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tv   Documentary  RT  May 31, 2018 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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thanks for coming on to r.t. today thanks for your time or short take on this court ruling is it justice to think. well it's important that we remember that this is the second time there's a european governments ruled in favor of was a beta in two thousand and fourteen they ruled that he had been held illegally have been tortured by the cia and they were in the european court was ordered. to pay them two hundred to pay him two hundred fifty thousand dollars now that's a huge amount for somebody who's out in kuantan and on you have no idea when he's ever going to see more importantly you see these repeated cases coming again and again whether it's lithuania whether it's main you know whether it's poland or beyond where people are tortured the truth comes out the ruling is given compensation is is given the united states in their case haven't even gone that far they've simply done a report in two thousand and fourteen the u.s. senate report on torture said they came clean on we are transparent bunch the
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reality is that these are war crimes and he was prosecuted for this and nobody will be prosecuted no matter how many accomplices and it's important that we're involved that states in that was a baby he was rendition from pakistan to afghanistan to thailand with all. the cats i've talked to prison and then from up from there and was sentenced to more. remain you know all of the one time he's been on our odyssey of torture and still has not been charged with any crime so this is actually the worst kind of in terms of where justice simply doesn't apply therefore why does it stop short then do you think most of actually trying to prosecute pay paul. i think of course it's going to open a door it's going to open. the floodgates actually because because there are in the c.i.s. and talk report torture report there are one hundred told and one thousand cases sorry mention and in addition to that of the autonomy of prisoners and many others
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so imagine the lawsuits that would one after the other come and be filed against us they don't have to prosecute the entire bush administration and beyond and of course that's probably not going to be possible because from top to bottom they're all guilty they've all been involved in that we know from bush to dog rumsfeld to the torture memos that are at the well orchestrated by which is most senior legal advisors so where does the buck stop with torture and the truth is that the rather that rather than open the door for even any one single individual they simply said that we're open at all obama said that any of the talk of that were involved in it was opposed to what you will in new prosecutions. the wall doesn't exist and the reason why they have to make sure that doesn't happen is that sort of not prosecutions for people who. when you listen to donald trump speak and his views on torture north of the appointment of a nice cia chief who was involved in the torture program i mean it doesn't seem to
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be much for eradicating torture. i think that's exactly right what you see here is that there's a series you've got. four presidents essentially that all ruled america run america was the torture program has either gone or gone on or has been allowed to get away with it so even when. he put in that very crucial statement when he said that will be look what was involved in torture and because there's no prosecutions the new president can come a long trial and say i believe torture works. or water boarding is a great thing because there is not precedent if it is in prosecuted for the crime that it is a war crime then he would never dare say such a thing so imagine that somebody from the sub-saharan africa we thought. we. were doing activities in our country imagine what would happen if they thought
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. sure ok moser nice to talk to you we've run out of times we'll have to leave it there but it was most and beg for my grant and i'm a detainee thank you. journalists have rounded on the ukrainian authorities for faking the assassination of a russian opposition reporter in kiev a car chain co was the journalist in question and he has responded to one article in the british media slamming ukraine's action the article claimed the fake murder did more harm than good carty though he left a comment on his own facebook page addressing the british press and using offensive language he said if the press wants more good than harm then give him a british passport and protection meanwhile other international media and security watchdogs have also slammed the stunt as the probable and regrettable. the staged murder of journalists are kinds of bugs and could by the ukrainian
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security service is distressing well the reappearance of the reporter may be a great relief it is deeply regrettable the crane's authorities who played with the truth no matter what the motive relieved that are currently bugged chinky was alive i deplore the decision to spread false information on the life of a journalist it is the duty of the state to provide correct information to the public where the story began when ukrainian authorities claimed they had found genco with gunshot wounds at his flat in the capital and said he had died on his way to hospital however less than twenty four hours later it was revealed that the murder had actually been staged in craning security forces claim that they had done it in order to foil an actual russian plot to kill a journalist artist on quarter reports now on the fall act from the controversial case. when a russian journalist was pronounced murdered in the ukrainian capital it didn't take long for the ceremonial finger pointing at russia to begin he was only working
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on things that were critical and investigative of russia and of the russian government as well he said there was nothing that was critical of ukrainians of course that network and its boss placing the blame on the kremlin and on russia journalist known political leanings have led some to point the finger in one direction it was a calculated deliberate international terrorist crime committed on the direct instruction of the russian authorities who can blame them when the story has all the perfect ingredients the russian totalitarian machine putin's regime going after the kremlin critic except the guy turned up alive and well imagine everyone's confusion what on earth is showing on fred all of these developments in just the last hour or so i know that absolutely gobsmacked when a second so what the heck actually have been here russia said it was relieved that arc was alive but also fiore us and understandably so after being falsely accused
