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tv   News  RT  June 4, 2018 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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but i'm sure that so many will not be able to stop migration he will not have the parliament's support. lately has been one of the main points of entry for migrants to europe and also refugees coming from north africa in the middle east the numbers are staggering over six hundred thousand have arrived in the country since twenty eight fourteen and one recent poll suggests that fifty eight percent of the talionis are fearful of immigration the director of the tele institute for international political studies the scot says the issue today here on our team is worlds apart ninety percent of the. needs only comes from libya. which is important as you know you can buy all you. need. to too easily and it's. migration. so all schools who are affected and we played you are right and relevant to. the.
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to the u.k. where an expert investigating the gren fell tower a fire in london said that safety measures were inadequate enough the authorities advice to stay put how effectively failed the dumbing assessment part of a public inquiry into the tragedy in which seventy two people were killed last year with an update on monday's hearing here. the purpose of the inquiry is to obviously look at the circumstances surrounding the night of the tragedy to see if it could have been prevented and the emergency services were looked at as well as the cladding now if you look at the emergency services it says that there should have been forty six minutes between the first phone call to nine nine nine and a response that didn't happen in fact they said that there was
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a total failure of the stay put policy they also looked at the clothing and this was really interesting actually when they talked about certain materials that we use during refurbishment a material called polyethylene which is a highly combustible polymer was used and apparently it melts when exposed to fire and it acts as a fuel when it comes to fire mr mallock millett who is leading the inquiry said that this was the worst loss of domestic life by fire since world war two and we all know what happened that night.
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following this tragic night the government obviously promised to house all those who lost their homes but in fact what's happened in practice is only sixty two out of two hundred nine have been house since this has caused widespread protests to car across the country over the year and people have been demanding answers but this inquiry it's not a quick fix i have to warn you of that they gave a whole timeline. as to how long it was going to take it's going to be months they have one hundred thirty five witness statements alone to look at so yes you know the public want arthurs but they are going to have to wait until they can all the answers and further action taken. it seems the american president appears to believe he's in vince
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a bold position within the white house just a few hours ago donald trump tweeted that among the powers at his disposal is the ability to pardon even himself his lawyer former new york mayor rudy giuliani went on record saying the u.s. constitution doesn't deny the president such authority do you in the present attorneys believe the president has the power to pardon himself. he's not but he probably does. he has no intention of pardoning himself but he probably doesn't get the comments after the u.s. president pardoned a filmmaker and political commentator who trump thought was on for early prosecuted by the previous administration the move caused consternation in the american media among many of the country's politicians picking up the story killer bug. donald trump is once again drawing outrage from the democrats this time for pardoning right wing political commentator dinesh d'souza now d'souza pled guilty in two
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thousand and fourteen to making illegal campaign contributions trump is being blasted now from some quarters because they allege that essentially he's letting a political ally off the hook president from seemingly passing out pardons to heroes of the far right almost as eagerly as oprah once gifted pontiacs to suburban moms there are questions about his judgment and intent the president reminding people my daddy can pardon you os has this power and i'm going to. but if you look over the history of presidential pardons and sentence commutations they've always kind of been handed out this way back in april donald trump gave a full pardon to scooter libby a former member of the bush administration scooter libby had been involved in outing the identity of a cia agent and then obstructing justice in order to cover it up george w. bush had already community is set back in two thousand and seven the scooter libby decision was a sort of fair and balanced says don't forget about the biggest case of tax evasion
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in all of us history marc rich was convicted of defrauding the u.s. government of roughly forty eight million dollars rich was going to face three hundred years in prison until bill clinton stepped in to give him a second chance now it also happens that marc rich was a big contributor and supporter of bill clinton's presidential campaigns marc rich was on the f.b.i.'s ten most wanted list bill clinton on his last day in office pardons him a lot of people were shocked and surprised including his political allies even after marc rich died money from his estate continued flowing into hillary clinton's foundation and then there was an investigation that determined there was no foul play between marc rich and the clintons richard nixon stepped down after it was revealed that he had spied on his political. ponens and then obstructed justice in an attempt to cover it up now gerald ford who were placed in the oval office decided to let bygones be bygones he said it was an act of mercy all right your are
