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i i i i. was the leader of north korea plays host to russia's foreign minister is the only international follow the. palace. right now this is how suddenly you get treated to cranberry juice. presidents hello i can barely remember being given such. around the world i'm absolutely shocked. the world despite the prospect of a trade war the u.s. number. another trading partners bringing the reaction to that. raises the. fighting in the libyan city of
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the french president bush's. ruling factions inside libya. it's a these two. parties finally form a coalition government at the last moment giving rise to fears of a major shift in europe's political landscape. very good after midday here in moscow this friday the first of june my name's kevin irwin here with this latest thirty minute news update for you here on our international and first amid continuing uncertainty over a u.s. north korea peace summit later this month officials have been meeting american diplomats in new york meantime alongside that russia's foreign minister met with the leader of north korea in person on thursday our correspondent has been following that meeting and was granted exclusive access to one of kim jong un's residences.
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we were told to leave most of our belongings and all our mobile devices behind and now they're taking us somewhere. so we're here in this van just to cower and then one photographer and myself following a lot of savings. in this area is completely deserted and it looks like we're in circling something that appears to be the palace. if only someone told me where exactly we are right now but we are being told to fall this man. who. i don't really know what exactly this place this but it looks to be the area where he came john will be greeting certainly loughborough of and the reason why i think
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so is because just through this door i saw came john and sister and she was having some sort of conversation with the guards but nobody speaks english here hello. and as far as i understand this is circular. i believe this is a bit of a historic moment we still don't know whether the attempt from meeting is going to happen but at least sergey lavrov is here having direct talks with the supreme leader of north korea. talking behind this wall we were asked to wait in this room so let's just have
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a walk around and take a look at what they have to offer a. dark north korean chocolate and i can tell you that it will taste just like any other dark chocolate anywhere around the world some lemonade. so this is how suddenly you get treated to cranberry juice. residents. i can barely remember being given such. locations around the world we were just told. the president which is just outside the doors. of the city. and given the fact that we're inside the residence of the north korean leader kim jong un the moon again i'm just going to say i'm absolutely shocked.
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and. it is really disappointing that we won't be able to find out exactly what's being said behind these stories but just a few hours before mr kim and mr lavrov met the russian foreign minister said in making the korean peninsula free of nuclear weapons is a very delicate issue moscow maintains that the interests of all sides must be respected. so that said it all ended with inviting russia so let's see whether the north korean leader will accept the invitation for now we're heading back to the airport in the russian foreign minister's motorcade. franko right. residence in pyongyang you know you don't get access like that. with the one the only larry king later today on this channel looks at the likely conditions for
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korean denuclearized. various points throughout the day here. the endo community has reportedly cautioned the white house that a more realistic objective would be convincing him to want back recent progress on the contras nuclear weapons program what do you expect that's right kim has in many ways the upper hand in these negotiations he has a nuclear arsenal he has the methods in the means to deliver warheads and has tested missiles that could carry such warheads to japan to south korea potentially to the united states so to get him to give those up to dismantle them verifiably that's a very tall order it's not going to happen in one single meeting and it's not going to come at a keep price either so the question for states is what are we and our allies willing to give at the table what kinds of security guarantees weight will we maybe
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potentially offer is there an economic incentive package that he wants he may not even want that so there's a lot of discussion i don't believe we should judge this summit on whether or not everything is dissolved at once but we should judgment about whether it's a serious process that's beginning if this summit does take place this will take time. after months of postponing and then making threats of a trade war donald trump a slot target of some steel and medium imports the e.u. as well as comet or mexico now vowed to retaliate over it. totally unacceptable that it can't push you look at measures when it comes to. create. these are blips and move through.
