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in the west and now it just can't stop you know with bob will stop abruptly because of his to research withdrawal of the earth there is no thing as it only constanza we started this program damon was pointing out that you have newspaper clippings and those are those are physical you can save them but in this day and age people just wipe the internet clean ok i want to change topics here alex i want to go to you important stories like getting a lot of coverage is that the us wants to move our anti-missile defenses in the system into europe presumably because of the withdrawal of the united states from the iran deal but iran is somehow a threat to europe this is this is very provocative behavior on the part of the u.s. considering europe is staying with the deal with the iranians go ahead alex. and i think the point you make about and ballistic defenses and all the rest is that the united states has been driving now at least twenty years.
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and is going to continue doing so for every opportunity to do so trying every country that there are directed against russia that is to me in refutable irrefutably true you know it's interesting because i don't see this security necessity mark but these systems are very expensive aren't they i mean someone's going to be cashing in on this they're extremely expensive but i'm sure the trumpet ministration will try to get the german government to foot the bill his constant complaint is you're going to say to the german government don't know you can't import cars or cars in the united states you're insane events but you have to take our assuring that they're not spending enough on their nato spending to counter the russian threat that is actually far closer to them so the u.s. wants they're already putting these missile defense or there was and paul and romania alaska at sea in south korea now they want to put them in germany there is also talk about a. new u.s.
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military base on the. east germany towards the border with paul and put the polish government is now begging draft they want to pay trump two billion dollars for u.s. military forces that put a base in their country while people around the world are protesting for the thousand of them to us for our military guys this time even though no bridge hole and the intention of us to occupy that it is bizarre their behavior it's because everyone in poland has an auntie in chicago here i mean let me go to the mayor is rapidly running out of time here when one of the interesting things is that. at the end of the second world war nato was put into place to keep the americans in the germans down and the russians to exactly it seems that the trump administration is doing everything possible to rearrange the countries maybe to keep germany down but it's pushing the united states we had we had mccrone. visiting st petersburg with
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quite a few overtures towards a lot of near putin even calling themself an equal to the russian president so the problem is that a lot of russian resolutions ideas in try and use documents so it will take a long time for europe to get rid of this pressure from the united states by the whole europe will soon or way to liberate itself not by the european union so by by some other form you know probably individually ten seconds mark yeah. have a further stretch columbia in asking for the job is that we got about the right this is another expansion while trump is preaching against nato and saying that europe isn't spending spending enough on nato the feds call it wants u.s. military bases that in germany now colombia this is just foreign policy but all these gentlemen we've run out of time many thanks to my guests in moscow and in london this is the end of our broadcast segment stay with us for the expanded
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version on our you tube channel see you next time and remember cross talk rules. go . four men are sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. all four different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because they did not shoot around a corner. of. the . radially reinforced rammed earth bricks is what they really are.
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this more than seventy houses about one hundred forty people with families living there and. it's really a way of forming same as. the sun's coming in and hitting the house and being stored in massive walls. sagebrush is the natural environment here but as we're containing the sewage and and using to plant stuff to process the sewage we create our own little belief system here.
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is a. church secret indeed just like priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it literally i like to call this the do graphics solution so what the big. needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot where the previous standard was not known highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that a little doesn't want us to. include that it used to. present . itself.
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how. they are. not free. standing steadfast to germany's chancellor distresses her commitment to the iran nuclear deal as the israeli prime minister arrives in europe to lobby against. the european parliament looks into the misuse of private data by scandal had cambridge and a lot of more revelations that showed that it's now defunct and company was involved in a secret counterinsurgency operation in yemen. as french authorities scramble to tackle the threat of radicalization in prisons party travels to your largest jail which guards say is overcrowded and security and adequate also ahead. you see.
