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tv   The Big Picture  RT  June 1, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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this. is from. the trump him summit is back on the us president says he will meet the north korean leader in singapore on june twelfth despite earlier calling off the talks. your turn comes as the north korean leader plays host to russia's foreign minister with r t the only international channel given access to him dung is pounds. if only someone told me where exactly we are right now this is how suddenly you get treated to cranberry juice came john adams residence hello i can barely remember being given such access at other v.i.p. locations around the world i'm absolutely shocked. and the u.s. and blocks the u.n. security council resolution calling for an international force to protect palestinian civilians after months of the deadly clashes with israeli soldiers.
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for the latest on the stories you can head to r.t. dot com stay with us now for the big picture. yes there actually was going to be video game school shootings you could play the shooter or the police possibly even an armed teacher but we'll never know because after widespread outrage the game has disappeared from the manufacturers online offerings now let's get serious about guns i'm holland cook in washington this is the big picture on our t. america.
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there were protests nationwide after the parklane school shooting teenagers who figure the grownups can't solve this problem are tackling it themselves among those marching with students and walking out of the state legislature in solidarity with them was georgia state representative eric the thomas who joins us from atlanta welcome thanks for having me erica when i was young a hundred years ago we marched against the war in vietnam and it was a long painful protest for died at kent state but eventually america turned against the war knowing these young people you have marched and spoken with dia think they have the resolve to persist long term are we finally at a turning point on this issue. yes i think so i think these kids are fired up and ready to go and i think the most important thing about this is that they have
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people like me you know adults that are saying yes this is the right thing to do and that we are behind you one hundred percent and i think that is helping them along the way and it's pushing them further than they would have went by themselves gun laws of always vary from state to state so i have a two part question for you what more should washington do about guns and how is the state of georgia responding to these one after another school shootings you know we've had about twenty three school shootings this year and the last one the twenty third one was here in georgia and so it's hitting us hard here and we're seeing what it's like when we look at t.v. and we turn on the t.v. and we see kids being gunned down in the places where they're close to be the safest and so we definitely need to take that and congress needs to act on it as well we need to stop being scared of the n.r.a. and of these gun funded leaders and programs we need to be stop being scared of
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what they might do and start thinking about america and putting america first and just like sam says making america great again and if you want to do that that is getting guns out of the mentally ill hands and making sure that we have stricter laws that are prohibited stopping these mass shootings and these shootings that are happening every single day and that we're becoming number two not surprisingly pew research tells us that democrats think gun violence is a big problem compared to republicans in the dems are also think gun laws should be stricter than they are today on point what you're seeing here in georgia you know it should not be a partisan issue you know when you want to you look at the barrel down the barrel of a gun it doesn't say are you democrat or are you republican it's just fires and so we have to make sure that we're not making this a partisan issue because for the. we look at these shootings all across america republican kids are being shot and democratic kids are being shot so we have to
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stop making it a partisan issue and when that day comes that it stops being a partisan issue is when will actual see real change and that's what needs to happen in order to keep our kids safe in order to keep our adults safe in order to keep america safe you mentioned the national rifle association and the n.r.a. is defending one controversial proposal by texas governor abbott let's listen you're talking about arming teachers well first off it's a choice it's something that the parents and the school board have to come to a decision on and teachers have to voluntarily choose to do so arming teachers good idea bad idea. yes definitely a bad idea you know i marched on washington with the kids and with the teachers for the march for our lives it was so crazy to see how many teachers came from all over america and they had signs that said bad us with pencils not guns and sold these teachers are speaking out all across america and saying no we don't want guns we
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don't that want that responsibility of having to shoot one of our own students you know you have to train the mind for years and years and years when you're in the military to train someone to shoot and kill someone else and so these these teachers are already underpaid in iraq under resourced they need to be focusing on our kids' education and making sure that their pay is higher and not worry about will this gun go off in my pocket well absolutely should a kid or a c.e.o. or student worry about will this teacher absolutely shoot me and think that i have a gun so this just makes a whole huge monopoly of different problems that can be put into the classroom every single day and so congress does need to come up with some kind of legislation or some kind of change but i don't think bad banning teachers with guns and having teachers to have guns is a part of that change and speaking of the n.r.a. they contribute heavily to congressional campaigns does this money also find its way into state legislators campaigns like there in georgia oh yes yes i know you
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probably remember a couple months ago i was on amos in d.c. a talking about this you know take the cable you know how he acted towards delta when they took away their discounts to the n.r.a. and said that he was going to kill every single bill that comes up for delta which funds that employs thirty thousand over thirty thousand people in georgia and so that right there showed that legislator was putting n.r.a. over the people and over the people that need the. delta jobs and so yes you see it all the time you don't see that as far as the millions and millions of dollars that's pushed in the congress but i believe that thousands and thousands of dollars is the same when it comes down to the state legislator and i will not be accepted that money they sent me an email the other day asking if i would like an endorsement and i said e-mailed back that some words that i probably can't say on t.v.
