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barricaded in his listening to loud music that had the f word in it ok and that's what police came to see. to investigate an enhanced not even illegal it's it's something that police knock on your door and generally tell you to turn it down so the family launched a fund raising page to raise money for the children of already received more than thirty thousand dollars their lawyer again says that they're going to continue with the battle for justice to one hundred percent goes to the children in the rehabilitation of their family home because it was also destroyed by tear gas we don't understand ninety nine percent and one percent in america your we have a second amendment you know some people love it some people hate it but you're legally allowed to possess a firearm and you're legally allowed to open the door with a firearm and we're going to take it all the way to the u.s. supreme court if we have to it's that important because it's a precedent of law enforcement if you're doing nothing illegal shouldn't be able to
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shoot you through your closed your closed garage door it's preposterous. just after quarter past ten in the morning here in moscow now review watching good morning for me kevin owen hope you can stay with us for at least the next fifty minutes to among the stories ahead christi and crosses and i was shown in all public buildings in bavaria why what tell you in ninety seconds. it's.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to go right to be close it's like a book for free in the morning people are. interested always in the logs in the. first six. books. in germany a controversial new law in the region of bavaria now obliges the christian cross is it displayed at entrances of all public buildings is
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a europe correspondent. clearly visible crosses are to go up in some public buildings like courthouses police stations and city halls like this one here in bavaria it's also a new law regarding crucifixes came into effect on the first of june the plan comes courtesy of a fairy is new president marcos and his reasoning is that this is supposed to reinforce the very identity in the face of large scale integration given by and signal it is a signal of still for sure instant bavaria we want to state western christian culture and that is why clearly we don't get rid of crosses but hang them up this is not an attack on others but only a cultural symbol which we especially appreciate in the various public opinion shows that almost sixty percent of bavarians actually support the move but when we spoke to people on the streets of nuremberg opinion was more finely balanced i
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don't think it's a good idea. because it has nothing to do with security the government is separate then to church so why should we do the same i don't think it's a good idea it's correct because it's a tradition and why not i comment on the one hand we see people wanting to ban the headscarf on the other they're forcing people to shoulder cross and it seems the dots to me. i don't think are very an identity depends on process it is stronger in other ways with beer gardens and local traditions it's a belief not gone it's gone with the cross spot of every day life for us but we respect every phrase not just christianity the bavarian president became the target of more than a few online jokes when he announced this idea however those who are charged with actually hanging crucifixes in public buildings all day are on side with the plan. this is not a defensive reaction but
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a positive reinforcement of culture our. it does not hurt to point out where our roots are this crosses a symbol not only for christians but for people living in bavaria. but critics say that this goes against germany's constitutional separation of church and state and say they want to change the law it's a totally wrong decision to bury and government because it's a very in citizen you can be a muslim you can be a two you can be non-religious you can be an atheist humanist for example and all these people show no look to the cross and why instead we have a strong tradition of a separation of church and state there has to be clarified whether this mixing up. of a religious symbol with secure or rooms of a secular state is really compatible with our bavarian constitution there hasn't been any mad rush to hang crucifixes in buildings like the city hall in nuremberg
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just behind me here the law didn't come with any deadline and it's also widely expected to be challenged in germany's highest court it's some point in the future peter all of a r.t. of area. the syrian army's road to the last pockets of terrorists south of the capital damascus and civilians are slowly heading back to the newly liberated cities some of them are trying to come to terms best they can with the lives after the war and picking up the pieces again others are searching for their loved ones they were missing during the conflict. he fought in the militia supporting the syrian army there were twenty soldiers in his assault team they went into attack on april twenty second they group came here but they got ambushed and captured.
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that's on a dice i still terrorists called me from a czars and told me they killed him they sent me photos and took a picture of this thing on may first sent me this picture and then this one this is mayes are his body. that's masers jacket they were captured all of a sudden from the ambush they shot him in the back here's one shot well here's the other. deal and able to grow looking for his body every day we come here every day we will find him we will.