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the fundamentals of reversion to revert it will get over the course we look at the reaction that we've got from europe what could this mean for the european union you may aswell we've had the u.k. government responding with pure disappointment at the reaction for this decision the e.u. . they're not happy either this could reportedly affect seven point four billion euros worth of european exports to the us understand the billy there's a little bit of outrage going on there the most affected could be the automobile industry and that would mean germany would be hit that the hardest if that's the case because they are the powerhouse of course of the that sector the president of the european commission john claude has also put the matter to the world trade organization because they are responsible for settling trade disputes and settlements of course i mentioned germany before will they have reacted to the news the german foreign minister has also slammed the decision calling it illegal he's
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vowing a united response saying our answer to america first can only be europe united the french president emmanuel at micron has also slammed the decision it's a mistake because it addresses the international imbalance by dividing and by bringing economic and trade nationalism nationalism leads to war we've previously heard from brussels they've promised to retaliate to america's protectionist steps with its own twenty five percent terrorists on various projects including motorcycles jean cigarettes cranberry juice and peanut butter his young again. so now we will also impose import tariffs this is basically stupid process the fact that we have to do this but we have to do it we will now impose tariffs on harley davidson motorcycles on levis blue jeans and bore but we can also do stupid we also
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have to be this stupid so the next question is of course how will trump reactive counter measures are enforced well he's already threatened to respond to any e.u. trade barriers by saying that he will put tax on cars produced by european auto makers so you can see that the huge verbal tit for tat going on it will depend on whether the can forget forgive and indeed to live with these new measures. domestic reaction the u.s. has also been negative with both democrats and republicans criticizing the move or street analysts michael hudson believes the u.s. could actually suffer more than europe from these tariffs. from construct the american economy and the plot that seems to be his guiding principle by putting the tariffs on aluminum and steel is to raise the price of aluminum and steel to americans and all of a sudden this oversupply is going to be sold to europeans and asians so that their
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manufacturing is can buy lumen them and steal more cheaply to make manufactured goods much lower cost and american manufacturers can do so trouble is given in europe and asia an opportunity to undersell american manufacturers that tim aware of anything industrial beer kegs out talked about frying pans cars anything made out of aluminum and steel now are the foreigners outside of america will have an advantage over the american producers. other news today the u.n. humanitarian office has reported on civilian suffering in libya he says there's been an unprecedented escalation in fighting in the coastal city of dernier in the past week alone at least five civilians have been killed two of them children seems clashes and air raids have also cut electricity and water supplies to over one hundred thousand head of the u.n. humanitarian office in libya describe the situation there in more detail
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instability is high in various places in yes there's always a potential for escalation the situation and. very challenging we have seen an escalation of conflict over the last period but it definitely has intensified its. last few days i mean concern is that humanitarian needs to need for water food medicine medical supplies is increasing very rapidly and we also have severe concerns for differ takes and of civilians will find themselves caught in a conflict. the u.n. report comes as the french president's been pushing for negotiations between the country's warring parties our senior correspondent workers here of next has more on what role france wants to play in libya the french president mr mcauliffe has a certain brand he sells himself as a bit of a peacemaker his latest effort
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a libyan peace summit bringing together key need is some of whom are war with each other back on was proud to sit upon you for his the first time these libyan leaders under this format some of whom do not mutually recognize each other's positions have met together through accepted to work together and approved a joint declaration this is an essential important step and which makes what will come next possible. you'd think in reality there were a lot of handshakes forced smiles and photo ops when it came to actually making peace they signed nothing any agreement they had was verbal and diplomacy that means nothing or over what everyone joined in more than a dozen armed groups and organizations who signed the letter saying that this summit did not represent them. we call for
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a real dialogue focused on the aspirations of libyan society in its aspects nevertheless pundit's macron hailed it as a breakthrough after all getting all these people together under the same roof was an achievement not so much the main act as were there in july last year at this same summit also hosted by macros. the courage that is yours today by being here and by agreeing to this joint declaration is historic is to take your risk despite things that could have been against despite the actions of others to work towards a process of national reconciliation and long term peace. and nothing changed but maintaining the brand takes effort macros really try. the libyan people aspire to safety ability to live better to be able to express their
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sovereignty and yes about safety and stability than are a coastal city in libya has been under siege for almost a year now and it's only gotten worse the escalation of fighting there has reached unprecedented levels once the un the libyan national army led by general have who was at the summit is trying to take the city from a local warlord and islamists it's been a tough battle. on this happy occasion we say that zero hour for dearness city liberation has come. local sources report the protection forces a currently taking positions amongst civilian infrastructure in residential areas mostly in the center of the city and reportedly in civilian clothing since twenty second me there has been a rising civilian casualty toll as a result of indiscriminate shelling of. residential areas in general have towers
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archrival hallooed island mystery was also at micron's gathering he urged for an immediate cease fire and two could jab at the general i don't recognise the chief commander named half star he said that the very same day the four libyans pledged to work constructively in paris no surprise that the thing was signed merely an dorst question is who is going to remember this indorsement and for how long. the focus on politics events in southern europe for militar to next after several terms talian coalition party to finally form the euro skeptic and anti establishment government it's about to take power after months of political turmoil the donald quarter explains more. brussels has more to fear than ever before with italy's euro skeptics back in the game poised to form a new government the e.u.
