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i guess italy will be the next meal for. the trump summit is back on the us president says he will meet the north korean leader in singapore on june twelfth despite earlier calling off the talks. be your turn comes as the north korean leader play supposed to russia's foreign minister with our t.v. only international channel given access to kim jong un's balance. if only someone told me where exactly you are right now this is how suddenly you get treated. cranberry juice. hello i can barely remember being given such access at other locations around the world i'm absolutely shocked. the u.s. blocked the u.n. security council resolution calling for an international force to palestinian civilians after months of deadly clashes with israeli soldiers.
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are broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our team and thomas glad to have you with us and u.s. president says an historic summit with north korea will go ahead in singapore on june twelfth when i say we will see what we will see what i think is going to be a process that we deserve to have i mean we really deserve they want it we think it's important and i think we would be making a big mistake if we didn't have a i think we're going to have a relationship and it was started in june. made that announcement after meeting with a north korean envoy in the oval office the official from going and who is a former spy chief and general handed over a letter from kim jong un but the contents of that message have not been revealed
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as of yet the u.-turn on the summit comes a week after trump called off the talks it due to what he called open hostility from north korea. trumps the decision came just hours after the kremlin announced a meeting between putin and kim to take place later this year that was settled during talks between the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov and the north korean leader in turn yang go was with the delegation and gained exclusive access to the residence of kim jong. we were told to leave most of our belongings and all our mobile devices be fined and now they're taking us up there. so we're here in this fandom just to keep our men and one photographer and myself rolling a lot of state in. this area is completely
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deserted and it looks like we're in circling something that appears to be the powers. that be if only someone told me where exactly we are right now but we are being told to fold us now to. the group please. i don't really know what exactly this place this but it looks to be the area where it came john who will be greeting certainly loughborough and the reason why i think still is because just through this door i saw him john wayne sr and she was having some sort of conversation with the guards but nobody speaks english here hello. lou hennessy far as i understand this is circular. we'll each.
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meal i believe this is a bit of a historic moment we still don't know whether the temp from meeting is going to happen but at least sorry for that is here having direct talks with the supreme leader of the please please. please please please . talking behind this wall we were asked to wait in this room so let's just have a walk around to take a look at what they have to offer a. dark north korean chocolate i can tell you that it tastes just like any other dark chocolate anywhere around the world.
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so this is how suddenly you get treated to cranberry juice at kim john looms residence. i can barely remember being given such access at other locations around the world we were just. at the present which is just outside the doors of reducing the city. and given the fact that we're inside the residence of the north korean leader kim jong il and again i'm just going to say i'm absolutely shocked. and. it is really disappointing that we won't be able to find out exactly what's being said behind these stories but just a few hours before mr kim and mr lavrov met the russian foreign minister said in making the korean peninsula free of nuclear weapons is a very delicate issue maintains that the interests of all sides must be
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respected. so that said it all ended with inviting russia so let's see whether the north korean leader will accept the invitation for now we're heading back to the airport in the russian foreign minister's motorcade. go right from side to camp residence and pyongyang. donald trump was asked for his views on. his answer was i didn't like it we spoke with two experts on korean affairs who said the u.s. does not want to be sidelined in the peace process if you give this president a branding run like call it that snooty b.p. the trump peace plan you're going to have a situation where this president's going to be excited because a legacy issue he could really use right now and he wants to do what no president
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in the u.s. is done before the u.s. wants to demonstrate leadership in this area and not be left on the sidelines so it's an opportunity to work and if you believe to be other countries take the lead in the u.s. becomes a side player in peace then you lose that that it. doesn't understand anything beyond the fact that this could be a good photo op and possibly a boon for his ratings the u.s. has never taken north korea very seriously i mean the idea of the greatest military power in the world sitting down with a country that they've already always considered impoverished and backward i think is anathema to many people in washington the united states wants supremacy against china in the region and it wants to maintain its troops in korea as close to china as possible and that has really been a big factor and along in the conflict in korea the message that came to whom is
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that you know he's meeting with lavrov he's meeting with kitchen paying when jay in signals to trump you know i have friends in the region and you're the one that is isolating yourself by pulling out these international agreements and so you know i'll be fine with or without you. the u.s. has vetoed a u.n. resolution calling for an international force to be deployed to gaza to help protect the palestinians the draft was put forward by kuwait at a security council mergence meeting. those against. the u.s. ambassador nikki haley proposed an alternative resolution condemning hamas but no other countries gave their support because this resolution is wildly inaccurate in its characterization of recent events in gaza and because it would harm any efforts towards peace the united states will oppose it and will veto it if necessary but
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there is an alternative we are offering a separate resolution it condemns hamas as indiscriminate firing of rockets against israeli civilian communities this comes after months of deadly unrest on the israeli gaza border on friday one paramedic was reportedly killed and fifteen protesters injured but. tensions are running high where the palestinian protesters who are very close to the fans and the israeli forces actually. help many.
