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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  June 2, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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big date june the twelfth but trump pulled it off saying that the french told him said that he heard from someone else that it was saying mean things about the us vice president or something like that but what was particularly annoying became with that just the day before he turned around desperately wanted me to stop the whole mountain wouldn't be from what he said on the streets it was actually true that. he done some hope of a few days later saying i truly believe north korea has brilliant potential and will be a great economic and financial nation one day sure knows how to. get. there why do these two just get together top teasing us go from the trunk of one's long career to commit to getting rid of everything that no one else is wrong with the only other one came to learn will be mindful of the fact that maybe there's no noble colonel gadhafi agreed to do just that but a few years later was dragged from the drain and sure so you can see the argument
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for keeping it cheap a little deterrent you know. that's a common donald give the boy a chance to north amounts to be a. bully. good idea in case you missed it trump and kim aren't going to meet the north korean leader says washington will be in the fire of a thousand star ok so you missed it and kim finally agreed to meet they've officially booked a romantic suite at singapore's raffles harry tell case you missed it trungpa has stormed out of a summit with the north korean leader it's reported he misunderstood the briefing telling him he'd be meeting someone called kim in the singapore hotel in case you missed it paulie well as the u.s. and north korean summit was being debated. with russia's foreign minister reacting to news of the meeting trouble he said he didn't like it but he was willing to change his mind if something positive came aren't all that korean fors experts that
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we've contacted save us doesn't want to be sidelined in the peace process. if you give this president a branding. like call it that snooty b.p. the trump peace plan you're going to have a situation where this president's going to be excited because the legacy issue he could really use right now and he wants to do what no president in the u.s. is done before the u.s. wants to demonstrate leadership in this area and not be left on the sidelines so it's an opportunity to work and if you believe the other countries take the lead in the u.s. becomes a side player in peace then you lose that it. doesn't understand anything beyond the fact that this could be a good photo op and possibly a boon for his rating if the u.s. has never taken north korea very seriously i mean the idea of the greatest military power in the world sitting down with
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a country that they've already always considered impoverished and backward i think is and that's to many people in washington in the united states wants supremacy against china in the region and it wants to maintain its troops in korea as close to china as possible and that has really been a big factor and along in the conflict in korea the message that kim jong un is sending you know he's meeting with lavrov he's meeting with putin paying when jay in signals to trump you know i have friends in the region and you're the one that is isolating yourself by pulling out these international agreements and so you know i'll be fine with or without you. the grounds some of force since that's the amount of florida a jury eventually awarded the family of a block a month fatally shot by police officers he was killed in his garage four years ago
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while officers were investigating a complaint about loud music they awarded the family a total of four dollars one for funeral expenses and a dollar for each of his three children no that's because the jury established not the officer involved in the shooting was just slightly negligent the hearing also find out the officer was only one percent of faults of death so the compensation was reduced to just four cents it was also established afterwards that the fatally shot mom was intoxicated up the time officers arrived at the scene on the some could end up being zero gregory hill jr who was a father to three children he was fatally shot three times through a garage door by police in twenty fourteen police claim he was holding a gun which is believed he was unloaded on the family's lawyer says it's a senseless case of police misconduct we were in shock as lawyers because i've
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never seen or heard anything like this we're not supposed to be punished like that his fiance walked out of the courtroom when it happened you have to tell three children. destiny arianna and gregory the third their pain and suffering their loss of a father is only worth a penny it's just a proposal for a story of law enforcement gone wrong that here you have a dead man laying there and police think he's barricaded in his listening to loud music that had the ford in it ok and that's what police came to see. to investigate and it's not even illegal it's it's something that police knock on your door and generally tell you to turn it down all the family have launched a crowd funding campaign to raise money for the children on the it's already received over forty four thousand dollars but their lawyers say they will continue their battle for justice regardless one hundred percent goes to the children in the
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rehabilitation of their family home because it was also destroyed by tear gas we don't understand ninety nine percent and one percent in america your we have a second amendment you know some people love it some people hate it but you're legally allowed to possess a firearm and you're legally allowed to open the door with a firearm and we're going to take it all the way to the u.s. supreme court if we have to it's that important because it's a precedent of law enforcement if you're doing nothing illegal shouldn't be able to shoot you through your closed your closed garage door it's preposterous crucifixes not have to be on the splay in public buildings across germany's largest state that is among our stories still ahead after this.
