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tv   News  RT  June 4, 2018 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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interested in the war. stories from the misuse of private data by scandal hit cambridge analytic is said to be discussed in the european parliament within the hour. defunct parent company was involved in a secret counterinsurgency operation in yemen. president putin signs new legislation that aims to give russia greater scope for retaliate against. radicalization in prisons and travels to europe's largest. overcrowded in the securities inadequate. you were you watching this monday at six pm here in moscow and this is your world
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news from r.t. international first off cambridge analytical the company at the center of a scandal for using private data for political ends is to be discussed in the european parliament in the next few minutes or so but even if that happens yet another scandal surfaced investigative journalist max blumenthal published documents he says were leaked from cambridge analytic his parent company they allegedly revealed that it had been collecting data for private military contractors in the yemen as explained. remember the cambridge analytical scandal millions of people's personal information being mined for financial gain and influence cambridge and a little it's actually a data analytics company dedicated to one thing figuring out how to manipulate you at all costs this shadowy consulting firm right surreptitiously gained access to personal data mined from nearly eighty seven million facebook users weaponized personal data you have to look at cambridge analytic and some of the loss of trust cambridge analytic scandal this was
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a huge breach of trust well according to newly leaked documents from cambridge analytical parent company as c.e.o. it wasn't just for meddling in political campaigns in two thousand and nine s.c.l. carried out a surveillance operation in yemen called project titanium it involved a network of western trained operatives tasked with infiltrating local populations and identifying potential terror threats the initial thing focuses on identifying the groups that support or are conducive to violent jihadist recruitment project titanium was essentially a psychological profile operation against the hottest it's architects wanted to find ways to divert people away from islamised ideology field research is used to identify a clear instance pass to do something target groups those who took part were deceived and led to believe that they were part of more innocent surveys but it was for a noble cause especially at the height of military operations against al qaida the
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s.c.l. group was acting on behalf of our kemet a us based military company they get billions of dollars from the defense department for intel operations around the globe looks like they were doing government dirty work and not just for washington and i know that many other governments work with them as well it's not just the united states government i believe the brits work with them in other countries and that's just the tip of the iceberg. when you look under the surface of these campaigns the private sector is creating a gray area risk free and where international law does not apply one of the more disturbing passages in it it was sort of language that was written in
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a sort of passive tense very euphemistically in the project titanic documents that i gathered from an internal company source is reference to eliminating. the young male target population if they can't be deterred from jihadist activity the language wasn't exactly eliminating but you know resorting to other means and that tends to refer in my mind to drone assassination what my investigation demonstrates is that there is this gigantic web of firms whose names we don't know who are operating in the darkness and they're being contracted by governments to not only spy in conflict zones and carry out counterinsurgency operations but to export those methods back into our electoral systems in the west of the u.k. government's alleged involvement in the titanium project is based on its field operatives who were required to register with the british foreign office for travel
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advice on operations so we also the foreign office for a response on all this however and its reply when i did was attach a link explaining what the travel advice service does. an iraqi court has sentenced a french woman to life in prison for joining the islamic state terror group escaping the death penalty molina balladeer was captured last year in mosul and sentenced to seven months in prison for entering the country illegally after the end of that sentence she's due to be deported home to france but prosecutors have demanded a retrial saying she violated the country's antiterrorism law by following her husband to iraq they say he went there to join eisel now out of the almost two thousand people from france that went to fight with the terror group it's believed many were radicalized or serving time in french prisons with the authorities now raising the alarm over the problem five hundred convicted terrorists are currently imprisoned in france and it's thought that around twelve hundred other prisoners have reportedly been radicalized forty due for release over the next two years the country's leading counter terror prosecutor says that poses
