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and that's not debate this season has been imposed on gaza strip for more than eleven years. ensuring the flowing out of the east i can see is right you. know closer to the palestinian. they started asking them to leave. the all clear we're trying to get closer and to see what's happening all we see is is right you want closer and. closer to the palestinian protester boats policy is one wants to go to the sea floor. and something happens with it now we started to feel that it's getting a bit dangerous what happened at that time that we went back to the seaport because it was very dangerous naval forces wrested then control the boats and that's what word launched from the gaza seaport the israeli military said hamas was using
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people to carry out a propaganda operation and breach the blockade the i.d.f. said they're also ready to provide medical assistance to injured palestinians who will later be returned true. suppose that evidence is being presented to show ties between trump and the kremlin the latest being the use of the term which has repeatedly been used to describe the probe into could lose one democrat congresswoman suggests this is a telltale kremlin phrase. explains. according to a top democrat in congress if you use the term which on to and you say it over and over and over again which of which are and which you may be a dupe of the kremlin listen to maxine waters talk about trump he's a lying about which but you notice that he says will turn it over and over again he has learned some of the russian tactics about how you you know deal with getting people to believe you you say it over and over again so repeating something over
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and over and over again is a russian thing that may not be the wisest thing for the democrats to say they've had the same song on repeat for roughly two years russia has hacked into a lot of things the criminal clan russia was meddling in our election russia undermined hillary clinton tov or russian hacking operation these hacks have taken place by russians intelligence committee says that russia is behind this in some form it's goal to do with russia and of course ian brown sugar rush is a russian so if trump invented the term which why did the democrats use that exact same term back in the one nine hundred ninety s. when bill clinton's sex scandal was all over the headlines smells like a double standard to me speaking of double standards remember how the democrats pounded the podium against gina haskell the new cia chief there are two reasons that i oppose this nomination miss haskel support for torture and her willingness to destroy evidence of the cia's use of torture and i have serious concerns about.
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her confirmation and what kind of signal this lady is the real do i'm telling you we're here with everything we possibly think she answered didn't flinch at all well it turns out that while this controversial interrogation program was going on democrats in congress were getting briefings the entire time and did nothing about it and now after the dog and pony show at the hearings is over gina haskell is getting the job and why is gina haskell the new cia chief because two democrats voted for her to an intelligence committee looks poor. to indorse president trump's pick to head the cia gina haskell today this clears to pass her confirmation of cia director if she gained support from democrat senate democrats back when she was secretary of state hillary clinton was always criticizing countries around the world for their human rights record she even pushed obama to send cruise missiles to libya back in two thousand and eleven supposedly to defend human rights yet at the same time her personal foundation the clinton foundation had no problem getting
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donations from the very countries that she was criticizing and sooty arabia giving twenty five billion dollars are all of these countries you talk about women and women's rights so these are people that pushkin a's office buildings these are people that kill women and treat women horribly and yet you take their money so the democrats talk one way and act another i'm not sure where we're finding all these russian tactics they're constantly making reference to because they seem to be practicing double standards all along caleb oppen r.t. new york so a cosmetic company finds itself under fire after a nice thing i make up tutorial for muslim women but explain why some a so upset after the break. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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when lawmakers manufacture consent to the public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round listen to the one percent. we can all middle the routes to. dilute. the american political soap opera widely known as russia gate appears to have no wind well no evidence has been revealed the trump campaign colluded with russia there is mounting evidence the intelligence community or should i say the deep
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state monitored or even spied on truck world. this could have you with us today welcome to the program one of the things driving well nigh as well as a gun crime in britain according to police is a form of rap music known as drill and they've asked you tube to delete videos which they say glamorize violence often and we've seen this in london we have gangs who may drill videos and those videos the two want to shower and say what they're going to do to each other and specifically what they're going to do to who. very quickly you will see these are associated with lyrics with a rise in violence serious violence to give you some context drill music is a type of rap originating in chicago concerns about its message originate from the fact that the word drilled is a slang term for a weapon it's lyrics also often contain
