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and next to us they contain played cards where you know some. kind of force needs to be willing to take. to sharks than dolphins to fish you don't want them to be killed while you will be clones here all of the whole fleet you know have sent ships all of them are be against an old soul anything that will be into the water with i wish our water has to be marines say soldiers sold shampoo with laundry detergent if you think them very wise for this fellow they are married say an old soul began and not tested on animals at leat least. illogically you please how did you come up
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now. are you. pleased. to leak the end. of the film festivals drugs and maybe even out on monday sold. my soul to bob barker and we're going to try to make money all the family is going to start. and we go right off and when we want to be done and pretty hard. to try to stop the three of them i don't want them to cross the border. there's going to be a. lot of sort of leather whatever. you know somebody
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was and i know you want to let me. know and. love to go but to go but you well we're listening. to stuff like this also it was. such a bug. but most of you know a lot of this through george w. bush. it's still. there we are. going to see if it will just go away from the awful truth from are we going to walk we're going to go with you for i know you will. just run yeah. you who from. just one point will order for me to.
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remember goofy. and solve things that you know. the mission permits to. these voters but right now we are a governing supporters and in tournaments for the last year something enough to. pass it is enough to get one. you need to follow the edifice so. that. it's not. the. call call or the law i don't want to jump was what you call. want to know.
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wa wa. one of the sun. that's was a mess here you also know all of it although you know. there was something caught. on you going to them i want to know what you call. them out that way off. in the woods. these are really the. east. east.
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who are. welcome it's really that you are. on the. absolute island of one of the gang on the gun. and. they are on. the one of them. so our next steps now is that we're going to bring to the officers over from the ships for interrogation and then we'll hear this for since we're. enough
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to support his. now fortunately. no other glorious leader. it's a very good story very good very good day. several targets across the border we did in hiding formation on what type of vessel it was before we have visual on them although their behavior on the radar you know very simular to what we've seen in the past for told us when they be on to the boats and said once right she managed to run away because. we were busy with the two other both. to. the first we are doing.
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you never know what's around the corner you never know what's in the pub even to walk into excitement it's not knowing that's where the adrenalin rush comes from. is a moot point definition and the extremes tool to support. the violence is a part of. a schizophrenia gang culture where you can do all these things and behave badly. i. don't want to be full of course colorful that all. goes well social skills are going to last. on this may and infirm then. well. in the thought.
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i would grow older when the fire broke out i really did a poll down down went up with a good player. many amazing is that at least if you don't let me involves this constantly evolving and. feel. ill. get out how. to make it. seem a little. know you. feel
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this is like my first one working with the government having the soldiers on board and all the first time without that's completely different usually we have no real . way of enforcing our authority you know we have authority from the united nations charter for nature that's about it. because you look at anything through in the world right on there none of them are going up they're all stable which is a few that are stable most of them are in decline the methods of busines are so efficient now that there's no way that big fish can sustain it replenished. governments have to wake up countries have to wake up and that's happening in specially in africa where we have knowledge miles. to the nation about willing to
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work with us in why deny us to do their waters to push a bestseller. when you feast in an unsustainable way you are taking more fish out of the deal. their lease literally produced you are taking the young ph who still haven't made babies doing so you can hold school selfish. and say they have a license to go to school and you will never catch only two on anything in the net but it's not to know they are supported it's only back to see a lie when it happens very rarely. they are rushed to get better they already believe being ill and they already know
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that it's just very very hard for them to return to fish to see a lot already estimates are saying that by nineteen thousand and fifty the level of how much fish there is is be all the old world fresh hold that the fish cannot be populated anymore the stocks can not raise to a level where there will be peace left for the future generations and already the levels off the big cold fish in the food chain that the chewed up. all these big fish like some scientists in juneau which is appropriate out throwing them into rain already. gotten and it won't recover already made state of ninety percent of the sharks out of gotten and canned they race up to levels where they used to be very very. much up to date.
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all the treasures of the around. virgil these are period really could see that happening here in the atlantic in front of the west coast. of africa where used to be tons and tons so fish big size and now we have seen these fishermen. in their nets you can see very small tiny fish that would never be already interest for a normal official that's what i didn't expect to see too asian to be so bad.
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if someone just. cannot meet my skin for human consumption so we're talking not the species that they would definitely not here it's the jelly in the. you saw this really big deal in the corner to move everybody was surprised in this moment because no one expected it was really like i want to say here i have a chinese fisherman came and took sealants. sword over both making for water and because see that's and so why it just started to move again and he disappeared in the water these are the small stories that you might keep on trying to. i mean
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you said you wouldn't have moved and moved right in all the way through in front of all feeds. through just the one another that fish on board so it was a living reminder that you have to continue riding. i think it's not just what the single ships or during that will make the difference even one ship makes a difference because it's a message that we have to understand we cannot stay still and just. be within this of the deal.