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good for you you know i only have about thirty seconds but speaking of what you say on t.v. i've seen you interviewed in various places what question are the mainstream media not asking you well you know what i would say that one of the biggest questions that they're not asking me and even more importantly they're not asked in the real people is that what do the actual people really want and i love that you ask that question because they're always asking these big politicians and these people that are over and heads of of in are in different things but let's actually talk to the teachers let's get a teacher in front of the camera and ask them face to face one when the woman man to man what do you want how do you want to be safe and i promise you over and over again you will hear them say that it has nothing to do with putting a gun on their arm and people hearing that would make a difference wouldn't oh yeah it was wholly make a difference because it's not just coming from from different sources or this
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source that at this source that is coming right straight from the people that are dealing in these classrooms every single day and they want to be saved just as much as they want the kids to be safe and that's important well i know how busy you are so i appreciate your time tonight thank you georgia state representative erika thomas. although he survived a mass shooting in two thousand and sixteen when a gunman killed one and injured six outside a houston church marcelle mcclinton remains pro second amendment he is executive director of the nonpartisan students' rise it's a student led nonprofit organization which is focused on youth voter registration across the state of texas myself thank you for your time tonight and welcome hi thank you for having me as i understand that texas law public and private schools are required to distribute voter registration applications during the final
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month of each semester to high school students who are or will be eighteen years of age or older during that semester how has compliance with that law gone. for certain that many schools don't comply with that low a messenger person with murder for a lives in a marginalized is pushing themselves is law you know more respected by these principals and school districts who are not respecting like many texans you grew up with guns in the house and concealed carry is common there what needs to change well i mean point blank is universal background checks on what we're fighting for heavily as well as a law when you buy a gun buy that gun with the trigger lock or a gun safe and lock it up and keep it safe you know from children minors in your house not be readily available in your home for anyone to use when they want to commit mass murder it's not ok it's wrong and i mean i'm sick and tired of it what do you think about that smart grip that spend
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a very controversial the gun industry in the n.r.a. are resisting it but they can actually make that grip like in the james bond movie where it will only work in your hand do you think that would be a plus. i don't think there's a need to do wild movie technology you know gun groups i've not even heard of that . but no i don't think it'll make any change i don't like your guns another controversy that comes up every time there's one of these school shootings and i asked our other guests what's your opinion should school teachers be armed. absolutely not teachers are not supposed to be soldiers in their classrooms or for the schools they're not paid enough you know they can barely make and they barely make enough money to teach students as it is their jobs are to educate the future and young minds of this country not to kill him you know i've spoken teachers myself who say i can imagine shooting and killing or injuring a former student minor so when i see it i've seen the holes teachers don't want us themselves and i would not trust
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a gun in my classroom that's our fight against is guns in the classrooms and schools not putting more in well also another aspect of that is that the gun on the teacher's hep or wherever he or she has it is less secure than the way your dad locks up the guns on the safe right. right exactly we're fighting for to you know the law to lock your guns up and having them open in a classroom is exactly the opposite of what i want to but a lot of students are fighting for luckily guns and even if they were in a safe in a classroom which is there's no there's so many things that right or wrong with that with arming teachers that it is is is it too much wrong to make it even really ok you are and we're painfully in the middle of this story you're being interviewed you're seeing lots of news coverage about this story what questions are the mainstream media not asking that they should be asking what are the under reported aspects of this story. they're not asking specifically what students want to see
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and i mean i asked point blank a student are you scared when you go to school dancers are going to be yes no matter what side of gallagher on the answer is yes you are afraid of being at school and smash you things in school shootings are on your mind then ask them what do you want to see different in your schools is a metal detectors is an arm teacher maybe it is for me it's not. how do you think you know it can be instilled at home then that makes yours your school safer not just you know arming your teachers it's not things proposed now are dealing with the after effect of one of the shooting occurs on campus or in these communities not with getting them from ever happening in the first place that is the irony of this you know when i was a little guy they were talking about duck and cover in case there was no clear war during the cold war era and yet it seems like a more distant threat than what you face when you go to school every day that is that is a very cool irony i'm glad you pointed out and are wearing the orange factor thank
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you marcel mcclinton for stepping into the big picture you so much. coming up one of the parents who lost a child in the parklands school shootings and is committed to change you will want to hear his story and here's a d.v.r. alert friday june eight tyrrel and tab out from watching the hawks will show you how australia has solved the gun problem there this is the big picture on r t america.