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for. the president of the united states granted and by these presidents to grant aid to free and absolute pardon under richard nixon the first presidential pardon in u.s. history was handed down by george washington the leaders of a rebellion that had taken place at the time the man dubbed the father of america hope that this act of forgiveness would help bring a new country together but roll on two hundred years and it seems that presidential pardons and sentence commutations are little less about honor and healing and a little more about you scratch my back and i'll scratch yours over centuries now there's been a process involved where you have something called the office of the pardon attorney people meticulously review the cases and decide which one should make it to the president's desk dinesh d'souza he was railroaded under the obama administration he was aggressively prosecuted for an offense that is generally not
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prosecuted to the level this one was and his life was virtually ruined root in this country we have a crisis because the mainstream media the corporate media refuses to accept the idea that donald trump is a legitimate president united states entitle to wield the legitimate powers that every united states president has we all the while in office that's their core problem until they get over that they're going to be writing a lot of fake news. it's hard to believe but it is just ten days and counting until football's biggest event kicks off here in russia so what better time to catch up with former brazil defender and two time world cup winner himself cathal to give us some insight into how this nation might perform at this summer's target . expectations are really high not only concern in the world cup in russia but also concerning the world cup in general especially regarding the brazilian team pressure is high you are fighting for a world cup with the brazilian team there are more than two hundred twenty million
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brazilians that's two hundred and twenty million football coaches two hundred and twenty million football fans so there is additional pressure on players to have a great world cup when we come to the world cup we come to when no one plays at the world cup just to see the plate we come to we know of course sometimes it doesn't happen the way you wanted to but you can be sure that the won't be and the lack of commitment and brazil is going to have a great world cup carefully looking as if he could still get a game all team artie is fired up ready to go with our special coverage of fifa world cup twenty eight days in russia's first.
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etc see i believed all the.
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luck. to the summit can donald trump and kim jong il start a meaningful peace process as well as italy's democratic process for the e.u. and much much more on this edition of crossfire.
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welcome to sophie and co and sophie shevardnadze pakistan is key to the fragile balance of power in south asia and the middle east but with upcoming elections will the country stay internally stable and be able to help their region deal with its own i guess today pakistan's former prime ministership disease and he's here in st petersburg taking part in the conference. on u.s. alliance just faltering with threats of american sanctions cutting off u.s. aid and mutual diplomatic measures all down to pakistan's complicated policy towards militant extremist groups with washington look at the distance of just don't fall into the arms obviously. changing ties of the never ending war against
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the taliban and what will be a realignment of pakistan mean for greater stability for the whole of southeast asia. it's a great pleasure to have you as our guest one more time good to meet you in person . so let's talk about many things going on in your country elections coming up. soon the country will have the new prime minister i mean you been finance minister you've been prime minister has anyone so your council. maybe asked you for advice. well you know it's a government functions the privilege of talking to anybody asking people what they think but the core decision making is made by the chief executive and the cabinet and that continues when i was in office that's what we did too but if you bump into somebody or you know somebody you can get another view. however in pakistan one
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thing is very significant the press is totally free and they go to all segments of society to get views and those use next morning and front of you so it is not a closed shop at all so you could be president you could be prime minister you you get feedback all the time when i was in government i used to get through the press very open. criticism and critiques and suggestions and what have you. i think what is more important is knowing what you want to do knowing what you believe and knowing what your principles are and your major priorities and then that i spent a lot of time publicly sharing them over the media events. physical move meetings with groups of people every day the schedule had ten to fifteen meetings every day so people asked when do you do the thinking that's a good question it's a constant process absolutely but did you ever think of coming back to the
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pakistani politics actually i mean you do great stuff monitoring kind of the con of me i'm not a politician technocrat and that's why. to some extent. my working style was very different eighteen hours a day seven days a week and. then but since i was elected i had a constituency for the election almost got killed in the process as you know and so on and so forth so it was a unique set up which was tailor made for that time so i want to take some of your views and. maybe suggestions so what's going to happen after the election i spoke to him down hon not long ago he stroke me as someone very charismatic.


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