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they treated me was that they were in fact paid off and has been proven to to drag me to say bad things about me for the last twenty years really and you think you're just i mean in this story it is. until until the end about the ending i mean you had this one man to a brick counter chrysalis records just describe his story and when he was one of the one light in your life he was a light cantor was somebody who helped me out of a bad situation and i hope for the future and then he was murdered still unsolved and that was there's a point where i mean i say it in the book earmarked for weird sometimes and i look at that like the ultimate theft and he was stolen and that was a really it was a seminal moment in my life and also it's just it was really dark obviously you know and that was a dark dark dark time and where things kind of went black for
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a while but like anything you survive it. because there's no choice not ever and does rose all stop either wall from rest we got off to the break. so. many european come to. settle in the good compass believe that we shan't should get out of the sanction and come to such and the best of the. box let's be honest and pragmatic the decision final decision on this issue. has to come from watching. those washington. utilizing winds utilized
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you'll see three rules. you never know what's around the corner you never know what's in the pub you can walk into excitement it's that not knowing that's where the adrenalin much comes from. and you can use a moot point definition and the extremes will support. the violence is a part and it's almost a schizophrenia gang culture where you can do all these things and behave badly. they're going to be full of horse colorful all portable sports more so for the last . punishment infirmed. will get done follow us from the start. of
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a broader where no fight broke out really beautiful down now would have. been easy. is that if you don't involve this come from the evolver and. welcome back i'm still here with actor director and activist rose mcgowan another theme throughout the book is the need for conformity not just in ideas but with the way one actually looks the surface just told me a bit about that hair color their length particularly well something i found really interesting and that had to do with you know by a female agent in hollywood talent agent directly telling me that i had to have long hair otherwise the men in hollywood wouldn't want to she said it nastier terms but sleep with me and if they didn't want to sleep with me they would hire me and the thing is i knew she was right nothing to do with the script writers nothing to
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do with the plot lines nothing but it is again that conformity and i think we've all seen that that hairdo was just three to blow dry that with the three twirls on the and it's like kind of classic hollywood hair and i do wonder when that look will stop it is i kind of took matters into my own hands. if you ask. and kind of. i i i do i talk about it in the book i just i broke up with the world in a way the idea the preconceived notion of what you're supposed to look like as a woman and i was she would look good or to call me this film director really. find a way and i think. you still believe that this is continuing today actors in hollywood if they're female have to conform to that there is very little leeway specially for anyone starting out well that's the whole thing there's
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a lot of leeway there's so much leeway but they don't know that they're trained out of thinking there's any leeway this is how it's been done is how it's always been done this is how we should do it and i just think it's not even a good system they're not even great businessman they could be making so much more money it's not even if you can ten you to take what's special about people and massage it away until they're just an atomic time until they no longer know who they are what they are then what are you selling you're selling what you think someone should be and that person behind the scenes might not be somebody you want in your head so it's not even capitalism or it's the fact they themselves are in the cold but internationally billions of people are influenced but that's the thing and people say you know do you hate hollywood. i hate that it goes out to the world i hate that that thought doesn't stay local you know and there's there's obviously been seminal amazing films and cinema and all these things and it has done some
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good but i think overall i think on the balance. so a lot of harm and obviously in the in the newspapers across the media we know about certain studio directors you just mentioned an agent but what is exactly the rule of a hollywood publicist people wait a new bird lancaster in the sweet smell of success what did they do and influence the billions of people in what they then may want to emulate aspire to and see in people what's usually somebody a publicist is meant to get you press or media or work usually with other higher ups to sell you to make you palatable and a lot of these people have just seen movies where they see publicists in the movies acting a certain way so they come and they act out way because they think that's how they're supposed to be so it's just kind of like this on and on like people in hollywood have seen movies about people in hollywood so they continue to behave that way even