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more to you guys being for are going to have seen protesters as you see. tear gas is literally thing the place. also targeting the palestinian prime minister and here's another injury that was just right now from that near the fence and as you see tear gas is filling the place where injuries are climbing injuries after injuries and most of the injuries to they are actually beat and that right leg that's how we saw more than fifteen injuries in the right leg that is already snipers continue to target the palestinians with live i mean if you see at that time i think are ready to take every three that are drives thousands of palestinians continue to participate in the great march of return for more than ten weeks now the palestinians are holding one message to the world that they have the right to demand and they have to right to protest throughout the unrest israel has said its forces are acting in self-defense in its latest tweet the i.d.f. said it will continue to block to attempt to damage security infrastructure. since
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the start of the so-called march of return two months ago at least one hundred sixteen palestinian protesters have been killed by i.d.f. soldiers on the israeli gaza border according to the international red cross thirteen thousand palestinians have been injured and thirty six hundred wounded by live ammunition the organization is now boosting its medical assistance program in the area the initiative will cost more than five million dollars over the next six months and includes two surgical teams or four conducting two thousand operations a fifty bed surgical unit as well as additional paramedics and supplies we spoke to a member of the red cross who describes the humanitarian situation in. the hospital simply cannot grasp or deal with a bigger influx of violence. if we see the same amount
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of wounded arriving in your speed doors as what we saw on the fourteenth of may and would simply have hundreds of patients leading to death in the parking lot. i. tens of have already lost some of their limbs and became amputees and follows arms have been wounded including several thousands by live ammunition that's something that is overwhelming for him the help system in the world the accelerated deterioration of humanitarian situation has affected all speed tours as ethically that all came frustrate the troops so the capacity of the system to cope with this we were doing frigs is extremely limited and this is why the i.c.r.c. he says well. its capacity to whence where we've as a medical kit needs you're in gaza. i.
