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tv   Going Underground  RT  May 30, 2018 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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same term back in the one nine hundred ninety s. when bill clinton's sex scandal was all over the headlines smells like a double standard to me speaking of double standards remember how the democrats counted the podium against gina haskell the new cia chief there are two reasons that i oppose this nomination miss haskel support for torture and her willingness to destroy evidence of the cia's use of torture and i have serious concerns about. her confirmation and what kind of signal sent this lady is the real do i'm telling you we hit her with everything we possibly think she answered didn't flinch at all well it turns out that while this controversial interrogation program was going on democrats in congress were getting briefings the entire time and did nothing about it and now after the dog and pony show at the hearings is over gina haskell is getting the job and why is gina haskell the new cia chief because two democrats voted for him intelligence committee looks poised to indorse president trump's pick to head the cia gina haskell today this clears to pass her confirmation of cia
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director if she gained support from democrat senate democrats back when she was secretary of state hillary clinton was always criticizing countries around the world for their human rights record she even pushed obama to send cruise missiles to libya back in two thousand and eleven supposedly to defend human rights yet at the same time her personal foundation the clinton foundation had no problem getting donations from the very countries that she was criticizing and sooty arabia giving twenty five billion dollars are all of these countries you talk about women and women's rights so these are people that push gays. buildings these are people that kill women and treat women horribly and yet you take their money so the democrats talk one way and act another i'm not sure where we're finding all these russian tactics they're constantly making reference to because they seem to be practicing double standards all along. r.t. . new york. israel turned back
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a group of palestinian ships trying to breach the gaza blockade and sail to cyprus where the main a vessel was carrying patients wounded in recent border protests as well as students hoping to obtain an education abroad our seventeen people world trying to reach. it was intercepted nine nautical miles off the coast of gaza despite international accords under which israel is obliged to allow vessels to travel up to twenty nautical miles from gaza a local correspondent was on the one of the birds. in the middle of the sea. expanse of times of. the sea.
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where. the last point. at palestinians are genuine. and the protests. in another way this is learned but. it's still not clear we're trying to get closer and to see what's happening all we see is. close as. close to the palestinian. ones. as something. started getting. at what happened at the time that we went. back to the sea port because it
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was very dangerous naval forces arrested then control the boats that's the word lines from the god seaport. the israeli military said hamas was using people to carry out a propaganda operation and breach the blockade the i.d.f. said they're also ready to provide medical assistance to injured palestinians who will later be ripped through gaza. more news in a. what
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politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and should. somehow want to. be close this is what it looks like three of the more people. interested always in the long. quarter past the hour here in moscow good of you to join us today one of the things driving knife as well as gun crime in britain according to police is
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a form of rap music known as drill they've asked you tube to delete videos which they say glamorize violence often and with synthes in london we have gangs who may drill videos in those videos the tone to and say what they're going to do to each other and specifically what they're going to do to who very quickly you will see these associated with lyrics with a rise in violence serious violence to give you some context drill music is a type of rap originating from chicago concerns about its message originate from the fact that the word drill is slang for weapon it's lyrics off also often are contained reference to the shady side of street life and we spoke to rap artist noble who says that removing rap content from the internet is not the best way to fight violence. i think they're trying to paint a picture of young black you as being criminals and trying to villainize them and take away the responsibility from themselves perhaps to take away the
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responsibility from the from the system from the government. i don't actually believe that the intention of this is even to remove violence because removing music videos from the internet is not going to remove violence we need to look at those communities see what's going on to see what help they're actually in the address of your address and give them more support music is actually saving worth of these children's lives. rap music is not the only thing being blamed some video games and our thought to be the recent recent reason for school shootings and most of the controversy is being stirred up by a first person shooter games many say they should be restricted. again says people should decide for themselves what's acceptable content i've never experienced any incident where we're at music instigate violence and i've witnessed violence are muchly from the same kind of community as these young new for whom i have witnessed what i witnessed lots of the things you're talking about and for islands it was never the music was never the reason any of those things are possible any of us
