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tv   Documentary  RT  June 2, 2018 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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what was particularly annoying for came with it just the day before he turned around desperately wants to meet up the whole mountain child wouldn't be from what he said on the streets it was actually true that that's where he dangled some hope a few days later saying i truly believe north korea has brilliant potential and will be a great economic and financial nation one day you'll know how to barter up a dictator or one of these to just get together top teasing us well from the trunk of worlds your career to commit to getting rid of it every day with no one else wrong with me here only other hand came to learn will be mindful of the fact that libya's noble colonel gadhafi agreed to do just that but a few years later was dragged from the drain and sure so you can see the argument for keeping it cheap the little detail and you know. that's a common donald give the boy a chance to grow up a mountain for you. bully.
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good idea in case you missed it trump and kim aren't going to meet the north korean leader says washington will be in the fire of a thousand star case you missed it trump and kim finally agreed to meet they've officially booked a romantic suite at singapore's raffles hotel case you missed it trying to have stormed out of a summit with the north korean leader it's reported he misunderstood the briefing telling him he'd be meeting someone called kim in the singapore hotel. now while the u.s. north korean summit was being debated control met with russia's foreign minister reacting to news of that meeting trump initially said he didn't like it but added that he was willing to change his mind if something positive came out of it korean affairs experts we contacted say the united states doesn't want to be sidelined in the peace process. if you give this president the branding rights like to call it that snooty b.p. in the trump peace plan you're going to have
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a situation where this president's got to be excited because a legacy issue could really use right now and he wants to do what no president in the us is ever done before the u.s. wants to demonstrate leadership in this area and not be left on the sidelines so it's an opportunity for him and if he leaves the other countries take the lead in the u.s. becomes a side player in peace then you lose that that is. doesn't understand anything beyond the fact that this could be a good photo op and possibly a boon for his ratings the u.s. has never taken north korea very seriously i mean the idea of the greatest military power in the world sitting down with a country that they've already always considered impoverished and backward i think is and that's to many people in washington the united states wants supremacy against china in the region and it wants to maintain its troops in
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korea as close to china as possible and that has really been a big factor in prolong the conflict in korea the message that kim jong un is that you know he's meeting with lavrov he's meeting with huge and ping. signals to trump you know i have friends in the region and you're the one that is isolating yourself by pulling out of these international agreements and so you know i'll be fine with or without you. next the ground of four cents that's the final amount of florida jury eventually awarded the family of a black man fatally shot by police officers he was killed in his garage four years ago while officers were investigating a complaint about loud music awarded the family a total of four dollars one for funeral expenses three for each of his three children not because the jury did stablished of the officer involved in the shooting was just slightly negligent now the hearing also found that the officer
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was only one percent at fault of death that's why the compensation was then reduced to four cents it was also established afterwards that the fatally shot man was intoxicated at the time that officers arrived at the scene with that in mind could end up being zero this is gregory hill jr the father of three young children he was fatally shot three times through a garage door by police in twenty fourteen hour police claim he was holding a gun at the time but was later found to be unloaded the family's lawyer says it's a senseless case of police misconduct. we were in shock as lawyers because i've never seen or heard anything like this we're not supposed to be punished like that his fiance walked out of the courtroom when it happened you have to tell three children. destiny. and gregory the third their pain and suffering their loss of a father is only worth a penny it's just a proposed story of law enforcement gone wrong but here you have
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a dead man laying there and police think he's barricaded in his listening to loud music that had the f. word in it ok and that's what police came to see. to investigate and it's not even illegal it's it's something that police knock on your door and generally tell you to turn it down the family have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the children it's already received well over forty two thousand dollars things stand right now but the lawyers says they will continue that battle for justice regardless one hundred percent goes to the children in the rehabilitation of their family home because it was also destroyed by tear gas we don't understand ninety nine percent and one percent in america your we have the second amendment you know some people love it some people hate it but you're legally allowed to possess a firearm and you're legally allowed to open the door with a firearm and we're going to take it all the way to the u.s. supreme court if we have to it's that important because it's
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a precedent of law enforcement if you're doing nothing illegal shouldn't be able to shoot you through your closed your closed garage door it's preposterous you know with crucifixes now have to be on display in public buildings across germany's largest state it's among all stories still to come after the break. we have the privilege of being the most allied ally of the united states. and many of the alliances promoted by the west and states in particular we've been
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members and we also have the privilege of being the most sanctioned. of that to any group of countries so contradictory it is going to be and this shows that pakistan will do what is in its national interest it will know it's just the end of one we'll be. welcome back a lot of change in spain right now the separatist region of catalonia is back in charge of its own affairs after months of direct rule by madrid the new government was sworn in just hours after spain's new prime minister took over. came tory used
