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and it just went on from there after running out of steam either supporting or contradicting trump's claims little hint either way it still works for trump they went on spending air time distracting the semantics at play here we give you the great debate of informant first what's your reaction first the tweet and second to the distinction between a spy term on the president is using and informants they're one in the same a confidential informant is someone who was informing confidentially in other words spying you may call this person a confidential informant that sounds perfectly foreign right but what if it's a spot funnily enough and a breakdown of the coverage of translate this phrase by the washington post we were mentioned as having not picked up on it but you haven't said it yet but this whole time i haven't thought it ok well then spygate spygate spygate and we move on now the individual at the center of the so-called spygate cambridge university professor stephan who apparently contacted several of trump's aides they were
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suspected of having links to the russian government something they deny the media on this line believes that the real issue is being lost the media buzz it's amazing how they focus on the word to spy versus informant when in fact the real question is what is the role that this gentleman was involved in what was mr helper . who cares is he a spy what do you mean by that they also go through these great graphics of how many times you used the term and and did he needed in this context the same thing happened when trump used the term wiretap they said there was no wiretapping and they technically were correct because they were focusing on the the age old wiretapping of your verses surveillance in the light i mean are they that serious did they miss the point the point is not whether this gentleman that by the way was
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out here by the media the question is now whether he technically falls under the the definitional rubric of spy versus informant question is what was he doing there in the first place why was mr trump the subject of this type of directed intelligence scrutiny in the first place. israel has turned back a group of palestinian ships that were trying to breach the gaza blockade and so to cyprus that a vessel was carrying patients wounded in recent border protests as well as students hoping to get an education abroad seventeen people on board the vessel trying to reach the limit seoul in southern sinai prosy was intercepted nine nautical miles off the coast of gaza or is under the accords of her c a two state solution israel is obliged to let vessels out up to twenty nautical miles something
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though it's never allowed there often stop just six miles from the palestinian coast local correspondent in q three was on one of the boats trying to get out. so now we're in the middle of the sea as you see there are expensive tens of boats . into the sea turned out we know that there we are going to sail to eat out of this was where and not at that was the last point we can we can't beat it at palestinians are continuing to degrade much of it turned it back and they're continuing the protest but here in another way this is what happened and that's not to break this season has been imposed on gaza strip for more than eleven years. so now we're entering the phone out of sight to see what ships out. so close to the palestinian boat that they started asking them to leave and this
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would still not clear were trying to get closer and to see what's happening all we see is right you want ships going closer. and very close to the palestinian protester boats policy. won't. work unless something happens now we started to feel that it's getting a bit dangerous israeli forces said that the mass was using people to carry out quote a propaganda operation and to breach the blockade the i.d.f. said that they're also ready to provide needed medical assistance the palestinians who later be returned to guns. meanwhile the israeli parliament debating a new law to ban the filming of it so just those behind the bill say such recordings are often used to undermine the army's spirit now the two chiefs have repeatedly stressed the i.d.f. is acting legally and with restraint despite footage like this going viral.
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these amateur videos are insured late aspects of the conflict that might otherwise not get brought up in the public debate here in israel and it's very important that we have that debate and the conflict the bill suggests tough punishment photographing i.d.f. soldiers with quote the intention of undermining spirit will that can get you five years in prison intention to harm state security that lands a ten year jail sentence yet no explanation is given on how to decide intent experts have told us that such punishments go against freedom of speach. this is an absurd piece of populist legislation just meant to limit you constrain the freedom
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of speech freedom of protest in israel something that contradicts the standing principles of this country and by the way this is very hypocritical as well because members of the right whenever settlers are evacuated they also filmed i.d.f. soldiers this is a time honored tradition in this country in this legislation goes against that value the rights we do for it's. soldiers. there cannot be. you can never take them to call you cannot go into figures there and they think this is this is. against this law for this in the disclosure because you know when you don't allow people to take pictures of solid generals it starts with the heart to your stop before them all free speech then you're moved. taking photos of them around or whatever this is the end of them across the.
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demonstrators have gathered on the streets of staples in italy they're angered by the president's torpedoing of a euro skeptic coalition's bid to govern protesters brandished posters that bore the slogan our votes important the leader of the five star movement one of the parties which tried to form the coalition joined the march and made a speech. i thought it. absolutely no to the government chosen by talents and then they said yes to a person who doesn't have the support of italians all the parliament with all respect to quarter really it seems you can run in the election and be voted for by the people and still be appointed to. the euro skeptic coalition failed to form a government after the president or rejected their choice of finance minister he was seen as being anti european so the president then appointed a pro europe prime minister fresh elections. on the horizon now and the failed coalition has called for the president to be impeached have accused him of bowing to e.u. pressure there's also been calls for
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a petition to change the constitution to have a directly elected president and he sure do because he's been taking a look at the track record of brussels when it comes to getting its way. you can win an election create a coalition put together a plan for reforms and a ruling cabinet but turns out you still don't get to govern well that's if you're in the e.u. and you have a euro skeptic agenda if you're president i asked for the ministry and authority it's of political figure was not seen as supporting a line that could provide from the essentially this means that the majority of voters who between them opted for the five star movement and northern league two parties with an anti e.u. agenda in march actually don't get to decide the president awaits a red card because he doesn't like one proposed minister and q political crisis possible snap elections is this really how democracy is supposed to work.
