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you cutting a line down the block in the shadow of the former. with eastern european members growing frustrated with brussels borders and the establishment put off by the eastern politician's behavior in particular with hungary's migration and political decisions is there room in the union for several political divisions the party should figure out a way to balance national and continental interests or does the e.u. risk being torn apart by the east west confrontation with their staff so it's really good to have you again on our program welcome back it's why on earth set out a map here there are tensions between hungary and ukraine over their rights of the ethnic and variance in the west and you have said that ukraine step hungary in the back what is your reaction going to be hungary is reaction. well you know hungary was maybe the loudest supporter within the european union to the ukrainians to get the visa free regime. through the grayness. agreement
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come into force and unfortunately a couple of days after that there was a regulation passed in the ukrainian parliament which always the rights of the hunger ians obviously when it comes to education on the mother tongue so so we made it very clear that we have to use all kinds of instruments in the toolbox of international politics in order to make sure that the rights of the hungary and israel be restored in ukraine so he had signed a memorandum to nato suggesting that abide by ukrainian low why nato and do you think it's going to back up your number and well you know of your part of the alliance so it's obvious that we form our allies our policy towards a country which has the inspiration to go forward when it comes to the. integration. bath and the view will be very happy to come back to our position to
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support ukrainians on this path but definitely do create new ones have to comply with the international regulations when it comes to mind there it is the venice commission made a very clear proposal to the ukrainians to consult with the national minorities and to do more implement any kind of regulations we could basically a while leaves the already existing rights of the mind the reviews so all we want is nothing special nothing extraordinary just ukraine to comply with the e.u. regulations and leave the proposal of the venice commission to your memorandum to nato it was just to inform their the allies for other than expect a reaction from the world there is a continuous negotiation going on of course we have nato member states with allies within the european union about how we see these situation we made
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a proposal there that. those mind there it is belonging to nato member states should be exempt from such kind of regulations we will see whether those are the reaction from our allies and then we will continue the dialogue and the discussion will sue members of the european parliamentary accusing hungary of human rights violations saying that your prime minister is actually smearing critics journalist and you as you have said those are lies why do they have such a harsh stance on your prime minister you know. we had a very and we still have a very serious debate the international network which is led and financed by george soros whose name you might know and the or watchers might know as well we have a very open and a very serious debate with him as the. hungary and government has
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a very strong anti and migration policy we made it very clear that it is only us hungary and who can make a decision whom we allow to come to hungary it is only us hungry areas to make a decision we told him we will not live together we don't want all that neither the european union already united nations to force us to to you white people in our country whom we do not want to invite we made it very clear that protection of our border and guaranteeing the security of our citizens is the number one priority for us and george soros and his network is totally against this. concept against this strategy he would like to in the wide millions of migrants to europe on an annual basis he basically want to get rid of the phenomenon of of
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nation states so this is a very open very open conflict and confrontation between us and we have to see that that the us not for it. does definitely have people or members of the european parliament and these kind of attacks against my country against our government against our prime minister are based on this political approach you know these kind of reports which are being written about my country these are absolutely take facts out of your grocery list so they grab the absolutely i mean you just just let me give you two examples all these accusations say that there is no freedom of media freedom of press in hungary but if you look at the internet for example you look at the web pages you will see that the anti government rhetoric and the critics on the government is in the vase majority compared to those news which. are favoring the government or which are considering government decision as
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positive so and you know in hungary it would be totally impossible to hide facts like my rants of. the citizens of our country in some best of european countries it did happen or when it comes to when it comes to anti-semitism it's a constant takers ation against us although we are proud that we have absolutely implemented zero tolerance against. semitism there is the biggest sense does the biggest jewish community of central europe living in budapest we do not only renovate the synagogue swede in hungary but around hungary as well and you know it's not good oppressed there are jewish youngsters very good keeper are attacked on the open streets in those areas everywhere yes and owners and compared to there to be are always on the regulations are also accusing your government of