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there are people who view this as an adventure that's going to see it's not a normal thing on a list or a booking sailor. it can be this format and you got advance and avoid often saving the way to send all the things but for me it's not that or need something that i feel it's still only a way of living on this planet doing something where i actually make the place better. i'm doing this because i want to the future world to future generations to have and enjoy the ocean we have in twenty years. when you. when
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you're with your with your kid or your grandson and you see a whale you know jumping around in the calls going to see. i knew a guy. you know dropped everything and went and helped you know put a little grain of sand to help out. too i think that people can change the world as in general absolutely it shows you . here korin to a ship on sea shepherd you don't have just one country you have numerous different countries coming together for one goal. it does jane but i think we're all still fighting for the same thing you know
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fighting for the oceans and the life in the ocean so whether you do it romantically or efficiently. semantics right. who'll be the next to get the treatment that greece got from the troika the i.m.f. the e.c.b. the e.u. they gang up they destroy a country for profit it's a it's a smash and grab and greece was destroyed they had a referendum and then they didn't pay any attention to the referendum they didn't
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want the troika road and look what happened in greece it turned it into a pit it turned into a shelter into garbage and now the same bankers are getting together because they need a like a shark always something to destroy to eat and consume so we were trying to figure out would italy be next or spain i think were the two likely candidates so i guess as we've been saying that for five years that this was coming and i guess down italy will be the next meal for the i.m.f. . what hope to. be put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. wanted. to go on to be pros which is what before three of them or can't be good. i'm interested in the waters and not.
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christian. we have the privilege of being the most allied ally of the united states. senate seat two and many other alliances promoted by the west and states in particular members will we also have the privilege of being the most sanctioned. of that to any group of countries so while it sounds contradictory it is contradictory and this shows that pakistan will do what is in its national interest it will know it's just school at the end of one we'll be other.
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palestinians mourn the death of a nurse shot by israeli forces on the gaza border while treating injured protesters also ahead. letter was given to me by. phone call would you like to see what was in that letter tell you like how much how much how much after receiving a letter from the leader of north korea donald trump says a summit with cam will still take place after all. the florida jury awards four cents in compensation to the family of a black man who was shot and killed in his own home quietly. for the latest on these stories you can head to our to dot com stay with us now for the
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financial news in time for. i am sure this is the kaiser report we're going to talk about it's kind of this is a story it's almost like deja vu it reminds me of greece and in fact yanis varoufakis says you know inserted his name into this whole story and that is whether it's going to be it to leave or quit to li because italy is looking mightily. well it looks like the technocrats don't like democracy remember this happened with greece as well the greek people said they didn't want any more austerity they didn't want their lives to be decimated they would didn't want to be forced out of their country to flee to the united kingdom and other places due to austerity and all sorts of e.c.b.
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policies upon their you know european community policies upon their country well the same thing is that now happened in italy where the five star movement in the northern league formed a government and then the president of italy who is constitutionally allowed to do so basically said no because your finance minister is anti euro and wrote a piece he had written a piece about basically that the euro was a disaster for italy and we're going to suggest perhaps it really was yanis varoufakis there fokus he became the finance minister of greece reported introduced interviewed him many many times over the years when he used to be an icon it was for virtually games he said the people of italy voted against technocrats implementing austerity for the many and socialism for the very very few now they have an i.m.f. apparatchik as pm was a plan to implement more of the same could italy's president have given the n.f.l. but populace a greater gift that's always the same we've covered this since the beginning of
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a very poor it's austerity for the many capitalism for the men. and socialism for the tiny tiny few. well as we've lost our focus on the show and we asked them point blank i know i did who will be the next to get the treatment that greece got from the troika the i.m.f. the e.c.b. the e.u. they gang up they destroy a country for profit it's a it's a smash and grab and the greece was destroyed they had a referendum and then they didn't pay any attention to the referendum they didn't want the troika road and look what happened in greece it turned it into a pit it turned into a shell it turned into garbage and now the same bankers are getting together because they need like a shark always something to destroy to eat and consume so we were trying to figure out would it only be next or spain i think were the two likely candidates so i guess as we've been saying that for five years that this was coming and i guess now