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i mean find the constitution the government can't commit to change european rule this is a limited sovereignty it's a piece of democracy there is a way brussels hasn't shied away from warning the new italian government against disobeying the e.u. rule book and it looks like it's got its way no matter what the tally in voters want it and when has that happened before oh yes back in two thousand and five a referendum was held on whether or not to adopt a european constitution here in france as well as in the netherlands voters rejected the idea yet despite that clear unease the e.u. pushed ahead with branding it as the lisbon treaty three years later which contained many of the changes the constitution had attempted to introduce but this time the majority of the public didn't have
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a say because parliament simply ratified it island the only e.u. member which stuck with the referendum rejected in this bill treaty. that was salt didn't go down well with brussels but i believe we should not rush to conclusions believe the truth is a lie and we should now try to find a solution and despite a clear fifty three percent no vote the irish will back at the polls just sixteen months later for what must have felt like day finally the e.u. got the answer it was looking for. those you are supposed to jump for joy what about greece the mediterranean country drowning in a sea of its own it's a vote is decisively rejected the terms of an international bailout in two thousand and fifteen still efficient i would like to say that the greek people made a historic and brave choice their response will alter the existing john logan
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europe but democracy worked in an unexpected way despite the greeks say no to a sturdy their government venture did agree to a painful bailout plan and what about the dutch who rejected plans by the e.u. to sign an association agreement with ukraine back in two thousand and sixteen. the court cannot just be ratified we have to take into account this no vote well despite their vote brussels went ahead and did it anyway so while many in the. blocks plans it seems that the e.u. prefers to have its own way regardless. a russian journalist has been shot dead in the ukrainian capital for it to say that his professional activity is a possible motive both kiev and moscow last criminal probe after it was shot in the back of his apartment he moved to ukraine last year and was known for his criticism
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of the russian government. another day another scare story ahead of the of the football world cup here in russia british tabloids have claimed that russian hooligans are threatening to kill gay and transgender funds artie's arms to see it sure takes up the story as the world cup is just around the corner it seems to be scaremongering gold war from some of the tabloid newspapers here in the u.k. essentially spreading the message of don't go or else and discussing all sorts of possible horrific scenarios that could take place among the one of just many of the latest stories being discussed are legit death threats being made against the l g b t community and this is by far not the first time that something like this is being discussed we've seen headlines talk about things such as russia about to unleash its hooligans how the police are quote thuggish in russia how there is
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a threat of being whipped by cossacks horsemen during the world cup this summer as well as talk of racism in hoppers potentially breaking into your phones through wife i when you're there as a fan and while all of this whipping up a frenzy is unraveling we've been hearing officials from both sides really in russia as well as here in the u.k. say that everything is going to be ok among those people was britain's top football police chief who was speaking at foreign affairs select committee hearing who said basically russia is on top of it and the same message came from the england football association but we've been engaging the last two years into the foreign office pool so the f.a. the person to try and see those reassurances from the russian authorities we've got a great number of meetings with them and every time we've met them there is a consistent reassurance that the aspiration is to call a safe at the shows. to the best of the disability or security team have been
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impressed with what they see on the ground industriously. point. all the organizations went to the confederations cup last year and. you know coach of the school well the foreign office has also been releasing certain instructions that have been playing down any worry about what could happen during the world cup they have said that among other things since twenty sixteen five matches involving british teams have taken place in russia and those went without any trouble and of course the fact that british police and russian police have been cooperating ahead of the world cup and british police will in fact also be present on the ground as the world cup unravels earlier we heard from daryl telis an england football fan and author of the book we're queer and we should be here he told us his experience with russian fans have been very different from what the tabloids depict. well i'm a black gay football fan and have been for thirty years and out here in britain and
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my personal experience was one of safety feeling safe and feeling secure during the champions league two years ago hosted by the c.s.k. fans going traces and we managed even to be interviewed on the pitch but the nice stadium of c.s.k. with a rainbow flag. oh i didn't need to hide my identity while i was there and i hope it will be the same for l g b t fans travelling to the world cup. the polish defense ministry has asked washington to permanently deploy thousands of u.s. troops in the country poland says he's directly appealed to the u.s. nato ignored a similar request for almost twenty years. this is of great importance because it gets to the three. the only ones in the world that have the ability to defend their positions against the. actually the request came in the form of