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who'll be the next to get the treatment that greece got from the troika the i.m.f. the e.c.b. the e.u. they gang up they destroy a country for profit it's a it's a smash and grab and greece was destroyed they had a referendum and then they didn't pay any attention to the referendum they didn't want the troika road and look at happen in greece it turned it into a pit it turned into a shelter into garbage and now the same bankers are getting together because they need like a shark always something to destroy to eat so we were trying to figure out would it only be next i think were the two likely candidates so i guess as we've been saying that for five years that this was coming and i guess down italy will be the next meal for the i'm. this week and the daily white house press briefing there was a moment that went viral watch what happens as we reach the lockout
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a little bit that's not on the mental health system for. now that's a friend get shot. we tell you when you stand and we'll do something senseless fact i think as a kid and certainly as a parent there is nothing that could be more terrifying for a kid to go to school and not feel safe so i'm sorry that you feel that way. this is ministration takes it seriously. among those killed in the shootings that marjorie stoneman douglas high school in parkland florida meadow jade pollock a senior age eighteen meadows dad andrew pollack founded class c. l. a s. s. americans for children's lives and school safety there at americans for a class org. how many more kids have to be killed until we fix it after columbine should've fixed it after sandy hook we should
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a fix after just one death we should have fixed the folly to that fix that then my daughter would still be alive andrew welcome. thanks holland thanks for having me today really when i hear my daughter's name especially this weekend it's a tough weekend for me it's graduation weekend i can only imagine. what my son just so everyone knows my son. has to go get out the plum. this week this week i'm just having a i'm having a rough couple of days you know i don't know it's rough just thinking that my kids got to get up on the stage my son. rough. paid this we can get it so but this we can touch it all this week in texas president trump met with families of the recent school shooting there and you were among survivors and
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friends and families of victims who met with the president back in february they called it a listening session what do you feel that meeting accomplished. well i went i also was in texas before the president. met with some family that lost a son i stayed with them a couple of days because you know no one could explain it no one could explain losing a child unless it happened to you so i wanted to be there and comfort as many families as i can and i met a family that lost somebody and i stayed there and i just just being with them comforted them to help them through this period of time of such horrific. around this act so with these listening sessions i had enough with the listening sessions with the round tables the listening sessions we all know what needs to be done you
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need you need metal detectors and on god what else is a politician going to tell me that's going to protect the kids in a school besides getting that done what what do we need to listen to what do we need roundtables for and that's what i told the families in texas no more listening sessions no more round tables look at all legislation that we got passed in florida and get it done in your state why should a governor in another state now wait wait for more kids to get shot don't you the holiday should be proactive right now look what we did in florida what our legislation that we got passed and get it done don't wait for for other kids to get shot in the schools well in terms of action your organization has developed an impressive eight point plan for school safety and we're going to put those up on the screen as bullet points so viewers can follow along walk us through the plan. ok i can't see it but i'll walk you through it so one is perimeter you need to
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establish a perimeter where or not anyone can just walk in on to campus ok because we've heard of situations where people are walking on campus so you've got to have a fencing system around the school second he could you have to have limited entry points for for the school to enter into their classrooms so you could control that control the flow going into the classrooms into the buildings just like just like the judge has when he goes to work at the courthouse you know will he's not worried someone's coming in with a weapon but most important to me is the metal detectors and the gods you can't you can't have that this society that we live in it's a shame but we can't i can't fix society ok i that's too big of an issue for me to fix society but we can fix the way our schools are secured so that's why i
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established those eight points you know they're sick mental illness a lot of these kids have behavioral issues that it's a pattern that that could be that professionals can help these individuals at an early age but just like going on a plane no one's going on a plane now unless you're going to walk through a metal detector and i'm really an advocate of you know why should kids and teachers be warry when they're inside in their building in their classrooms we have you know you can i think there was a poll they asked like fifty or sixty percent of teachers and students are afraid in the class that they're going to get shot that it's ridiculous when i was a kid how naive could we have been were doing duck and cover because during the cold war we thought there'd be an atom bomb dropped on us but kids today are more genuinely afraid of walking in that building than we were back when you were worried about the mushroom cloud right. all right i'll tell you i tell
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a story when i was in high school my drill was i went to the parking lot we drank a six pack of beer and then with my drill then we went back for the next period so that was my drill when i went to high school and we my high school was the best the times the i feel bad for these kids there were about getting shot and you can't blame it's happening now it's almost like a weekly instance in in america what's going on you are an important voice a conspicuous voice in this imperative national conversation and obviously you're digesting a lot of the news coverage what is mainstream media not reporting about gun violence well. i try holland i stay away from the gun word because in you know i just like to get into things that i could be sick achieve that are achievable and in america the gun debate is not
