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tv   Documentary  RT  June 3, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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if you like to see what was in that letter would you like how much how much how much it was a very interesting letter and i haven't seen the letter yet i purposely didn't open the letter. i haven't opened i didn't open it in front of the director the letter was passed to trump by a former north korean intelligence chief who was part of the delegation in the u.s. summit is due to take place on june twelfth in singapore it was earlier called off by a trumpet due to what he called open hostility artie's paula boyko brings you or her take on the stormy relationship between trump and kim. it looks like kim may have caught. probably possibly maybe in case you missed it is that a feel good story of the summer. donald trump and came to light by bold on tenterhooks their value most in rachel the new justin instant mina i am look at them just as attractive are you glad that these other two men with that
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fingers on the button as big date part of the june the twelfth but trump pulled it off saying that the french told him said that he'd heard from someone else that it was saying mean things about the u.s. vice president well something like that what was particularly annoying for ken was that just the day before he turned around desperate he was to meet up the whole mountain wouldn't be from what he said on twitter it was actually true that. he done some hope a few days later saying i truly believe north korea has brilliant potential and will be a great economic and financial nation one day sure knows how to. get. there why do these two just get together top teasing us from the trunk of one's local river to commit to getting rid of it every day with that no one else wrong with me here all the other hand came to learn will be mindful of the fact that libby is loveable colonel gadhafi agreed to do just that but a few years later was dragged from the drain and sure so you can see the argument
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for keeping it cheap a little did tara and you know. that's a common donald give the boy a chance to grow up a mountain for you. poorly. good idea in case you missed it trump and kim aren't going to meet the north korean leader says washington will be in the fire of a thousand star case you missed it and kim finally agreed to meet they've officially booked a romantic suite at singapore's raffles hotel case you missed it trungpa has stormed out of a summit with the north korean leader it's reported he misunderstood the briefing telling him he'd be meeting someone called kim in a singapore hotel. while the singapore summit was still being considered kim jong un met with russia's foreign minister reacting to news of the meeting trump said he didn't like it but added that he was willing to change his mind if something
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positive came from it and korean affairs experts told us the u.s. does not want to be sidelined in the peace process if you give this president a branding run like call it that snooty b.p. the trump peace plan you're going to have a situation where this president's going to be excited because a legacy issue that he could really use right now and he wants to do what no president in the us has ever done before the u.s. wants to demonstrate leadership in this area and not be left on the sidelines so it's an opportunity for him and if he leaves the other countries take the lead in the u.s. becomes a side player in peace then you lose that that is. doesn't understand anything beyond the fact that this could be a good photo op and possibly a boon for his ratings the u.s. has never taken north korea very seriously i mean the idea of the greatest military power in the world sitting down with
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a country that they've already always considered impoverished and backward i think is anathema to many people in washington the united states wants supremacy against china in the region and it wants to maintain its troops in korea as close to china as possible and that has really been a big factor in prolong the conflict in korea the message that kim jong un is sending you know he's meeting with lavrov he's meeting with paying. signals to trump you know i have friends in the region and you are the one that is isolating yourself by pulling out of these international agreements and so you know i'll be fine with or without you. the family of a black man killed by police in florida have been awarded a grand total of four cents in compensation gregory hill jr was killed in his garage four years ago while officers were investigating
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a complaint about loud music and to begin with the court ordered the family four dollars one for funeral expenses and a dollar for each of his three children but later the jury established that the officer who killed the man was only one percent at fault so the compensation was reduced to just four cents afterwards it was established that the victim was intoxicated when officers arrived and that some could end up actually being zero or gregory hill jr was a father of three he was fatally shot three times through a grudge door in two thousand and fourteen police claim that he was pulling a gun although it was apparently not loaded the family's lawyer told us the court ruling. adds insult to injury we were in shock as lawyers because i've never seen or heard anything like this we're not supposed to be punished like that his fiance walked out of the courtroom when it happened you have to tell three children
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destiny ariana and gregory the third their pain and suffering their loss of a father is only worth a penny it's just a proposed story of law enforcement gone wrong that here you have a dead man laying there and police think he's barricaded in his listening to loud music that had the ford in it ok and that's what police came to see. to investigate and it's not even illegal it's it's something that police knock on your door and generally tell you to turn it down it crowd funding campaign has been launched to raise money for the children so far has received more than forty nine thousand dollars families lawyer says that they will continue their battle for justice. one hundred percent goes to the children and the rehabilitation of their family home because it was also destroyed by tear gas we don't understand ninety nine percent and one percent in america your we have the second amendment you know
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some people love it some people hate it but you're legally allowed to possess a firearm and you're legally allowed to open the door with a firearm and we're going to take it all the way to the u.s. supreme court if we have to it's that important because it's a precedent of law enforcement if you're doing nothing illegal shouldn't be able to shoot you through your closed your closed garage door it's preposterous. and you separatist a government has been sworn in in catalonia after months of direct rule by madrid this happened just hours after a new spanish prime minister took office in madrid the new catalan leader kim torah gave a speech value to push for the region's independence from spain tore replaces carlos would you want to play the country after last year's referendum and is wanted on charges of rebellion we heard from a catalan independence activist who says that the region now needs
