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so says one out of ten disney workers reported being homeless in the past two years sixty percent of disney employees said they were food insecure meaning they couldn't afford a nutrient dense diet and although a one thousand dollars bonus was promised to employees after president trump's tax deal was signed into law the video says more than thirty seven thousand will not receive the bonus that is unless they sign a contract agreeing to more low wages according to workers the average salary is ten dollars seventy one cents an hour disney responded to my request for a statement saying distain is now negotiating an increase of wages to fifteen dollars an hour by two thousand and twenty two years ahead of california's minimum wage and the statement goes on to say that sanders really criticizes disney to stay in the headlines that are launching an educational program to help for their employees to breeze in anaheim the toughest week party. not not not the happiest place on earth by a long shot if you're working a seventy five percent of the employee id they're trying to i like how they brag
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like oh we're going to bring it up to fifteen an hour by two thousand and twenty sorry i'm sorry you could do that a today well and b it's actually twenty dollars twenty to twenty four dollars an hour that actually gives people a truly with a living wage meanwhile hey let's give the president a company of thirty six you know my dad sort of before there's got i actually grew them i think that we should not talk we could talk about basic minimum wage but let's talk about like an upper stopgap you know like like because up to get past what thirty six million a year and what do you need what more could you buy at that point you know where all what's really kind of strange is how much money is sort of. go in around that big suit that is dismaying and full disclosure i've worked for disney companies before when i worked at miramax a couple others these are disney on property so i know a little bit about how they work and there's a lot of free stuff when you get up out of that bottom blue collar area when you
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start going into salaried employment when you start getting the secretaries and not you suddenly get discounts on mattresses and cars and all this stuff and it's so great and free breakfast on friday as i was a. it was like free breakfast only simply given to you and you don't realize you actually go to the park and you realize that people are making like ten dollars an hour and this gusting especially in areas both in orlando and in the california disneyland those are not these are from the most expensive places in the entire country to live. and you've got you've got employees that were homeless the one point you know in the last two years i'm sorry if you're advertising yourself as disney we all love disney but if you're advertising yourself as the happiest place on earth cheaper employees happy i mean to me it's like this is the great like example microcosm example of the united states as a whole like we got everything we've got freedom we've got all this thing that was no go areas people throwing jail but we've got you know it's kind of like don't
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look below the surface is there some serious mess called out over here and there's that don't pull back the curtain you know just what's behind the castle wall right and then don't look too closely because some of it's not really there were time of the parks and parks and resorts just those a lot of people think about the movies and everything else which is a whole nother area but parks alone made seventeen billion dollars in two thousand and sixteen. and disney according to status is the second most reputable company in the world in the world of nobody gets around the mouse but i will tell you there's a lot of things a little a little shaky and a little shady that make it not quite sort of the cheapest place yet the happiest cheapest place in. i am alive and at what point are we going to start breaking up these big media companies are just buying up everything does need alibis phlox absolutely ridiculous to me doesn't know i don't care if you buy a pig you have to take care of your work perfect love it as you go break or watches don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook
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and twitter see our poll shows at r.t. dot com coming up we delve into the murky waters of who should or should not be fired for running past that old goal line of often sit and then we will also take a look at just how confident the old generation is changing the world with political commentator salvatore. the stay tuned to watch my home. to the summit can donald trump and kim jong un start a meaningful peace process as well as what's italy's democratic process needs for the e.u. and much much more on this edition of crossfire. join
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me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then. can say anything he wants to say and he can fire you know it won't be another election until twenty twenty and he's gliding into twenty eight so you probably won't even lose as many representatives of support in the in this election that this year.
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back in october of two thousand and seven the report was just a blog written and edited by joy-ann reid four years later in two thousand and eleven m s n b c hired reed as a contributor by january of two thousand and fourteen m.s.n. b.c. had brought reid on to host the daily to our talk show host numerous posts containing homophobic rhetoric were uncovered then more then where you claimed she was shocked then she said maybe not then she changed her mind again now buzz feed is reporting another unseemly post from october of two thousand and seven that contained a photo shopped image of senator john mccain's head on the virginia tech shooter's body and mess n.b.c. has continued to support reid despite the discoveries and even released a statement saying quote some of the things written by joy on her old blog are obviously hateful and hurtful they are not reflective of the colleague and friend we have known at m.s.n. b.c. for the past seven years joy has apologized publicly and privately and said she has grown and evolved in the many years sense and we know this to be true but many are wondering why m.s.n. b.c.