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of murder questions of life and death in ukraine as well as the international community's trust in its politics are nothing more than a bargaining chip for the kids regime to stir up russian hysteria fellow journalists were outraged too when a state says a prominent journalist who had received threats was murdered i think the media have to report it but with the fake news in ukraine have reduced all of our credibility trump would be proud had learned not to trust ukrainian authorities on don't best warrant but assuming something like this fishel confirmation was solid apologies it's on wikipedia is most notable fake death so what gives while the murder was staged by the ukrainian secret service to foil an alleged kremlin plot they say they did it secretly not even his wife knew imagine what the poor woman one thing. true but one ukrainian lawmaker thinks this is ok because sherlock holmes successfully used the method of staging his own death to effectively investigate
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difficult and complicated crimes well if it happened in fiction must be good in real life to whether ukraine will produce evidence that there was ever a russian plot in the first place remains to be seen but after a stunt like this it's hard to imagine many will take anything he says at face value the taming is key i think just before we start the world cup in russia which is a short case event for any country that holds a little cup the horse won a cup and suddenly we're getting the story switches does that which are designed i would speculate to discredit russia and discredit russia and the eyes of the world just as a supposed to host the world cup and still this is a very lamentable campaign it's been targeting russia because it's no interfering in areas in which all nations have in the past understood that they are off limits when it comes to using them for propaganda purposes such as trying to use
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a world cup to undermine the host nation that does no good to anyone is special at a time when we need to try and form an understanding. brussels has hit back at us trade towers that you spain and i will have the latest on that just after the break . i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the superman each killed in their own lives and spending two to twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great so what chance with. the basics.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy going from station let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. again that the u.s. has announced it will slap the e.u. with terrorists on out of many and steel imports from the measure is coming into effect on friday canada and mexico will also be hit from first announced the global terrorists back in march but in a concession to allies including the e.u. certain exemptions were granted although they have now been removed so let's get
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the latest from a smear account she joins us from washington good evening sameera has the be much reaction then to this decision by donald trump. well the secretary for commerce and now it's the tariffs after a meeting with the french finance minister a minister and the tariffs reportedly threatened a billions worth of european exports to the u.s. the e.u. is understandably outrage and they called it a horrible day for trade let's take a look it is a bad day for world trade it is truly an acceptable there are countries imposing unilateral measures when it comes to world trade. as for the measures brussels has previously promised to retaliate with twenty five percent tariffs on u.s. products like motorcycles in jeans a cigarettes a cranberry juice and peanut butter let's take a quick look. so now we will also impose import tariffs this is basically a stupid process the fact that we have to do this but we have to do it we were not
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impose tariffs on motorcycles harley davidson on blue jeans levis on bourbon we can also do stupid we also have to be this stupid. now the secretary for commerce has downplayed the tariff so it seems like it won't really affect us you relations but all of us have to see what happens and if the e.u. decides to retaliate. ok samir thanks for the update that was american for us in washington. now syria's president bashar assad says more u.s. strikes targeting the syrian government are possible his comments to come to an exclusive interview with r.t. is more against the assad also explained why he thinks it's wrong to call the conflict in his country a syrian civil war is some of what he said. the timing of this. strike was after the victory of the syrian troops.
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let alone the fact that we don't have chemical weapons in your way and let the other folks but we're not going to use it against old people because the better new theory was about winning the heart of the civilians this is the main button and we want it so how can you use chemical weapons against civilians that you want them to have to be supportive to the if you go to that area it was very clear and by our means by factions in by civilians we never use such armaments or weapons that are going to harm everyone something that didn't happen and if you go to that area and you ask me and there was no chemical attack me or anyone. the word of it all is not according to what we have actually from the very beginning mercenaries syrians and foreigners being paid by the with in order to
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topple the government this is the reality of the myriad view the very stark reality everything else is just masks to cover the real intention talking about the political differences moderate peaceful. we don't have civil war in syria if we had three or four for seven years we should have been divided by now. even as a student myself i have a long distant relative who. came to syria to fight against you to resist you because he was told that you would target you with killing soon why is it that so many people in all these different countries in america in russia these sunni's these muslims they believe that you are oppressing because the first thirty of when it started in turn internationally mainly in the with of course their plan was to
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create this rift within the. society that we make things easier for them when you have such a civil war kind of civil war between thinks or if this city and they feel now the keep using the theme narrative at least to encourage some fed at the x. in different places in the world to come and defend their brothers. with regards to the united states relation to would you president trump is called you quote animal asset to have a nickname for the u.s. president. this is not my language so i cannot through a similar language this is his alone you to prevent him thing there's a very. no in principle but what you see is what you are so you want to present what to do with it. and you can watch that interview unfold see with syrian