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a dialogue with madrid not a confrontation. i think that now it's not the not it's not that you can make another referendum the referendum it was done i don't know more than two million people what's coming to go and we must not forget these results and new listening to me it's also possible maybe on a second stage of the. day i know but not now i think that mr total must take consideration and must act many. negotiations will we. take open. with government money from say they will pull they will propose a new step. in. way. to maintain relations between. the people here it's the only. one to be in the box by saying that you must. have
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the support of the people. the syrian army has removed the last pockets of terrorists south of the capital damascus and civilians are heading back to the newly liberated cities people are coming to terms with their lives after the war some still searching for loved ones who went missing during the conflict. he fought in the middle east supporting the syrian there were twenty two soldiers in his assaults and they went into attack on the april twenty second they group came here but they got ambushed and captured. by still terrorists called me from a czar's and told me. they send me photos and took
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a picture of this thing they first sent me this picture and then this one this is me. that's masers jack and they were captured all of a sudden from the ambush they shot him in the back here's one shot here's the other . video minimal to broke in various body every day we come here every day i will find him someone will. in law has been introduced in the german province of bavaria requiring the christian cross to be displayed in all public buildings our europe correspondent peter all over again blames the move is so controversial clearly visible crosses
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all to go up in some public buildings like courthouses police stations and city holds like this one here in both area it's also new lol regarding crucifixes came into effect on the first of june the plan comes courtesy of the various new president marcus soda and his reasoning is that this is supposed to reinforce bavarian identity in the face of large scale in the gratian given by and. not as a signal of still for sure and certain but very are we want the state of western christian culture and that is why clearly we don't get rid of crosses but hang them up this is not an attack on others but only a cultural symbol which we especially appreciate in the various public opinion shows that almost sixty percent of bavarians actually support the move but when we spoke to people on the streets of nuremberg opinion was more finely balanced i don't think it's a good idea. because it has nothing to do with security the government is separate
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then the church so why should we do the same i don't think it's a good idea it's correct because it's a tradition and why not i comment on the one hand we see people wanting to ban the headscarf on the other they're forcing people to shoulder cross that seems the dots to me and. i don't think are very an identity depends on crosses it is stronger in other ways beer gardens and local traditions it's a million gone it's gone these across this part of everyday life for us but we respect every phrase not just christianity. the bavarian president became the target of more than a few online jokes when he announced this idea however those who are charged with actually hanging crucifixes in public buildings all day are onside with the plan. this is not a defensive reaction but a positive reinforcement of our culture and it does not hurt to point out what our
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roots are only this crosses a symbol of not only for christians but for people living in the very start but critics say that this goes against germany's constitutional separation of church and state and say they want to change the law it's a totally wrong decision of tibet and government because it's a very and citizen you can be a muslim you can be a two you can be non-religious. you can be an atheist humanist for example and all these people show no look to the cross and why instead we have a strong tradition arm of a separation of church and state there has to be clarified whether this mixing up. of a religious symbol with security or rooms of a secular state is really compatible with our berrien constitution there hasn't been any mad rush to hang crucifixes in buildings like the city hall and they were
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just behind me here the law didn't come with any deadline and it's also why we expected to be challenged in germany's highest court at some point in the future peter all of a r.t. of area. friday marked international day for the protection of children and in all walks of life parents do whatever it takes to keep their youngsters safe here is one mother doing just that in moscow. it was. i that does it for me i'll be back with headlines in about thirty five and a half minutes you're watching international from thomas have you with us.
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four men are sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. all four have different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way you could have done it there's no possible way because the list did not shoot around a corner. you never know what's around the corner you never know what's in the pub you can walk into excitement it's that not knowing that's where the adrenaline in much comes from. and you can use
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a plain definition in the extreme so will. the violence is a part. of schizophrenia. where you can do all these things and behave badly. important people of course qualify that all. the more so for the last. one this may end and for. most of the rules didn't follow through the stalls. overdraw older where in the park for your own really beautiful don't wind up with. these amusing if you don't believe old it's constantly evolving the.
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point of welcome to worlds apart the tally in politics is once again pushing the concept of democratic governance to the task at large implications for the rest of the european union what do you do one day do you believe to be deeply harmful for your country to gain enough support to be implemented do you rely on the old wisdom to suppress the will of the voters or do you make way for your political dream to be dismantled before your eyes to discuss that i'm now joined by paul of angry director of the italian institute for international political studies mr munder it's a pleasure talking to you thank you very much well let me start with domestic politics the two parties that have. gained the most of the seats in.
