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tv   Going Underground  RT  June 4, 2018 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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you know it's the brics countries especially given that the being in brics stands for brazil they're run by a defacto cia asset well let's take the war the u.k. minority leader to raise i'm a voted for in government libya is president temin air of brazil exposed by wiki leaks this against him in libya in the am in mali or in the central african republic wars have caused intolerable suffering intolerable suffering sure but why does teller appear to be so reticent his russian counterpart in twenty eleven asking some arguably more pertinent questions about the war in libya supported by to resume the coalition said destroying good definitely was not my goal then why bomb his palaces now some officials have claimed that eliminating him was in fact their goal who gave them the right to the have a fair trial returning to the no fly zone to bombings or destroying the country's entire infrastructure when the so-called civilized world uses all its military power against
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a small country destroying what's being created by generations i don't know if that's good and if that is the are in bricks what about the i well india did not back the violence supported by tourism agates libya what with its close ties to its normal line the movement partner india abstained from voting on the no fly zone vote which was put forward by the un security council make it very clear indeed that india would not get involved with the politics of the area and would not in fact take a stand on it and the world superpower of the twenty first century the sea in brics . she'll. say. she would thank you and as for south africa where today's summit takes place well here is the hero of modern south africa up to a lot in that country. is determined by the up to toot of that company too i was struck by the. ya far out of can know
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god awful c. don't cost. so what i was struggling with a hit. a south african icon there ahead of time sharing the bricks opinion the gonna get after it should not be overthrown by britain and polls showed the british people unlike tourism a was not for the libya war either until corporate media spending millions of dollars arguably persuaded them so how are british people persuaded to change their minds could a billionaire overturn breaks it because something george soros infamous for breaking the bank of england is trying to break british democracy joining me is the consultant editor of the daily mail andrew pierce mail online is the most visited english language newspaper website in the world and thanks for going back on going underground just day ahead of our soros story donald trump saying he's going to impose twenty five percent e.u. steel tariffs or ten percent of elam in the him. what it would if you make of that
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well thank god believing the he's never like the he does not like these huge organizations which he thinks are undemocratic he's dead right they are five and elected presidents the last time i looked and i suspect britain will be able to negotiate an opt out because we have that special relationship with the donald well let's go down to this i mean this is the ultimate conspiracy subject some might say george soros some people have said it's the to do that the semitism thing that's what soros that is really going to affect there are some out help the remain vote and overturn democracy the sorest is a hunger an american he's not british he doesn't live in britain he doesn't go to britain he has no democratic mandate in britain what so ever he's got a house here in chelsea i imagine he spends no more than ninety days a year here because after that he is tax status would be affected he's a very rich man he's
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a billionaire as you said and frankly what's it going to do with him what we do in this country he's talking about being tema cratty he thinks the referendum was not democratic he wants a second referendum they're for. to try and wipe out the first referendum so if the first referendum wasn't democratic how comes the second one is going to be different because it's his money involved he's already given a hundred thousand pounds we think probably another four hundred thousand pounds ask the group he works for who the tory donors are who they say have signed up to that organization they won't tell you because either they haven't gotten a or they don't believe in transparency and openness and i've had this out with the chief executive of the organization of my own radio program n l b c she didn't she said she didn't know and then when she said she did no shit i can't tell you that there previously she's had on the referendum in britain with the big east exercise in democracy we've ever had in this country the biggest democratic mandate we've ever had seventeen point four million voted for leaving the european union we. come on going underground to try to speed this but i presume
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those are they coming money very quickly l b l b c here we'll try and get you ok well that's yeah but i'm sure those who are taking his money would say where british we won't remain and we're just being helped out by someone who is not a british subject why can't they raise money here that would be the better thing to do they already had nine nine million pounds of taxpayers' money to fight their cause in the referendum and i just repeat we've had a referendum it's done it's up to the parliament to decide whether they like the deal she brings back from brussels we don't want to have another referendum there's no need to have another referendum because that was that was never on the books what they're doing you see the remain people is doing what the e.u. always does ireland had a referendum in the in the ninety's and they didn't like the results they had to hold another one i think the same thing happened in holland and that's the typical e.u. trick if we don't get the result we want the first time we do it
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a second time we say in italy aren't we if you think brags it is a problem by code if it starts talking about leaving the euro breaks it would be a walk in the park it were. be the death of the european union you arguably stalk the corridors of power up the road here stalk them i march up them very purpose you said lords obviously because lords are consistently voting again going to populated to their exit well i mean any evidence to suggest any of this soros or it might be indeed other sources of money as well are making our evidence in the corridors of power m.p.'s no i think i think most part of it terence have had the good sense to steer keep a long way away from george soros because they know his money's toxic they know his involvement in the collapse of britain's involvement in the exchange rate mechanism back in one thousand nine hundred two when he made billions of pounds betting that the pound was going to come under huge pressure he made billions on the back of the