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president out throughout the day here in r.t. it's also available on our website and you can find that at r.t. dot com. just coming up to half past six here in moscow we're back with more some headlines to make happen. in the movies. you never know what's around the corner you never know what's in the pub even to walk into excitement it's that not knowing that's where the adrenaline rush comes from. and you can easily move by definition and the
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extremes of all forms of. the violence is a part and it's almost a schizophrenia gang culture where you can do all these things and behave badly. important people of course colorful all. of us but also focus on the last. funniest man infirmed. more. than the start. of a broader where no i figure out i really did a poll down now when i get. the meaning in reason is that at least if you don't let me involves it's constantly evolving in. a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all such but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know you're one of us is
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a huge star among us and the huge amount of fresh camera matthew her. to the center of the. great the great you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down let's go. alone. and i'm really happy. for the thousand in the world cup in russia. this special one come on so if they say meet just at the radio. they just addition make it up as they go. greetings and salutation well well well talk watchers it appears they're right when
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we thought that the conveyor morgan's trans mountain canadian pipeline was finally put to rest dead in the barrel one might say in swoops canada's very you know in the biz and the prince himself prime minister just i'm sure doe to say big oil's dying pipeline yes after british columbia politicians environmentalist indigenous groups fought tooth and nail through protest and political action and legal action to slow the development of the pipeline down to the point where even kinda morgan c.e.o. steve kane conceded back in early april that quote it is difficult to conceive of any scenario in which we would proceed with the project well prime minister trudeau slid in with a shocking r k o out of nowhere on the opponents of the pipeline announcing that the canadian government well now by the pipeline outright just to complete the controversial project it is being reported that trudeau as government is looking to
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spend four point five billion canadian dollars or three point four billion u.s. dollars to purchase kimber morgan's pipeline naturally this move is left opponent. of the pipeline shocked dismayed and outright angry clayton thomas muller a campaigner with three fifty dot org stated despite tens of thousands of people opposing it he just used taxpayer money to bail out a project the communities don't want that would break his own climate commitments and the indigenous peoples are fighting from the bright lines to the courtrooms as not alone so be heroes in the climate activists in canada tweeted this one this moment will go down in canadian history as a desperate last gasp of an industry that cooked our planet and for the immense moral cowardice of just government in the face of the climate crisis. so just how is the tiger beat trudeau going to charm is way out of this one let's find out as we start watching.
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the. real thing. as if you were to pull out of it. like you know that i got. three. weeks. rather over the watching the hawks i rolled down capitalist and joining us today to discuss prime minister trudeau and they can eighty any government. to keep the trans mountain pipeline alive as r.t. course by alex my comments welcome. thank you alex look environmentalists progressive. heads are exploding in anger all over this move by i mean even that naomi klein tweeting out like you know basically that justin trudeau knows the
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decision is going to haunt him everywhere he goes and she even said of days of getting out of canada the bask in the selfie there are over so i got to ask why you making this controversial move i know it was for the pipeline but it goes in the water how does this benefit him creating this many enemies. well you know i think he has a very difficult time picking your girl jazz's sometimes he's moving in do when he's in india sometimes he's i don't know what when he's in another country and this time around it looks like am i in oil bearing with a stetson hat or am i an environmentalist nobody knows anymore he's all over the place and what he's trying to do here really is appease everybody but he's not appeasing anybody alberta's the big question here it's the province with the tar sands with the oil and alberta has been a little bit ticked off since trudeau's been saying he doesn't want the pipeline to be as sending three times more oil to the pristine coast of british columbia where there be more tankers and stuff so he's like you know what i'll take care of the albertans here and at the same time the left will love me because i'm going to
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nationalize this thing well guess what he's just made a lot of enemies across the board with this kind of thinking i'm not sure that socializing oil was really what what all all of us progressives were asking for and it's sort of interesting because he was this hero of the laughed at and all of this but what it makes me wonder is with all the court cases going on with everything already happening that this pipeline and you wonder how the purchase will affect all this pending court cases and the building of the pipeline since those carcases are what essentially stopped at the first place so what is canada's plan after purchasing this pipeline great question look there in this is the place this is a green plant it was not you're thinking. i'm sort of getting five billion from can do more good for them to build a pipeline canada's just invested three point five billion to three point four billion to buy this sixty year old leaky pipeline ok do you have some swampland
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that you want to buy mr joe because this is exactly what's going to happen a year or so and this is just the beginning of a because the fact is once you buy the pipeline tkinter morgan's going to work on it until about august till the deal is done and then canada has to take over the building of the extension of the pipeline they want to eventually have. that three times more oil flow to the b.c. coast so once that happens mr trudeau the liberals say this is a really good part somewhere down the road you know we're going to sell this back to a private company and we're going to make tons of cash here and this is just like a preliminary measure that we're doing right now yeah we've seen this happen time again with infrastructure products were projects i should say where something is done by a government or taken over by a government and it usually doesn't sell for more at the end so that looks like the taxpayer is going to be hit anyway that you turn this good idea bad idea what is true don't think some people are saying is this is the further going for the long