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we have the privilege of being the most of the united states. send to and many other alliances promoted by the west and the united states in particular even members while we also have the privilege of being the most sanctioned. of that to any group of countries so while it sounds contradictory it is conflict and this shows that pakistan will do what is in its national
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interest it will not just go with the wind but we'll be. eighteen minutes into the program welcome back spain separatist region of catalonia is back in charge of its own affairs after months of direct rule by madrid the new government was sworn in just hours after spain's new prime minister took over catalan leader king torah and used his first speech to value to continue the breakaway regions push for secession from madrid the catalan cabinet survival follows seven months of federal control after last year's referendum which was deemed illegal by spain to replace is the ice they pushed them and who fled the country and is wanted on charges of rebellion. tura is appealing to the country's new prime minister chairs to council on independence back on the negotiating table
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one of the key figures in the catalan solidarity for independence coalition told r.t. dialogue must not take priority over calling for another referendum. i think that no it's not the no it's not the key issue to make another referendum the referendum it was done and more than two million people was coming to go and we must not forget these results and a new beginning to me it's also possible maybe in the second stage of. diallo but not no i think that mr toto must take these considerations and must act with many care we've negotiations will we hope if they open the yellow book. with government money from say they will vote they will propose a new was setting new. goals
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a new way. to maintain relations between the union money. but the people here it's a form we. wanted him to stay i think and you must. not have the support of the people. let's turn our attention to the mid east now where the syrian army house righted the last pockets of terrorists so i thought of the capital damascus on civilians are heading back to the newly liberated cities some are coming to terms with their lives after the war while others are searching for loved ones who went missing during the conflict. he fought in the many shops supporting this hearing there were twenty soldiers in his assault they wanted to talk to me pro twenty second they group came here but
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they got on pushed captured. by still terrorists called from me stars and told me. they sent me photos and took a picture of this thing on may first sent me this picture and then this one this is mayes are his body. that's masers jacket they were captured all of a sudden from the ambush they shot him in the back here's one shot well here's the other. video minable to grow looking for his body every diet we come here every day i will find him we will.
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back to europe in germany a controversial new law in the southern state of bavaria no obliges the crucifixes are displayed at the entrances of all public buildings you're sure you're a correspondent peter oliver. clearly visible crosses are to go up in some public buildings like courthouses police stations and city halls like this one here in bavaria it's also a new law regarding crucifixes came into effect on the first of june the plan comes courtesy of the ferry is a new president marcus soda and his reasoning is that this is supposed to reinforce bavarian identity in the face of large scale the gratian given by an insignia to see a signal of still for sure instant bavaria we want to state our western christian culture and that is why clearly we don't get rid of crosses but hang them up this is not an attack on others but only a cultural symbol which we especially appreciate in the various public opinion
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shows that almost sixty percent of bavarians actually support the move but when we spoke to people on the streets of nuremberg opinion was more finely balanced i don't think it's a good idea. because it has nothing to do with security the government is separate then the church so why should we do the same i don't think it's a good idea it's correct because it's our tradition and why not i comment on the one hand we see people wanting to ban the headscarf on the other they're forcing people to shoulder cross that seems the dots to me. i don't think are very an identity depends on crosses it is stronger in other ways beer gardens and local traditions it's an elite knowing gone is gone is the cross sport of every day life for us to respect every phrase not just christianity the bavarian president became the target of more than
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a few online jokes when he announced this idea however those who are charged with actually hanging crucifixes in public buildings all day are onside with the plan. this is not a defensive reaction but a positive reinforcement of arc. it does not hurt to point out where our roots are ugly this crosses a symbol not only for christians but for people living in bavaria. but critics say that this goes against germany's constitutional separation of church and state and say they want to change the law it's a totally wrong decision to bury and government because it's a barbarian citizen you can be a muslim you can be a tool you can be non-religious you can be an atheist humanist for example and all these people show no look to the cross and why instead we have a strong tradition arm of a separation of church and state there has to be clarified whether this mixing up.
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of a religious symbol with the security or rooms of a secular state is really compatible with our very own constitution there hasn't been any mad rush to hang crucifixes in buildings like the city hall in nuremberg just behind me here the law didn't come with any deadline and it's also widely expected to be challenged in germany's highest court it's some point in the future peter all of a party of area. yesterday friday marked international day for the protection of children in all walks of life parents will do whatever they have to to keep their offspring i have harm's way here's one mother doing just that in moscow. i'm. i'm. i'm i'm.
