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tv   News  RT  June 2, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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quite there are. some. people. they tried in years past to pass laws against us and they kept getting they were they were the way they were that they wouldn't enforce them so i think believe this year they they have succeeded in keeping us from going there i know the ships can't go and. i don't know if individuals want now how that will work out but we're not going there on a campaign this year because of that because of the prohibition there and then we have other issues now that we're tackling like this illegal fishing which is a huge problem all over the world. if you want to use to know for example you just go to the supermarket buy a can of tuna open it and enjoy it because when next days. but when you see how it's catch you start to sing about. the fishing boats are
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seen fishing already in big trouble we kind of go off but i still write checks you know several meetings and then it's a percentage of phone starts to are pulling the nets and the nets just start that he's getting tighter and tighter fish squeezed all night in a lemon and in this moments of the sea really turns red bull blood just a seal last. night on the nets it's called the scoop with a metal ring just go they go into the big nets and scoop all of the fish. the ones on we've just been runs as personal lead counsel fifteen scoops. you say tongue each song. so that's one catch seventy five tons.
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toward several times a day. almost every day with a big fleet so now you get an idea why the ocean is overfished. please please. please. please let's just say that we're friends stuck up so i guess that mission and such let it settle it see to see if it'll eat in the at least a bit illicitly next sleep be an interesting topic and the rest. of it's please.
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please. please. please have dinner. there in florida. so they sleep. in the evening mostly grown since i got on these new troll. routine is reasonable action that. today in about half an hour. do you have any weapons or guns on board over.
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for example the mediterranean is a very over. this range and there has been a lot of good to know fishing by the european industrial person or fleet they have been fishing here acquired extent of late since the one nine hundred fifty s. well so that has also led to the fact that there is not so much going on there so that is why i and other nations in this region are doing this inspection to make sure that they have the amount of catch on board that they are reporting. and there. is much you see a preschool chief being. taught since this is left. to.
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she in a skiff just. so that you fish from there it is the. end by. early. church. life. long on fire sharks on the whole trip in just war hero of the year as you reported this by catch up. with you usually a good. book a model you know. my main goal will be about bycatch and i use illegal unregulated and underreporting fishing that is happening in the west african region. because it is estimated that between eleven and twenty six million tons of fish is being called to legally so i'm point three million tons of fish are being discarded asked. i catch annually it's just being killed without being
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targeted. here you can see the net in the net you can see a lot of dead sharks because the problem with the sharks is since they're licking a swim bladder when they lift the net over there before the net is on the day the sharks die because of lack of oxygen. because they do not have from the letter so if they don't move they will die and. last here when we were here in japan we also had several cases of whale shark getting caught in the net with a person or so on several occasions we had to cut up the neck to be able to save
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the whales throats and releases from the entanglements in the nets and that is also a beautiful feeling when you see the welfare of the main way from the net. you never know what's around the corner you never know what's in the pub you can control excitement it's that moment that's where the adrenalin rush comes from.
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political machine and the extremes who will support. the violence is a pug and it's a schizophrenia gang culture where you can do all these things and behave badly. there are going to be a whole host of a little while. also focus on the last. one this may be an unfair and. wall policy in the thought. i would roll the window if i figure out i really did a poll down down went up a little bit. of meaning in these music at least if you don't buy the involves it's constantly evolving and. four men are sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. all four different versions of what. one of them is on the death row
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there's no way you could have done it there's no possible way because the list did not shoot around a corner. of. the . radially reinforced rammed earth bricks is what they really are. this more than seventy houses about one hundred forty people with families living there. but. it's really a way of forming same in. the sun's coming in and heating the house and being stored in massive walls. bridge
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is the natural environment here but as we're containing the sewage and using the planet's surface to process the sewage we create our own little way says here. headlining this hour the u.s. blocks a u.n. resolution calling for the protection of palestinian civilians on the gaza border after months of deadly clashes with israeli soldiers plus. the letter was given to me by. phone call would you like to see what was in that letter. with how much how much how much after getting
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a letter from the leader of north korea donald trump says that a much anticipated summit between washington and pyongyang will take place after all. the florida jury awards are only four cents compensation to the grieving family of a black man who was fatally shot in his own home by police. if you watch it this weekend to in the afternoon on saturday in moscow welcome to weekend news from r.t. international first for you this hour the united states has vetoed a u.n. resolution that called for the protection of palestinian civilians on the gaza border america's own resolution blamed the islamist militant group hamas for the violence failed to get any support at the u.n. . the draft has been submitted on behalf of arab nations the terrorist group hamas beyers primary responsibility the revolution of mention. five times yet
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you couldn't bring. your third dimension hamas even one. don't you know how to spell it all those against. final outcome of today's vote is extremely disappointing but unfortunately not surprising that secession is another missed opportunity for this council we are offering a separate resolution the text as proposed does not reflect a balanced and impartial approach to the israeli palestinian conflict it is some us that has incited violent acts we regret that the american text does not adequately reference israel's responsibilities and obligations with regard to guns the majority of those killed by israeli defense forces in recent weeks were members of the hamas terrorist group who's responsible for gaza been blockaded by air and sea