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game and that there's actually no plan to sell this thing at all it's all about nationalize ation but nationalization of what and industry that's ten percent of our g.d.p. which is the energy sector which the tar sands make up a certain part of which the tar sands are the hardest in the dirtiest oil to get out and extract on the face of the planet which every country that has oil beats us at so yeah it's a brilliant move and from the left to the right nobody is liking this yeah i mean what is a pipeline is like they're like they're like cars where the moment you drive them off the lot they're already depreciating and you know yeah you know alex what was that's the side of the government we just heard what i guess their plans are but alex what is the next step for the opponents of this pipeline and and you know you said no one on the right and left is happy about canadian citizens what is their reaction to all of this craziness goals like what you're saying there was opponents to this pipeline that's why tkinter borgen love so how are you going to sell it the second time around you think the opponents are going to go away they're not the native groups are still there the native groups didn't get what they wanted to get
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they wanted to get first of all can you ask for permission to go through our land that will be both point a and point b. can you not do pipelines because pipelines sometimes leak in the dirty of the most pristine force not in canada by the face of the planet and the people in british columbia that live on the coast and most canadians are i should say a lot of canadians because some people do like pipelines but most canadians wink wink would agree. with them and say you know what we don't want this kind of tanker traffic in the pacific ocean off the coast of british columbia because the risk obviously goes up so you have that part of the argument then you even have the conservative part of the argument which is just do you just spend a lot of money on something that you didn't need to spend any money on so they're even against this so where's this going to go there's just going to be more and more opposition and somewhere down the line when they want to sell it which i don't know if it's ever going to but there's going to be opposition to whoever is going to come and buy this they and they're going to go through the exact same thing as can do more good and then what the out amazing amazing man that it was just like us
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on the roller coaster ride of those things amazing alledge mail of it's always a pleasure but you so much thank you. one of the biggest tragedies of twenty seventeen was the devastation of puerto rico and many other caribbean and gulf of mexico cities states and countries during last year's epic hurricane season and with the hurricanes came the controversy as many felt that the official response to the cleanup and rebuilding of puerto rico was just as devastating as the storms and now with this year's new hurricane season set to begin on june first and new study out of harvard is eliminated just how costly in human life the storm and the official failures following the storms may have been are to correspondent natasha sweet has more. it's been eight months since hurricane maria devastated the island of puerto rico there's no question the category four storm a shock to the nation but now some experts believe that the lives lost were vastly underestimated by the thousands. there the seafood very difficult imagine her food
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the electric bed the suction machine therapies it has been very difficult eight months following hurricane maria's rast how we're still isn't fully restored norman medina is one of the many residents doing without electricity and still taking care of her elderly mother for some. patients with medical needs power is essential for survival and now a new study published by harvard university in the new england journal of medicine contends that more deaths than normal occurred on the island months after the category four hurricane or some point to issues surrounding patients not getting the medicines or medical care they need researchers surveyed thirty three hundred random homes in puerto rico they found a mortality rate of forty point three deaths per one thousand residents a whopping sixty two percent increase in deaths compared to twenty sixteen so the authors suggest four thousand six hundred forty five people died as a result of maria compared to the official death toll of sixty four researchers
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said the official count was a substantial underestimate of the true burden of mortality after hurricane maria leaves they could have director of puerto rico federal affairs administration said the island welcomes the study releasing this statement tuesday as a world knows the magnitude of this tragic disaster caused by hurricane rita resulted in many of these we have always expected the number to be higher than what was previously reported the report released tuesday is the latest study to analyze how many people died during or after the category four storm hit the u.s. territory in september of two thousand and seventeen officials estimate hurricane maria to have a ninety to one hundred billion dollars in damages is reported as the third most expensive tropical cyclone in the u.s. since one thousand nine hundred more than seventy thousand homes were destroyed three hundred thousand homes were damaged as still power has not been fully restored this as some sixteen thousand people still remain without electricity the more than eight month lockout is the longest in u.s.
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history the army corps of engineers ended their work on the island earlier this month restoration of thousands of downed power lines are now in the hands of the u.s. territories bankrupt public utility the puerto rico authority professor donald berry at the university of texas as at least one expert questioning the study by harvard however. island officials are in brace in the new reports and more investigations will be made in los angeles and harshest sweeps are. who you know we have of billions to spend on defense we are we just need to spend on the burns but not enough to help puerto rico and while when you see the official estimate sixty four compared to what over four thousand that's just ridiculous i mean to think that only sixty four people asked their lives during that is ludicrous i mean first of all there's this thing that i just don't understand this is the money if you're talking about defense defense atty and to me it's not it happens.

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