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a major threat to the public who is a major risk of seeing people who not at all repentant at the end of this sentence leave prison and yet be even more radical after their time behind bars. well with many now questioning that initiative show to do penance he's been to europe's biggest jail. not only is there concern over the threats that these individuals may pose to the outside world but also while they're incarcerated this is a flaw. it's europe's largest prison and amongst the thousands of inmates being held here some unknown joe hardest see. ya done every day in france prison guards are attacked we have been off the next
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one thousand one hundred supervisors over the next four years but for now we don't see anything happening we're tired of this but you were the first t.v. channel i'm telling this to you but yesterday we had a suicide and since january we've had ten other cases exhaustion among staff and concerns for their own welfare spilled over into protests. still the calls for help a going on and sit and now prisons like this could soon be and locking their doors to let those radicalized inmates back into society zero say la pook on this prison is the largest in europe there are four thousand three hundred inmates it's overcrowded and we don't have enough staff and we have more than one hundred twenty radicalized inmates here so you can imagine i difficult it is for a prison supervised to handle this the forty alleged radicalized inmates who will
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soon get out of jail will likely find themselves on account to terrorism watch list a list that already once into the tens of thousands four thousand of whom are considered dangerous tragically even those on the watch list often slip through the fingers of security services. french authorities say they have to do more to properly monitor for me inmates and with france having suffered so much through terror attacks in recent years many would argue it's about time they did charlotte even ski r.t.
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paris. italy's freshly formed euro skeptic government is sending out a tough message to illegal immigrant the new interior minister mattel yourselves any who is described by many as italy's answer to double trump has said his country will not become a refugee camp and that newcomers need to make other plans for you to get out if there is really a great need. for you. if you are going to be. speaking there in the society in port of qatar near he promised to reduce the number of illegal immigrants arriving in the country he also as you saw pledged to get to work on deportations a policy that's proving divisive across italy. i think the soviets right i hope he stops these illegal migrant arrivals what can they do here they are people without a house they have nothing so many should not be in the italian government today each country is composed of diverse ethnic groups and diverse people who can
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completely close immigrant traffic a i think it's ok to take a break he has to set rules migrants can come in discriminately they will create many problems in italy there are many problems already for example there is a lot of poverty and there is not enough jobs i am sure that so many will not be able to stop migration he will not have the parlor. and support. italy's being one of the main points of entry to europe for migrants and refugees coming from north africa and the middle east more than six hundred thousand arrived in the country since twenty fourteen one recent poll suggests that fifty eight percent of italians are now afraid of immigration the director of the italian institute for international political studies discusses this latest edition of artie's worlds apart. ninety percent of the migrants needs only comes from libya libya was it important trading partners. which is important as you know you can buy all you. need. to do easily and it's true
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for migration. so all schools who are affected and we played in this right and relevant role. the. president putin has signed into law countermeasures that will allow russia to retaliate against any sanctions put on moscow correspondent has been going over the paperwork for us. by signing this bill into law a lot of our prudent has basically given himself freedom of maneuver for hitting back at countries that are hostile to moscow so if someone chooses to punish russia russian companies possibly russian individuals that's something we've seen many times in recent years think the u.s. first of all all the russian president has to do now is say we are responding name
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specific countries and then the countermeasures will immediately enter into force among the counter measures that are available for the russian government the severing of ties with states and companies and also import and export bans target in. history sectors though haven't been specified but as the legislation was drafted we heard about such sectors as nuclear power agriculture pharmaceuticals space and aviation alcohol and tobacco industry's the issue is very sensitive so that was then dropped from the final text it requires more and depth consideration but there is an important segment of the document which is about exceptions so if a certain type of goods falls under the bad however it is not produced in russia in this case the sanctions won't be applied. and the deadly advice which condemned
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london tower block residence of the deaths will have an update on the ground for blaze inquiry after the break. we have the privilege of being the most of the united states. senate seat two and many of the alliances promoted by the west united states in particular we've been members will we also have the privilege of being the most sanctioned. of that to any group of trees so it sounds contradictory it is going to be and this shows that pakistan will do what is in its national interest it will know and just go with the wind of what will be. when else shows seem wrong. but. just don't. let me.