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you know when you are you know spit or exit palestinian red crescent a speedo and in forty minutes eighty were been wounded arrive when you're in chief and in eight hours five hundred cases arrive this is something that is absolutely unmanageable in most schools in paris and new york but even more in gaz are which is already civilly weakened and butter of the place a very difficult humanitarian situation that prevails in history. the earth was. humanitarian assistance is very nice and this is why we decided to act even more but on top of that absent of geopolitical really even decisions the situation we only we're certain and worsen. guns are no use working on the head of a cliff. the spanish prime minister has been forced out of office after losing
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a no confidence vote in parliament it was filed by the rival socialist party leader who now gets the job and the outgoing premier admitted defeat to during a parliamentary debate on friday a lobbyist that they look at those from what we all know no confidence motion is likely to go through which means mr petro sanchez new prime minister and i would like to be the first to congratulate him it will be this chamber that will make the decision and it is up to all of us to abide by the amount of the popular sovereignty represented here i believe that today we're opening a new page in the history of our democracy and we will now start reading the first paragraph i can tell you without hesitation that when we enter the new government will put the interests of the spanish people above all socialist party made a predator santy it is now spain's new prime minister that followed a vote of confidence which he called a week ago in response to
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a high court ruling which sentenced several leading. figures in marianna. people's party to have to jail sentences following a long running corruption scandal including the party's former treasurer it looked like a long shot at first because sentries only commands eighty four six hours of a three hundred fifty member chamber however one by one crucially opposition. parties including social likely rivals held a mass fractious regional parties in catalonia and the past country added to their support and reached the crucial tally of one hundred eighteen votes with just hundred sixty nine in against and that was when marianna wrote holy finally realized that the game was up the socialist party leader petro sanchez will be sworn in as. prime minister during the weekend here is a forty six year old former columnist sanchez put forward the no confidence motion
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after reports popular party was embroiled in a corruption scandal and now despite receiving a large support from smaller opposition parties he is still likely to face some major challenges let's take a look at those the center right citizens party has refused to back sanchez and wants another election and the new prime minister will also have to deal with the volatile situation in catalonia the province held and official vote to break away from spain last year story and create a rogue believes that the catalans could take advantage of the situation the jews have eighty five m. peers there's a very very. small number of. parliaments and that does a limitation in itself so it is going to be a very very limited government in that respect there's no doubt in catalonia is going to be the one of the hot potato of spanish politics in the coming years and for this government to swell centive been saying that he's happy to talk and have
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a conversation with the new castle and president but on the other hand he said that he was going to have that conversation within the framework within the reality of the spanish constitution so it's an opportunity for the prime the pendants party on the other hand. doesn't seem to be very happy to talk. beyond the constitution. italy is also going through a political shake up just because who has never held political office before has been sworn in as the new prime minister after months without a government to separate conte now leads a euro skeptic governing coalition he has a fifty three year old academic and law professor who is known to have a dislike for red tape and he has already valid to slash as he put it useless laws . thousands of migrants in paris are being cleared from their makeshift
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shelters along the city's canals roughly two hundred of them have been resettled in a wealthy district in the french capital or to charlotte to bensky went to find out what residents think about their new neighbors. this is one of the nearly wrecked it camps in paris it's been set up to shelter around a hundred and seventy migrants who are amongst the thousand or so who are cleared from the canals of paris doing side waves thousands of migrants had been camped along the canals for many many months living in squalid conditions with few to no comforts the mayor of paris and the interior minister whom had been embroiled in a war of words over who was responsible for clearing the camps. the situation will be repeated indefinitely if measures not taken by local authorities to prevent the camps reappear. a period of time we could have avoided waiting for months to
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find shelter for those people the suggestion i made to the state was to build and reform a welcome center which is really the only the only option possible if we want to avoid the roadside counts so i'm waiting for the states to get back to me on that. now these migrants are being housed in broad deploying one of paris's wealthiest areas the sixteenth up on the small it's also home to former president nicholas sarkozy p.s.t.'s back to ponce football stadium and a horse which is currently hosting tennis stars from across the globe for the french open some locals aren't over the moon about their new neighbors i think the people here are not very. pretty to see if people are here because they're alfredo afraid to say i'm some of them or most be very difficult and some of them are very very nice i'm sure but
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a really tough part of them maybe but. you never know how people can react you can have some people who react very badly and some good you never know. but i thirty's choose not to most hospitable area because it is populated by many old people who are not really open minded so i think that this area is not the most welcoming you would you put us down i don't see any changes we don't communicate with migrants because we don't see them at all in the area so i guess lily's autonomy asli this is now the thirty fourth time in three years that my quince have been moved in paris but the problem seems to be cyclic it's never ending. oh. oh. oh oh oh oh authorities it do you to continue to clear out of the camps that emerged along paris. canals in the next few days yet with the capital already overflowing and didn't estimated