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though there's no reason to not just be a person there's no reason to not be. free but the threat is you'll be dropped if you don't take their orders it's not a threat they do it they they do it you don't want to get any reputation it's worse than you know high school girls sleeping with the boys it's like you don't want to reputation whatever you don't want a reputation so you do everything you can to not step out of line and and that eventually just again it strips what's special about you away i mean friends some journalists who try to interview some straws big surprise the publicists are in there pretty quickly to stop certain questions particularly ones of politics i should say or issues of war and peace. i don't know israel gaza you've been does that while i did interviews are so boring. that tell you that control they don't want even stars don't have an opinion do not have an opinion no matter what you
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know do not have an opinion and i why not we're sorry but you get people on twitter that will say shut up and act. or shut up and sing shut up and dance and i would say no we are people too and i think the more that people in front of the camera really understand that they have a voice also. and people often get quite jealous of those i have a platform without realizing they were very hard for that platform i worked very hard to hang on to be sitting here today i work very hard at that why. some actors might have no thoughts on the matter some might have thoughts. they're very infantilized and you get used to being coddled and told what to do where to sit how to look what to be i don't cotton to that kind of. direction if you will it's clearly. how big this will have to be before it gets the freedom natalie
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portman recently said she was supporting gaza robert redford has always been a big name and always talked about the military industrial complex warren beatty you have to be really concerned you have read that big to really have any kind of freedom or even they have strictures a place i think. well i mean i'm sure that the men get a lot more leeway susan sarandon i think. by hollywood standards was kind of branded you know kind of kooky that's what they like to do if you have a personality or you have a specific point of view you're a kook or you're kind of unhinged. when it's ok to just be a person and have have a point of view it doesn't have to be anybody else's but it can be yours and i think if you're young and you're up and coming in you're making noise about gaza all of people above you will get very nervous because then you're going to get put
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in celebrity timeout. i think what i mean for you in the corner at lincoln so absurd is what magazines liberties i want to know i mean i mean you get you're like a little kid you get your face in the corner until you get better it's the proverbial time out it's quite asinine so you the truth so fans of for two people you mention in the book if we if we get away from the level of things maybe disappointed to know that robert rodriguez is going to terra to you know seen as independent filmmakers not that much difference really to the corporate film because. you know they are there are men with power. and in fact. i would think the corporate ones might have more oversight but. their oversight committee was harvey weinstein. too which of course
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there was the powerful will say well justice was eventually people often have to just wait quietly no they had a hand and. quantum even so they all know you know he knew about me he said in an interview. you know they say the complicity machine is huge there. there's talk about an industrial complex is one of complicity. and it's one of continually protecting people that aren't even that great in the first place so they're not. just clean out the crap so great things can come just cut off the head the rot and let other things florus because we know it's all there we've all worked in those places where it would be so great if it weren't for that one person get rid of that one person. that it it comes from the top down and the attitude of permissiveness imagine if your boss is
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a known rapist where you get to get away with. pretty much everything right it is something of the malcolm x. in this targeting of the talk because obviously you talk about hollywood functioning as propaganda the billions of people going to the movies when you were promoting them on that level people arguably feel that they can't do as much but it is at the top that things have to change yes it is at the top fundamentally biting ankles of power does not work i wanted to show people that you could go for that but of course some people saying that they're there quite a few people still still there other definitely are for legal reasons regardless should any of the people i mean how would you see how the law serves them as well in terms of media being able to cover stories like this well mean if you look at harvey weinstein got to turn himself in on a friday afternoon to be arrested on a long weekend that means his story won't be running all week in the news it
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already be old news by the time the next week rolls around after the bank holiday you know that's all orchestrated that's all orchestrated in the media by not covering it in the weeks following necessarily falls into that we can agree or save the police acted like a cd or promotional the system of staggering events in his case he has people high up on his side which is a sad side to be on and you see it is symptomatic of this probably again to the people you seem to preempt the criticism in the book towards the end saying people will think i should i go hollywood rather than all the widows me for what element of it is done to me. you know i think i get to say to you know i don't know hollywood anything. you know why i don't see many people that do you know people like me the ones that are marketed as sex symbols they don't and i talk about this