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i'm i'm yeah don't mess with moms that is the story of one getting behind the business headlines next stay with our international if you can. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers available to us but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure you have to go meet the center of the shuttle we are with you and we will show you all the great game the greatest good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball in going let's go. to a low. and i'm really happy to join for the two thousand and three and world cup in
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russia meet the special one come on both appreciate me to just say the reno theology team's latest edition to make up a bigger need to look. like a war hard selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that still. produce offspring to tell you that will be gossiped in public by itself and most important. off the bad guys who tell me you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along the border will watch. many european countries several companies believe that the shed should get out of this
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a sanction then come to something that will still be ok but let's be honest about the see the final decision on the sea issue. has to come from watching. those washington these guys and we need you tonight that you'll be three who'll.
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this is bombast broadcasting around the world from right here in washington d.c. i'm bart chilton and thank you for joining us coming up today we have some great guest standing by to talk trade tariffs sanctions economics and a heck of a lot more but we start with the u.s. bureau of labor statistics jobs report for may just out today the actual number of jobs created was two hundred twenty three thousand media columnist projections of one hundred ninety thousand jobs created and there is new and a new eighteen year low of three point eight percent for the unemployment wage rate and the wage and growth increase modestly at two point seven. percent that's about eight cents per hour increase plus the march and april numbers were revised upward by a combined total of fifteen thousand jobs the unemployment numbers are
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a key but just one data set of positive economic news in recent months although for some concerns over the continuing trade war have cast a shadow over the future economic outlook and here to dig deeper into those numbers is our friend danielle de martino both the founder of money strong and author of fed up an insider's take on why the federal reserve is bad for america danielle thank you as always for joining us this is a pretty positive jobs report two hundred twenty three thousand in a three point eight percent rate which hasn't been this low since bill clinton was president and before that the lowest rate was all way back in sixty nine and that's when the beatles released come together i remember is the jobs report a pretty decent indicator of adoring strength in the labor market do you think danielle. oh well actually bart i would be careful with using the word and during here we are at the very very late stages of this current economic cycle employers are having a very hard time sourcing workers and as
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a result we've seen one of the largest waves in the history of the country in merger and acquisition activity these are the things that typically happen towards the late stage of an economic expansion and part of it again is due to the fact that there is a need for workers we have an eighteen year or low in terms of of a mismatch in between what employers need and the warm bodies that they can get their hands on and as a result we're starting to see companies merge come together so that they can find it ways to cut costs and need fewer over need fewer employees to begin with as an aside i want to get right back to the jobs report and dig a little deeper into that but you know we always talk about interest rates and the fed's going to be meeting in a couple weeks or less than a couple of weeks actually but you know this jobless rate is the level they forecast it to be by the end of this year we already hit it so it is it that essentially pave the way for another interest rate increase. you know you
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bring up the most valid point that came out of today's jobs figures part and that is that we will for sure on june thirteenth we will see another rate hike there was obviously a lot of turmoil out off u.s. shores this week in italy in spain today and by the middle of the week before this report came out the market started to price away price away this september rate increase after today's strong numbers especially those strong wage increase numbers that we saw an average hourly earnings the market began to reprice back in that rate hike in september so that is the key takeaway i think from today's report very good point what are some of the things as we do look a little bit deeper into the report that stick out to you any particular sectors of growth or decline that interested you. well again manufacturing construction
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trucking these these are just these industries are roaring but one asterisk that i would put on the report is that retail specifically department stores very strange job creation was three times what the norm would be for the month so that really did raise an eyebrow and in fact revisions to prior months upward came from the retail sector now look we know that sears is every cent the announcer closing their seventy two stores so there was some quirkiness that i have to wonder if the statisticians there in d.c. with you part have things a little bit off because those retail numbers really did stick at stick out to me as being off but not in a good way. the never count on a thing out of washington they always mess up hey before we go down you know i want to ask you a little bit about the volcker rule you know the fed they've been busy they proposed some scaling back of the volcker rule of course set up as part of the wall