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may be in for some trouble hand-picked by the populist five star movement and right leaning league party just separate content a will fill the shoes of italy's new prime minister noda politics the fifty three year old law professor has proposed proposed a slew of new ministers first is the new pick for labor minister he's vowed to tackle prop poverty promising a basic income for all italians and then there's the interior minister who was voted to deport thousands of migrants and fix that crisis but most controversial of all is pollo sivana the original pick for economic minister now he's made his opposition to euro zone no secret he's even written a book about it called where he talks about euro plan b. this made the financial markets take quite a dive but dumping the euro isn't as real a threat anymore as it has been long forgotten by the coalition after poll
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suggested sixty to seventy percent of italians opposed immediate eurozone withdrawal the euro skeptics change their position to satisfy voters right now the main focus lies with their government of change it proposes solutions to problems they see as connected to the e.u. but it also promises to lift sanctions on russia as well as pursue normal relations between the two countries we'll have to see how far the program can progress though because massive protests both in favor of the interim president and the coalition are expected soon with chaos on the horizon it's still hard to say what lies in store for the e.u. but it definitely cannot afford to lose italy. ok well that's italy today so while if these governments monies to end this stalemate we think for the spur gets most pitches in the next no brace for. political shake up meantime the spanish government said to hold of vote on ousting now the country's prime
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minister mariano rajoy that's the build up to the vote people having their say now those pictures live in from madrid ahead of this no confidence vote mr roys already admitted defeat congratulating is a socialist rival becoming the new prime minister of. a lobbyist though they look at that from what we all know but no confidence motion is likely to go through which means mr petro sanchez will be the new prime minister and i would like to be the first to congratulate him it will be this chamber that will make the decision and it is up to all of us to abide by the mandate of the popular sovereignty representative here well this motion of no confidence has been filed by the main opposition socialist party it's now possible that it will replace the prime minister with his own leader a majority already back the vote the move was prompted by the long running corruption scandal promise roys also face pressure over his handling of the big catalonia independence referee referendum issue as well we got to
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a professor of appear in studies thomas harrington to give us his thoughts he thinks that these crises show a deep discontent in that part of europe right now that these are solutions and again i'm not a columnist these are solutions to those for a reason that there is a lot of unsettled. thinking going on a lot of unsettled feeling in the european union and you know what i think is consistently missing is a conversation why are you so much discontent i think is a very strong chance to want to point fingers but there is very little tendency to have profound discussions about how do you know gone wrong or how constructive or durable model going forward for the political existence which would be solutions this is art international and kevin know a lot more news coming up after a quick break. it's.
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you see that the more and more people even more and more political leaders understand that. you know these my god three influx is a two year old does not serve the particle about the future of the european union.