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were involved in this war and how far it could go cause what's next who gets the decision to say this one is too violent this one is ok when those things are taken out of our hand and definitely if they're put in the hands of the police who have already been proven to use braces tactics to target those communities well that knife crime is on the increase in the u.k. sparking debate on how to count counter it one judges chimed in calling for a ban on the unrestricted sale of long pointed knives and make mad says long pointed knives should be sold only in rare defined circumstances he also thinks that the police should launch a program to modified knives purchased legally imagine says his proposals will reduce the number of life threatening injuries caused by stabbings the latest police figures show that over the last four years knife crimes in london have almost doubled our guests debated the issue. ridiculous suggestion isn't it what we're going to do is we're going to basically printing lies the decency on
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a majority for the for all the close and let's put it the right the downright criminal where we need to be doing is dishing out proper sentences for the. reestablishing proper family values and teach them proper moral codes my twenty five years of experience as a forensic psychologist again and again i would come across impulsive unplanned home signs where arguments in the home setting would simply goes out of hand no i don't i'm not aware that enormous calls are going to many for hours right and there was a case. there was a case just recently where somebody to read the source point are you going to be calling for frying pans and souls to be banned next if they can identify high risk households people on bail for example ok and say look here's a real alternative to a sharp knife or this is something the reduces the risk. yeah well just how do you
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describe oh did i describe if you can the clinical psychologist what a high risk household is because if it's a high risk our house or where there's somebody in there who might grab a knife you know it's a bit i think there are a variety of different ways of identifying places where this might be useful intervention if you think somebody is a threat to somebody they're living with all that person has to be removed or you are playing russian roulette but not with a loaded revolver but with a key change or full of no lives it just doesn't make sense to my last no logic. on the past here in moscow artie's or peter schmeichel is big trip across russia visiting world cup host cities is nearing its end today the legendary goalkeeper reports from around the city that has a special significance for the great dane because that's where his nation and his son casper will start their world cup journey.
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it's. welcome to summarise corrina like so many of the other stadiums this is purposely built for the world cup. full games being played here and the first of those has a personal interest to me because that will feature my son playing in this pitch but then begins to. presume team b. that will be done which for. the last time i was in a dressing room with a play about two hundred years ago it suddenly didn't look like this it's up to the two sides and i think in this seat that all people for whatever team is playing it will be sacked and since denmark my son play in the first game and uses this gesture and i think this will be cast aside. i think emotion the
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players i've got the feeling of denmark playing obviously but also with my son in there some of the. most of them and maybe any other game that you face this is a well comp well coffee's matches. have the sunshine and. i'm very proud of. what else is going on around here and peter schmeichel and i'm here to find out. i mean the museum surrounds and that's a pub an exhibition by a fellow called step. at least i think that's how you pronounce it he is an extraordinary artist the centerpiece of the whole exhibition is this. it's called moses it's made from one. piece of wood in one of the must have been some. tree
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but it's fantastic it is and so so many other of his pieces in here. it looks a little bit like a very famous or an elder but let me just see if i can find a picture of him. to go. over the common over from this angle it looks more like a new front. and from over here. from here it's a spitting image of flume for fun how that anklet you see when it was made. it was made in one thousand nine hundred sixty two. so maybe from how did the model for this. i really got inspired by being in the museum so i phoned up a local artist called your idiom just to see if i could use his art gallery and as
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you can see he's quite a competent artist himself with exhibitions basically everywhere in the world it was nice and all welcome thank you very much and i really want to see if i can paint so do you mind if i if i use your pencils and colors and yes of course. i'm not sure what's going to end up on the canvas but i will attempt to do it too to paint a face. painting going oh we didn't have that and when my school i always enjoyed showing. i really like a guy an american guy. here his name is just a condo or a enjoy his work but then of course my my favorites like everybody else would say was have the cast. it will sound.
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like. i'm scared of him. he's going to say it's not my best piece but then sin is my only piece it is my best piece. and this is how it looks. i'm just about to go on stage now and speak to the defense a fair and this is special for me because this is where i tend not to play the first game but you know hopefully this guy would support that i mean you really far off want to. call off my action to all night i'm. sitting here. i'm speeding traveling around russia to see all the host cities and this one is the
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one that i have been looking for once in six weeks. because this is where the well cup starts for me emotionally and since i came out so this is usually day i expect that all of you will from now on suppose that my. house a couple of. years ago.
