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it's a sort of cells because you will then creating a positive energy balance and that's creating an entirely new framework for growth for global economy you've got these posters of the public so it states no even costs just sunlight so it was so good to guard the mines those things combined could roam into our financial system right abraham you know we have been in the crypt of businesses twenty eleven covering it quite extensively the first of the world to decide and we have looked at many projects we've seen hundreds of projects and probably even thousands of projects but we have decided to get you guys to come on board as advisors because this is truly a fantastic marriage of crypto and a monetary need and a utility value i mean this is this is talk a little bit about the utility value how it works this is genuinely a fantastic marriage of crypt and and it and a banking model that's truly remarkable so i talk
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a little bit about the fact that this really is a utility because energies are utility you know people pay their energy bill they pay their utility belly and this is this is utility application correct yes i mean the people of whom i hear. so much talk about global chain this will change that but very very few projects get to see an energy project is commercially operating and something changed is is the only one aware of that you could anyone actually use today and the reason why they don't need to days we don't want to be in bed we'll be using the big chain as a payment system for distributing value from a some of the people in one country to their own disposal of arnolds in other countries and as well as was operating. it is not that kind of a rule going towards the resilience means let me let me let me jump ahead so the sun exchange is currently working with the u.n. development program on a pilot program to bring solar to the university in moldova. tell us about that
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program why moldova and how exactly does a stock exchange set up that work you know i mean that the objective of the science changes to your head and name so to projects to go ahead the previous week what. we're talking about projects that are less than a metal won't so be considered in the commercial going to industrial sector of the soda market which in a in a market by the united states and germany and i said there was like thirty percent of the industry totally absent in emerging markets and the reason why is that true conventional institution investors are no willing to invest in not scale projects and too small and they're also too big to be financed off balance sheet by the consumer of energy so it was a very specific financial systems have become in place to actually fill that gap i decided to change his mode with twenty eight leases of commercial so dongs which guarantees low cost energy but the they would otherwise be paying and this is a no whom up front cost so we're running a project at the moment sort of how a
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a factory that manufactures both those out of recycled plastics is here in cape town as a home for megawatt projects the problem with this factory is a much deeper they come access the will power from the grid is not available we're coming in and deploying a home for megawatt solar panels on their roof no upfront cost of them saving that money on a utility bill and those are battles getting so this is a solution for admissibility markets to go so it's goes either easily ok great money jump ahead. abraham you are doing and i see it initially in offering full disclosure and warnings need to be stated here so on advisors of the company anyone watching should take that into account and do their own research right so we're not giving financial advice regulators of course are all over the i.c.l. market how has that impacted your fund raise yes i. see if you. anyone getting a vote with our i.c.a.o.
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needs to make sure that they bear any if they qualify as an investor in the united states or any other jurisdiction where that is required but is it what we have issued is a utility token what we mean by that is not to your rewards token. we creating a rewards program and anyone who's using the sun exchange can to run x. as bait by the side of the cells as they make small decisions and it was socially and not for. everyone the most on it for a platform a higher level of discounts and bonuses all and any sonics accumulated could be staked into a solar projects insurance fund for emerging markets i was these think that sort of can they were easy but with twenty percent return paid in sonic's now the eyes go this pre-selling these woods tokens so you're in there without a significantly reduced cost me would be a acquire for fruit program itself and a much easier way so that's just a proposition for that the officers present in the rewards tokens and giving the
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boy easy and instant access to a maximum utilization size range buffalo and state the minnesota project insurance fund which is something that's needed i mean the problem with solar projects is that if the end consumer stops paying that bill then the project is devoted so this insurance fund is to create a buffer so in the event of a solar plant or fonteyn we can cover the cost of relocating associate each when you cite with a new office i cannot specifically what the fund is to do right you know not a great faiths are now once again as i said love the project love the idea but when it comes to investments everybody needs to do their own research and i'm not giving and that's what advice now abraham you're doing this on the bitcoin block chain which is unique because usually you hear about these things on the theory and watching but it's on the on the on the big block tend to speak a little bit about that well actually the sun exposure could easily also.