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germany's foreign intelligence service the b.m.d. is now officially allowed to monitor internet hubs if it's for strategic security interests that is it want to federal case against the dick kicks exchange which should accuse the bee and even legally collecting data into the exchange claims it's the world's largest in terms of peak traffic with h.q. in germany the operates ten more hubs in different countries handling data from europe china russia the middle east and america however with special devices the b. and they can get unfiltered and full copies of information in this is to. we have grave doubts about the legality of the current practice we consider ourselves under obligation to our customers to work towards a situation in which to achieve their wins of their telecommunications only takes place in a legal manner democrats see data protection is one of the most important aspects and no security agency is able to catch all data from the
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so called. security agency can call out data in a mess of way it's not only stater of single persons or due to one single aspect there is no restriction to kicks in the b. and they have gone head to head before the same history here revelations in twenty thirteen from n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden exposed how the german intelligence service and shared data with the american agency at the time it was said that the information was filtered and that german citizens data was not included but the internet exchange insisted back then that in fact it wasn't possible to be so selective is martin told her again there is no restriction due to sharing this state and there is little for exam a parliamentary control there have been some cases already. been a huge amount had been transferred. from the energy to n.s.a. and so it's not just because of nothing but it's because of presidents cases
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and it's not the best reputation and you were in sharing data with the n.s.a. that in a scandal it's not a good signal to let the unity get data from the six lot. keep in touch with the law on these twenty four seven last. great little resource that's not checked out already next to show jeweled pull it in here without internationals coming up in thirty six minutes time i was given i would say thanks for watching and have a good weekend. or should. we sit. down you have to work on my
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own. financial survival guide by eight i caught up with features. of the five. as of last summer my ex from the future. was kaiser. forman are sitting in a car when the phipps gets shot in the head. all four different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way you could have done it there's no possible way because the us did not shoot around a corner. this
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is borne by us broadcasting around the world. right here in washington d.c. i'm bart chilton and thank you for joining us coming up today we have some great guest standing by to talk trade tariffs sanctions economics and a heck of a lot more but we start with the u.s. bureau of labor statistics jobs report for me just out today the actual number of jobs created was two hundred twenty three thousand media economists projections of one hundred ninety thousand jobs created and there's new an annuity eighteen year low of three point eight percent for the unemployment wage rate and the wage and growth increase modestly at two point seven percent that's about eight cents per hour increase plus the march and april numbers were revised upward by
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a combined total of fifteen thousand jobs the unemployment numbers are a key but just one data set of positive economic news in recent months although for some concerns over the continuing trade war have cast a shadow over the future economic outlook and here to dig deeper into those numbers is our friend danielle de martino both the founder of money strong and author of fed up an insider's take on why the federal reserve is bad for america danielle thank you as always for joining us this is a pretty positive jobs report two hundred twenty three thousand in a three point eight percent rate which hasn't been this low since bill clinton was president and before that the lowest rate was all way back in sixty nine act that's when the beatles released come together i remember is the jobs report a pretty decent indicator of adoring strength in the labor market do you think danielle. oh well actually bart i would be careful with using the word and during here we are at the very very late stages of this current economic cycle employers
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are having a very hard time sourcing workers and as a result we've seen one of the largest waves in the history of the country in merger and acquisition activity these are the things that typically happen towards the late stage of an economic expansion and part of it again is due to the fact that there is a need for workers we have an eighteen year low in terms of of a mismatch in between what employers need and the warm bodies that they can get their hands on and as a result we're starting to see companies merge come together so that they can find it ways to cut costs and meet fewer over need fewer employees to begin with as an aside i want to get right back to the jobs report and dig a little deeper into that but you know we always talk about interest rates and the fed's going to be meeting in a couple weeks or less than a couple of weeks actually but you know this jobless rate is the level they forecast it to be by the end of this year we already hit it so it is it that
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essentially pave the way for another interest rate in increase. you know you bring up the most valid point that came out of today's jobs figures part and that is that we will for sure on june thirteenth we will see another rate hike there was obviously a lot of turmoil out off u.s. shores this week in italy and spain today and by the middle of the week before this report came out the market started to price away price away this september rate increase after today's strong numbers especially those strong wage increase numbers that we saw an average hourly earnings the market began to reprice back in that rate hike in september so that is the key takeaway i think from today's report very good point what i.


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