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a document from the polish the defense ministry and it was titled proposal for a u.s. permanent presence in poland and now this document outlined the government's willingness to dedicate two billion dollars to the construction of a military base permanent military base there and it also suggested the location for the base as well as locations for military hospitals and housing facilities for the troops that would be stationed there now russia has a really reacted to this the kremlin spokes person dimitri called the move expansionist basically he said that it would inevitably lead to russian countermeasures it's a bit difficult to see how this stablish min of a permanent us military base in poland would give the government there any more power than it already has because seeing is there's already four thousand nato troops stationed in poland and other ball and the baltic countries such as the stony a lot of the lithuania they're constantly rotating between these countries and maintain a centrally a permanent presence there another thing is that there's military drills going on
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throughout europe almost every month actually and a lot of them occur on russia's border one of which is called ball tops and it actually occurs in poland it's a u.s. led maritime exercise it encompasses troops from seventeen nations it's five thousand seven hundred troops in total forty two ships and two submarines but actually that's going to look like basically nothing in comparison to another military drill they have scheduled it's called anaconda it's supposed to be coming up in november it's happens actually every two. two years it's also in poland but this year they have scheduled something different ten thousand troops are supposed to be in attendance from around ten countries allied to nato and that's all according to nato as website so it's hard to see how a permanent military base in a permanent u.s. military base in poland would give the government there any more paul with russia for example. as many as seven hundred mexican children have been separated
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from their parents at the u.s. border with mexico since october and that figure came to light in a new office of refugee resettlement report and it's prompted accusations that the trumpet ministration has been using excess force this image now in particular of small children caged in sleeping on the floor with viral uncaused outrage it was assumed that it showed the harsh consequences of trump's policies towards mexican migrants though as it later turned out critics were a bit too quick in rushing to judgment. and i have. not. found i. this is happening right now with any debate matters is how we force our government to get these kids back to their families the sponsor me us.
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europe today thanks for staying with our take latest news headlines in half an hour . i. i. oh.
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when lawmakers manufacture consent to step into the public well. when the ruling plus a some protect themselves. are the final clearing around to be the one percent. going or middle of the room sick. the real news is. the american political soap opera widely known as russia gate appears to have no end well no evidence has been revealed the trump campaign colluded with russia there is mounting evidence the intelligence community or should i say the deep state monitored or even spied on from world.
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as are. this is the kaiser report hopefully so i just want to follow up a little bit on the last episode we did because here's a headline related to dead unicorns why the end is coming soon for the biggest tech bubble we've ever seen expect to see more dead unicorns unicorns of course in this context are companies startups worth more than a billion dollars there's like one hundred couple hundred of them in the united states but he says about over half of them are actually fifty percent overvalued this is keith wright a professor of villanova school of business so we should be seeing that uniform and soon well you know the change for returns over the past ten years as i just read every man zero migrated into the startup space on the unicorn space but the liquidity never came to the aftermarket never came the cash flow never came so now
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they all have to go over the cliff of the abyss proving once again the world is flat of course there are eighteen these are dead unicorns held by silicon valley investors they have deep pockets and of course they could afford to perhaps lose all of this but they're competing with china which has i guess a bigger market but also more capital to work with and you know they're in the race to see who can create more monopolistic sort of positions of course these unicorn holders from silicon valley have donald trump to crush competition like which was crushed and now that brought. china to the trade table they're supposedly negotiating trump keeps on almost getting a trade deal with china and then backing out by a tweet so we don't know but we do know that trade war averted china vows to buy more from the u.s. but truce will take time the consensus follows two days of negotiations between
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teams led by the chinese vice premier lew he and u.s. treasury secretary steven. so time is agreed to by more u.s. agricultural goods. and energy products and this is supposed to close that what two hundred a three hundred seventy five billion dollar trade gap with the united states there's china refer to these startups as unicorns or maybe dragons of the unicorn as a global thing i wonder you know it's the middle as if you really have to ask based on something but you know i'm not sure but yeah ok so china says are going to buy a lot more stuff from the u.s. and so trump is having an effect i mean is that weighing into the minutiae of trade deals. president has done that i can recall usually they just paint a broad stroke and hope for the best so he's actually getting into the details of trade deals that goes oh you do have to recognize that in the west we're not seeing the coverage the media coverage and the actual power that china has on the
