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well you know they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates it's long. been there in the small boats next to the harpoon ships and it's just. the little self to be told already ninety percent of the dark on any bone because they're. going to fifteen scoops seventy five tons and they do it several times a day with a big feet oh you get an idea right. we have to understand we could not stay still would just. be with this or b. is the deal for you because you are. doing this because i want the future
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world to future generations to have and enjoy the ocean we have. welcome back to worlds apart to follow my green director of the italian institute for international political studies in madre about a year ago you were speaking at one conference on the middle east and north africa and you suggested that europe. has gotten the bit carried away with its fascination. with transformation it got used to seeing itself as this positive actor for change in the world. i wonder if you would go as far as to say that this fascination with transformation has come to buy fewer. because some of
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the problems to be senior related to migration i think would be traced directly to this idea of being a positive actor and striving for democracy in the middle is. promoted by europe. it was. certainly in chile in libya play a role i mean there were different positions that libya. taken but not. in. the leading role. of gadhafi. and great britain obama leading from behind the school in the government doing. a lot to signing responsibility but i here would not arnold i'm saying that.
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regional. here then we have been did it affect i mean of course we can. ninety percent of the migrants. comes from libya. was a very important trading partner. which is important as you know you can buy all you. need. to and it's a problem for migration. so of course we are affected and we played your right relevant role. in trying to find a solution which is not there yet. now one perplexing thing to me as somebody reported from libya both before they got office matter and after that it was. the fact that you know he was as mercurial as he was he was actually open to change if
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only for the the parents. and i think he was also open to making his relationship with the west particularly european union of it only a little bit better why do you think that slow transformation. wasn't preferred. faster information. regime change. and we could discuss or worse why i took the lead and we could discuss for minutes on why. i'm not seeing it and said that that gadhafi was and had to be he was a dictator as you know we have been used to lead a long day to see many other countries so your question was right why.
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well it's a convenient position from my point of view because you mentioned before that italy is quite resentful about having to deal with the migration crisis yeah you kind of outsourced responsibility for that crisis because i mean your interests were at stake there because italy have calculated the risks on its own. brand. that's not my personal opinion but do you remember the situation with the taliban government. was the final stage of it was a cute. it was in the video weak position and when the. crisis erupted so it was a very again a very delicate moment or come to you and probably we did. as far as you know even knowing if try to sort of hold back
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a little bit or was it the proposal i'm sure you. sure. now if he mentioned them that talk about their reference earlier. in two thousand and sixteen the word transformation has been substituted by the words the bill a station in the new global strategy for europe which i as a russian find rather ronit because the worst ability in this country is very often i would even say excessively often what best to believe even mean in the european context now. because the situation is getting worse and worse and the. american decision. come through and it's clear that europe doesn't get great leverage in.
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russia longer than average american. regional. and. now speaking about this change in terminology substituting transformation of forest of allies ation it is all the more striking. to hear that in russia because over the last couple of months the kremlin started stressing change much more there is a discussion about revamping the quality of the russian government's fighting corruption possibly relaxing immigration rules tracked international talent investing in human capital all those things that we usually associate with the euro and yet all of a sudden russia starts talking about it when europe no longer discusses it at least publicly do you think do you take it seriously do you thing russia actually wants to do though is that just rhetoric on the part of the course of the.
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migration. i remember the. economy was. a few years ago but even if. every time a comma gets. caught on the. worth of your person but you asked me isn't that strange because the. people of. europe. i'm not surprised these are the words. that. in china for the next. time investing in the middle class. environment here actually we did.
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just at the beginning. and other become too like china now personally warrant about the danger of a possible rupture. in europe on the russian sanctions which according to you could be resolved in the isolation of. the european union and i know that danger primarily with this new. leaders like mr salvini what i can't understand is why it is not. meant to. russia's efforts to become better. including by perhaps easing or lifting of sanctions. strong. relation between europe and russia but. it requires.
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russian and my comment that you are mentioning. the position. not there yet government and what i will saying was that. would be risky for a newly established party. government going to you asking for money asking for money to support their policy all the docs and basic income and at the same time diverged with a utopian view which is to go along with sanctions. until we have pressure from the states. and so we would be isolated and my point was if we have to go to brussels to other parts and get something for the program basic income and. how can we at the same time at the same table and say we go on
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our way on position with russia the sanctions for. the ukrainian crisis as i'm sure you would agree with me it was a very specific. time and i think if we are. on this then fair i think we have to recognize that russia's actions in ukraine you may not like them but they were dictated by russia's very accurate perception of threat by nato i think from the kremlin point of view that threat has now been diminished there is no near prospect of either of nato either in crimea or in the a crane what's the point how long do you think it's advisable to keep those sanctions that keep hurting you that keep hurting us for something that cannot be reversed and i think would not be repeat it on the. european perception and the russian perception. you know randi it took almost four years. for the next three days but let me let me be very
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very quick and the whole of the. many european countries. come to believe that we should get out. and come to some leaving. but let's be honest and. the decision final decision on this issue. has to come from washington. washington is utilizing. iran. into iraq i understand i mean they will not. marry trampin in a way because it's interesting to me how europe likes to portray itself as this principle values based and to hear what you tell me is it simply quid pro quo if the same way the trial perceives not. exactly.