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keep supporting joy reid while people like roseanne are not only given but then are swiftly removed from their platforms for similar transgressions of polite society so while the establishment left stays silent on reed what do the next generation of voters think of this and their bill. do you do when actually changed through our activism sending us now from dallas texas former youth vote strategist for the trump campaign salvatore the monster out there welcome. good to be back thanks for having me you know it's always always a fascinating conversation with your brother so i want to start amazon b.c. claims is the joy has evolved or changed your view writing the post which you know may be true a.b.c. claims that they are shocked but they knew what they were getting into with roseanne you know she's posted many things like the comments she wrote about in terms of valerie jarrett before so let me ask you why do you think there was a different series of two big political figures big celebrity type figures why is there
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a difference in how these two issues were handled. politics you know roseanne is now a trump supporter and of course it's not she works for m s n b c and its politics and if if m s n b c had to punish joy reid in any way they would have to admit that the problem exists on both side of the political aisle and they don't want to do that you know i look at the controversy and just one throw this in here to see what you want to have of the guy look at it and say you know what maybe they both should have been fired because we do live in that first amendment society maybe people who are outraged should have taken their outrage to their ratings you know and said i'm going to watch roseanne i'm going to watch joy-ann reid these are people i don't like but can we fire them private industry i guess but at the end of the bay maybe they should have been fired you know just what do we make a direct and let the market fire imagine what the market decided the market has sort of decided with joy-ann reid because our ratings have taken a huge tumble i mean there's only been going down a little bit since the election where she had that huge boost but it's definitely
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taken a hit one she's made a lot of attacks against birdie and anybody who's on that side she's made comments now i find it strange that i must not be seeing says oh it was so many years ago that she was literally hired by them and twenty eleven it's only four years later and she was doing. a show based on her blog called the read report so i find it weird that i'm not somebody she doesn't like that may do agree with you on the politics and part of that is that there is such a wide berth soule between neo conservative democrats and actual progressive liberal democrats you know people like joy-ann reid and hillary clinton as spouse of a very i don't want to call a conservative because it's not like conservative when you are it's very warmongering and all of that and intervention was to and even the most genuine liberals and progressives completely disagree with that it's not the kind of democrat or the left that we want when you see someone like john reed is this media war between the right in the left as manufactured as it seems and are millennial is
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recognizing that because as you're saying it's so obvious why joy-ann reid is still on the air and why other commentators not necessarily roseanne but even other news commentators have lost their jobs for speaking out on certain things what do you think. you know i mean look at keith olbermann and then you have this new controversy with samantha bee a t.v.'s i mean those were just as a porn and bad and you don't see the consequences i mean joy read yes it was something done in the past and i think people do evolve she should have been suspended for a period of time some action should have been taken but it wasn't it does come down the politics are exactly paying attention to those politics and not seen into a show based on that to see where samantha b.'s ratings go in the next month or so after her controversy and i think that's we'll really be able to see how young people are reacting to it but i think in general i think young people are just sick and tired of the hate on both sides i think they just feel the media is nonstop patriot no matter if you're listening to someone on the right or left and they took
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it out often which is why you don't see much involvement with young people in politics you know you really don't let me ask you one thing about the samantha bee thing because this is what bothers me i don't have a problem with the c. word i really don't it's so down on far my little. upset of a. out however you're concerned about your eye but the thing that bothered me was that nobody talked about the fact that in her in that exact in that same sentence that she said that she also said that should put on something tight and low cut and go tell her father to change a government policy that is deeply missed why is everyone is it just because it's easy to say what was a bad word and then everybody can go see they're all upset about a bad word no it was to me it was like i don't care about that word i care about the fact that maybe that was the line but since i'm crying i mean how did how did trump supporters feel and why weren't they more upset about that why are they so upset about it about a word i think they are and it's been said before i mean bill maher has said that
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multiple times on his show in a much more graphic way the samantha bee thing is interesting because it's not like someone spouted off on twitter or joy's blogs from years ago samantha bee had to write that out her writers had to approve it and refine it had to go through her producers had to go through the legal team at c.b.s. and then back down to the show for approval rehearsed on a teleprompter and then broadcast to her audience so in my opinion that shows clear network you know bigotry towards the trump family shows haters and shows the bias i guess that at least a conservative see most of the time that goes not only with just the hosts of the show but do the producers of the legal team to the top executives because i think we got a lot of bias in this country on all sides directed at all different types of people in this one of the things i hope that we can kind of rise above in the coming years the one thing is interesting the associated press release the poll from the u.s. political poll surveyed from the associated press the center for public affairs and