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in the book they don't generally get out of their lives or they're kind of driven crazy and live off in the desert somewhere and they don't come out the other side it's very hard to come out the other side you know an interviewer asked me if i was person and non grata in hollywood and i said no their persona non-grata was me i get a say i just say to. my count and in terms of trying to change things you talk about e-mailing tweeting social media because she will boycotting it isn't the world to me it is to do with mass action and i suppose that the me too was a big degree of mass action whether it be through writing or trade unions they really declined in the united states is that the way forward because presumably even you think this is just one success you haven't been totally successful well i think it has changed a lot i've i've heard of that there reshooting a scene right now on something i know about a project that i have heard of where it was to sexualized
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a rape so they're taking it out entirely people are they are starting to see things with different lenses it's whether they fully understand it or not. who knows but they understand that it's bad and that's a start you know i was sent a script a while ago and every single time the female character appeared she had a laundry basket for no apparent reason and she never did the laundry she just liked her laundry basket. it's that kind of stuff i want people to start seeing these movies and. and the television and picking apart what's are telling you pick apart like what message are you sending me with this female character with this male character with the toxic masculinity this is not just about how women are represented it's men and of course of his men running something they're going to be defined as the men but in a way that i think puts a trap on a lot of men and also i feel like little boys you see it so young with them when they get to know you're so brave you don't cry my heart breaks for them cry it hurt
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you'll be done in a minute it's cool you're ok but people are so quick to stick you in the box aren't they at that kills me people think they do i do everything for women i think i'm more of a humanist now i want us to get out of these rigid structures because they're killing us i mean if you look at the state of the world i think arguably could say it's having some troubles toxic masculinity can only bring you so far and then it will cave in on itself but i think it i hope it caves into freedom for everybody because i want everybody to be out of these rigid structures are in because they're just not necessary you know i've been lucky enough in a lot of ways to live a fairly free life even while in different cults at least the life of the mind and i got mine back it was close but i kept i kept older i got that but i didn't break and i see that so many women i see them like kind of
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not knowing or being taught how to process things or or just and there's so much you know violence towards women and it stems from that it stems from this idea of ownership for one thing of women and the other part i think is not being able to process emotion i mean there are people that are social and sick there's just that but what about the others you know to me and and that's where late. i know it sounds really weird but my heart almost breaks for the moment. and that's it for the show will be back on monday keep it up with us by social media till then we'll feel maybe forty six years to the day of the acquittal of george is a good a kidnapping and conspiracy of the american communist angela davis now the activist professor angela davis if you give us to come forward.
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we have the privilege of being the most united states. seem to see to and many other alliances promoted by the west side states in particular we've been members and we also have the privilege of being the most sanctioned. and that really group of countries so while it sounds contradictory it is going to be and this shows that pakistan will do what is in its national interest it will know it's just cool with the wind one reel the other. who'll be the next to get the treatment that greece got from the troika the i.m.f. the e.c.b. the e.u. they gang up they destroy a country for profit it's a it's a smash and grab and greece was destroyed they had a referendum and then they didn't pay any attention to the referendum they didn't
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want the troika wrong and look what happened in greece it turned it into a pit it turned into a shelter into garbage and now the same bankers are getting together because they need a like a shark always something to destroy to eat consume so we were trying to figure out would italy be next for spain and i think were the two likely candidates so i guess as we've been saying that for five years that this was coming and i guess down italy will be the next meal for the i.m.f. . police. lose.
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the. palestinians mourn the death of a nurse shelled by israeli forces only gal's a border while treating injured protesters also ahead this hour. letter was given to me by. phone call would you like to see what was in that letter now if you like to call it how much how much of a comma after receiving a letter from the leader of north korea donald trump say's a summit with him will take place of posture all. of the florida jury awards for a sentence in compensation to the family of a black man who was fatally shot in his own home by police we've heard from the families. who have to tell three children that their pain and suffering their loss
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of a father is only worth a penny. from moscow to the world this is r t international my names you know neil welcome to the program the top story palestinians are mourning the death of a nurse killed by israeli soldiers during protests on the gaza border on the friday here is video of her before she died. those are. kind of moving.
