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surprised that fox picked up and ran with trump's phrasing but seriously it's common knowledge that if a toddler is throwing a tantrum you simply don't give them the attention they clearly want the fake scandal that trump scripted for us in the media this week has a name one we're not going to repeat this morning and has tweets to go with it which i am not going to read because reading those tweets is what he wants us to do three even joy get a mess n.b.c. could have been a shining beacon of rationality for the rest of the media to look up to and not give trump exactly what he wanted but no president trump has seized on this new branding effort to discredit the discredit the russia investigation i don't really know where. spygate and it just went on from there after running out of steam either supporting or contradicting trumps claims little hint either way it still works for trump they went on spending air time distracting the semantics at play here we give you the great debate of informant first what's your reaction
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first to the tweet and second to the distinction between a spy term on the president is using an informant there one in the same a confidential informant is someone who is informing confidentially in other words spying you may call this person a confidential informant that sounds perfectly fine right but what if it's a spa funnily enough and a breakdown of the coverage of translate this phrase by the washington post we were mentioned as having not picked up on it but you haven't said it yet but this whole time i haven't thought it ok well then spygate spygate spygate can we move on now the man at the center of the so called spygate cambridge university professor stuff on how who apparently contacted several of trump's aides legal and media analyst lawndale believes the real issues been lost in all the media frenzy. it's amazing how they focus on the word spot i first use informant when in fact the real question is what is the role that this gentleman was involved in what was mr helper
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who cares is he a spy what you mean by that he also go through these great graphics of how many times you used the term and and did he needed in this context the same thing happened when trump used the term wiretap they said there was no wiretapping and they kept it we were correct because they were focusing on the the age old wiretapping of your verses surveillance in the light i mean are they that serious did they miss the point the point is not whether this gentleman that by the way was out here by the media the question is now whether he technically falls under the the definitional rubric of spy versus informant question is what was he doing there in the first place why was mr trump the subject of this
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type of directed intelligence scrutiny in the first place. israel has turned back a group of palestinian ships trying to breach the gaza blockade and sail to cyprus the main vessel was carrying patients wounded in recent border protests as well as students hoping to get an education abroad seventeen people were on board the vessel which tried to reach them a soul in southern cyprus it was intercepted around nine nor tacl miles off the coast of gaza that's the spy the international accords under which israel is obliged to let mussels travel up to twenty nautical miles from gaza local correspondent and kadar he was on one of those boats trying to get out. so now we're in the middle of the sea as you see there are expensive tens of those take it to the sea turn out we know that there we are going to sail three out of this one is where and not
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a good one as it is the last point we can we can reach what at palestinians are continuing to create much of return events and they're continuing the protest but here today in another way this is more of it and that's not to break this season has been imposed on gaza strip for more than eleven years. so now we're entering the flowing out of the cloud that you start to see is right the war ships that. go closer to the palestinian boats that they started asking them to leave and this would still not clear we're trying to get closer and to see what's happening all we see is right you want ships going closer and being very close to the palestinian protester boats policy is one wants to go back to the seaport as something big happens with now we started to feel that it's getting a bit dangerous. the israeli military said hamas was using people to carry out
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a propaganda operation and breach the blockades the audience said they've also ready to provide medical assistance to injured palestinians who will then be returned. meanwhile the israeli parliament is the by it's a new law it will ban the filming of its own soldiers saw for a series of videos showing the brutal treatment of palestinian protesters went viral. these amateur videos are insured late on aspects of the conflict that might otherwise not get brought up in the public debate here in israel and it's very important that we have that debate on the conflict now the bill passed of course
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will target people who attempt to undermine the spirit of israeli soldiers by taking pictures of them defense will be punishable by five years in prison or even ten years if there is intent to harm state security experts told us such punishment sco against freedom of speach. this is an absurd piece of populist legislation just meant to limit the constrain the freedom of speech freedom of protest in israel something that contradicts the founding principles of this country and by the way this is very hypocritical as well because members of the right whenever settlers are evacuated they also filmed i.d.f. soldiers this is a time honored tradition in this country in this legislation goes against that value. its. soldiers. poorly they cannot. you can never take them to call you cannot do anything that is there and
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they think this is this is. against this law of this legislation because you know when you don't allow people to take pictures of solid jails it starts with the i'll tell you stop before the more free speech then you move to. taking photos of policemen and or whatever this is the end of them across the. crowds have taken to the streets in naples over the italian president's controversial move to block your spec you're a skeptic parties from forming a government forces accuse the president of disregarding the result of the election the leader of the five star movement one of the parties which tried to form a coalition joined the march and made a speech. no i don't know they said no to the government chosen by talent and then they said yes to a person who doesn't have the support of italians all the parliament with all respect to court they really it seems you can run in the election and be voted for
