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christine crosses displayed at the entrances of all public buildings it's our europe correspondent peter all of clearly visible crosses are to go up in some public buildings like courthouses police stations and city halls like this one here in bavaria it's also a new law regarding crucifixes came into effect on the first of june the plan comes courtesy of a fairy is a new president marcus soda and his reasoning is that this is supposed to reinforce bavarian identity in the face of large scale integration given by and signal this is a signal of still for sure instant varia we want to state our western christian culture and that is why clearly we don't get rid of crosses but hang them up this is not an attack on others but only a cultural symbol which we especially appreciate in the various public opinion shows that almost sixty percent of bavarians actually support the move but when we spoke to people on the streets of nuremberg opinion was more finely balanced i
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don't think it's a good idea. because it has nothing to do with security the government to separate them to church so why should we do the same i don't think it's a good idea it's correct because it's a tradition and why not i comment on the one hand we see people wanting to ban the headscarf on the other they're forcing people to shoulder cross that seems the dots to me and. i don't think are very an identity depends on process it is stronger in other ways beer gardens and local tradition but it's a belief knowing gone is gone these across part of everyday life for us to respect everybody not just christianity and the varian president became the target of more than a few online jokes when he announced this idea however those who are charged with actually hanging crucifixes in public buildings all day are on some. lead with the
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plan. this is not a defensive reaction but a positive reinforcement of our culture and it does not hurt to point out where our roots are only this crosses a symbol of not only for christians but for people living in the very start but critics say that this goes against germany's constitutional separation of church and state and say they want to change the law it's a totally wrong decision of the berrien government because it's a variant citizen you can be a muslim you can be a tool you can be non-religious you can be an atheist you minister for example and all these people show no look to the cross and why instead we have a strong tradition arm off a separation of church and state there has to be clarified whether this mixing up. of a religious symbol with security or rooms of a secular state is really compatible with our berrien constitution there hasn't
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been any mad rush to hang crucifixes in buildings like the city hall in nuremberg just behind me here the law didn't come with any deadline and it's also widely expected to be challenged in germany's highest court it's some point in the future peter all of a r.t. of area. the syrian army is routed the last pockets of terrorists south of the capital damascus and civilians are heading back to the newly liberated cities some of them are trying to come to terms with their lives after the war putting the pieces back together again. simply searching for their loved ones who were missing during the conflict. he fought in the militia supporting the syrian army there were twenty two soldiers in his assault and they went into attack on april twenty second they group came
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here but they got ambushed and captured. i still terrorists called me from a czar's and told me they killed they sent me photos and took a picture of this thing on may first sent me this picture and then this one this is mayes are his body. lookouts masers jacket they were captured all of a sudden from the ambush they shot him in the back here's one shot well here's the other. video we're looking for his body every day we come here every day we'll find him we'll.
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germany's foreign intelligence service the b.m.d. is now officially allowed to monitor internet hubs if it's for strategic security interests the one of federal case against the dick pics exchange which should accuse the bee and even legally collecting data now that internet exchange claims that it's the world's largest in terms of peak traffic with headquarters in germany it operates ten more hubs in different countries and ring data from europe china russia the middle east and america however with special devices seems to be and they can get unfiltered and full copies of information in the system. we have grave doubts about the legality of the current practice we consider ourselves under obligation to our customers to work towards a situation in which to achieve their ends of their telecommunications only takes place in a legal manner democrats see data protection is one of the most important aspects and no security agency is able to catch all data from the
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so called d.c. its security agency can call out data in a mess of way it's not only state or of single persons or due to one single aspect there is no restriction that kicks in the be and they have gone head to head before revelations back in twenty thirteen from n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden exposed how the german intelligence service a chair data with the american agency now the time it was said the information was tilted in that german citizens data wasn't included but the internet exchange insists in fact it wasn't possible to be so selective is martin dozer again there is no restriction due to sharing this state and there is little for exam a parliamentary control there have been some cases already where it's been a huge amount had been transferred. from e m d to n.s.a.
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and so it's not just because of nothing but it's because of presidents cases and it has not the best reputation anyway and in sharing data with the n.s.a. that in a scandal it's not a good signal to let the unity. state of from six not. by your side twenty four seven of course check out comments kevin zero in here saying thanks for watching this weekend for me and the rest of the team may always appreciate it thanks for choosing out international one that have a good weekend. our .