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five hundred fifty extra my quince arriving every week this seems to be little if can do to keep a lid on the problem even ski party paris. the un has raised the alarm over deadly violence in the libyan coastal city of derna in the past week at least five civilians have been killed two of them children the eastern city has been surrounded since july by the libyan national army which opposes the internationally recognized government the blockade has caused severe food and medicine shortages for more than one hundred thousand people the head of the u.n. humanitarian office in libya spoke to r.t. instability is high in various places and there's always a potential for escalation the situation and. very challenging we have
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seen an escalation of conflict over the last period but it definitely has intensified its. last few days i mean concern us the humanitarian needs of the need for water food medicine medical supplies is increasing very rapidly and we also have severe concerns for just protection of civilians will find themselves caught in a conflict the u.n. report comes as the french president has been pushing for negotiations between the countries warring factions our senior correspondent but i've got to have has more on the role france plays in libya. the french president mr mccollum has a certain brand he sells himself as a bit of a peacemaker his latest effort a libyan peace summit bringing together key need is some of whom are war with each other back on was proud to put me in for the first time these libyan leaders
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under this format some of whom do not mutually recognize each other's positions have met together through excepted to work together and approved a joint declaration this is an essential important step and which makes what will come next possible. you'd think in reality there were a lot of handshakes forced smiles and photo ops when it came to actually making peace they signed nothing any agreement they had was verbal and diplomacy that means nothing or over what everyone joined in more than a dozen groups and organizations who signed the letter saying that this summit did not represent them would call for a real dialogue focused on the aspirations of libyan society in its aspects nevertheless pundit's macron hailed it as a breakthrough after all getting all these people together under the same roof was
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an achievement not so much the main actors were there in july last year at this same summit also hosted by macros. the courage that is yours today by being here and by agreeing to this joint declaration is historic is to take your risk despite things that could have been against despite the actions of others to work towards a process of national reconciliation and long term peace. and nothing changed but maintaining the brand takes effort macro and really trying. to libyan people aspire to safety stability and to live better to be able to express their sovereignty and yes about safety and stability than are a coastal city in libya has been under siege for almost a year now and it's only gotten worse the escalation of fighting there has reached
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unprecedented levels once the un the libyan national army led by general have tired who was at summit is trying to take the city from a local warlord and islamists it's been a tough battle. on this happy occasion we say that zero hour for dern a city liberation has come. local sources report the protection forces a currently taking positions among civilian infrastructure in residential areas mostly in the center of the city and reportedly in civilian clothing since twenty second maybe this has been a rising civilian casualty toll as a result of indiscriminate shelling of residential areas general half dollars arch rival handed i'll mistreat was also at micron's gathering he urged for an immediate cease fire and took
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a jab at the general i don't recognize the chief commander name tough star he said that the very same day the four libyans pledged to work constructively in paris no surprise that the thing was signed merely an dorst question is who is going to remember this indorsement and for how long. or just twelve days to go before the football world cup kicks off in russia and moscow has been setting the stage for. the tournament these images were projected onto an exhibition hall near the kremlin on friday evening as part of the city's circle of light festival with the sporting event so close anticipation is proving hard to contain even beyond the earth's atmosphere.
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that does the for me i will be back with headlines at the top of the hour stay with us you're watching that international. people. who are here. we share. a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers
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of all suck but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. you guys i know you are nervous is a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to go to the center of the beach but how would you. go all the great britain if you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. a low. and i'm really happy to join the to fall of two thousand and three in the world cup in russia meet the special one i was out of. need to just take the radio p.r.t. teams latest edition to make up a bigger than a better jersey look. italy's
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recent elections again demonstrate the us neil liberal agenda is under continued pressure even under threat where is his grand historic project going how should we understand the italian elections the german elections and drags it in totality. this is. the church secret indeed just like priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the do
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graphic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot were the previous standards not the highest ranks of the catholic church help conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that end of that's known as the end and then i conclude that it is this out and. failed. please just let me. come up.


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