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stepping and independence of the judiciary and they're actually threatening to invoke the e.u. law i think it's article seven they were actually stripped hungary of the e.u. but. yeah well i could come to that well actually there are definitely some endeavors to put very heavy attacks on hungary and on poland as well so procedure based on article seven you referred to was kind of launched in the relationship for poland we oppose that because they think it's absolutely based on double standards and when you when you put facts into consideration there is no factual ground there is no factual basis to launch such kind of a procedure against hungary because for example in terms of judiciary you were kind enough to refer to yes we did have debates we do european commission about legislation in hungary regarding the judiciary system but the fact is that we have a word. close all these issues in three different ways either we understood the
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commission was right and then changed the deregulation either the commission admitted that these are right and then we left it as it was or we couldn't agree and then we went to the european court and they respected the regulation of the decision of the european court so these are all closed issues so so all these issues which are being put in the report about hungary just very recently in the committee of liberties and justice of the european parliament these are mostly already closed issues between the the european commission and the so. in general brad wrestles have lots of demands when it comes to hungary and there you know actually saying that if hungary doesn't meet those demands whether it's judiciary or frame or pratt or immigration they're actually saying that well may not find you in the next year budget so here's i think it's only that whatever you give the only makes up six percent of your budget first of all is it worth it is is that money
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worth doing everything they want you to did because i know that mr abang has said you know we don't have to live off german money anyways well you know hunger is interest is european union to be strong because we. a strong conquering needs a strong european union because we have a very open economy and seventy nine percent of our exports goes to the european union we have an export over g.d.p. ratio around ninety percent so you can imagine how significant for us it is european union to be stronger and european union to have a competitive economy on the other hand when it comes to europe in the funds yes your funds play an important role in our economy but this is not the one on the road because we don't get these funds as as gift or as a humanitarian aid or as a donation from our best or near opium friends these. funds are to be given to us
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based on contracts based on concerts in the wife because the hunger and economy has been opened the hungary a market has been opened for western european companies making a lot of profit on the hunger market this is one lane of the road and the other lane of the road is a european funding so so this is this is not a not the one way road you understand this is a wise versa situation so we we totally reject that false context so we painted up on the wall as if we will go only joy european funds for free this is and this is not true we have we have complied with our obligations based on the contract as well and according to the statistics of the of the european institutions seventy cents of every one euro which is paid to the sensor european countries go back to western european companies mr we're going to take a short break right now when we come back we'll continue talking to peter sergey
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talking about the future of hungary within the european union and the kitchen of the union in general stay with us. you never know what's around the corner and never know what's in the pub even walk into a nice fat excitement it's that mood now and that's where the adrenaline in much comes from. your knees and by definition and the extremes who will support. the violence is a part and it's almost a schizophrenia. we can do all these things and behave badly.
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important people of course colorful all. the more so focused on the last. punishment and infirm berlin wall far less than the start. of a broader where no really beautiful don't know when to get. moving in reason is that least if you don't involve these constantly evolving. twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all children but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach . guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star in months and the huge amount of pressure scaramouche you have to put me to eighty percent of the beach but tell me would you and will solo the great
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gate bridge get you out of the rock at the back nobody gets passed to you we need you to get the doll going let's go. along and just i want to and i'm really happy to join that to for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one come ons also appreciate. needs to just say to the reader the team's latest edition of the go. book. and i'm back with the hunk gary and foreign minister peter. so there's also the opposition of hungary and poland and the east versus west because hungary and cullen are making sure whatever they have to say is heard at this point i don't
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think russell's like say what do you think this versus west opposition in the you could come to a what would it mean for the union well you know we are absolutely interested in the unity of the european union so we oppose all kind of comparison on the bed that you were like rests on the eastern members of the of the european union because european union must show unity. if they put into consideration why poland and why hungary are on their deuce constant torture let's put it this way well it's obvious we have the two strongest governments in the european union the are the two countries very poorly government has received. from the people who govern the country we have politically absolutely stable systems and you know many times it's not life by the sea in brussels definitely on the other hand you