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what i'm saying and i told you i would be honest is that the rule of america. on issues like this having trump there and having trump in mind. and we don't know if you really think that there is that currently the. actions of russian. i mean i am surprised that you say that men should submit to blackmail that's what i'm surprised. this is what a trump is china the american administration has not said yet to european. on iran or if you do not. tell them and have your read they may by mr from pay or you know the american
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ambassador to germany i think they expressed it quite specifically but what puzzles me and this is the last question i guess because we're running out of time is when the sanctions against russia were passed there was a recognition that it needed to be done because a certain message had to be. well to the detriment of the european companies now you're telling me that when it comes to trying simply because you have huge trade with them. all principles have to be in the hall i didn't say that i sent sounds you would impose on values that we european perceive you have not the specter by russia that was a few years ago you asked me where the assumption can be waived now would that something has changed not much but something and i'm seeing the new seeing now is that we have someone else at the white house that who utilize is a strong the bot again and you know won't he utilize these tools regardless of what
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you do i mean you kept your word on and he walked out along all because if. you look at numbers. us graded you know what hundred billion with russia trade exposed i want to export eighty i want to export to iran. six so when a couple negotiates or boots on the table to europe. do you want to work with iran we do need to say what do you think america european. and european footy show would say they win lol this week they will try to find a nicer form but that's the substance your program is famous to be a very honest program so i'm giving you your honest box the beginning go to krises was on values which for european perception full and respected by you by
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russia and talking about ukraine i really appreciate your straightforwardness and also your passion thank you very much for your time and i encourage our viewers to keep this conversation going in our social media pages as i mean here again same place same time here and all the parts. are. four man are sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. all four different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row
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there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because all this did not shoot around a corner. this is. a church secret indeed just like priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the do graphic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot were the previous standards not the highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that end of that's known as the i intend them. to use these out in. this. case.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is on off and spearing dramatic developments only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. about your sudden passing i phone we just learned you worry yourself in. can your last bang turn. your at the top to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry finally i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about more like it was
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again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one difference i speak to now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. fifty years ago britain and within two cons are gone as a sleeping pill the dusty sword only images like truth does not share this thought the side effects were terrible but not on known as sean indulged in for boardwalk mortal fear not for war. across europe victims are starting legal battles demanding at least some compensation you suffered in two ways first
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will the physical damage itself but as well there's a constant reminder that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been able to justice and there has been a couple of be. when the leader of north korea played host to russia's foreign minister this week he was the only international channel allowed to accompany the delegation to kim jong il. if only someone told me words zach we are right now this is how suddenly you get treated to cranberry juice at home john lewis residents fellow i can. barely remember being given such access at other v.i.b.e. locations around the world i'm absolutely shocked me donald trump says a summit with the north korean leader is back on after the american president received what he called a very nice letter from kim jong il. headlining to lithuania and romania were complicit in the torture of two al qaeda terror suspects by hosting secret cia
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detention centers says the european court of human rights. america's trading partners about retaliate against hefty tariffs on metal imports imposed by the trumpet ministration. live from r.t.e. studio age q here in moscow this sunday morning it's kevin zero in with you for a weekly roundup of the big stories of the last seven days first than a u. turn from donald trump over north korea he says he's ready to meet with kim jong un after all in singapore later this month previously had been so many mixed messages coming from the white house about it but well ahead of voce talks russia's foreign ministers already met with a north korean leader in pyongyang a correspondent leaper trenchard traveled with a russian delegation and was granted unique access to one of the north korean
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leaders residences. we were told to leave most of our belongings and all our mobile devices behind in how they're taking us somewhere. so we're here in this van just to cower and then one photographer and myself following a lot of say to. this area is completely deserted and it looks like we're in circling something that appears to be the palace. if only someone told me where exactly we are right now but we are being told to fold us man . i don't really know what exactly this place this but it looks to be the area where
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it came john will be greeting certainly loughborough of and the reason why i think so is because just through the door i saw kim john sr and she was having some sort of conversation with the guards but nobody speaks english here hello. and as far as i understand this is. i believe this is a bit of a historic moment we still don't know whether the attempt from meeting is going to happen but at least that is here having direct talks with the supreme leader of north korea.