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british currency that it was great when we came out of the stranger mechanism of the bush economy has never looked back since but i think parliamentarians of two wives and i've talked to quite a few remain it's because we still we could have constructive conversations even though we don't agree and they regret the involvement of george soros because they know he's such an easy target a foreign billionaire meddling in a british democratic exercise we don't want that with fed up with people in european union telling us what we can and can't do we don't want to manage spends most of his time. in florida or everyday lives telling us how we should conduct our democracy but it's long been argued that media moguls i know your one is very british i suppose for the mail rupert murdoch took british citizenship i think had to take changes citizenship to me if george soros took british citizenship and you're going to buy entry into britain who knows then it will be all right i don't understand a bogus point about foreign tycoons only newspapers the times and sunday times and
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the sun owned by rupert murdoch two of those titles backed breaks it one didn't the times all the taxes are paid. in britain denouements taxes are a public company listed on stock exchange menace and all the taxes are paid in britain where the sorest pays taxes sadly not here because if they were prepared to reduce the national debt by half ok why bring him into it at all corporate advertising budgets procter and gamble tens of billions samsung a nine point nine nestle l'oreal these are the big advertisers multibillion dollar campaign to yourselves said it's bound to backfire we use of all of this money so why is it important that they will team out they revealed to they revealed he was bankrolling this new organization best of britain the whatever it's called how does he know what's best for britain he's not british he doesn't live here it's none of these place not his place and we're going to keep banging on about it and i can tell you it really resonates with the public you feel part of the problem with your
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opinion is it got too big too remote too out of touch and they want to bring things much closer to home we can govern ourselves we don't want the european court of justice telling us what we can and can't do who we can pay our benefits to we want british parliament to be sovereign so the last thing we now want is some rich guy in his eighty's he says i know what's best for your country actually an arche writing a check until we get a good we get the the right result because that's what it's all about he's trying to buy there is a new referendum it does remind me a little bit about the conspiracy being talked about why remain is that vladimir putin was involved in the brics it vote i know you've been particularly critical since the script all poisoning in england of the russian government accusing them of attempted murder and so on they started a no russia didn't create bricks. what that's what that's what remain as awful as saying you see there being in the interests of divide britain from europe. could
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have flooded by putin and the state sponsored assassination the government the prime minister he was able to convince nato european union the united states just about everybody in the world that russia did it except for the leader of the opposition jeremy called we need to do the more proof and suggested we sent an overtop round to the russian embassy what shall we going to do we can put on the back of delivery. by release of lincoln's exact point because people are saying people should have asked for more evidence about the killing of this russian journalist bob jaeger you treated it just like your disability it let me see said it yeah we've all been i think it's a wonderful it's about the killing i think actually didn't actually in one case he might have got it right when you are told by a government that a journey has been made and they even furnish photographs of the dead body with the blood seeping out the back of your told the wife found the body ten you tend to that's probably ok reuters program does it right sure precisely that's what. we'll
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see or sky i have to say on that i think it's one of the biggest public relations disasters for that particular meter out there in the crane because they are now it's going to now allow the russians to talk fake news at every opportunity that's what we do or out of acid here the ambassador here in britain who i've dubbed comical ali you all knew the new comical ali like the one we had in the iran middle transit jesting that britain but try to bump off the two pretty grim and tragic i.q. zation well you say that just about journalism by the way i was never really that aware of for the numbers he was up there with. i don't know what he this was to you probably go it's going to be piss out of you dear british press please go if you want to do good give me u.k. passport protection then you teach me how to protect my family. well i don't know how you protect your family by lying you'll have to do this otherwise the russians are killing i protect your wife and young children to think you've been murdered
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and don't break the news to the twenty four hours does he think a bunch of flags is going to fix that and his match can take a lot more than that in fact if we do hit it he's been it was but we did it under paris thank you thank you now after the break. but as the nuclear bomb as we speak to award winning journalist gareth porter about which part of american history and leader kim jong il and women don't bust or whether he'll go for peace and cuban sonic attacks or fake news we speak for neuroscientist at the university of edinburgh claims a us report on the alleged acoustic attacks on diplomats is seriously flawed golan cipel coming up to him going underground. apply for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't
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only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the shaper money to kill the narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else only because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game like great so what more chance for. me it's going to. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be all for the rich he would six percent market so thirty percent just last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and because he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's
