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media that it was filing a multimillion dollar lawsuit against us president donald trump's campaign the russian federation the russian military intelligence roger stone gerrard kirshner all metaphor donald trump jr george papadopoulos julian of signs and wiki leaks five left anyone else out please forgive me so big list it was those last two names i mentioned wiki leaks and julian a son's which raised eyebrows among journalists of first amendment advocates who who care more about printing the truth than burning access bridges are catering to partisan politics this group includes the committee to protect journalists or c p j which raises some interesting questions regarding the potential dangers the d.n.c. is case presents for the freedom of the press and the first amendment in a recent article by obvious sure shapiro shapiro points out the case raises a number of important press freedom question is where should courts draw the line between source building in conspiring what activities could complicate
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a journalist and a source is illegal behavior would putting a secure drop link soliciting leaks count as illegal conspiracy and the former reporter asked for documents on an individual while indicating that they think the person deserves to be exposed would that count as shared motive. see all these are legitimate questions that should be asked of the d.n.c. and but the d.m.c. claims in a statement to the press that quote unlike presidents trump and the democratic party respects the first amendment and cherishes the critical role that the free press plays in our democracy unless of course it's a press organization that you believe cost you an election then i guess all bets are off and you know first amendment can take a seat which is why much to the chagrin of the d.n.c. we will always be watching the hawks.
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it looks like. it's like. you are part of it. but it's like you know that i got. this. week so. welcome everybody to watch the harks i have a tight rope and and i'm top of the list and joining us today to discuss the ramifications of the d.n.c. is lost sales on press freedoms as media and legal analyst lionel of why don't we. welcome. thank you so in florida the committee to protect journalists. is the committee to protect journalism accurate in their concerns over press freedom and first amendment implications in this d.n.c.
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lawsuit are very devoted does their argument hold water. oh absolutely and if this case is not tossed immediately by the southern district of new york i would be surprised let me throw a little of monkey wrench or whatever the phrase into the works here because this is why the d.n.c. are even more out of their mind then i had thought you see as you know when you sued someone the person that used to could say great now that i'm in court i'm going to counter claim against you i'm going to sue you for something that i either wanted to sue you for or that arises out of this but here's the best part i get to conduct discovery come on in d.m.z. i have a reason or believe to defend myself i think why you lost wasn't because of wiki leaks but was because of hillary clinton and servers that donna brazil and how you
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double crossed bernie and we want to bring all that information to put you under oath so we in the course of defending ourselves can one day convince a jury that really it wasn't our leaking but your ineptitude your conspiracy perhaps maybe your criminal activity so the d.n.c. just opened itself up. to exploring what they did through discovery that's insane and you sued russia where they go to what do you sue russia i mean it's been done before people have sued saudi arabia for nine eleven but this is just specious was just done on a friday like remember the first thirteen bytes when the when the they they indicted thirteen russians because they were can certify why the f.b.i. was involving themselves in trying to stop shooters who were giving all kinds of warning so this is just specious but at the moment but yes it does hold water but
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from a tactical point of view the d.n.c. is out of it's mind whatever's left of it what is there any precedent. that we can point to that could suggest the u.s. courts actually signed with the d.n.c. absolute zero sided with their guesses. well here's a law it's two thousand one case called bart's nicky against the viper and bart nicky stands for the proposition that if you receive information from somebody let's say you being a media outlet a newspaper or radio station i think days of your a radio station which is what this was based on and somebody says hey i have for you a secret recording that would be illegal if you did it if the police did it but i did it but it shows the secret recording violations and the laws that were broken by government officials here you go newspaper it's yours you never asked for this
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this is unsolicited at the newspaper takes it and reports it says look what we've found look at all the corruption now the subject of the corruption said wait a minute you violated our fourth amendment rights a surge of seizure no i didn't because the police didn't search it it was somebody else well who searched this well we can tell you will you newspaper cannot report it and the court said that if the newspaper receives this information that it did not read was issued nor or conspired to obtain but just had the old mill on the little drop off in the you know in new york and up and surprise surprise then you're immune from that that was then. what if you're wiki leaks what does that name mean we publish stuff that's leaked we're not asking you to bring is anything what is called wiki leaks does that change anything does this case even hold up in