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get to see. this day become active. and engaged equals betrayal. when somebody find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. back an expert investigating the ground for tower fire in london said the safety measures were out of course and that the authorities advice to stay put failed the downing assessment comes as part of a public inquiry into the tragedy in which seventy two people were killed last june with an update on today's events at the hearing here's the deal richard. the purpose of the inquiry is to obviously look at the circumstances surrounding the night of the tragedy. could have been prevented and the emergency services were
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looked at as well as the cladding now if you look at the emergency services it says that there should have been forty six minutes between the first phone call to nine nine nine and a response and that didn't happen in fact they said that there was a total failure of the stay put policy they also looked at the clothing and this was really interesting actually when they talked about certain materials that we use during refurbishment a material called polythene which is a highly combustible polymer was used and apparently it melts when exposed to fire and it acts as a fuel when it comes to fire mr mallett millet who is leading the inquiry said that this was the worst loss of domestic life by fire since world war two and we all know what happened that night.
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fall. knowing this tragic night the government obviously promised to house all those who lost their homes but in fact what's happened in practice is only sixty two added two hundred nine have been house since this has caused widespread protests to cause across the country over the year and people have been demanding answers but this inquiry it's not a quick fix i have to warn you of that they gave a whole timeline as to how long it was going to take it's going to be months they have one hundred thirty five witness statements alone to look at so yes you know
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the public want our answers but they are going to have to wait until they get all the answers and further action taken. donald trump and his attorney seem to believe the u.s. president is in an invincible position within the white house a couple of hours ago donald trump tweeted that among the powers at his disposal is want to even pardon himself while attorney rudy giuliani went on record explaining the trump would need to be impeached before facing any legal action do you in the present attorneys believe the president has the power to pardon himself. he's not but he probably does. yes no intention of poured himself but he probably doesn't care or those comments come after the u.s. president pardoned a filmmaker who he thought was unfairly prosecuted by the previous administration to move cause discontent across the american media and among the country's politicians more than pick up a story. donald trump is once again drawing outrage from the democrats this time
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for pardoning right wing political commentator dinesh d'souza now d'souza pled guilty in two thousand and fourteen to making illegal campaign contributions trump is being blasted now from some quarters because they allege that essentially he's letting a political ally off the hook president from seemingly passing out pardons to heroes of the far right almost as eagerly as oprah once gifted pontiacs to suburban moms there are questions about his judgment and intent the president reminding people my daddy can pardon you os has this power and i'm going to. but if you look over the history of presidential pardons and sentence commutations they've always kind of been handed out this way back in april donald trump gave a full pardon to scooter libby a former member of the bush administration scooter libby had been involved in outing the identity of a cia agent and then obstructing justice in order to cover it up george w. bush had already communities sentenced back in two thousand and seven the scooter
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libby decision was a sort of fair and balanced says don't forget about the biggest case of tax evasion in all of us history marc rich was convicted of defrauding the u.s. government of roughly forty eight million dollars rich was going to face three hundred years in prison until bill clinton stepped in to give him a second chance now it also happens that marc rich was a big contributor and supporter of bill clinton's presidential campaigns marc rich was on the f.b.i.'s ten most wanted list bill clinton on his last day in office pardons him a lot of people were shocked and surprised including his political allies even after marc rich died money from his estate continued flowing into hillary clinton's foundation and then there was an investigation that determined there was no foul play between marc rich and the clintons richard nixon stepped down after it was revealed that he had spied on his political. ponens and then obstructed justice in an attempt to cover it up now gerald ford who were placed in the oval office
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decided to let bygones be bygones he said it was an act of mercy all right your are for. the president of the united states granted and by these presidents do grant aid to free and absolute pardon under richard nixon the first presidential pardon in u.s. history was handed down by george washington the leaders of a rebellion that had taken place at the time the man dubbed the father of america hope that this act of forgiveness would help bring a new country together but roll on two hundred years and it seems that presidential pardons and sentence commutations are little less about honor and healing and a little more about you scratch my back and i'll scratch yours over centuries now there's been a process evolved where you have something called the office of the pardon attorney people meticulously review the cases and decide which one should make it to the president's desk dinesh d'souza he was railroaded under the obama administration he