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ground over in asia because i have seen reports that the reason why why did why did trump to the extraordinary thing of saying we need to come to the table because he lost all these jobs we don't want to destroy seventy five thousand jobs and we don't want to destroy. and they apologized well apparently there were also u.s. goods piling up at the ports over in china and china has a huge buying power and exporting power and all these u.s. companies have massive factories over in china so they have a lot more leverage than we can possibly see here because of course our media doesn't cover it because they have a more important story that their little conspiracy theory that they're focused on nevertheless there are you know that china apparently has a lot of negotiating power in terms of twenty eighteen elections midterm elections coming up in a just a few short months as places like iowa and nebraska where they were really
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squealing about the impact on their agricultural exports some of these places you know their their number one. destination is china they also live four to five trillion dollars in reserves more than a trillion or so in dollars the dollar still world reserve currency so yeah they've got a lot of operating leverage on the ground but a macro economically speaking the u.s. federal reserve bank bank of new york still has the ability to crush them at a moment's notice if we so choose their basically their equally powered the world's largest debtor the world's largest creditor they are equally powered they're equally powerful and that is a great huge fight that is the fight of the next few decades what is not a great power which is no longer a great power is the united kingdom versus germany fighting the euro european union versus trying to come up with the brakes a deal i have to headlines here this is from bloomberg and they often to this i
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actually printed another article but they change the headline at all the time but boris johnson warns may to get on with it and deliver brags that so he's warning that she has to get on with it he wants to become the new prime minister which probably makes more sense of a clown and charge like theresa may is this ineffective you might as well have an ineffective clown because we have a clown here italy has clowns everybody has clowns this is new policy but the u.k. has admitted that they're going to have to pay a huge divorce bill and this breaks it exit if it ever happens this somebody they break it did well is figuring out how to back in to various deals that the break sort of gave them the right to opt out rights are just that the ad is something i thirty thousand more civil servants in the u.k. and that's the whole point of bragg's it is to increase the size of government under thatcher the mandate was to take g.d.p.
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and address it so that government was a less a percentage of g.d.p. breaks it just reverses that whole trend it makes the government now a bigger part of g. the pay which is highly anti-growth so i mean i'll read you some of. those exact quotes he's the foreign minister foreign secretary for the united kingdom theresa may is the prime minister in case you don't know a lot of people may not hear much about the united kingdom but he said that outward free trade in countries what they want to hear from us is that we are getting on with it with confidence embryo in zap. so over that's not a clown does he know these that's a given it's going. squirting water so i like your idea that the u.k. needs a clown station to compete with the berlusconi's and then only the trump clownish behavior in america and other global clowns i mean to compete in this global economy you need a clown force johnson's caliber he's a world class clown well if you don't have the authority in the power to be
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a state's person then you might as well be a clown because you've got to compete for global attention right so johnson's comments however are his strongest since teresa mayes team agreed last week on a controversial compromise that could keep the u.k. tight t. e u trade rules for years after the divorce the proposal got a frosty reception from brussels and prompted jacob response to commands enough conservative lawmakers to engineer a leadership challenge to say he was losing faith and treece and may like the united kingdom is part of the body of the european economy it's a seventy three trillion dollar trading bloc you know the whole brags it is like your liver deciding to separate from your body and to say we're no longer part of the body were the independent liver and by the way everything that comes in and out of the liver we now have to introduce another oregon called the deliberate exit blipper attacks and then oh wait
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a minute that doesn't make any sense so we've got to reverse all that there's no way to separate the u.k. from europe it cannot be done it will not be done if it does it's in name only they may change the. color of their passport but you cannot you cannot separate the two boris johnson in their delusional when we were just in the york there were two guys walking behind me downtown you know the financial district and i heard them one guy complaining that his office was moving to frankfurt because their office in london was closing down because of this break set thing so i'm killick at another headline here about the u.k. economy it is it has been hit definitely by this whole breaks it drained i mean who knows what's happening whether or not breaks it happens i think people will still be talking about pricks in twenty thirty years' time when it won't have actually happened nevertheless landlords left with four shards skyscrapers worth of empty space in the high street bloodbath this big companies like jamie's italian all of
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these chains. carluccio those they have a whole bunch of them listed here but the fact is that in figures compiled for the evening standard colliers international forecasts that the blood bath and the retail and restaurant sectors will leave at least six point two million square feet in the u.k. vacant this year of that six hundred thirty thousand square feet isn't london of the property agent examined statistics from the local data company and go deportable it looked at stores which have closed either because firms have collapsed or restructured using a company voluntary arrangement a move which allows businesses to quit stores or seek rent cuts so they using the c.v.s. as they're called so what is it called company voluntary agreement and they're able to get out of all these leases and landlords are left holding the bill on these overpriced properties and in a shrinking economy and with huge business rates on these small companies that.


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