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his first speech to vow to continue the break way regions push for secession from madrid the council and cabinets revival follows seven months of federal control after last year's referendum which was deemed illegal by spain. torah replaces the ousted colors put him on who fled the country and is wanted on charges of rebellion towards appeal to the country's new prime minister pedro sanchez to put catalan independence back on the negotiating table let's get the thoughts now of an revolt who's the international secretary of the catalan solidarity for independence coalition group mr paul welcome to r.t. how is president taylor going to handle dealings with madrid in the new pm there. well. you must take it with many care we must not forget we trained off. but he was such a least i would use a party for school during the previews or if. onya and also mr sanchez was walking. by a one hundred fifty five article in which i don't know was what suspended the use
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in his government then we must say i think that mr dorner must take these considerations and must act with many care we never see shantel we look if they open look. with government money and to do you think he'll be bold enough to push for another referendum because the last one got the wrath of madrid against catalonia with mr sanchez be open to hearing about another referendum do you think . i think that now it's not there not it's not the key issue there to make another referendum referendum it was done and no more than two million people was coming to go and the result was very clear that's why for us it's clear. that they will get worse and fact we cannot forget the thousands of people which was broken his face moment of. polling stations these deeds
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a fact which was coming from the people which was importing the people on the political issues and we must not forget these results does it worse and we must not forget it now it's not thank you talk about that you had a friend on and and you have angle needs also possible maybe on a second stage. or dalal but not now and what about keeping those negotiations going because separatist parties helped the prime minister sanchez get his minority government in madrid do you think you'll be under pressure to yield much to those potties. of course because you need the old old by the stool to make . effective government if he has not all the support of the same exactly the same people who are bolting for him to be british he's going to keep many young
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boy then he will not make nothing on the government he will not approve any law he cannot. that's why i think that he must respect. the boys of all the spot is he must respect his previously months and now weeks i think that because of. coming on the police dick like mr sanchez and mr durrant from another state then that door also new dialogue and new conversation to it's opened open and then. i can agree on new scenes and can take a new way for. issues in spain and i but of course it will take one consideration and then is by his by he say of course i will though change is always a good opportunity for everyone to start afresh do you still get the impression the prime minister sanchez is open for negotiations of these types catalonia and that
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his predecessor mr rajoy very much wolf. yeah i think that definitely miss essential maybe it's not owned he is mine and not tool to make a big. big day eloquent week i don't know but i think that because of the some enormity and because of. changing all the way you. until now. and from mariano rajoy now he's on blame all. day and got on editions and to sit down for dialogue. concerning the evidence concerning the friend concerning older only. reason or seeing in spain and all these things is a thing that nicely put it under. some other work i had and i will keep across developments for now though i really appreciate your insight into this and recall from the catalog some of the irony for independent confirmation thanks for talking
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to us auntie thank you very much. next to germany where a controversial new law in the southern state of bavaria now obliges the crucifixes are displayed at the entrances of all public buildings here's our europe correspondent peter all ever. clearly visible crosses are to go up in some public buildings like courthouses police stations and city halls like this one here in bavaria it's also a new law regarding crucifixes came into effect on the first of june the plan comes courtesy of the ferry is a new president marcus soda and his reasoning is that this is supposed to reinforce bavarian identity in the face of large scale gratian given by and signal to see a signal of filth the surance and bavaria we want to state our western christian culture and that is why clearly we don't get rid of crosses but hang them up this is not only attack on others but only a cultural symbol which we especially appreciate in the various public opinion
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shows that almost sixty percent of bavarians actually support the move but when we spoke to people on the streets of nuremberg opinion was more finely balanced i don't think it's a good idea. because it has nothing to do with the church the government to separate them to church so why should we do the same i don't think it's a good idea it's correct because it's our tradition and why not i comment on the one hand we see people wanting to ban the headscarf on the other they're forcing people to shoulder the cross that seems to me and. i don't think are very an identity depends on process it is stronger in other ways beer gardens and local traditions not gone it's gone with the cross spot of every day life for us but we respect every phrase not just christianity the bavarian president became the target of more than
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a few online jokes when he announced this idea however those who are charged with actually hanging crucifixes in public buildings all day are on side with the plan. this is not a defensive reaction but a positive reinforcement of our. it does not hurt to point out where our roots are this crosses a symbol not only for christians but for people living in bavaria. but critics say that this goes against germany's constitutional separation of church and state and say they want to change the law it's a totally wrong decision of the berrien government because it's a very in citizen you can be a muslim you can be a tool you can be non-religious you can be an atheist humanist for example and all these people show no look to the cross and why instead we have a strong tradition arm off a separation of church and state there has to be clarified whether this mixing up.