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sergey lavrov and kim john thune are talking behind this wall we were asked to wait in this room so let's just have a walk around and take a look at what they have to offer a. dark north korean chocolate and i can tell you that it will taste just like any other dark chocolate anywhere around the world some lemonade. so this is how suddenly you get treated to cranberry juice at kim john looms residence. i can barely remember being given. such. other locations around the world we were just told. the president which is just outside the doors. of the city. and given the fact that we're inside the residence of the north korean leader kim jong un the moon again i'm just going to say i'm absolutely shocked.
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it is really disappointing that we won't be able to find out exactly what's being said behind these stories but just a few hours before mr kim and mr lavrov met the one foreign minister said that making the korean peninsula free of nuclear weapons is a very delicate issue moscow maintains that the interests of all sides must be respected. so that said it all ended with inviting to russia see whether the north korean leader will accept the invitation for now we're heading back to the airport in the russian foreign minister's motorcade. franco right. as all that was happening a north korean delegation was in the u.s.
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administration they also it seems passed a private letter from kim jong un to president trouble described it as very nice however it isn't really clear if you don't actually read the letter. a letter was given to me by him you know and that letter was. very nice letter or would you like to see what was in that well you know you're like oh how much how much how much it was a very interesting letter and i haven't seen the letter yet i purposely did not really . i haven't opened it i didn't open it in front of the director well the letter was passed to trump by a former north korean intelligence chief who is part of the problem young delegation in the u.s. the upcoming summit was called off by trying to do what he called open hostility so while the talks seem to be on track meantime pentagon chief james mattis underlined that pyongyang will only get sanctions relief when it takes irreversible steps to end its nuclear program but experts we spoke to agreed that that kind of language
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of ultimatums is unlikely to solve the situation on the korean peninsula. but spiel where there are a lot of people here in washington who do not want the summers to take place and they certainly do not want any kind of accord between north korea and the united states idea that this could be a gradual process is a realistic one but i think here people here would like to present the north koreans with an ultimatum which of course will will will not solve the problem doesn't understand anything beyond the fact that this could be a good photo op and possibly a boon for his ratings the u.s. has never taken north korea very seriously i mean the idea of the greatest military power in the world sitting down with a country that they've already always considered impoverished and backward i think is and that's to many people in washington the message that kim jong un is sending you know he's meeting with lavrov he's meeting with xi jinping. signals to trump you know i have friends in the region and you're the one that is isolating yourself
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by pulling out these international agreements and so you know i'll be fine with or without you. the european court of human rights is lithuania and romania violated human rights by hosting secret cia detention centers it also says the countries breached the prohibition on torture by helping the agency with the interrogation of two old qaeda suspects they've been ordered to pay the men one hundred thousand euros each in compensation though one of the suspects according to the cia was a key al qaeda figure but no charges were ever brought against him during his interrogation seems he was water boarded eighty three times the cia says the other man led operations in the gulf for. peter all of it has more on how the suspects have been treated. there had been held in these facilities and the domestic authorities had been aware that the cia would subject them to treatment contrary to the convention now what we have heard is
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a little bit about the conditions in which they were kept in lithuania insight with getting a little bit of a glimpse into what was going on there and how prisoners were held up this this hearing no it prisoners were kept in blindfolded all time they were put in solitary confinement and they were forced to wear leg shackles at all times evaded gave an account of what was done to him while he was in detention must warn viewers that this clip comes a company with some of his own sketches that have been released as part of a freedom of information request some viewers may find them disturbing they unchained my hands from the bars and chained them with short chains to the chains that were around my legs which kept me in a bowing position at all times they brutally dragged me to the cement wall he started brutally banging my head and my back against the wall i felt my back was breaking due to the intensity of the banging he started slapping my face again and again meanwhile he was yelling and then he pointed to
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a large black wooden box that looked like a wooden casket he says from now on this is going to be your home he violently closed the door i heard the sound of the lock i found myself in total darkness. we saw a few of them accompanying that clip just there but the sketches zubaida made well they really paint a very disturbing picture quite literally of the conditions in which he was being kept the two men are currently being held in guantanamo bay now since the detention facility opened there in two thousand and two it's been open to prisoners on scandals over abuse now the current u.s. president donald trump peace supports the you solve waterboarding he said it many times however this is something that well the rest of the world pretty much considers torture when donna marberry which by the way which by the way we are keeping open which we are keeping. and we're going to load it up with some bare
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dude split we're going to load it up.


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