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the supreme court might say that maybe now in this new frontier of media maybe that doesn't apply maybe maybe julian assange and others were more active maybe they were different it's a factual basis so the deal. and she could theoretically if if somebody if god forbid julian or sound your anybody actually conspired negotiated with somebody to obtain information became a part of the securing of this illegally then sure they can hide behind the first amendment but if they're just a media organization which i respectfully submit to innocent is they're protected one hundred percent and i couldn't agree more again it's like they're saying hey send us stuff but we're not saying break the law we're not saying that right sunder stuff right we're going to rely as you know ben bradlee and the washington post the new york times and everybody else would be any plot in trouble for and they're exactly and there's also stuff called queen tom legislation tom lawsuits which are
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whistleblower lawsuit these are law firms that say if you can come to us and prove that the government wasted money you can win percentage of the money that you ultimately say well you're basically asking people bring us up that if somebody did so and whistleblowers up on consumer we're fair shows on t.v. if you know a problem send us something mike wallace used to go undercover this is what the press is that is that's the first amendment so you know most of it what's what really struck me that's interesting about the press in all of this is that the mainstream press pretty much you know when this broke when the d.n.c. brought the lawsuit even to the day they kind of ignored all the press freedom implications that we're talking about today of the c.p. james talking about and they kind of turned the conversation into the you know the standard you know trump versus democrats left versus right issue right what does it say about journalism when they're kind of ignoring the threat to them and just
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focusing on you know the ratings points on the left right debate over something that could totally pull the bottom out from their ability to report. to use current parlance they're in bed with a deep state that they're part and parcel of this group and interestingly enough these people and i don't want to get into labels but you know what i mean the. professional left out whatever what i'm going to call it i hate the labels but just for shorthand purposes you know in the movie the the the post game all is over that the tom hanks send us ok this was basically this was the pentagon papers daniel ellsberg was basically whoever it was who gave this julian a songes the washington post of the new york times six zappy the same thing daniel ellsberg stole this stuff from the rand corporation what it was and said here here you go he broke laws he probably there's no other way around it and they said course this is journalism but what's interesting today is remember what the
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lionel's law tell your tell your grandchildren this the law always lags behind technology we don't know what's happening right now we don't know if the laws then for example number one is wiki leaks the press let's start with the basic issue ladies and gentlemen of the court first issue is wiki leaks julian assange is this the press what is it for purposes of that twenty percent does it apply what is it is it a newspaper is it is it what what do you call this i don't know it's a hybrid that's the first question or two did they actively involved in this know what if they even did what if they did and then you're going to get into this but but tyrell the question you're asking is the most important. everybody from the columbia school of journalism to and there should be amicus briefs from everybody
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you say dismiss this this has a chilling effect as we love to say on the first amendment but they were asleep at the switch they don't even seem to care i think that's where we've seen how this partisan divisiveness from both sides has created an environment here in the united states that one hundred percent degrades our first amendment not just personally use of us as a person but as a whole we are less able to use the fourth the state of the media to protect ourselves from government collusion from crime from all that line all i have to ask you before we do we have about a minute left where do you see this case ending up what's your prediction dismissed i want to believe they're going to settle is going to win but remember just leave you with this one by virtue of this device i am now a member of the citizen civilian guerrilla press and i am as vital and there's important standing in a corner tommy robinson i'm whoever this i am the press we're the press the days of
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the old gray lady that's over with that's ossified that's concretize new new ground work so we're going to get with the program and the supreme court is going to have to change and refashion and retool the first amendment to accommodate new platforms of journalism. and we also need to educate people on how best to use those new platforms of german so they can be journalists lot of little media always a pleasure to have you on thank you so much thank you sir and madam. all right as we go to break card watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter see our full shows of r t v dot com coming up all for the speaker deve what constructors to discuss the current controversy surrounding hip hop star drake and spray says pictures of the come back to haunt him stay to watch it.
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italy's recent elections again demonstrate the e.u. smeal liberal agenda is under continued pressure even under threat we use this grand historic project going how should we understand the italian elections the german elections and rigs it in. while most of the mainstream media was frothing this week over roseanne's ambien induced ariss tweets towards former obama officials valerie jarrett there was actually another controversy involving a global superstar and race international hip hop star drake was called out this week by fellow rapper pusha t.