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a reference to the shady side of street life and we spoke to rap artist nobody who says that removing rap content from the internet is not the best way to combat violence i think they're trying to paint a picture of young black youth as being criminals and trying to villainize them and take away this one's ability from themselves perhaps to take away the responsibility from the from the system from the government. but i don't actually believe that the intention of this is even to remove violence because removing music videos from the internet is not going to remove violence we need to look at those communities see what's going on to see what help they're actually in the address of your address privately and give them more support music is actually saving worth of these children's lives rap music is not the only thing being blamed some video games are now thought to be the reason for recent school shootings the most of the controversy is being stirred up by the first person shooter games that many say they just should be restricted by rap artist know about again says people should decide for themselves what's acceptable content. i've never experienced any
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incident where we're at music instigated violence and i've witnessed violence i'm actually from the same kind of communities these young youth of them i have witnessed violence i've witnessed lots of the things these are young rappers are talking about and violence was never the music was never the reason any of those things happened or any of us were involved in that was worrying how far it could go because what was next hoot who gets the decision to say this one is too violent this one is ok well those things are taken out of our hand and definitely if they're put in the hands of the police who have already been proven to use braces tactics to target those communities. the u.s. brand of cosmetics mac is under fire after it released a tutorial for its muslim clients on a what makeup to wear during ramadan apparently it's best to put it on at three in the morning before the traditional preview sunrise meal known as so who're.
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a little bit humorous when you look at the exaggeration the disconnect that is existing between the public relations firms in these big corporations who are
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trying to kind of you know includes include you know. christmas ramadan different religious occasions they're trying to be very much involved in grander trying to address the consumer on a personal level or something but at the end of the days sometimes it's a big. it's just very much just connected from what actually is going on and no they're not useful at all i did say ninety nine percent of the ladies who are waking up first it's actually very laughable. michael's big trip across russia visiting world cup host cities is nearing its end. goal keeper reports from the city has a special significance for the great dane because that's where his nation and his son casper will start their world cup drug. it's.
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welcome to arena like so many of the other stadiums this is purposely built for the world cup. games being played here and the first of those has a personal interest to me because that will feature my son playing in this pitch but then begins to. presume team b. that would be done with that. for the last time i was in a dressing room with a play about two hundred years ago it suddenly didn't look like this it's up to the side and i think in this seat that all people for whatever team is playing it will be sad and since denmark my son play in the first game and uses this gesture and i think this will be cast aside. i think emotion the players i've got the feeling of denmark playing obviously but also with my son in there some of the
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. most of them and maybe any other game that you think this is a well well coffee's masses. have a son and. i'm very proud of. what else is going on around here and peter schmeichel and i'm here to find out. i mean the museum surrounds and that's a pub an exhibition by a fellow called step. at least i think that's how you pronounce it he is an extraordinary artist the centerpiece of the whole expression is this. it's called moses it's made from one. piece of wood it might have must have been some. tree but it's fantastic it is and so so many other of his pieces in here.
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it looks a little bit like a very famous or an elder but let me just see if i can find a picture of him. to go. over the common over from this angle it looks more like a lutheran cop. and from over here. from here it's a spitting image of loon for for how that and let me just see when it was made. it was made in nineteen sixty two. so maybe from how did the models for this. are really got inspired by being in the museum so i phoned up a local artist called your idiom just to see if i could use his art gallery and as you can see he's quite a competent artist himself with exhibitions basically everywhere in the world it was nice and all will complete that thank you very much and i really want to see if
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i can paint so do you mind if i if i use your pencils and colors and yes of course . i'm not sure what's going to end up on the canvas but i will attempt. to. paint a face. on it painted growing up we didn't have that evidence of my school but i always enjoyed showing. i really like a guy and a guy. here his name is just a condo or a enjoy his work but then of course my my favorites like everybody else would say was have the cast. well so sad. for thinking so it's in the book.