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the march elections have just been prevented from forming the government of their choice because of the president's objections and there are two ways of analyzing or in charge for doing that you can say that the president is taking the country's responsibility for the country's future in his own hands of this very pivotal moment or you can interpret god as human being authoritative suppressing the will of the people so where do you fall on the. it's a very sensitive issue which is the splitting of the come to some it's there is no easy answer to your question but i would not the. position of the president of the republic. italian did not leave or leave you. the election. you. mention form of the what you said worn away by
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a theme was prominent during the public discussion. in the program of the two parties but the program is. we know the program. absolutely i mean mr memory i'm sure you know the president made it very clear that he's objections to the proposed government specifically on. future with the euro zone and i want to ask. an objection. and he did not prevented the formation of the government he did not receive. and you had the objection that name since that first of respect to the congress all due respect to the economy is very provocative view. in any program for the election as sensitive as it is do you think such an idea should be put out for
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a popular vote because i'm pretty sure that there are some people within the italian electorate who thought that they have something in common the economist policy of one in which. the election international treaty clearly. the problem. or the part of the group. or. if there is no such a danger then why do you think mr someone who as you mentioned is a well established economist his serve for central bank he was a minister of industry before he is not some in a random populace from the street this man knows a thing or two about economics why do you think he was prevented from taking the
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post of the finance minister even having the. economic vision that he has. because . the one we're discussing would have given. the impression the head voted against you in the game and i think. in using. at the beginning in trying to get. in the league. there are people which are respected which have. transferred to the market and to european. position now even without mr someone that they suppose if you try government had raised many concerns with its promises of tax cuts and its promises of welfare
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benefits it's raining in massive dad there were even some speculations that they were going to lobby for its full cancellation do you still believe it was all about . general economic agenda which is still. someone i'm sorry is the leader. do you think that they perhaps have been some more general reluctance to see this government from prevent this government from taking the reins of power. the president. being for. the election of course. concern. about. you know the program was a coalition. which means that they have to put together requests from. to muddle. which means. very expensive.
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proposing. to satisfy the people. you have to do both and bulls are really expensive. thirty percent. from what i have read the leaders of both of the five star movement and the leak i'm not particularly deterred by the prospect of fresh elections if there is elections were held do you think the results would have been different. i think. they may. but if you are sure. new election clearly. rule something might change because the italian public opinion is upset. but i'm not sure the majority would have to risk of venturing into. europe. i think there are also
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multiple ways and how you can sort of had to battle it out because some could argue . voters mean grow more resentful if they have to go to the polls again or you can argue that it would give them more time to sort of gather over these populism virus as if it was some kind of chicken pox i wonder how deep rooted if you believe the political mood in italy is is it more fleeting or is it more of a permanent nature. permanent we don't know. for sure now. italy is like a perfect school. is by economic problems. of migration. and the common two which is together with greece paying more respect so these two issues. created deep into the public.
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i'm not sure. where the. italian voter are presented to or turn the t.v. that the decision and election result would be. quiet interesting that they are actually out of a cave far far more straightforward articulation of this issue do you have any concerns. and opposite result because many people thought for example that trump could never win the white house because his ideas. here we are. to respect something which is. let's move europe. two years ago look like. all come to different come to join the. movement and then
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we have seen that happening. and then the leader of the party of freedom in holland drop the strong. and deny you beat. so. let's see what happens if and when there's a question. now i think this. whole discussion goes to the very heart of what is meant by the democratic or even the european governments i'm sure you have heard mr. germany should not be dictating in chile and i'm sure it's not as complicated or as simple as he said chest but there's still a question of how much divergence and how much autonomy should only or any other country be allowed in economic matters when it comes to. general line how much
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space is there a lot of it i mean. is the value for everybody and the poor them what they have to be when you have. that. your autonomy is limited by that unless you call for leaving that whole union all together and starting the new project that's. should be given and should be able to walk the implication is not on the table. at the. table in any democracy but what i'm saying is that any democracy. need to be clearly presented. but i would never dare to say. come to. well good to know about our own mr munder we have.
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to be honest with you and to be perfectly straightforward to your i think there is a sense that maybe it's biased at least in this country and. certain ideas are not particularly up for discussion in the european union on certain issues so it is praised much more than an exchange of controversial ideas do you think. sometimes you have. the. effect of democracy in other countries but that's. that's not the issue you are now asking me about and if you say that either the. them across the country i have to say no you don't suggesting any of that i'm asking you specifically about the limits of democracy and there are certain people who have argued that. you know on certain ideas the decision to join the european union has been made and that's over you should not be rediscussed saying that in
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fact that you can bet it would then be your charter because there is no procedure for leaving you. and you know greg and you know what i mean. generalized. as in many other countries we have been. at that is creating. and so this is one of the top to tell you and french and dutch and german and then of all the. east and when they would. read that to see what they said this is the third time the least that italians when they voted two months ago the we have not. that's mr magritte let us take a very short break now we will be back in just a few seconds. who will be the next to get the treatment that greece got from the troika the i.m.f.
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the e.c.b. you think gang they destroy a country for profit it's a it's a smash and grab and greece was destroyed they had a referendum and then they didn't pay any attention to the referendum they didn't want to try to run and look what happened in greece it turned it into a pit it turned into a shell it turned into garbage and now the same bankers are getting together because they need like a shark always something to destroy to eat so we were trying to figure out would italy be next for spain. i think we're the two likely candidates so i guess as we've been saying that for five years that this was coming and i guess italy will be the next meal for the i'm. still in you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chickenhawk forcing you to fight the battle but don't. produce offspring to tell you that will be gossip and probably worthwhile for the most important.


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