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building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember it was one of those you can't afford to miss the one and only. welcome back to the u.k. defense select committee recently said that north korean missiles could land on london by september next year american war games an aria suggest a war with pyongyang might result in eight million dead worldwide and yet just as peace talks are on the table between washington and pyongyang a major us news organization quoted unnamed cia officials who seem to claim there was no point in gold trump talking to kim jong un the korean leader has no intention of disarming joining me from virginia is a month ago one prize winner for journalism gath porter author of perils of
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dominance and balance of power and the road to war in vietnam thanks for coming on going underground what do you make of the cia leaking this information to n.b.c. owned by comcast that north korea won't disarm their nuclear weapons well first of all this this story which is really quite an exercise in just information by the corporate news media is just one small part of a much larger campaign that has been going on for weeks now and which i think is certainly one of the most important developments surrounding. the whole u.s. north korean developing relationship that that has occurred so far and that's because i think the corporate media are very very closely aligned with those forces within the u.s. national security bureaucracy the pentagon some of the cia people who are very very much opposed to reaching an agreement with north korea that would change the entire
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face of geopolitics in northeast asia because the the u.s. role in south korea and its threat to to attack north korea should there be a war is of course the main. excuse if you will the main justification for the entire u.s. military presence in northeast asia so i think that that's really at the core of what's going on here and this specific story that you asked about is really quite interesting because it's making the claim that the cia knows very well and has said formally in the intelligence analysis that north korea will not give up its nuclear weapons i have a very strong hunch show you say that what actually happened was that the cia gave the white house or the trying to mr asian
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a paper that said we don't think north korea is ready to give up its nuclear weapons any time immediately it's going to take a long time and it will be part of a lengthy process that is what the news media have been reporting for a long time with a twist that they suspect there are three things ultimately won't agree to give them up but i don't think the cia actually said what is in the headline of the n.b.c. story and in the lead just to remind people that the c.i. . is mission is to protect the american people in this piece. i mean the nameless officials are quoted as saying kim jong un would really rather use the talks if they did happen to open a burger restaurant in pyongyang is it seriously some kind of a joke to the to the cia and i should say the tone of the article and perhaps the broadcast. coverage of this well i think definitely the authors of this story
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were being somewhat snide in their coverage suggesting that debt kim jong un is more likely to open a burger joint than he is to give up his nuclear weapons it's a nice sort of political line as you might expect opponents of the of the agreement to use politically in this country in fact i would argue that the corporate media have become the main source of opposition to an agreement between the united states and north korea it's not coming any longer from republicans or democrats it's coming from the corporate media is a there are would you say there are ironic honorable exceptions because the financial press reported on the falls in stock prices are lucky martin raytheon boeing northrop grumman all contractors involved in the u.s. weaponry in the southern korean peninsula aimed directly at north korea oh i think you're always going to be able to find some small exceptions to the general rule
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but certainly no major david gest there we're just reporting the share price in fairness right right but i think the general pattern here is very very clear and very strong that the major electronic and print media have been unanimous in their position that the united states is on the wrong track here the trunk administrations on the wrong track in trying to bring about an agreement between mystery of because of it because trump will be played that's that's the underlying theme of. most of the coverage and then ninety ninety nine there was a trip by the clinton administrations that william perry brought back from the cole the former pentagon boss that failed when cheney and a man called john bolton and to the bush administration bolton's libya option is it off the table now because again lever of apparently was told by kim jong un in the past few days that kim jong un does not like us had geminids him well definitely
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the idea that the united states would seriously push for a libya option is off the table that bad course is what bolton proposed and i think proposal itself was clearly an effort to blow up the talks i think it has contributed to the campaign that we've just talked about it was essential to a feature of that yam pain and that was the function of what dalton said but what trump has actually said over the last week has made it clear that that he does not entertain the notion of demanding that north korea turn over immediately all of its nuclear weapons to be shipped off to a location in the united states he knows and he said so that that is going to take a much more lengthy and complicated process in which the united states will be expected to make some significant concessions to north korea specifically and
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particularly with regard to its security and just briefly no chance there that corporate interests could start looking at the spoils for the winners of any did taunt some people already speculating russia china maybe japan looking towards unexploited resources in north korea well of course there will be companies that will step forward and take advantage of those opportunities but i don't think those companies are going to represent the power that is inherent in the in the war party which has built up over decades which has. tens of trillions of dollars spent over these decades on military and intelligence programs and which should warrant the mass media the united states and most of the rest of the world have for thank you. allegedly supported by scientists at a u.k. w n d laboratory tourism his government is apparently determined that military