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discraft you do. how did you manage to score a goal we were the first time that you did it and proceed to sit. in. the twenty eighteen world cup kicks off in two weeks' time join us for our special coverage on r.t. international. four men are sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. all
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four different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because the list did not shoot around a corner. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us as over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent from its last year some with four hundred to five hundred per circuit per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one to one business show you can't afford to miss
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the one and only. us. the imaginary times are we going underground as edinburgh hosts the annual general meeting of the bailed out majority nationalized royal bank of scotland and a possible tory government privatization coming up in the show. but the murder rate in the austerity hit british capital overtaking new york city is really censorship of music videos on you tube a sign of desperation we speak to someone who represented one hundred twenty thousand cops steve white former chair of the police federation and taking our liberties that's what grind them seamlessly for exist newest track which claims inspired by successive juries are made scandals from with drugs to grant fell to the creation of a british hostile environment all the civil coming of
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a days going underground but first as the e.c.b. desperately tries to prop up italian defacto junk bonds after the imposition of an i.m.f. man as prime minister austerity in britain is arguably leading to bizarre threats to freedom of speech sadly nic i have had to look at quite a lot of drill music you can access it sadly also very easily not so easily now thanks to her who is the boss of britain's largest police force because you gave police have repeatedly had you tube delete more than half their catalogue of drill music videos while multi-billion dollar corporate hollywood films arguably glamorize violence there is no room for art alleged to articulate u.k. in a city violence by independent musicians well as british police try to get to grips with u.k. violence on the streets by censoring music videos i'm joined now by the former chair of the police federation representing one hundred twenty thousand police officers steve white steve thanks for coming back on i'm going to ask after your
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you came i'm going underground last time we explain ng very forensically what was wrong with government policy why you're no longer chairing the police federation now well i've moved on we move on in our professional careers and you know i had a great experience being the chairman but i felt as though there's more that i could give to the rest of placing and that's what i'm doing now because it seems so sudden and the papers are full of stories and speculator freemasonry you know two things i think it's given me an opportunity to talk a little bit freer about some concerns that i've got within the culture of placing the culture of peace is going to change. it's got to change to keep pace with the new way of policing and of course the new massive new wave of different types of offenses that we've now got to deal with and of course you know draw music is one of those issues and we've got to have a culture in the police service that can respond to that and so you know it's enabled me to speak a little bit freer about about issues such as that which is really important if the police are going to continue to evolve and to professionalize and to be able to
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address those issues we're going to drill me sick it is good but you did feel presumably when you were chairing it that your concerns were shared in the main by the rank and file of officers oh yeah absolutely and of course we've now got a new home secretary who's going to have quite a challenge in terms of delivering what he spoke about at the recent police federation conference and i think it's going to be interesting to see how that that thinking within government may have changed i'd like to think that i played a part in that in the three and a half years that i was the police federation chairman rebuilding those links with government because you know you can be antagonistic towards government if you want and it's relatively easy to do that but what's a bit harder is to actually work with them to say these are some of the real issues that need to be resolved some of that is about resources some of it as i ses around the changing culture and some of it is actually understanding what it takes to police the u.k. in the twenty first century and of course the rank and file are absolutely the
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people that you need to be speaking to malaysian to that before we get to the new home secretary sajid javid to go over to the disgrace to his secretary on the road to resign who proudly said that is brother was a police officer just take us back remind us what has happened to law and order in this country since terrorism into the government as more of a home secretary and and of course now minority government prime minister well of course we've been through a huge tranche of austerity for for seven or eight years now. which has meant that there hasn't been the money in some public services that perhaps we could argue and i used to argue should have been pushing in those resources i think the interesting thing is that as new offenses now come online and as the government is now beginning to look at issues around cyber crime and digital offenses which is really coming to the fore now i think they're beginning to realise that the changing nature of crime means that we've got to start reinvesting into the surface and
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you've got a situation where even some of the more traditional crime types which i have said for quite some time has been on the rise now i think the government is either recognising that that type of more traditional crime whether it be around knife crime by them be around acquisitive crime property crime burglary robbery unfortunately they are on the rise and we've got to be able to tackle that now it's not just a case of throwing money at the service but it is certainly a case of the service understanding how it's going to use its resources better in the future the service has got to continue to evolve in the same way as any business has in terms of responding to demands and at the moment we're lacking a little bit behind there's a little bit we're just a bit of this in context obviously crime in london murders of golar by forty four percent others more dangerous than new york city and we've had sixty killed in twenty eighteen you're this is really traditional because this got the world to