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was aggressively prosecuted for an offense that is generally not prosecuted to the level this one was and his life was virtually ruined root in this country we have a crisis because the mainstream media the corporate media refuses to accept the idea that donald trump is a legitimate president united states entitle to wield the legitimate powers that every united states president has wield the while in office that's their core problem until they get over that they're going to be writing a lot of fake news. israel's prime minister is in berlin right now on the first leg of a trip to europe in which to push for amendments to the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal but he might find it a hard sell this britain germany and france all appear committed to salvaging the agreement following america's withdrawal. a leap year to meet three key leaders franklin merkel emmanuel mark roman treason me reiterate an unyielding truth israel will not let your own obtain nuclear. government
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regrets the decision of the us ministration to withdraw from a deal that diminishes confidence in the international order what do we want to be able to pay blindly to what americans tell them to stick so much in keeping this agreement and we want to have economic relations with iran with them acting already at the european union level to make sure that the nuclear agreement is preserved yeah trump has lost the battle no one followed his decision and now we have to make good on fulfilling our obligations. america abandon the hard won deal with iran in may the agreement signed by seven world powers terrence nuclear program in exchange for lifting some sanctions but despite the fierce opposition now coming from the united states and israel political scientist imagine patras told us that he believes the european signatories will remain committed to the pact.
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playing a show. in the european partners with european partners to abandon the deal but i doubt that he can be successful in this endeavor his european counterparts mainly. germany france and the u.k. have expressed. a clear political position that they are not abandoning it i believe that the national interests of those three countries that they want to secure strategic relations with iran and they are not sacrificing it for this sake of the u.s. . thanks countries across europe of time their borders against illegal newcomers but it's not just economic migrants that have been seeking greener pastures.
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cleary let's go to the to our the to. cut. maybe we shall be. really. really. really.
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trip you should open our silent area safe borders created by and for humans. stop this madness. safe bank of a pregnant. this is what you really think about microbes. live. a little. bit ten days and counting until football's biggest event kicks off here in russia so we've been catching up with former brazil defender and two time world cup when it has given us some insight into how his nation my perform the summons to a. well expectations are really high not only concern in the world cup in russia
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but also concerning the world cup in general especially regarding the brazilian team pressure is high you are fighting for a world cup with the brazilian team there are more than two hundred twenty million brazilians that hundred and twenty million football coaches two hundred and twenty million football fans so there is additional pressure on players to have a great world cup when we come to the world cup we come to when no one plays at the world cup just to save a plate we come to we know of course sometimes it doesn't happen the way you wanted to but you can be sure that the won't be and the lack of commitment and brazil is going to have a great world cup before we sign off let me tell you team r.t. is fired up and ready to go for our special coverage throughout russia as first ever think the world cup.
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not not. ever will see a lady golf. for
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a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way was going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous is a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to be i mean eighty percent of the beach but always will and will go all the great game the great game you are the rock at the back. nobody gets past you we need to get the ball going let's go. to a low. and i'm really happy for drawing down to him for the gold in the infield world cup in russia meet the special one i was also pretty sure needs to just read
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the rino biagi team's latest edition of a go at the big oh certainly better jersey look. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself in taking your last term. right up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath . but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was a game still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never again like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one might
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differ as i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to blame that mainstream media has met its maker. much. below in welcome across top. all things are considered peter lavelle to the summit can donald trump and kim jong un start a meaningful peace process as well as what's italy's democratic process means for the e.u. and much much more on this edition of cross.


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