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grade nerve agents are not necessarily lethal that well scientists in the united states appear to have proved that the cuban government is engaged in warfare against american diplomats there scientific evidence of possible acoustic warfare was used by president trump to trash relations between a van or in washington not only with the u.s. blockade of the caribbean island escalated but canada joined in starting the evidence of that has been robert mcintosh from the human cognitive neuroscience department at the university of edinburgh he joins me now robert welcome to going underground people around the world know this in there because of cuba over which arguably the world could have been destroyed back in the sixty's we heard reports all around the world of some test scientific test proved the cuban government was again engaging in some kind of warfare acoustic warfare you have cast doubt on the thirty seven scientific tests that prove cuba's guilt yes well the test that we securely concerned with are the ones in our field which are cognitive tests who
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were minister to the u.s. diplomats who've been complaining of subjective sensations of mental fogginess irritability loss of concentration memory lapses and so forth. now obviously subjective complaints on one thing but i do really want some kind of objective evidence and so the research is gave a whole series of these tests so a number of these people so what sort of tests are they i imagine it would be test . these diplomat skills on throwing a ball or being able to listen to things they reported themselves that they the felt concussion like symptoms after being in the u.s. embassy in havana this was echoed now by u.s. diplomats in china and canadian diplomat saying they have had similar symptoms so the tests are a number of standard cognitive tests for really quite basic mental functions like
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attention and alertness memory language reasoning and some thought and the research is going to thirty seven of these tests which they argue covered eleven different mental domains and just for example the sorts of thing that people might be asked to do is to listen to a sequence of numbers read out hold them in memory and repeat them back after a delay or they might be asked to do something even more difficult which is bring them back in reverse order after a delay and so the result is we're looking at how well the performed on these sorts of basic mental operations now your problem was with the statistical threshold over this particular set of tests. yes it's very perplexing indeed in fact to my colleague sergio de of summer contacted me and said can you just check that are not going mad here does it actually say in this paper that they used the forty that percentile as the threshold for impairment the forty
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eight percent i know by definition means that you expect forty percent or full intending to score a lot lower normally where testing for impairment then we might once or quite a low threshold say the fifth percentile that would mean there's only a one in twenty chance that if you pick someone off the street that they would do that by only and if someone's doing that badly then you think something is wrong with them however if someone scores below forty eight percent of you expect that to happen for four hours a. any any ten people that you picked off the street so it's not evidence of anything why do you think the media just reported this information as a conclusive something problematic about the the public understanding of salads the the information it must be said is very very well hidden in the paper so although it's critical information the actual statement that says the forty eight percent is
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used is in small it alex front under the table to you in the supplementary information to the paper so you have to really go digging around on the web and you have to be looking very carefully at the fine detail to see this information so it's perhaps not surprising that it didn't get immediately picked up on but it is surprising that it passed through a process of peer review because the peer reviewers and the journal like the journal of the american medical association are supposed to be looking at the evidence indeed there was going to ask about peer review obviously when a paper is this geo political would you think academics are swayed what what possible reason could they be there be for them to miss on this threshold i really wouldn't like to speculate on that it's very puzzling indeed that a paper with a plane like this could get through a rigorous process of peer review and the argument for the paper being published because the dates are a presently very incomplete and the cognitive testing only concerns six individuals
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and they are under the orders of made is that they are entitled to publish this preliminary evidence because it is so strongly in the public interest that they said and should be in the public domain now or something so strongly in the public interest one would think that it's also very important that it should be rigorously chaired this doesn't seem to have happened here but out it's really not for me to explain how about occurred and just finally what advice would you give then to journalists maybe little and politicians when they the foreign office. mike bombay the state department issues the scientific what seems like side of the evidence for making a case about political warfare well i think you need reliable informed and independent of the findings of those who are able to comment on the quality of the evidence it's very easy for this which us courts extraordinary claims to gather a lot of attention and it doesn't seem to affect the necessary scrutiny now there's
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an old adage in science that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence so you really need to show that the evidence is really good in this case it looks to me that the evidence is pretty extraordinary but unfortunately it's the wrong sort and they seem to be extraordinarily weak rolled megabus thank you and that's it for the show we're back on wednesday as british m.p.'s return from another holiday keep in touch with us my friends will be the field with a thirty six years to the day the british army is ready for the invaded the. forman are sitting in a car when the phipps gets shot in the head. all four different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because the list did
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not shoot around a corner. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race based on often spearing dramatic development that only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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misuse of private data by scandal head cambridge analytic are said to be discussed in the european parliament later today at the same time more revelations show that his parent company may be involved in harvesting data from military contracts is tell you all coming up this morning israel's prime minister heads to europe to persuade leaders to abandon the hard for the rand nuclear deal germany france britain have pledged to rescue the agreement after it was rejected by america. and french authorities raised the alarm of a radicalization in prison is. the largest prison in europe but it's overcrowded and lacks proper security much.


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