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for his use of blackface in photos three claims they were taken when he was a young actor before he became a hip hop success he is today pusha t. also known as king pushed tweeted the image of drake in blackface as the cover of his new single the story of out on tweeting please stop referring to this picture as art work i'm not an internet baby i don't edit images this is a real picture these are its troops see for yourself trick responded to the controversial image on instagram writing i know everyone is enjoying the circus but i want to clarify this image and question this picture is from twenty two thousand and seven a time in my life when i was an actor and i was working on a project that was about young black actors struggling to get roles being taught stereotypes and typecast to help us dissect this controversy and better understand the true damage these kinds of images and tweets house on the black community were joined by author and speaker baltimore's own. that it's. always a pleasure not going to go to tragically there's a lot of folks out there who are going to see this story see that image and they're
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going to ask wall drake is why is this offensive to for him the word like blackface you know how do you respond to folks that would kind of ask that question . it's very easy i'm a black person and i would never appear on anything in blackface you know i'm like eight levels black and drake and i just it's not funny and the problem is that first of all this is hip hop and in hip hop we don't really statements like commission a drug don't like we're not looking for statement just want to you never apologize you know you know of apologize so yeah are we going to drink a brilliant musician absolutely he could mix in and writing all over the planet that's not good you know we can't deny that but at the same time you still bleed blood like everyone else and you hurt people and you know i feel like that their little little statement was. only made to matter and only made things worse it's
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interesting because he didn't really actually apologize in that state you know it was kind of oh here's why i did it but i never really said oh sorry about this even if it's like you know looking back on the now realizing how it hurt people is that part of the problem like do you think that that seems to be the excuse of everyone these days when you get caught doing something it's well it wasn't that it was just a joke it was this it was that can't are we able to look back on those things and actually question ourselves over actions i mean just because it happened in the past aren't we shouldn't we look at each other look at ourselves and say oh yeah i can see that that's messed up but that's the problem with being a celebrity or being a person who forgives zillion father was on social media you think that you're above things like an apology and you see it as a form of weakness or. and emission of guilt and that's just not the case you were wrong and you know. if you really wanted to do something instead they're releasing
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like. that shallow statement you can say you know what this is why i did the video this is why i did that photo shoot. i thought it was a good idea at the time looking back in retrospect maybe it wasn't because everyone is going crazy over it for a reason a lot of people are really like offended because they support him in his music and his clothes and everything else so you know you can say well now that you're here let me use my platform then raise awareness to the issue i was talking about a long time ago because a lot of black actors still struggling and hollywood dressing up like sambo is not going to get them more rules it's just ridiculous that is a good point actually of it yeah you could not now that he is the international global superstar that he is with a voice that reaches millions he could easily take that message he was trying to do when he was a young struggling actor and say hey let's talk about this let's let's talk about the plight of you know black actors and actresses and the parts that they're getting in the parts that they're forced to play or middle eastern folks are latino
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you know the whole down the line let's talk about that even if we're going to give them the benefit of the doubt you know you from canada this is this is the african american experience you know and culture that was created because of a double african-american so maybe you don't fully understand even that is like a more humble way of coming in but you just come in as this authority like you know back then i was trying to fix racism in hollywood right now you know oh here i'm doing something different you. know it's interesting because how does the age of social media affect you know look we you know hip hop and beefs and hip hop and fights between musicians and things like that there's a job story how do social media affect those fights i mean now people are like drake took too long to respond and you know you can dig up pictures from the past and. our social media effect of this social media enhances everything because people are talking about it all day long sort of cool part about it is that this
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beach is going to get over really quick so you don't got to sit around and you know people are going to reminisce on the songs for more than like a week response a lot of creativity and thought goes into them but they're not going to last that long you know who can say the dirtiest things the meanest things the quick is so. that's one part of it the other side of it is just it's add so many different layers and elements like this so many people talking about this before everywhere from like sports websites to like the wendy williams show to us so it's reaching everybody again why you have everybody's attention if your intention is why you have everyone's attention if your intention is is to do something good to jump out there and do something good interesting interesting there's always the question of you know well if that's your culture and with roseanne that's the question is sort of always coming out of now you know right now it's conservatives saying well why
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do we have to excuse that why is everyone else samantha bee got in trouble just yesterday and now today and has since apologized for using the c word to describe a trump. are we see we're ok good yeah there. is this is the thing we have to understand about our culture is that is this. what does this say about current celebrity culture and what does that say about our american culture as a whole because everyone seems to say look this is our culture this is our culture this is our culture so what you say doesn't matter or you can't be offended by this what are we i think i think i think people people have a right to be offended and i think even when you talk about culture and some of these terms of how to get thrown around this this is a an example of what's been happening in the media but it's a clear example of how people get things mixed up for persons talking about black
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power to talk about loving your history and strengthening the people around you and acknowledging the things that has happened so that you can be stronger and move forward the person talking about white power but it's not about killing black people so it's kind of is not the same thing how roseanne got to show i have no idea this is a part of culture that i don't understand i didn't think she was funny when i was a little kid and saw her now and i really didn't think she was that funny but i understand it's a culture that i don't understand i do know what you can you know there's a lot of ways in america to be successful without telling people apart and when we have in our culture conversation you know you can you know if you call yourself a comedian or a entertainer then you should be a person that can make jokes with making fun of the person's race ethnic group it's you know it just seems really weak and you know to say like this is you know what. she was never the hero of that show roseanne's character and that was the the