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by the people and still not be appointed. as the euro skeptic coalition failed to form a government after the italian president rejected their choice of finance minister who was seen as anti european the president then appointed approach europe prime minister fresh elections are now on the horizon the failed coalition has called for the president to be impeached accusing him of bowing to e.u. pressure charlotte even ski looks at russell's track record of getting its own way . you can win an election create a coalition put together a plan for reforms and a ruling cabinet but turns out you still don't get government well that's if you're in the e.u. and you have a euro skeptic agenda if you're president i asked for the ministry an authoritative political figure who was not seen as supporting a line that could provide from the essentially this means that the majority of voters who between them opted for the five star movement and northern league two
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parties with an anti e.u. agenda in march actually don't get to decide the president awaits a red card because he doesn't like one proposed minister and q political crisis possible snap elections is this really how democracy is supposed to work. i mean find a constitution the government can't commit to changing. this is a limited sovereignty it's a piece of democracy there is a way brussels hasn't shied away from warning the new italian government against disobeying the e.u. rule book and it looks like it's got its way no matter what the tally in voters want it and when has that happened before oh yes back in two thousand and five a referendum was held on whether or not to adopt a european constitution here in france as well as in the netherlands voters
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rejected the idea yet despite that clear unease pushed ahead well branding it as the lisbon treaty three years later which contained many of the changes the constitution had attempted to introduce but this time the majority of the public didn't have a say because parliament simply ratified it island the only e.u. member which stuck with the referendum rejected then there's been treaty. that was so didn't go down well with brussels but i believe we should not rush to conclusions believe the truth is a lie and we should now try to find a solution and despite a clear fifty three percent no vote the irish will back at the polls just sixteen months later for what must have felt like a day finally the e.u. got the answer it was looking for yes you were supposed to jump for joy what about
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greece the mediterranean country drowning in a sea of its own that its voters decisively rejected the terms of an international bailout in two thousand and fifteen. i would like to say that the greek people made a historic and brave choice they respond to the existing john logan europe but democracy worked in an unexpected way despite the greeks say no to a sturdy government venture the did agree to a painful bailout plan and what about the dutch who rejected plans by the e.u. to sign an association agreement with ukraine back in two thousand and sixteen. the court cannot just be ratified we have to take into account this no vote well despite their vote brussels went ahead and did it anyway so while many in the. blocks plans it seems that the e.u.
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prefers to have its own way regardless russian journalist has been shot dead in the ukrainian capital kiev we'll have more on that story and others still to come. i've played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside i. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch put a funnel school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending to get to the twenty million and one player. so it's an experience like nothing else on to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so one more chance with. the base this minute.
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the american political soap opera widely known as russia gate appears to have no wind well no evidence has been revealed the trump campaign colluded with russia there is mounting evidence the intelligence community or should i say the deep state monitor or even spied on world. much wanting international russian journalist has been killed in the ukrainian capital. was shot in the back in his own apartment he moved to ukraine last year and was known for his criticism of the russian government the case was discussed at the un security council and the russian ambassador voiced his alarm over ukraine's failure to investigate the killings of russian journalists musician with
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independents in opposition sports in general is a motive in ukraine and these crimes are not being investigated the russian citizen journalist. was killed and we expect that ukrainian government will blame russia for this is they didn't previous cases. when you scare stories making headlines ahead of the russia world cup british tabloids are claiming that russian hooligans are threatening to kill gay and transgender phones and this is should you know looks into the story as the world cup is just around the corner it seems to be scaremongering goal war from some of the tabloid newspapers here in the u.k. essentially spreading the message of don't go or else and discussing all sorts of possible horrific scenarios that could take place among the one of just many of the latest stories being discussed or alleged death threats being made against the l g b t community and this is by far not the first time that something like this is being discussed. seen headlines talk about things such as russia about to unleash
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its hooligans how the police are quote thuggish in russia how there is a threat of being whipped by cossack horseman during the world cup this summer as well as talk of racism in hocker potentially breaking into your phones through wife i when you're there as a fan and while all of this whipping up a frenzy is unraveling we've been hearing officials from both sides really in russia as well as here in the u.k. say that everything is going to be ok among those people was britain's top football police chief who was speaking at a foreign affairs select committee hearing who said basically russia is on top of it and the same message came from the england football association but we've been engaging the last two years into the for your face school so the f.a. and i say to try to see those reassurances from the russian authorities with a great number of meetings with them and every time we've met them there is a consistent reassurance to the aspiration of sport to say that shows. to the
