one and keep on going around the corner.
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because you're going to go on and get the best that. you should frank thanks. cindy the owner of the manager of the store there. her business is down so far that she's had to. take on a second job now so she souls cosmetics to women here in the oil field. we gave a lot to come up here but we thought it was going to be best for our family we thought that the oil boom would be here for at least another fifteen years and that we would be able to. be able to make enough money to pay for our kids to go to college. they were can dream is changing that's not what it used to be. and.
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it's a tough reality and your home. and . this. is still a boom will come back but if it does it'll be much much more shallow a growth curve. and won't be nearly as. much money and. i'm not. going to try the optimist.
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i think it's going to come back. from.
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thanks guys a financial for vinyl john today was all about money laundering first because it is cash in just a different. oh good that's a good start well we have our three banks all set up here maybe something in your something in america something overstays it cayman island to go all these banks are complicit in the kleptocracy who decide to give up all and say ok i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did while we've got a nice long dream watch for max and for stacy beautiful jewelry and how about.
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luxury automobile again for a match you know what money you want highways radio thank you so much guys of course. twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. you guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and a huge amount of pressure you have to be the center of the beach. and the great. you are the rock at the back nobody gets to you we need you to. go. alone. and i'm really happy to join the. special one. meets the real teams the latest edition of the go.
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to see treat is a former russian spy and his daughter revealed they first suspected an opioid poisoning and taking extra precautions what later turned out to be. israeli navy intercepts a palestinian flotilla trying to breach a decades long blockade local correspondents been reporting for us from one of the boats. in israel you start. living very close to the palace to tell just about. an f.b.i. informant or a spy us politicians and the media are all confused about how to describe the role of the cambridge professor you said to have infiltrated election campaign.
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and italians take to the streets of naples after euro skeptic coalition to govern was told by the country's president. as for joining us this hour my name is the l. harvey this is art international. the british doctors who treated the script powell say that they initially thought the former russian spy ntis daughter was suffering from overdoses medics reportedly only realized days later that a nerve agent had been used and these are the has the latest. b.b.c. journalists were given access to the hospital where scrip while the former double agent and his daughter yunior were being treated in the wake of that suspected no recheck nerve agent attack and the fall program being broadcast on the b.b.c.
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on tuesday evening shows that the doctors initially suspected that the attack or the symptoms that they presented were those of opioid poisoning and that's what they were being treated for and not a nerve agent attack now when they found out the doctors that is when they found out mr script our was a former russian spy they then began to treat it as if it was targeted attack and by doing so they didn't wear any protective clothing up until that point that led to several questions being asked by critics such as how did the doctors not get poisoned and also chemical weapons experts pointing out that the symptoms of poisoning are different to those of a nerve agent attack which margin of initial police report stated grupo was swinging back and forth while seated on the bench and also raised his hands
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multiple times his description resembles a drugs overdose and the initial version was that the scruples were suffering from phantom little poisoning the first signs of military grade substance poisoning or rapid pupil constriction spasms and urine or incontinence all the symptoms are absent from the initial reports and photos now it's interesting because the pair were brought in on sunday but they were only given treatment for a suspected nerve agent attack on the chews day and they still managed to survive despite two days of not being treated for no reach shock now the doctors in the course of this documentary say that they didn't think the pair were going to survive when we first. we're aware this was a nerve agent we were expecting them not to survive we still have to wait for
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all the answers to come out before what happened on the day in sol very becoming clear now moscow has been denying all along that they've had anything to do with a suspected norbi truck nerve agents attack on mr script and his daughter and their main concern over the course of the past few months has been the fact that they haven't been given access to the parent particular to yunior of course she's a russian citizen the russian embassy here in london have repeatedly offered their assistance but the british government here still not granting that access as for you leo we saw last week her first appearance since this incident took place she read out a televised statement and during the course of a statement shows it made clear that at some point she would like to return home to russia so again your remains to be seen exactly how you really a feels fully about all the events which took place. two