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i'm scared of him. that's going to say it's not my best piece but then sin is my only piece it is my best piece. and this is how it looks. i'm just about to go and states now and speak to the defense a fair and this is special for me because this is where i've done my play the first gay president hopefully this guy will support that our main you've got a really smart enough to want to teach young people ask why should your life. i'm speaking traveling around russia to see all the host cities and this one is the one that i have been looking for once in six weeks exactly. this
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is where the well cup starts from the emotion and since i came out so this is using a i expect that all of you will from now on support that much. does not apply. to you. this car did you. how did you manage to score zero we were first time that you did it impressed this is.
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the world cup kicks off on june fourteenth with russia opposes saudi arabia here in moscow the next day and some peters but portugal versus spain among others i hope you'll join us for our special coverage. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of the but there was one more question and by the way he's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to go to the center of the beach but the way we do and do so little all the great the great the good you are
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the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one. needs to just read the review theology team's latest edition to make up a bigger. book. seemed wrong. just don't hold. me close to get to shape out these days comes to educate and in games from an equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. i'm part shelton thank you for watching coming up on the program today the phenomenally huge farm bill it failed to pass congress it to this negs why is it important fred kaufman author of bet the farm joins us from new york to bring us into the loop plus the philippines is heavily reliant on all the other fossil fuel to power their growing country but how are they trying to distance themselves from that party correspondent alex i live it brings us up to speed joins us from toronto
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to discuss and later we'll be joined by hilary one of which the founder and c.e.o. of drill marks who joins us to discuss rexx it and all of the calamity that has ensued as we approach the two year anniversary of the breakfast referendum all of that and more coming up on today's show but first let's get some headlines pretty fast at a hard world one of wall street's largest computer driven kuan hedge fund and that's headed by called chin ski and manages roughly five billion dollars and is offering another fun and this fund will be open to outside investors world point currently employs more than six hundred fifty people one hundred twenty are ph d.'s with offices in twenty six cities in fifteen different countries. while investigators have not yet reported on the southwest airlines flight that took the life of one woman there are increasing calls for enhanced inspections since it's been determined that there were warnings about the suspect plane engine nearly two
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years prior to the accident lawmakers and regulatory officials at the u.s. federal aviation administration are considering increased inspections to date limited budgets and so. staffing at the f.a.a. have focused inspections on the greatest areas of need and threat airport on the southwest accident is expected in several weeks. and wal-mart says they will continue by on their buying streak as they endeavor to compete against amazon which reported on the program before that wal-mart recently purchased eight hundred seventy eighty seven rather percent of the indian company flipkart which is india's largest e-commerce company and at the end of april wal-mart merged with u.k. based asda grocer with their or larger rival j. sansbury while warmer currently operates in twenty eight countries around the world more appear to be on the way as their strategy shifts to owning or at least partial ownership of additional global retail companies.
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and now we move to talk about the farm bill a huge eight hundred fifty six billion dollars piece of legislation the numbers matter here and while we don't talk about every bill time a bill passes the house or senate this one is different not only because it's huge and taxpayers foot the bill but because the farm bill impacts so very many people and a lot of people that you may be unaware about here discuss a fred kaufman author of bet the farm fred thanks as always for being with us this is the huge money program and it's paid for by taxpayers but what does the farm bill actually do why is it important. the farm bill has been a signature piece of legislation and bipartisan legislation since one thousand nine hundred thirty three bar every five years it has been passed into last monday and there is parts in it for everybody in this country the farmers get their price of ports they get their insurance that's for the rural population in the urban
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population we get school lunches we get assistance for food everybody is a part of this bill that also happens to be the largest conservation bill in the country in the country for land conservation the last when we saw it on monday that all that funding had been cut but it didn't pass the bill did not pass and congress is looking at a major impasse right now fred you and i both know about the farm bill as you know i worked on it for the several of the many many years but for our viewers the boom busters who don't let's talk about just a little bit more of sort of the table setting here you say that it includes the food assistance program but we still have millions of people on food stamps food assistance why is that if we're paying to support them. well really what we're looking at here in terms of the snap program that's supplemental nutrition program is that before the commodity crisis of two thousand and seven two thousand and