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best of the disability security team have been impressed with what they see on the ground in russia city and particularly organizations went to the confederations cup last year the train i think the. coach for the school well the foreign office has also been releasing certain instructions that have been playing down any worry about what could happen during the world cup they have said that among other things since twenty sixteen five matches involving british teams have taken place in russia and those went without any trouble and of course the fact that british police and russian police have been cooperating ahead of the world cup and british police will in fact also be present on the ground as the world cup unravels and we spoke to daryl tieless an england football fan and author of the book we're queer and we should be here he told us his experience with russian fans has been very different from what the tabloids depict. well i'm
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a black gay football fan and have been for thirty years out here in britain and my personal experience was one of safety feeling safe and feeling secure during the champions league two years ago i was hosted by c.s.k. fans going through racism we managed even to be interviewed on the pitch but the nice stadium of c.s.k. with a rainbow flag. oh i didn't need to hide my identity while i was there and i hope it will be the same for fans travelling to the world cup. the polish defense ministries asked washington to permanently deploy thousands of u.s. troops in the country poland says it's directly appealed to the us of the nato ignored a similar request for almost twenty years. this is of great importance because the three. of the only ones in the world to have the ability
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to defend their positions against the. actually the request came in the form of a document from the polish the defense ministry and it was titled proposal for a u.s. permanent presence in poland and now this document outlined the government's willingness to dedicate two billion dollars to the construction of a military base permanent military base there and it also suggested the location for the base as well as locations for military hospitals and housing facilities for the troops that would be stationed there now russia's already reacted to this the kremlin spokes person dimitri called the move expansionist basically he said that it would inevitably lead to russian countermeasures it's a bit difficult to see how this stablish been of a permanent us military base in poland would give the government there any more power than it already has because seeing is there's already four thousand nato troops stationed in poland and other ball and the baltic countries such as the stony a lot of the lithuania they're constantly rotating between these countries and maintain
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essential permanent presence there another thing is that there's military drills going on throughout europe almost every month actually and a lot of them occur on russia's border one of which is called ball tops and it actually occurs in poland it's a u.s. led maritime exercise it encompasses troops from seventeen nations it's five thousand seven hundred troops in total forty two ships and two submarines but actually that's going to look like basically nothing in comparison to another military drill they have scheduled it's called anaconda it's supposed to be coming up in november it's happens actually every every two years it's also in poland but this year they have scheduled something different ten thousand troops are supposed to be in attendance from around ten countries allied to nato and that's all according to nato as website so it's hard to see how a permanent military base in permanent u.s. military base in poland would give the government there any more poll with russia
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for example. that's the latest from myself on the team here at all to see goodbye for the solace see you in around twenty five minutes for the latest global news updates. on. her. was. the. most of her clothes her phone. would hold his hands to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted
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or rejected. so when you want to be present injured. or somehow want to be preached . to the right to be press it's like the before three in the morning can't be good . i'm interested always in the waters in the. first sip. china says they're going to buy a lot more stuff from the u.s. . so trump is having a fact i mean news and weighing into the minutia of trade deals. no president has done that i can recall usually they just play the broad stroke and hope for the best so he's actually getting into the details of trade deals like oh see if that.
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oh and welcome to cross talk we're all things considered i'm peter lavelle the american political soap opera widely known as russia gate appears to have no end well no evidence has been revealed that trump campaign colluded with russia there is mounting evidence the intelligence community or should i say the deep state monitored or even spied on trump world should there be a special investigation into the misdeeds apartment of justice the f.b.i. and the cia. cross talking spygate i'm joined by my guest christopher need in washington he's a republican strategist in new york we have charles or tell he is a private investor and writer as well as host podcast show sunday which arles and in los angeles we crossed to ha goodman he is a columnist journalist published in the huffington post salon the hill and other
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publications right gentlemen cross-talk roles in fact that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate gentlemen who are calling this program spygate and i have it in quotes ok because i'm quoting the president of the united states and that's what i want to delve into here. i always go to the person who gets up early into the program that's obviously you in los angeles because i'm exactly on the other side of the world of you right now we're calling it spygate but i was thinking maybe a better title would be the three stooges brennan komi and clapper i think you know where i'm going go ahead ha. well one question i have to ask is why is buzz feed's suing the d.n.c. for evidence to corroborate the still does ca and why did the united states government feel it was necessary to spy or to infiltrate trump's campaign using stephanie help or even before the steal the cia annex question is what crime is trump said to have committed they've investigated trump without even