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belgian officers and a civilian have been killed in a shooting in your age the city's police chief now says that his personnel were specifically targeted in the attack. this video appeared online and is said to show the scene of the attack. his motives remain unclear but terrorism has been named as a possible reason to oliver explains. the gunman has been killed by police we understand that he got ahold of a weapon after disarming the two of the the two police officers that were killed the more it was so hardcore my heard the two gunshots in a sort of person on the ground three meters away from me i saw the attacker running on my right taking a woman horse teaching going towards the school but what we're hearing from the interior minister of belgium jani jambon is that it's anti terror offices trying to
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get to the bottom of the potential motive terrorism is just one of the scenarios that they're looking at right now but when it comes to just who the perpetrator of this attack was we are starting to get more information from the local media that he's being reported to be a thirty six year old man who had just been released from prison yesterday on on monday the twenty eighth but belgium is no stranger when it comes to terrorist attacks attacks it is similar vein to this one if we look back to just last year in august of twenty seventeen two soldiers were attacked by a man wielding a machete they were just wounded there were also other isis inspired or isis claimed attacks involving police officers in both october and orcus twenty sixteen and the thing is those soldiers on both police they were in the most part on the streets and more visible because of the suicide bombing that took place on the
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twenty second of march twenty sixth enough those three suicide bombers that blew themselves up in both brussels as airports and on the brussels metro as well they killed. thirty two people three people have been killed two of them police officers one of them a passer by as a gunman opened fire the attacker was killed at the scene shot dead by police officers. america's split again and not just along party lines this time it's about one word spygate the terms used by donald trump in reference to the alleged planting of a mole in his election campaign by intelligence services in the palm of justice though describes that person as quote an informant so is it just semantics takes a look. there are many out there who would and do call into question donald trump's business promise but there's no denying the guy is a branding machine and his labels have a tendency to work like gangbusters mark you know little mark he's
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a lion ted and you know that's his name we can't have met rocket man sick puppy shooting rockets all over the place through kid hillary crazy very he's crazy is a bit but you know he does it with terms ladies hashtag where the buzz word is spreading like wildfire he came up with this one to remind anyone who follows his twitter which is everyone that the f.b.i. may have spied on his campaign through a confidential informant but that sounds all official and is definitely not scary or catchy q trump we now call it spygate you call it spygate adding a gate at the end makes it so much better doesn't it watergate deflate gate russia gate priceless and according to some anonymous sources that spoke with the a.p. terms choice of the word spy was not an accident he allegedly picked the term believing it to be more sinister and likely to be picked up by the media and if that's true boy was he right the revelations of the obama era political targeting
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grow more ominous by the day claims the f.b.i. may have been spying on his campaign he's kind of upset with me read an article in the new york times seems to feel that there was a mole or a spy in this campaign ok no surprise that fox picked up and ran with trump's phrasing but seriously it's common knowledge that if a toddler is throwing a tantrum you simply don't give them the attention they clearly want the fake scandal the transcript for us in the media this week as a name when we're not going to repeat this morning it has tweets to go with it which i am not going to read because reading those tweets is what he wants us to do three even joy get m.s.n. b.c. could have been a shining beacon of rationality for the rest of the media to look up to and not give trump exactly what he wanted but no. president trump has seized on this new branding effort to discredit the discredit the russian investigators and i don't really know where. spygate and it just went on from there after running out of
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steam either supporting or contradicting trump claims little hint either way it still works for trump they went on spending air time distracting the semantics at play here we give you the great debate of informant first what's your reaction first to the tweet and second to the distinction between a spy term on the president is using and informants they're one in the same a confidential informant is someone who is informing confidentially in other words spying you may call this person a confidential informant that sounds perfectly fine right but what if it's a spa funnily enough and a breakdown of the coverage of translate this phrase by the washington post we were mentioned as having not picked up on it but you haven't said it yet but this whole time i haven't thought it ok well then spygate spygate spygate can we move on now to the individual at the center of the so-called spygate cambridge university professor is that an who a parent.


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