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them from the lots. of people have been posting pictures of us rough on twitter and expressing their condolences the young nurse was among the part of medics tending to wounded palestinians demonstrations continue over what they deem in this really occupation of their territory gaza based journalist who attended the funeral. we are now in the funeral of her son and no shot at twenty one year old palestinian female that was shot by this raid snipers yesterday on the tenth week of the great much of return that was sought when she was trying to rescue the lot of the palestinian protester that was shot by the israeli snipers near the front of the sun has been volunteering as a prime addict for ten weeks of the great much of return she has been working as a volunteer for more than two months thousands of hundreds of female palestinian paramedics palestinian journalist palestinian females all mourning her death
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everyone is so. sad this is filling the place. my daughter was shot by israeli forces they deliberately targeted her it wasn't around it was a sniper they knew she was a paramedic she was the first female paramedic in the field she used to buy medicine for the injured who couldn't afford their own treatment. i was with words on why she was killed we're trying to get the injured from the fans when the israelis toss approaching their snipers target us with tear gas we were suffocating and then they started to shoot randomly one of the bullets entered us his reasons chest result was pointing to her back and then she fell to the floor our message is a humanitarian one we go to the border to rescue injured people we are unarmed we're wearing paramedic uniform all we have is medical tools and that sent to help the injured a twenty one year old mom die due to a gunshot to the chest the bullet was lethal causing severe bleeding in the chest
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around the oter when her corpse was delivered to the hospital we were surprised by the barbarity facing the medical crews being targeted just doing their duty to treat the wounded medical crews are doing a wonderful job and we thank them for that doing that for their people. our teahouse received a response from the israeli defense forces concerning civilians being targeted. they say they are thoroughly examining a number of cases including the death of the nurse however the i.d.f. also stressed that the islamist militant group hamas is deliberately putting some billions in danger meanwhile the u.s. has vetoed a u.n. resolution that calls for the protection of palestinian civilians on the gal's a border while america is only resolution that blames hamas for the violence fail to get any support of the consultation. the draft has been submitted on the nations
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the resolution offered by kuwait represents a one sided view kuwait resolution objectively reflects the current situation terrorist group hamas they are its primary responsibility for the awful living conditions in gaza. steven cherry tree poses the main threat to palestinian and israeli civilians hamas is a major and pediment to pete use a response who is responsible for gases being beseeched by year and she and it not having access to basic necessities is routine it is hamas that has consistently diverted humanitarian assistance into military infrastructure who is responsible for the detention of hundreds of palestinian children israel united nations sides with terrorists over israel as the kuwait resolution does. including. those against.
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the separate resolution the text as proposed is just not reflect a balanced and it was hostile approach to the israeli palestinian conflict so the american does not adequately reference israel's responsibilities and obligations with regard to this resolution rightly places responsibility where it belongs those in favor. please raise their hand. this session is another missed opportunity for this council. the meeting is adjourned well during the two month long protests at least one hundred sixteen palestinian protesters have been killed by i.d.f. soldiers according to the international red cross thirteen thousand palestinians
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have been injured more than three and a half thousand wounded by live ammunition well the organization is no boosting its medical assistance program in the area the initiative will cost more than five million dollars over the next six months it includes two surgical teams which are expected to conduct two thousand operations also a fifty bed surgical unit as well as additional part of medics supplies here so the red cross describes the humanitarian situation as it stands. i. simply cannot grasp or deal with a bigger influx of violence. if we see the same amount of wounded arriving in g.o.p. doors as what we saw on the fourteenth of may would simply have hundreds of patients leading to difference of parking lot and i had.
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tens of have already lost some of their limbs and became amputees and for reasons i've been wounded including several phones by live ammunition that's something that is overwhelming or any help system in the world the axillary deterioration of the humanitarian situation has affected all speed or. all key infrastructure so the capacity. of the system to cope with this new influx is extremely limited and this is why the i.c.r.c. he says well. its capacity to whence where we've as a medic or kit needs you're in gaza. i. you know when you are you know spit or exit palestinian rick prison hospital and in fifteen minutes eighty we've been wounded arrive when you're in chief and in eight hours five hundred cases arrive this is something that is absolutely unmanageable
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in most schools in paris and new york but even more in gaz are which is already civilly weakened and butter old plays a very difficult humanitarian situation that prevails in history. i. humanitarian assistance is very nice and this is why we decided to act even more but on top of the. absent of geopolitical really even decisions the situation we only we're certain and worsen guys are now he's working on the edge of a cliff. moving on doesn't trump has confirmed that he will meet with the leader of north korea later this month that's after the president received what he called a very nice letter from kim jong un although it's not clear whether or not trump
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actually read it. a letter was given to me by him you know and that letter was a very nice letter or would you like to see what was in that letter that you know you're like oh how much how much how much it was a very interesting letter and i haven't seen the letter yet i purposely didn't know for eleven. i haven't opened it i didn't open it in front of the director. well the letter was to trump by a former north korean intelligence chief who was part of the pyongyang delegation in the u.s. talks between america and north korea are scheduled for the twelfth of june in singapore the meeting was earlier called off by trump jew to what he called open hostility here sir polyploid who stick to things like trump and kim may have topped off probably possibly maybe in case you missed them.


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