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eight we had about twenty six million people in the program that shot up after the commodity boom of two thousand and eight and twenty eleven to about forty nine million people it is now back down to about forty two million people on food assistance and what we're looking at every year here is roughly a sixty five billion twenty billion split in terms of in terms of the money sixty five going to the herb in the supplemental nutrition and the school lunch programs and the twenty going too far farm assistance but the thing bart that's important to see is that in the past we could see these coalitions if they were all in the urban with the suburban in the middle that has completely collapsed that is no longer the political reality of this country i want to get to that in a moment but i want to hit on a couple other basic issues in the farm bill first you mentioned earlier the and environment a lot of people hear the phrase they say well the farm bill produces pays
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producers farmers for not producing and one of those reasons is for environmentally sensitive areas so explain that a little bit more. well one of the this is this legislation allows farmers to put aside and conserve great parts of their acreage so that it can remain natural its it is the largest single program of this kind is the largest conservation program but also what we're looking at here is legislation which is taking away any kind of oversight for using pesticides that could conceivably harm endangered species it is taking away funding for clean energy programs and in farms and rural populations this is why all along with the work requirements for snap that it did not get one single democratic vote just crazy and i want to move on to sort of the politics of this but before we do i just want to say it also includes
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the farm bill real development programs and that is rural housing assistance. programs if you're a member of a rural electric co-op a lot of those grants and loans come from the farm bill u.s.d.a. and it also has a rural business programs to help fuel inject a smaller business in rural areas so if there's a whole wide wrath of programs that are included fred now let's talk a little bit about the politics here because it's so important this has been a bipartisan bill one of the reasons that i like working on it to work with republicans and democrats but it's broken down in a pretty big way why. well that's a really interesting that's a very interesting question look the politics in this country is broken and so what we're seeing is this extreme partisanship and that what we're seeing in the news is this idea of the far right the republican caucus is no longer following in lockstep with paul ryan that paul ryan the speaker of the house has lost control
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of the scheduling he's lost control of his party and we have the freedom caucus saying we are not going to vote for this bill until we see an immigration bill and effectively taking themselves out of it now what is really going on here what's really going on here is we have a lame duck speaker of the house somebody who everybody knows is no longer going to be the speaker of the house and we're seeing a lot of political positioning who will be next in fact the freedom caucus just today demanded that mark meadows the far right of the far right throw his hat in the ring to be speaker of the house here's a guy who voted against funding for hurricane sandy here's a guy who led the efforts to shut down not just the farm bill but the entire government in two thousand and thirteen mark meadows i've got to watch out for these guys absolutely i mean my experience for as i jokingly say in government for too long a part of the problem perhaps is that trying to work across the aisle is the best
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way to do it and these outliers on the left or the right by the way really aren't the way to get things working and government to too many politicians say they campaigned against government how it doesn't work and they get to washington and they seek to prove it let me ask you this before we leave what do you think will happen in the midterm elections that's important we don't talk about politics one boom bust a lot but that's important because of tax cuts because the transportation infrastructure bill what do you think's going to happen. you know i am not a soothsayer. i am. i'm going to call the democrats bart i'm going i'm going to hope democrat. they control the house and the whole question of who will be the next speaker for the republicans will become immediately moot absolutely we will also be looking at the senate i worked in both the house and senate and the senate tends to be a place where cooler heads do prevail there is only one hundred of them so they will try to work in concert with each other we'll see that maybe we'll have you back after the senate passed the bill fred kaufman author of bet the farm thank you
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fred for joining us thank you bart. and time now for a quick break but hang here because when we return we'll talk rex it and to help us break down where the process stand will be joined by the c.e.o. and founder of strong market for which the latest development but first we'll go to toronto where alex by higher living will join us to talk about the philippines and their addictions the coal and what they're doing to move to clean energy back in a flash status. with little make this manufacture come sentenced to the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round listen to the one percent.
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we can all middle of the room sick. rooms the real need for. the american political soap opera widely known as russia gate appears to have no wind well no evidence has been revealed the trump campaign colluded with russia there is mounting evidence the intelligence community or should i say the deep state monitored really been spied on trying world. for manners sitting in a car when. phipps gets shot in the head. all four different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because the oldest did not shoot around a corner.


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