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of a religious symbol with secure or rooms of a secular state is really compatible with our bavarian constitution there hasn't been any mad rush to hang crucifixes in buildings like the city hall in nuremberg just behind me here the law didn't come with any deadline and it's also widely expected to be challenged in germany's highest court it's some point in the future peter all of a party of area. i do before we sign off this hour you might on and on but friday marked international day for the protection of children and in all walks of life mothers will do everything they have to to keep their offspring out of harm's way and he is one doing just that in moscow. and. it. was
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a ten out of ten from other docs don't feel sorry for that chap trying to help that's it for now from hour to international in moscow the next news this saturday is in just over half an hour see it. when lawmakers manufacture consent instinctive public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. in the final merry go round the sun be the one percent. we can all middle of the room. in the real news
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room. you never know what's around the corner you never know what's in the pub you can walk into excitement it's that not knowing that's where the adrenalin rush comes from. and you can easily move by definition and the extremes to all. the violence is a part and it's almost a schizophrenia gang culture where you can do all these things and behave badly. there are going to be a whole host of a little while. also focus on the last. punishment and infirm. wall all of us in the thoughts. of a broader where no really did
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a poll down down went up a little bit. of meaning in these images that beast if you don't on the evolves it's constantly evolving and. so. many utopian constants the seven can come to believe that we shan't should get out of this the sanction and come to something that gets to the. box let's be honest and pragmatic do the see the final decision on d.c. sure. has to come from watching. those washington is utilizing weans utilized you'll meet three rules. for man are sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. all
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four have different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way you could have done it there's no possible way because the list did not shoot around a corner. complete describe the. problem. and there he. is.
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reading over the shock when i was three years old so it's a long story short for me the most difficult in the pursuit was when i did so my first choice for the first photo to only vote because i didn't see shot dead before so it was a fluke a miss which was. not my motivation was just wander off to the because i knew that i wanted to be there i didn't and continue to go to the most who. are true and just leave it there. to see. what i want to do with how do you know that you're helping the world be a bit better so i would say that that would mean to me one of the things that has impressed me the most is how you get the editor from where you need to get to but. i wanted to do something for earth when i came onboard it was my first time at sea
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it was my first time in the galley. so i had a lot of them. this is the seventh game i just loved it and i just love it i hate it that. i don't think i'm sick i love. the crew. i just love stuff the whole thing and being at sea i feel more i'm. on a ship at sea than i do on live show. or after i spent forty five years in the maybe i retired in summer two thousand and sixteen so one year ago and asked her why i left that mystery going at c. but i didn't. just gourds you for fun because i do have a sailing boat but i needed a mission just told us. the place we're going to see anything like
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this is what i do when you're. in the air completely and it goes away. lol oh yeah i am. just not.
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no. competition. thank you. thank you. janet now please keep your power. itself nothing at all it's called if they do you know if i read something normally from the back. to back from stuff floating in the water at the end you may need to trade something needs water attracting me if you. have a result they need so it's just holding free a descendant tangle memories far away inside all the city on ships because now it's the top machine and of course it's rubbish that misstates you cannot leave it in the ocean was. i don't think that's tangled they had already out of this old little boy and that they were.
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going to let me pose for their own or. what about getting one so scuba. gear lotusphere. and i think these two are to defend devices that these get thrown base from the local fishermen snips some say of these before a lot. in the coast of africa is they they would have. attached to that but
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now we said it miles away from the coast and the whole coast would have posted under the column this water so it's probably been torn out by a storm or strong leans forward that says. they've stayed far out that they see if a.d.'s and if the night before they are saying and i said ok lucky that if you don't get stuck in that one propeller all right the other vital parts of the ship oh it wasn't a shark or a go thing or a way of getting started a little at the mention of both leaving the exactly. most of all the people i want to be honest i'm going to be there at lunch you'll
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see everybody. then they're good they can next to us they're going to be playing cards where you know. on the floor of the if we are willing to take. the sharks the dolphins to fish we don't want them to be killed why would we produce here all of the ships the whole fleet you know have ten ships all of them are big guns and also anything that devolves into the water we've always shower water has to be marines say soldiers hold shampoo with laundry detergent if you think we've been very wise for this fellow they are married say an old soul and not tested on animals the elite league. you. can tell you our elites
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how to do so much about. the army's. elite. how to. leave the room vessels in the navy easy out on monday sold. my soul to bob barker and we're going to try to make monday all the promises. to start. right off when we don can at least one in five times almost. six months not really want to cross the border not
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because of. the source of. all but if i don't. know somebody muslim i know you want to let me. know. but to go but to come but you well know we're listening. to stuff like this also was. started up again right but books are you know a lot of this through george w. bush will do it. it's still. there we are. going to see if it will just go away from the full truth from are we going to walk we're going to go with you for i know you will. just run just run yeah.
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you just you. and just one point will order it's a form of. memory to. insult me that you're. fishing permits. these waters but right now we already got nice waters and good tournaments. last year something and not just fish come up here the. last is not a bad one. you need to follow the episode. that. is on. the. call call or the i don't want to jump was what you call.
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want to know i.


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