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relative you never want to be at family functions like you just cross your fingers and hope she's not there because you know she's going to say something awful and you know someone's going to get mad and that's that whole thing of how much is culture and is it culture when you're just a jerk so we're going to do like an archie bunker thing i don't know yeah ok but everybody but there's nothing left. and even in the new show it's like nobody likes our let me ask this of this is what's interesting is that you know the for people that follow hip hop and hip hop culture and fan of the music in the genre you know be a huge part of that history i mean it started as a way to kind of from from greg redirect street violence in the just war you know going after the guy across from you with words as opposed to you know guns knives whatever would you say that beef and distracts to day are similar to what they were you know hip hop started yeah i think they are similar because it's still all about
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who is at the top like you know one thing that separates hip hop from a lot of different genres of music is this idea of there being one king and one queen and one person to raise supreme was different today is you know these people you know it's not they don't they're going to be that used to battle about who who had the better style dress who had the better make it musical was the more you know who was more. superior and it was different in those different areas but now it's like i'll kill you each a dog over some jasmine rice and stab you in the alley so it's like it's a little different now but it's still rooted in the same thing and i still think that these things can be handled in a peaceful way a lot of people learn you know how negative these things can get after what happened to pocket big so i feel like we get back to that space where we fussing over certain things but like you said earlier social media blew everything up so it's you know you got to get a picture is in for at least a statement saying who are these are you really is a statement in
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a rather bad light he's running a concert i think i'm going to fire back with their own verse and right and dig up that embarrassing picture of pushes something that you know that's how it works liane i mean yeah i mean it really is and like i think it was important alluded to the fact that like you know we've already seen these things get driven to where there was violence as a direct result when you look at like with tupac and biggie you know we don't know who killed them but we know that like leading up. to that people getting shot and things like that had to do with that being you know and when you see stuff like this is it you know will social media push that into that next level some are going to someone to where there's something going to be like oh you know i'm going to buy a bag of violence or will twitter be the place where the words happen instead of in the street it'll be how far you can you get up on i tunes or how many what the many dollars the cool thing is that these guys these guys are they're not getting state is they and it's very intelligent both of these men owned businesses you know these men employ a lot of people both of these men in this game with the sole purpose of taking care
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of their families they don't got to talk about. you know they don't have you don't have this so it would be goofy to sell drugs for a couple of thousand when you can brag about it to get a couple of million doesn't make any sense in these are very very intelligent people so i don't i don't think violence is going to be a thing maybe of yeah maybe somebody might scuff but. it will do you walk and thank you so much for coming in and talking to us about this they author and speaker watkins thank you very much. for your research claims this new superfood has hit the market as a nondairy alternative but a source which may be hard to swallow artie's natasha sweet explains. whether it's for begins or those who are lactose intolerant nondairy alternatives are more popular than ever but convincing people to drink milk from cockroaches might take a heck of a marketing team scientists published a report in two thousand and sixteen in the journal of the international union of crystallography that just might make your skin crawl and twenty six thousand researchers have found the pacific beetle cockroach of hawaii because this is
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nutrient filled milk crystals they feed their young the study reported back say milk is indeed a super food they point to the amino acids and sugar coated proteins in the bug juice and believe it or not some companies are getting behind this trend south african company gourmet grab a selling what they call and tell milk it's a milk that comes from farmed in. sacks for also making ice cream with the insect juice however some scientists admit milking a cockroach might not be quite as easy as a cow and will nutritious for the bugs the lead author of the study says it's still unclear if cockroach milk is safe for human consumption in los angeles and sweets. and do not know i got a little bug out of there are so few today remember everyone is because we're told we're not told really loved enough such tell you all i love you i am tired of the all of the people on watch those sorts of
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a great day and night. well you know the cars they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long. i've been there in the small boats next to the hard pull of ships and it's just. not. the little self to be told fish already ninety percent of the dot and he won't become the. yukon to fifteen scoops seventy five tons they do it several times a day with a big fleet oh you get an idea on why. we have to understand we can not stay still and just. be with them this will be
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deal for you. i'm doing this because i want to the future world to future generations to have and enjoy the ocean we have. fifty years. go breaking within to come together as a sleeping pill and just this is what i mean because octets does what he said just the side effects were terrible but not on the road as shown induction on full board . across europe victims are still waiting legal battles demanding at least some compensation. in two ways first will the physical damage itself as well that the concert mind that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been the justice and there's been
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a couple. forman are sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. all four different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because the less do not shoot around a corner. oh fuck. you. and you don't. even believe nothing.
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this hour's headlines stories as the north korean leader plays host to russia's foreign minister r t is this so all international channel given access inside kim jong il's palace if only someone told me we're. exactly we are right now this is how suddenly you get treated to cranberry juice at kim jong un's residence hello i can barely remember being given such access at the locations around the world i'm absolutely shocked. promised prime minister is always stayed in a no confidence vote corruption socialist party rival will take his place also ahead in the hour. look.


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