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thousands of migrants from paris to being cleared from the makeshift shelters along the city's canals roughly two hundred of them have been resettled now than in a wealthy district in the french capital he went to find out what the residents thought about their newly arrived neighbors. is one of the nearly wrecked it camps in paris it's been set up to shelter around one hundred and seventy migrants who are amongst the thousand or so who were cleared from the canals of paris doing side waves thousands of migrants had been camped along the canals for many many months living in squalid conditions with few to no comforts the mayor of paris and the interior minister who had been embroiled in
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a war of words over who was responsible for clearing the camps the situation will be repeated indefinitely if measures not taken by local authorities to prevent the camps reappear. in the battle we could have avoided waiting for months to find shelter for those people the suggestion i made to the state was to build and reform a welcome center which is really the only be the only option possible if we want to avoid the roadside counts so i'm waiting for the states to get back to me on that. now these migrants are being housed in broad deploying one of paris's wealthiest areas the sixteenth up on the small it's also home to former president nicholas sarkozy p.s. g.'s back to ponce football stadium and a horse which is currently hosting tennis stars from across the globe for the french open some locals on top of the moon about their new neighbors i think the
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people here are not very. pretty but to says people are here because they're alfredo afraid to some some of them are most be very difficult and some odds are very very nice i'm sure but a really tough part of them maybe but. you never know how people can react you can have some people who react very badly and some good you never now despite authorities choose not to most hospitable area because it is populated by many old people who are not really open minded so i think that this area is not the most welcoming would deport us we don't see any changes we don't communicate with migrants because we don't see them at all in that area so i guess julie's autonomous lead to and this is now the thirty fourth time in three years that my clients have been moved in paris but the problem seems to be cyclic it's never ending i. thought.
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was oh. oh oh oh oh oh authorities are due to continue to clear out of the camps that emerged along paris. canals in the next few days yet with the capital already overflowing and estimated five hundred fifty extra my quince arriving every week this seems to be little if thought is can do to keep a lid on the problem even ski party paris. in the ukrainian courts rejected his appeal from a journalist working in partnership with a russian news agency he was arrested on treason charges the skis defense team which describe this detention as politically motivated requested the court to least remove the reporter from a security cell during his hearing that was rejected to r.t. if he goes down offers. along with more on this this case is dragging on
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a bit is now russia far from happy here but ukraine sticking to its lie what do we know so far here that while kevin appeared in court basically appealing his arrest the judges decided to keep the order in place now while in the courtroom you complained about the conditions he's being kept in basically you said that he's being put under a tremendous amount of pressure that the only way he can move around is there while being handcuffed and convoyed by a large amount of people that's how he described it he also went as far as saying that he feels that it is like he's being charged with the killing of kennedy and now of course he's being charged with something else and that is very serious he's being charged with state treason in ukraine he was arrested on the fifteenth of may that was when the police raided the offices of ria novosti ukraine news agency
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and arrested him arrested its editor in chief for a real vision skill along with with other journalists and now. this caused international condemnation. organizations including the organization for security and cooperation in europe and the council of europe voiced their concerns saying that this has an implication on media in ukraine human rights watch called this unacceptable and he called it out of line and other organizations while some demanded immediate release of. others called this the criminal criminalization of alternative views russia of course also condemned calling this basically saying that such that imposing such pressure on journalists is unacceptable when it comes to voices that are coming out of ukraine and out of the
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media community there some journalists agreed to talk to artsy on the condition of anonymity and basically they have said that this is something that happened to you that this could happen to any journalist in the country that against the ukrainian government that voice something against the ukrainian government this was the main reason why they wanted their identities concealed or also they said that. they can't really that many of them are afraid of siding with. openly in public because they are they are afraid of the backlash they're expecting from the police and ukrainian nationals now when it comes with this process the trial of comes amid a nother media scandal in ukraine that is that is the scandal of our county bob and co what happened is
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a few days ago the ukrainian government came out and said that another ukrainian journalist was murdered in his apartment three shots in the back. there was a picture of the suspected assassin was released only days. a few hours later in fact the ukrainian the ukrainian national security service came out and said that while in fact ok.d. is alive and well and everything was staged apparently. they believed they did really believe that the hit was ordered by on the on behalf of the russian government censors and co was a vocal critic of the kremlin and they had to go through with this masquerade to catch the mastermind now that caused a lot of concern internationally as well as journalists especially those who reported the story as it was spent by the ukrainian government. by the ukrainian government they said that basically how can the ukrainian national security service
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now be trusted and so they're saying that this will have an impact on. skis case as well. ok so. long and detailed a date for this a lot going on with ukraine the moment is a pretty sure that you go all right thanks for watching you to hear r.t. this friday lunchtime in moscow keep r.t. by his side with a great mobile app as well is kevin saying i'm back with more top stories in thirty minutes and straight next to our next programs lined up for you.


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