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street reform and consumer protection act as a way to get speculation away from a large investment bank so what's your take on the proposal. well i think it opens the door and my only concern is that there were other things that they could have done to help mom and pop investors some things that that dodd frank imposed upon banks that really will make make especially fixed income investors much worse off in the next downturn i don't think that they needed to open the door for banks to hedge their portfolios because all you need to do to do is open the door a teeny bit and wall street will jump and make it into a chasm and that's my only concern really about what the the language that was introduced this week it's not that banks are allowed in words to put to trade their own books but again the new verbiage allows them to paint hedging any way there any any way they want so i think as far as wall street is concerned they're back in
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business i could agree with you more boy you would be a good regulator you'd be a great federal reserve governor danielle de martino both the founder of money strong author of thank you daniel. japan's softbank is planning to make a big investment in the future of driverless cars it was announced on yesterday that softbank vision fund will invest two point two five billion dollars in g.m. crews holding and that's the driverless car unit of the u.s. automaker general motors g.m. will contribute one point one billion dollars of its own capital g.m. stock rose thirteen percent on the news and also yesterday google self driving car spin off whammo agreed to buy sixty two thousand feet chrysler minivans for right hailing service that could be in business before the end of the year many alan the analyst took the big investments from established players as
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a sign that the business of driverless cars may be moving from the realm of theory to commercial viability at the same time many technical challenge challenges remain and setbacks such as the recent death of a woman in arizona killed by an uber test car might hamper driverless technologies going forward. earlier this week the u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross ruled out the permanent tariff exemptions the e.u. had demanded as a condition for full trade talks boss ross's boss president trump has repeatedly complained of a trade imbalance with europe canada mexico and the e.u. all announced plans to retaliate with tariffs on u.s. products canadian prime minister justin trudeau via twitter called the u.s. actions unacceptable and promised a dollar for dollar retaliation on u.s.
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products mr trudeau also said canada will challenge the terrorists both at the w t o the world trade organization and under chapter twenty of the north american free trade agreement nafta mexico for their part said the tariff targets include u.s. pork cheese lamps and steel the e.u. for its part target a list of products chosen to create maximum political pain for president donald trump and its allies in congress if you trade commissioner cecilia mouth from while taking pains that signal and signaling more regret than anger called the u.s. tariff illegal and said that she will file a dispute settlement case with the w t o in a note of defiance ms mouse room quipped quote when they say american first we say europe united. and now we move to economic sanctions a very easy transition there's a lot of conversation about sanctions including on this broadcast but perhaps not enough time is spent considering the effectiveness of sanctions and here to help us
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do so is international lawyer and analyst in wilkie and thank you so much for being with us it's a pleasure to have you here give us all the busters sort of a hundred thousand foot view first of all on have sanctions overall been affected but not just for the u.s. but have these things really changed policies and people in governments just by way of introduction thank you for having me this is my first appearance on the great and i love i think the more americans that have a pro-american patriotic military background such as yours truly on our t.v. explain the position from the perspective of the united states and from the perspective of patriotic americans the better particularly in times like today when we've got quite a lot of discord going on between russia and the united states couldn't agree more with you more dialogue the better no sanctions have been around really since the the greeks in the romans were trying to influence the behavior of the philistines and the greeks and the romans. attempted to milieu right these conditions through
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economic penalties and you know that both those empires collapsed so the history started off not great the history of sanctions has always been as a prelude to armed forces meeting on the battlefield but when we when we look at more recent times i mean you don't particularly like sanctions with regard to south africa and apartheid that seem to work are there examples of where really has worked or are they few and far between south africa is a unique case because the world really came together there and sanctions are only as good as the amount of unity amongst the parties imposing sanctions on the sanction party and in two examples i would say in south africa you had a unity and consistency of approach and you also had it with. iran so prior to the formulation of the j c p o a you had the europeans the united states and others all jointly sanctioning iran and bringing them to the bargaining table that that
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country example worked in my view whereas pakistan did not pakistan on the other hand was under a very similar heavy duty sanctions regime and managed with the assistance of our russian and chinese friends to do an end run around those same sanctions that were devised precisely for the the eventuality that came to pass in pakistan where in they got a functioning nuclear device in the i.c.b.m. so throwed it india before we run out of time let me ask you about u.s. sanctions on russia. because those seem to have worked with regard specifically to one particular all dark and solve the second largest aluminum producer sanctions on individuals seems to have some impact here what do you how do you think they're working out so far i think generally if there's individual culpability by by a single person a sanction against a single person.


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