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accusing him of a specific crime in watergate you had a break in the cover up you know what happened with bill clinton with hillary clinton she transferred top secret intelligence onto an once on encrypted server there were crimes and then cover ups or investigations based on those crimes with trump there is no predicate crime is no crime that he said to have committed. buzz feed is suing the d.n.c. very likely because there's no evidence to corroborate the steel of the cia which was used by james comey in the f.b.i. to go ahead and get a face of war and on carter page they already wiretapped everyone within trump's campaign they already called trump presidential candidate trump and incidental communication they even took one of his servers from trump tower they found nothing there was no evidence of anything there's no evidence that anyone collude with
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russia but most are pro trying to fire him over tomorrow and simply you know head but. you're making the point here and let me go to christopher in washington is that if the deeper they go into this the more we see that there is collusion here but it's collusion within the intelligence community and ha the facts man that's why i love him how my having him on the program the facts are out there he just gave you a whole list and i'm sure he could go much further i mean why shouldn't there be more focus on that because when i watch brennan and clapper on cable t.v. they're getting more and more hysterical as if it's getting closer and closer to them go ahead in washington christopher well i tend to agree with my colleague in the sense that when you look at all of the things they've been looking at they get you get to these ten general things that have nothing to do with the actual investigation and they're just constantly looking into things and constantly looking into things i think what we have is you know this is like being on a roller coaster of being nauseous and just not being able to get off i mean
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especially for the american voter in terms of you know can you trust these politicians and then can you trust the. investigatory apparatus that you're supposed to build the trust looking into these things and then you look at vesta gators that are you know have hillary clinton posters on their wallet and there their spouses are donating campaign it's really makes an office i think at this point a special counsel should really be brought in for all of these things i mean we just it's like a roller coaster you can't get off your nauseous. so i tend to agree with what my colleague just said before me you know. jeff sessions is being criticized a lot for not being more proactive and we do know that he recused himself and we have the new f.b.i. director ray i mean i can't think and this is my own personal theory is that they realize there was so much collusion against a campaign within the intelligence community that it would really shock the confidence in these agencies and i think they're really kind of puzzled on how to deal with this because with every single passing day we see more and more dots
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connected not with russian trump but how the intel community colluded together to go after this candidate and that and we as president i mean it's seems at least patently obvious to me go ahead charles in new york. you know i think the real story here is even more diabolical than we're talking about i think it goes back to june two thousand and eight when hillary clinton conceded to barack obama that he would be president and agreed to help there's a public record of her meeting in dianne feinstein's house and i think ever since then team clinton and team obama have been conspiring to weaponize the i.r.s. the department of justice the cia the tech services etc to punish enemies of you know their their branch of the democratic party and to reward friends whether it be to go after the tea party in two thousand and ten to get barack obama reelected in two thousand and twelve to try to build a position for hillary clinton in two thousand and fourteen and to try to get her
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elected in fifteen sixteen that's the larger narrative and in the beginning i think donald trump wasn't in a position to take that narrative on because his base was still you know wondering if he'd make it through the perilous honeymoon period where generally you do get a break and now we're in a place where eyes are opening and we're realizing you know what happened from two thousand and nine to two thousand and seventeen under barack obama was a mirage low interest rates made it look as if a big deficit spending made it look as if everything was going well in reality we are now we've been party to the grossest abuse of power by an administration ever in the history of this country going all the way back and that's the real story it's not so much two thousand and fifteen sixteen and for that reason we need congressional investigations joints committees we need the media to do its job people like well goodman and other down r.t. frankly who are not down the mainstream don't hold your breath don't hold your breath ok i watch chris cuomo a couple days ago i mean i don't know what is wrong with that guy but it's
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delusional the problem with people like chris cuomo i'm not talking now to a.j. is that they're so vast invested with this can their own conspiracy theory of their own making here that they don't know how they can find an exit now i mean they just keep doubling down on the most absurd. cure things when there are some really big things right there staring us all right in the face here i mean the liberal media doesn't want to concede it made a mistake because they will have to can make concessions about so many other mistakes they may go ahead ha in l.a. or i had the great pleasure of interviewing the charles or told numerous times and he's absolutely brilliant and he is probably one of the foremost people in terms of knowledge about the clinton foundation and clinton foundation scandals and the interesting thing is that ross story actually wrote a hit piece on me recently and they said oh my goodness he's focusing on the or any i'm sell it show goodman and there is a verbatim article title from the new york times cash flow to clinton foundation of
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a mid russian uranium deal that's the forbade him article title if you just look at the public record new york times washington post you can see that millions and millions and millions of millions or hundreds of millions dollars flowed into the clinton foundation and then something beneficial took place for the people who gave money to the clinton foundation that is a huge huge. scandal the reason that clinton used a private e-mail server yeah and she eventually transferred top secret special access program intelligence onto that server which is that's the big issue is how she actually transferred how she was able to transfer that intelligence from separate skits on to her server the reason she used that service because of the clinton foundation and i think that the trump russia and nonsense i think the truck question nonsense is just one way to hide it a giant money laundering is no no no and if i want to.


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