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a lot of reporters heads down for an interview with austrian t.v. giving rise to a why. ranging discussion times was remarkably frank. this is our team. to have you with us the israeli prime minister is in berlin on the first leg of his european trip where he is looking to push for the two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal to be dropped following monday's talks benyamin netanyahu and german chancellor angela merkel took some time to speak with journalists r t peter over brings us. well benjamin netanyahu certainly being trying on this first leg of his three day european tour where he's been meeting or will be meeting with
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e.u. leaders to try and convince them to follow the united states is lead and move away from the iran nuclear deal that was a very bad deal because it gave you are the capacity also to develop advanced sort of features forty times more effective in the intervening years so that could have an unlimited enrichment capacity in a few years that's not a good deal we see that iran is devouring one country after the other and the deal also released a lot of cash for you ron well if what was said by the leaders on the podium is anything to go by we can pretty much gather that prime minister netanyahu would stop angola merkel fell on deaf ears the german chancellor using her time addressing the media to say that germany and herself remain committed to trying to save the iran deal. we have differing opinions on the usefulness and activists of the joint comprehensive plan of action that for and with this agreement will have
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more transparency that's the position we will hold in germany well this is a pretty tough sell for benjamin netanyahu obviously doesn't seem like he had any influence on angle or merkel's ideas and expect pretty much the same as he heads to london to paris that's because european leaders are upset at the move by the united states to pull out of the iran deal they cite the years of diplomatic effort that went into getting that deal in the first place the economic value of the deal to many european companies the fact that a lot of the senior officials in europe feel let down by the united states pulling out of this so we can really expect spend to netanyahu to hear similar things as he heads off to london to paris the government regrets the decision of the us administration to withdraw from the deal what do we want to be. that would have been blinded to what americans tell them. so much in keeping this agreement and we want to have economic relations with iran we've been acting already i think in the
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end you know never to make sure that the nuclear agreement is preserved. trump has lost the battle no one followed his decision and now we have to make good on the feeling our obligation to. the work some concessions from angela merkel towards benjamin netanyahu she said that germany would provide diplomatic assistance with dealing with what many vignetting yahoo called iranian meddling in certain parts of the world so benjamin netanyahu goes off to try his luck with to resume a and a manual next but he can well imagine a similar type of reception will be awaiting him and both london and in paris as well. cambridge analytic of the company at the center of a private data scandal is embroiled in yet more controversy investigative journalist michael blumenthal has published documents which he says were leaked from camp general because parent company they allegedly reveal that it had been
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collecting data for private military contractors in yemen here's artie's on the quarter. remember the cambridge analytical scandal millions of people's personal information being mined for financial gain and influence cambridge and a little it's actually a data analytics company dedicated to one thing figuring out how to manipulate you at all costs this shadowy consulting firm right surreptitiously gained access to personal data mined from nearly eighty seven million facebook users weaponized personal data you have to look at cambridge analytics in terms of the loss of trust cambridge analytic scandal this was a huge breach of trust well according to newly leaked documents from cambridge analytical parent company s.c.l. it wasn't just for meddling in political campaigns in two thousand and nine s.c.l. carried out a surveillance operation in yemen called project titanium it involved a network of western trained operatives tasked with infiltrating local populations
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and identifying potential terror threats the initial thing focuses on identifying the groups that support or are conducive to violent jihadist recruitment project titanium was essentially a psychological profile operation against the hottest it's architects wanted to find ways to divert people away from islamised ideology field research is used to identify a clear influence pass to do something target groups those who took part were deceived and led to believe that they were part of more innocent surveys but it was for a noble cause especially at the height of military operations against al qaida the s.c.l. group was acting on behalf of our camera a us based military company they get billions of dollars from the defense department for intel operations around the globe looks like they were doing government dirty work and not just for washington and i know that many other governments work with them as well it's not just the united states government i
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believe the brits work with them in other countries and that's just the tip of the iceberg. when you look under the surface of these campaigns the private sector is creating a gray area risk free and where international law does not apply one of the more disturbing passages in it it was sort of language that was written in a sort of passive tense very euphemistically in the project titanic documents that i gathered from an internal company source is reference to eliminating. the young male target population if they can't be deterred from jihadist activity
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the language wasn't exactly eliminating but you know resorting to other means and that tends to refer in my mind to drone assassination what my investigation demonstrates is that there is this gigantic web of firms whose names we don't know who are operating in the darkness and they're being contracted by governments to not only spy in conflict zones and carry out counterinsurgency operations but to export those methods back into our electoral systems in the west the u.k. government alleged involvement in the titanium project is based on it's a field operatives who were required to register with the british foreign office for travel advice on operations we asked of the foreign office for a response on that however in their reply the only attached a link explaining what the travel advice service does. well ahead of his first foreign trip since his reelection down for an interview with an austrian t.v. channel in the russian capital the discussion touched on
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a number of topics and led to some remarkably frank exchanges between putin and. breaks down the highly. at the beginning the answer you start is in a rather typical manner when it comes to foreign entities with the russian president now lattimer putting was asked about russia's alleged role in modeling another country's elections about the priest sieved troll factory at the center of that effort the internet research agency which is believed to be owned by mr precaution was a restaurant owner incent petersburg who vladimir putin tacitly because you have just said that mr precaution is referred to as putin shen indeed he runs a restaurant business it is his job if he is a restaurant owner instant petersburg but now let me ask you do you really think that a person who is in the restaurant business even if this person has some hacking opportunities and irons a private firm in this field could use it to sway elections in the united states or
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european countries could it be that the media and political standards in western countries have reached such a low level with the russian restaurant can sway voters in the european country or the united states isn't it ridiculous once again letterman putting stress that russia is not interested in interfering in other country's elections and rather quickly after that the conversation changed its course when armand wolf practically started firing questions at the russian president without stopping much to listen to the answers and that of course caught the president by surprise because there were. too many to motorscooter you're pretty. much going to repeat that it's going to be. in this because this winter there is a bit of the president a little seems to. put the whole.
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side of the top story tonight. somewhere.


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