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italy will be the next meal for the i.m.f. well spain was an option really if you look at the charts we're going to come into is that they never abided by the master treaty of under three percent of g.d.p. deficit italy has done so and they've abided by that and thus destroyed their economy in a time when you know in the recession when they should have been actually helping the economy and the scylla tating liquidity in transaction and credit unlike what happened for germany and stuff so let's however look at the technocrats the european commission this was a tweet from a journalist from deutsche of al who interviewed european commissioner who is a german who is a european commissioner for budget and human resources and so here is the tweet from bernard thomas riegert of deutsche of l. the markets and a darkened outlook will teach italy's voters not to vote for populist parties in the next elections told me the commissioner oettinger in exclusive interview for
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a dose of health news and strasburg i can only hope that the. will play a role in the election campaign so looks like there will be another election in italy probably in july or august. and this guy oettinger who is good there herman oettinger a german politician and now a european commissioner he's saying that because the markets have reacted so negatively that italian voters should basically learn a lesson and not vote for a populist again right the key phrase there is the markets will teach quote the markets will teach according to the technocrat the german that as we've been saying again going back to two thousand and eight so almost ten years i've been saying this concept which i will say again there's something called market fundamentalism it's a belief that markets are all knowing all seeing and that the people in the technocratic space defer to markets as fundamentalists or as fanatics with if you
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refer to religious fanaticism and so he believes that the markets know all and that the markets are punishing attalia and without giving notice and and being honest in that the markets are manipulated and many of the ways that we have discussed on this show this is a market manipulation scheme made to smash and grab the assets of italy by the way they have thousands of tons of gold i suppose that's part of the booty that the bankers are looking to pilfer as they use markets as a weapon of mass financial destruction again as we've been saying articulating proving in fact a cli with out equivocation or any pushback from any journalist or government official has again are down ok so there are let's talk about the story again so the point is that the markets in this case are the e.c.b. are the governments are the central banks of the world because just like greece
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just like italy the e.c.b. has been mostly buying their bonds and the italian government and the talian banks so. the bondholders are the ones being bailed out once again it's the bond holders not the market you know equity markets or property market people who are getting out participants who are getting a bailout it's the bondholders that you know always in a negotiation there's supposed to be two sides to the story you know everybody has to give and take but like with greece the bondholders didn't give a tiny even fraction of a haircut none the same with italy they don't want to give any haircut nothing because that cannot be. you know ever becoming an established principle we've really negotiated the history of capitalism no longer is the creditor ever part of the equation they get everything one hundred percent you the debtor is abused so here is a tweet to the response to that odin joe who is saying that the markets are going
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to punish the voter well this is a different take markets spooked by political coup in hash tag italy default probability has jumped to twenty percent and here's italy's five year default probability you see the chart looks pretty good exactly if i have a credit default swap on those bonds i'm making a lot of money yes that's part of the weapons of mass financial destruction that's the market signal that they point to and say oh you can vote for populism you know who owns america's bonds the old americas bonzo china how we might china to do to america what the i.m.f. is doing and italy i think i'll be an actual experiment on market terrorism expressed in the geo political basis let's say china to have a go to this do america what they are members doing italy. to see that blew through your metal i see i do want to point out that the i.m.f. has not yet involved in italy it's all about the european central bank and the european commission and the euro zone so the i.m.f.
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in fact had advised those other troika members to. they allow a debt restructuring in greece and they were next because there's good cop bad cop with them next week will be saying i messed involved almost ninety nine point nine percent guarantee so i want to also point to another tweet here this is from tony's hassle of the f.t. today's rise in two year italian government bond yields in perspective one day move greater than anything seen in financial crisis or greek crisis so again this is the cost to insure the bonds the spike in context going back all the way to two thousand as you see it's a one day move that is pretty shocking how much it's gone up but you know there was somebody who responded to them called crypto macro and it's interesting this response because this is something i've heard in relation to oil markets and that is markets have changed since the greek crisis market makers now hold thin bond
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inventories due to higher associated capital or climates this amplifies moves i did happen to speak to a former oil analyst for goldman sachs and he was saying this about the oil markets is that you should take billions of dollars to move the oil markets now it takes like one hundred million dollars and you could move the price partly because of the new regulations about how much are basically there's not enough inventory of the market makers no longer are are in this market as they need to hold collateral against their positions right so the market telling us they'll say the market's telling us that we need to expand the liquidity and the inventory of the market makers in the bond arena which means we have to reduce the banks a law they keep certain amount of minimum liquidity on their balance sheet we need to leverage the banks more because after they destroyed the globe in two thousand and eight and were bailed out by twenty dollars and then some very minimal new laws came in about it keeping inventory and liquidity on your balance sheet.


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