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dick you recognize it would you say about a reduction in police violence is resorting to stopping you tube videos seems a bit. bridges strange reaction to that going to the level of increase there's there's a huge issue facing the british police service in terms of where we're where we're going to put our resources and what the priorities of launching said if everything's a priority the nothing's a priority and of course over the past few years quite rightly so there's been a huge increase in focus around terrorism and an issue such as that and of course we have been incredibly successful but nothing is entirely successful and we've seen those awful attacks that we had over twelve months ago in manchester and indeed in london in london bridge. very resource intensive those resources are going to come from somewhere and i think what you're now seeing is that as as those resources have been diverted from one priority to another now we're beginning to see the effect in terms of the service reporting an increase in these crimes it's
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very complex it's not as easy to give you an arab or visa on the beach because of terrorism arguably. foreign policy well that is there simply aren't as many police officers now as they used to be so you know there isn't as many police officers aren't used to be yeah exactly and so that's pretty that's pretty straightforward some will say yes but actually you know bodies on the beat want to they actually contribute to to reducing crime well certainly they contribute to a certain extent in making people feel safer but strangely enough you know if you see a lot of arm place around the city certainly do in london say oh i'm going to board reasonably well but but but the point is we want to see a lot of police officers carrying guns and it actually alarms people rather than reassures the able i think people who are more police on the streets don't want them i would eat machine guns and i would probably agree perth course now we've got certain parts of the u.k. like devon and co for example talking about routinely arming police officers
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because they have a huge geographic area not very many police officers and they need to be able to respond to the threat whatever that may may be in a timely manner so they're now beginning to talk about actually police officers carrying sidearms perhaps now i don't think anyone particularly wants to see a fully armed police service in the yard natural during the summer visit to london where we're. you know where we see what donna says but this is you know this is for us to decide in this country but you know going back to my original point the police service has a whole tranche of responsibilities a whole tranche of new things that he's got to respond to and if everything is a priority nothing's a priority so whether it be bobbies on the be whether be responding to knife crime whether be responding to the murders that are happening. whether be responding to you tube videos we've got to decide what the priority is make sure the resource is there to be able to deal with it see the twenty sixteen move or winner deborah a purveyor of drill music said that all this kind of stuff with you tube let alone
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would you're saying a but emphases budget is so very huge it was a distraction from things that affect schools youth clubs social housing the cuts in all of these aspects of society civic society at large. i mean do you think the you tube videos for instance of the big reason why we've seen an upsurge in murder well i'm certainly not an expert in that area but of course i think there is a huge amount of material on the internet which i think a lot of people could interpret as being you know offensive. that probably could this is the words in medieval times in the inner city loved well absolutely but it but i yeah and look at the record there in terms of keeping people alive i suppose but of course you know the issue is whether or not large companies such as you tube can self police to a certain extent you know i would probably tend to think that it shouldn't be down
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to the police service to be going to an organization such as you choose and saying you want to be taking this town one would hope that they would have the understanding in the morality to be able to turn around and say actually that it's not appropriate now i'm not making a judgement on the genre of jerome music at all because quite frankly i don't really know it and we innovate you do have to go on yourself to respond to that right and draw music to me was when i was a was a police recruit marching on the parade ground to liberty bell every difficulty already on the shores of london but i don't think it's for the place to say whether or not a joiner ease is right or wrong but it is the job of the place service to do though is to uphold the law and if the law says that you're not allowed to put some of this stuff out incite violence then the service has got to to respond. sure there are freedom of speech concerns there and i should say south london or chicago where which also has it influence what about the fact that sajid javid supports the increased use of stop and search which we know disproportionately targets people of
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color but i think the important thing around stop and search is that it's always been a very useful tool for the police service what we had were concerns you know the statistics that you sort of alluded to there that painted a picture that was concerning of course since since that happened some years ago and there was a decrease in use to stop and search in terms of the real education in the trying to police officers that has changed quite consider the reeducation. black people eight times more likely to be still know we're talking a lot i'm not here to defend particular you know areas where where that might those abilities to do what what i'm saying is that it's a valuable tool it needs to be used in the right way and i think the vast majority of members of the public out there would understand that if you if as a police officer you had grounds to suspect that someone might be carrying something illegal then it makes absolute sense for the police officer be able to establish whether or not it's thought that it's the cat isn't targeting of the working class isn't it.


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