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israel it is a mosque that has attacked the very humanitarian access points into gaza but those in favor of please raise their hand. and that's of course comes months after that any unrest on the israeli gaza border on friday alone a palestinian volunteer nurse was killed and at least a hundred protesters were injured. but. tensions are running high where the palestinian protesters who are very close to the front and the israeli forces acting. on the only thing around the middle of the pond to do. more to gas is being fired and cousin protesters as you see. tear gas is literally fitting the place but also targeting the palestinian prime minister and here's
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another injury that was just right now from that near the fence and as you see tear gas is filling the place the injuries are coming injuries after injuries and most of the injuries today are actually in that right glegg that's how we saw more than fifteen injuries in the right leg that is already snipers continue to target the palestinians with live i mean it's you know and as you see at that time i think are ready to take every three that arrives thousands of palestinians continue to participate in the great march of return for more than ten weeks now the palestinians are holding one message to the world that they have the right to demand that they have the right to protest the israeli defense forces say they were operating lawfully and in self-defense throughout the unrest israel said that it is defending its borders accusing hamas which they say is terrorist of using the protests to cover for an attack. now since the start of the
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protests called the march of return two months ago at least one hundred sixteen palestinian protesters have been killed by i.d.f. soldiers at the border according to the international red cross thirteen thousand palestinians have been injured more than three thousand wounded by live ammunition the organization is now boosting its medical assistance program in the area the initiative will cost more than five million dollars over the next six months it includes two surgical teams which are expected to conduct two thousand operations a fifty bed surgical unit as well as additional paramedics and supplies that here's how the red cross describes the humanitarian situation in gaza right now. the hospital simply cannot grasp or deal with the influx of violence. if we see the same amount of wounded arriving and you speed towards that is what we saw on the fourteenth of may and would simply have hundreds of patients leading to
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difference of parking lot. tens of i've already lost some of their limbs and became amputees and for reasons i've been wounded including several thousands by live ammunition that's something that is overwhelming or any help system in the world the axillary deterioration of the humanitarian situation i think he'd all speed towards. all clean for a structure so the capacity of the system to cope with this new influx is extremely limited and this is why the a c r c he says well. it's capacity to wince where we've the medical needs. you know when you are in a speech or eggs of palestinian records in the speedo and in thirty minutes. he
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would been wounded arrive when you're in chief and in eight hours five hundred cases arrive this is something that is absolutely unmanageable in most schools in paris and new york but even more in gangs are which is already civilly weakened and butter of plays a very difficult humanitarian situation that prevails in history. humanitarian assistance is very nice and this is why we decided to act even more but on top of the. absent of geopolitical really even decisions the situation we only worsen and worsen. guys are now working on the edge of a cliff. donald trump has reaffirmed his commitment to meet with the leader of north korea for a peace summit later this month it's after the american president revealed to
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journalists that he received a very nice letter from kim jong un the thing is it's not clear whether trump actually read it. a letter was given to me by him you know and that letter was. a very nice letter or would you like to see what was in that letter you know you're like oh and how much how much how much it was a very interesting letter and i haven't seen the letter yet i purposely didn't know . i haven't opened it i didn't open it in front of the director. it was passed to trump by a former north korean intelligence chief who was part of the delegation in the u.s. talks between america and north korea are shadowed for the twelfth of june in singapore the meeting was earlier called off by trump due to what he called open hostility playboy has her own take of what's going on. it looks like him may have a copy after all probably possibly maybe in case you missed it it's the feel good story of the summer. during the trial and came to light by bold on
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tenterhooks there are you most in rachel the new justin and selena i am look at them just as attractive are you glad that these other two men with that fingers on the bottom as big date part of the june the twelfth but trump pulls it off saying that the french told him said that he'd heard from someone else that name was saying mean things about the us vice president or something like that what was particularly annoying for came with it just the day before he turned how desperate he was to meet up the whole mountain that wouldn't be from what he said on twitter was actually true that there he doesn't feel some hope of a few days later saying i truly believe north korea has brilliant potential and will be a great economic and financial nation one day sure knows how to. get. there one of these two just get together top teasing us well from the trunk of one's good
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career to commit to getting rid of it every day with the looks smells let's go with the only other hand came to learn will be mindful of the fact that libby is loveable colonel gadhafi agreed to do just that but a few years later was dragged from the drain and sure so you can see the argument for keeping it cheap the little didn't tear and you know. that's a common donald give the boy a chance to go up a mountain for you. bully. good idea in case you missed it trump and kim aren't going to meet the north korean leader says washington will be in the fire of a thousand star case you missed it and kim finally agreed to meet they've officially booked a romantic suite at singapore's raffles hotel case you missed it trungpa has stormed out of a summit with the north korean leader it's reported he misunderstood the briefing telling him he'd be meeting someone called kim in the singapore hotel. as the u.s.
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north korean summit was being debated kim jong un met with russia's foreign minister reacting to news of that meeting trump initially said he didn't like it but added that he was willing to change his mind if something positive came out of it a korean affairs experts we've contacted say the u.s. doesn't want to be sidelined in the peace process.


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