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transcripts of currency on the chain no one should settle shown bruce talk on the big one but it wasn't ready at the time it would be done we all would be joyous or well for it still to make that happen right now because in the us he transcripts are current so we all used the big one but shameful the rental payments so as people from buying sites over about will they are getting paid in big going we make payments every day every month and we get it down to a resolution where we can do that in real time so we've got a part of our technology roadmap is implementing the lightning network becoming a lightning node so we can actually stream the big point in realtime from point to production to the mother of a so so as well it so but our goal is to stream monetize on showing and bigger bloke with money and she made was that not what we are working towards ok that's great hopefully can stay on for a second segment but just to recap here son exchange basically are using i think that's a brilliant explanation as you say you're converting photons into electrons into
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a crypt al and so anybody can buy into an increasing solar panel scheme to help anybody who needs energy so they are bringing about this network effect and killing to legacy industries at the same time the hydrocarbon industry and the banking industry both get punched in the face which we love to say said he we got to go but thanks for being on the kaiser report thanks max and stacy great to be here all right awfully have you on for a second segment that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report was a mess geyser and stacey everett like to thank our guests abraham cambridge of sun exchange if you're a racist on twitter it's kaiser report and so next time but y'all.
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well you know that they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long. been there in the small of old sticks you don't harp on ships and it's. not something. the little self did big fish already ninety percent of it daryn got any ball in the conference. concept fifteen scoops seventeen times and they do it several times a day with the big cleats now you get an idea on why oh she spoke. we have to understand we could not stay still and just. be witness to the deal going to the arms. i'm doing this because i want them for the future world to future generations to have out and enjoy the ocean we have.
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so. many european constants seven comes to believe that we shed should get out of this the song sherman come to something that has to be the. box let's be honest and quick about the caesium final decision on d.c. sure. has to come from watch. those washington is utilizing weans utilized you'll be intrigued. we have the privilege of being the most allied ally of the united states. centaurs c. tool and many of the alliances promoted by the west united states in particular members will we also have. the privilege of being the most sanctioned
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. and that to any group of countries so it sounds contradictory it is going to be true and pakistan this shows that pakistan will do what is in its national interest and it will know it's just school at the end of one leo the other. radially reinforced rammed earth bricks is what they really are. this more than seventy houses about one hundred forty people with families living here. but. it's really a way of forming same in. their sons coming
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in and heating their house and being stored in massive walls. sagebrush is the natural environment here but as we're containing the sewage and using the plant served to process the sewage we create our own little way system here. levelled warhawks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles they don't. do socks credit tell you that it's not because of the public but i fell for the most important news today. i'm often asked as he tells me you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with all the walking.
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u.s. blocks the u.n. resolution calling for the protection of palestinian civilians on the gaza border after months of deadly clashes with israeli soldiers. letter was given to me by. phone would you like to see what was in that all your life how much how much how much to getting a letter from the leader of north korea donald trump says that a much anticipated summit between washington and pyongyang will take place after all. the jury awards only four cents compensation to the grieving family of a black man who was fatally shot in his own home by police. around the world run the clock this is r t live from moscow this saturday is just
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one in the afternoon here now my name is kevin irwin and first in this update on the u.s. has vetoed a u.n. resolution that called for the protection of palestinian civilians on the gaza border america's own resolution meantime that blamed the islamist militant group hamas for the violence failed to get any support of the u.n. . the draft has been submitted on behalf of our nations the terrorist group hamas beyers primary responsibility the revolution of mention of israel five times yet you couldn't bring. your third dimension hamas even once. don't you know how to spell it all goes against. final outcome of today's vote is extremely disappointing but unfortunately i'm not surprised that secession is another missed opportunity for this currency we are offering a separate resolution to the text does proposed but it does not reflect
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a balanced and impartial approach to the israeli palestinian conflict it is hamas that has incited violent acts we regret that the american tax does not adequately reference israel's responsibilities and obligations with regard to. the majority of those killed by israeli defense forces in recent weeks were members of the hamas terrorist group will close a responsible gaza been located right here and see people israel it is a mosque that has attacked the very humanitarian access points into gaza but those in favor of please raise their hand. well that meeting yesterday came after months of deadly unrest on the israeli gaza border and on friday a palestinian volunteer nurse was killed and at least one hundred protesters more injured. tensions
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are running high where the palestinian protesters were very close to the front in the israeli forces acting back i think one. of the parts. more tear gas being fired and cousin protesters as you see. tear gas is literally filling the place but also targeting the palestinian prime and they explode and here's another injury that was just right now from that near the fence and as you see tear gas is filling the place or injuries are coming injuries after injuries and most of the injuries today are actually in the right leg that's how we saw more than fifteen injuries in the right leg that is already snipers continue to target the palestinians.


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