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know there's a big debate within the european union but there are two to go to reform the realistic way the further away stick way would end up in the united states of europe which we oppose their fiscal control. unified budget more integration that's what france and germany what you have i think it's a a it's. you know. our position is that european union can only be strong if there are strong member states so we don't think that the concept of weak member states creating a strong european union will be realistic they think that the only strong member states. can form a strong european union the best way for example we are absolutely in favor of the competition within the european union meaning that we don't like the tax harmonize ation for example and we don't want the irresponsible economy. to be communities you know what i mean is that those countries can reduce taxes who are disciplined
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fiscally speaking and those countries who are who are not disciplined fiscally to the depths you know to increase they definitely cannot afford cutting taxes but then the answer should be you know to bash those ones who are able to god that are your prime minister sees the european union as an alliance of separate states. european union is a uni and that crosses state boundaries and that's like a core principle of european union and european union is based on principles of liberalism your country is and nation based conservative country which is not a good thing or a bad thing russia is the same way so. on the ideological level there are like just so many differences in the basis it's not about economics like why do you want to be part of the union so much that opposes everything that you guys stand for where the chile. is not everything is opposed the very things you know if you know if you
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look at the statistics for example how many infringement procedures are going on against us and others you will see that we are some they are in the middle so there is nothing extraordinary in this regard yeah we we have definitely debates based on ideology as well for example you know when it comes to the fact that when. and the election is not won by the liberals then the system is immediately goes to a does not a democracy which is totally unacceptable if the liberals do what we need to be a democracy of course so that's why what we what we are trying to build in hungary or what we are intending to build in hungary is a christian democracy you know based on christian values virk achievement marry the based. society there are there are debates about that as well but all in all our interest is a strong grew up in the union because we didn't a strong european union hungary can be strong ok so there's the e.u.
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commissioner who actually voiced her opinion about hungary and the czech republic and poland voicing their concerns and their views and she said you know those are sandbags those three countries that could be thrown away could it come to that hungary czech republic slovakia and poland the. countries are members of the european union and the view will be members of the european union even more than that this century europe in the region is currently the growth of the european union our growth rate is much higher than the european the average everybody speaks about the german french cooperation when it comes to the issue of european competitiveness and bob if you look at the figures you see that the trade between germany and the countries is fifty five percent higher than the trade annually between germany and france which shows that the economy corporation
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between germany and sense or europe is extremely strong at central europe became kind of a backyard for the german industry which has all these been and which will always be i guess the bone of the european economy so actually the strong central europe is the interest of the. the european union because a strong central euro can contribute to european union being stronger as well that's why we we reject all kinds of these kinds of accusations you know against us on political basis that's the bottom line is the crisis right now so there is the eastern countries that want more independence in terms of making decisions there is the center of brussels france and germany who want tighter integration and maybe a two speed to europe it is absolutely clear that you cannot go on living in the
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shape that it's in right now something needs to change we don't really know what where do you see hungary in this union like do you feel like you'll be one of those like faster integrating countries or do you feel like you would want to be in the second part of the countries will have like. more decisions to themselves but you know they won't be as integrated as france and germany well if you mean that european union is faced with historic challenges you are right and the only one. we have the migration crisis we have the threat of terror we have it we have the end there just security issues and many others we would which we have to deal so that's why i think it's obvious that there are debates going on about the future of the european union because when should the debates go on if not now when we have to find answers for the historic challenges and dollar approach is definitely a supernews to broach meaning that those answers which have already been given
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successfully for to these kind of questions are have been made on the level of member states for instance the migration issue you no longer is answer was the only success from the answer by regaining the control over our own border with the assist. countries and making the obvious and making it clear that yes it's absolutely possible to protect your border and do not let and the illegal migrants and. that minister because you were so adamant about being tough on migration building walls cracking down on n.g.o.s and then secretly you've accepted one thousand two hundred or three hundred and that's like the quotas that the e.u. asks you to accept anyway so what's the point of being so tough one if you're going to secretly accept those you know this is these are two totally different thing because. as seekers based on the geneva.