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global war hawks telling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chickenhawk forcing you to fight the battles they are going. to stop spreading tell you that they'll be gossiping probably by fell for the most important news today. about how you think you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with all the one. four men are sitting in a car when the phipps gets shot in the head. for
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different versions of what. one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because the list did not shoot around a corner. this is the kaiser report we're going to talk about it's kind of this is a story it's almost like deja vu it reminds me of greece and in fact yanis varoufakis says you know inserted his name into this whole story and that is whether it's going to be it to leave or quit early because italy is looking
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mightily. well it looks like the technocrats don't like democracy remember this happened with greece as well the greek people said they didn't want any more austerity they didn't want their lives to be decimated they would didn't want to be forced out of their country to flee to the united kingdom and other places due to austerity and all sorts of e.c.b. policies upon their you know european community policies upon their country well the same thing is that now happened in italy where the five star movement in the northern league formed a government and then the president of italy who is constitutionally allowed to do so basically said no because you're our finance minister is anti euro and wrote a piece he had written a piece about basically that the euro was a disaster for italy and we're going to suggest perhaps it really was yanis
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varoufakis. as he became the finance minister of greece reported introduce it interviewed him many many times over the years when he used to be an icon it was for virtually games he said the people of italy voted against technocrats implementing austerity for the many and socialism for the very very few now they have an i.m.f. apparatchik as pm was a plan to implement more of the same could italy's president have given the n.f.l. but populace a greater gift that's always the same we've covered this since the beginning of kaiser reports austerity for the many capitalism for the man. me and socialism for the tiny tiny few right well as we've have yanis varoufakis on the show and we asked them point blank i know i did who will be the next to get the treatment that greece got from the troika the i.m.f. the e.c.b. the e.u. they gang up they destroy a country for profit it's a it's a smash and grab and the greece was destroyed they had a referendum and then they didn't pay any attention to the referendum they didn't
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want the troika road and look what happened in greece it turned it into a pit it turned into a shell it turned into garbage and now the same bankers are getting together because they need like a shark always something to destroy to eat and consume so we were trying to figure out would italy be next or spain i think are the two likely candidates so i guess as we've been saying now for five years that this was coming and i guess down italy will be the next meal for the i.m.f. well spain wasn't an option really if you look at the charts we're going to come into is that they never abided by the master treaty of under three percent of g.d.p. deficit italy has done so and they've abided by that and thus destroyed their economy in a time when you know in the recession when they should have been actually helping the economy and facilitating liquidity in transaction and credit unlike what happened for germany and stuff so let's however look at the technocrats the european
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commission this was a tweet from a journalist from deutsche of al who interviewed a european commissioner who is a german who is a european commissioner for budget and human resources and so here is the tweet from bernard thomas riegert of deutsche of l. the markets and a darkened outlook will teach italy's voters not to vote for populist parties in the next elections told me the commissioner oettinger in exclusive interview for a dose of health news and strasburg i can only hope that. will play a role in the election campaign so looks like there will be another election in italy probably in july or august. and this guy oettinger who is good herman oettinger a german politician and now a european commissioner he's saying that because the markets have reacted so negatively that italian voters should basically learn a lesson and not vote for
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a populist again right the key phrase there is the markets will teach quote the markets will teach according to the technocrat the german that as we've been saying again going back to two thousand and eight so almost ten years i've been saying this concept which i will say again there's something called market fundamentalism it's a belief that markets are all knowing all seeing and that the people in the technocratic space defer to markets as fundamentalists or as fanatics will if you refer to religious fanaticism and so he believes that the markets know all and that the markets are punishing attalia and without giving notice and and being honest in that the markets are manipulated and many of the ways that we have discussed on this show this is a market manipulation scheme made to smash and grab the assets of italy by the way they have thousands of tons of gold i suppose that's part of the booty that the bankers are looking to pilfer as they use markets as
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a weapon of mass financial destruction again as we've been saying articulating proving emphatically with out equivocation or any pushback from any journalist or government official has again are down ok so there are let's talk about the story again so the point is that the markets in this case are the e.c.b. are the governments are the central banks of the world because just like greece just like italy the e.c.b. has been mostly buying their bonds and the italian government and the talian banks so. the bondholders are the ones being bailed out once again it's the bond holders not the market you know equity markets or property market people who are getting out participants who are getting a bailout it's the bondholders that you know always in a negotiation there's supposed to be two.


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