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something achievable it's going to be going on for another two hundred years after i die so i took on the approach of what could i achieve in my lifetime that could be a legacy that that my daughter was murdered over and what i could accomplish so what i focused on is just focusing on school safety it's a bipartisan issue i don't care if you're a democrat or republican you want your kid safe so i took that on the gun violence i don't know this three hundred million guns in america and i don't think it's something that's achievable right now in my lifetime so i choose to work on things that that we could do and what americans want you know i love my country i want the kids safe in school the teachers need to be safe so i focus on what we can all we can all do together and that's make our school safer yeah you're right about how polarizing the gun word makes any conversation it's no minds are being
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changed but there's one unavoidable aspect of the g word that applies to make you a school safe where do you come down on the controversial matter of arming teachers . ok i'm glad you brought that up ali because it's really the media's misperception of teachers been working on a project now in florida and polk county ok no one wants to you know when the media says teaches. most people think so they're going to go to a weekend class the history teacher who never fired a gun is going to go to a history class go for the weekend you know who teaches history she's going to little class for the weekend and then monday she's going to come in with a weapon and she's going to be an teacher it's not what would do on in florida ok in polk county the sheriff was proactive who wants all teachers and students say they're arming personnel but the top personnel that are getting hired are going to
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be veterans and retired law enforcement what better than that we're going to put our veterans to work in polk county we're going to hire retired law enforcement and we're going to place them in the schools so polk county is going to lead by example and the rest of the country it's not about arming teachers i don't want anyone to think that it's about arming veterans and and retired law enforcement that's what i'm that's what i'm getting behind you know there's a lot it's enough already that we just need to get these metal detectors at the schools you know anything else is just talk yeah you know you can't have a hockey game without going through the metal detector you can't see so i don't want to hear you know it's going to take too long to get seventy thousand people into a stadium shara you know if we bought them in bulk they're only about between three to four thousand dollars you could get a metal detector yeah so it's crazy i don't know the thing i you know we could say for another time you know there's a thing what the government put into place but the previous administration there
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was a leniency policy called the promise program that they gave grant money to communities school boards to participate in to not arrest a certain race that was in a commune. city so they brought these leniency policies into broward called the promise program and they stopped the arresting kids it was called the school to prison pipeline so it's a whole thing that went on p.c. . right that's in broward it goes back to holder and duncan yes it's called the promise program and we've been fighting it now and in broward and what's good you know i didn't bring it up but the president when i met what him he put it i asked him to put a commission together and he did it with secretary deval and his cabinet members and they're looking into these policies of this leniency of not holding kids accountable so i'm hoping this the boss steps up and puts an end to that federal
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funding to these programs experience that you have been through is difficult for the rest of us to fathom and after each one of these incidents which come too often we are sick and tired of hearing the phrase thoughts and prayers certainly hours are with you and i appreciate your time thanks for being with us andrew. all right holland thank you buddy. that is the big picture if you missed any part of this week's show or if you want to share it you can where you'll find all our shows at youtube dot com slash the big picture our t. watch on any device anywhere any time i'm holland cook in washington back to x. week and tweeting in the meantime at holland cook so let's hear what you would like to see in the big picture question more.
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forman are sitting in a car when the phipps gets shot in the head. all four different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row
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there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because the list did not share around a corner. i am sure this is the kaiser report we're going to talk about it's kind of this is a story it's almost like deja vu reminds me of greece and in fact yanis varoufakis says you know inserted his name into this whole story and that is whether it's going to be it to leave or quit to lay because italy is looking mightily. well it looks like the technocrats don't like democracy remember this happened with greece as well the greek people said they didn't want any more austerity they didn't want their lives to be decimated they would didn't want to be forced out of their country to flee to the united kingdom and other places due to austerity and
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all sorts of e.c.b. policies upon their you know european community policies upon their country well the same thing is that now happened in italy where the five star movement in the northern league formed a government and then the president of italy who is constitutionally allowed to do so basically said no because you're a finance minister is anti euro and wrote a piece he had written a piece about basically that the euro was a disaster for italy and we're going to suggest perhaps it really was yanis varoufakis. because he became the finance minister of greece kaiser reported introduced interviewed him many many times over the years when he used to be an icon it was for virtually games he said the people of italy voted against technocrats implementing austerity for the many and socialism for the very very few now they have an i.m.f. apparatchik as pm was a plan to implement.


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