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convention should not be confused with illegal migrants entering the territorial wars in awhile and you know attacking our police tearing down the fans not to respecting the rules and regulations blocking go or highways or public areas not wanting to go to the to the refugee stations and so on and so forth so these two things should not be confused because these are two totally different issues so the mood in the european union in general is changing like austria has a. chancellor you see germany i mean the far right alternative for germany party is the third biggest party and was the stag. and then mccall is like very liberal on words but when it comes to implementing. policies it's pretty much center right as well so do you feel like saying i told you so we've been reprimanded so much for this and then all of you guys are coming to what we're saying you know politics is
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another profession where you get the credit. that you are right but it is obvious that on the last couple national parliament through elections within the european union the main issue was migration that was the case in italy was a case in austria you put it forward right that was the case in hungary. and in all three countries those parties receive the most votes who are around and migration polices to the austrian the chancellor was definitely representing an anti migration policy in italy the parties forming the coalition are and by migration parties in hungary we made it very clear that we are not the low and the illegal migrants and touring the thirty three of our country you see the latest positions and statements of the of the german minister of interior and you rightly. some new measures implemented by france you see the. statements of the british
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about the main motivations of all the bracks exposed which is definitely in correlation with severity issues of migration and so on and so forth so so definitely migration is becoming the top issue the hot issue the hottest issue on the current european agent and yes we see that more and more people even more and more political leaders understand that letting you know these migratory influx is a into europe definitely does not serve. the. the target of a better future in the european union so how come so many countries in the you are anti immigrant are really pushing through their ideas and measures about that. and just as many countries are anti rational sanctions that when it comes to extending their sallie all agree to extend them like a b s were among russian sanctions well if you ask me whether there are double standards i would say yes you know we
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understand that we are a small country. and we understand that the big western european countries make big businesses here if you come to the st petersburg or the national economic forum and you look around and you look for companies coming from e.u. member states you are definitely. see much more companies coming from the western european human their states the licensor european countries if you see the top event of the of this forum will be the panel which will be shared by the french and the russian president if you look at the preparation of last interview you see the biggest western european and the g companies being involved if you if you look at the you look at how the trade figures. are changing between the russia and the western european countries one might be surprised so if you ask me whether there are double standards yes they definitely are there's
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a big debate in the european union about whether these sanctions versus us fool or not but definitely the unity of the european union is very important so the decision of all the really it's at the expense of their actions yes so that's why the prolongation of the of the of the sanctions have always been decided upon but it's interesting to come to see here the big western european companies making business with their russian and i am going like i'm not home yet you know we're open to anyone who wants to come and make the home that's thank you very much for this thank you for your journalist with everything i do appreciate i guess most of us are.
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in july twenty seventh team hunted a freelance journalist watching was on t.v. and militant shelling in syria. to own it his sacrifice quality has established the khaled also to have a memorial they will recognize more reporters who often risk their lives for the sake of the truth and through that these you can submit to your published works in a video or a written form until june the twelfth go to world war. well you know that they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long . i mean they're in this small boat next to the harpoon ships and it's a. tough time to. eliminate self to being told fish already ninety percent of it daryn got any blown connor.
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concept fifteen scoops seventy five tons and they do it several times a day with a clean oh you get an idea of why. we have to understand we cannot stay still and just. be within this the field going through the. i'm doing this because i want the future world to the future can generations to have and enjoy the ocean we have. for manors sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. all for different versions of what. one of them is on the death row
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there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because the list did not shoot around a corner. italy's recent elections again demonstrate the e.u.'s meal liberal agenda is under continued pressure even under threat where's his grand historic project going how should we understand the italian elections the german elections and drags it in totality. and how do. you. know. you. wouldn't believe nothing. was.
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part headline stories on our. historic summit between the u.s. north korea has given the green light by. the leader. on june the twelfth despite previously saying the talks were off. the north korean leader and plays host to russia's foreign minister with r.t. . hollis. if only someone told me where exactly we are right now this is how suddenly you get treated to. kim jong un residence hello i can barely run.


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