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research and in it they found that forty six percent of people polled ages fifteen to thirty four believe that they can have at the very least a moderate effect on government now that's up eleven percent from just two months before that's a big job your youth strategists so what is giving young people out of the political leanings what's giving young people all this hope and work thirty five and over kids with all that cynicism that we've built up over the years you know where can we find some of that. well you know i've been tracking numbers like that since before my first book in two thousand and eleven and i've always kept up with them and you see this you know up and down with young people when it comes to politics when there's an issue they're passionate about and i think right now you saw it back right after donald trump was elected with there was this movement that enthusiasm wanes and now it's going back up with the push for the stonewall douglas shooting down in florida. where young people are getting excited now about getting
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out and making a difference when it comes to the second amendment in this country and so you see these ups and downs and i think i've noticed is that they always happen a little bit too soon because by the time that these hasn't reached its peak and comes back down and we have an election and young people don't show up and it's something that i've tried to change we would like to get more young people out to vote we saw an increase in two thousand and sixteen for republicans but it doesn't seem at least in midterms from what i've been looking at numbers wise that the last very long and i think it's just the issues that get them excited they they can't you know go up against the economy right now they're going after illegal immigration the second amendment cost of education a little bit with health care with young voters and that has them excited right now but it's you know does that enthusiasm last till we get to the midterms. if you can match those candidates who speak to the youth but also you know what you saw those issues that you will get the youth riled up what you don't see that or the two
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parties ignore them and push them to the side you know. yet you have no candidates on either side right now that are energizing young people yes they feel like they can make a difference because of you know a lot of protesting and i guess they think that makes a difference but you have no one on the republican side reaching out to them and we as we know republicans don't do a good job in the first place reaching out to young voters and we have no one on the democrat really reaching out you had hillary clinton who book tour about why she lost that's not inspiring you have coney's. books which they were interested in because it's too controversial. you know i don't know going out there making a fool of himself so you know you have no one energizing young voters and we'll see what happens on the grassroots level which is where it's going to have to start but right now you know there's no one reaching out to them really giving them an issue . and here really they just want to be heard and i don't think anyone's doing that it's really a good point it's a very good point well i think it's you know and part of that is that the media
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narrative is always that there is there are only two sides there's the extreme left and the extreme right and that's how everything is and that's the only ones the scots and that's a good thing newsworthy stuff because it makes our dollars it has nothing to do with them thinking it's actually you know is worthy it's because they make money off that what do you think needs a change you got like thirty seconds like what needs to change to get those fifteen to thirty five year olds out there and ready and engage so that when they're eighteen they're voting on their thirty five they're still voting. give them what they're interested in i mean we have huge problems in this country when it comes to young people making a start in life with the cost of education the cost of health care we're doing great on the economy and jobs but those are issues that matter and so if you just listen to them that's what i kept saying during the campaign and did a good job of listening to young voters and what they were concerned about if you just get out there and listen to them and show them you care a little bit that goes a long way in politics and anything else in life really as long as you listen to
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someone and show you care you're going to get them on your side most doubly so. thank you so much for coming on always a pleasure to hear your viewpoint always from texas always a pleasure to. thank you for having me guys. all right how god has risen we both tyrrel myself traveled to the great continent and country of australia why you ask well here's a quick peek at just what we have in store for you this week. the events of april twenty eighth one thousand nine hundred sixty historic town of port arthur tasmania for ever changed the course of history here in australia thirty five souls lost their lives to a gunman's madness massacre was the catalyst for the australian government to enact massive sweeping changes to the laws regarding ownership buy and selling of firearms maybe it's time for the united states to start looking for help. yes coming up this week is going to be our our gun control special that we want to
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travel all the way down to australia for you don't want to miss it we talked to some pretty incredible people down there some names you know some you might not know but it's really pretty yeah i think it really is a good thing and i think you'll learn a lot about the differences and how things are done there how things are good or bad but really what you find is we're not all that different even through these huge differences but we'll keep an eye on pay attention to those layers because we peel back the layers in the gun debate that you remember her before all right that is our show for you today and remember everyone in those world we are not told we are loved and love so i tell you all i love i am a robot into and on top of the wallets keep on watching those hawks another great day and like everybody. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball
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isn't only about what happens on the pitch or the final school it's about the passion from the fans. the age of the superman each of killian erroneous and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. it's an experience like nothing else on a because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy a great so one more chance for x. . and thinks this minute. oh. please please.
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let. them know that they. are. standing steadfast to germany's chancellor stresses her commitment to the iran nuclear deal as the israeli prime minister arrives in europe to lobby against it. in european parliament looks into the misuse of private data by scandal hit cambridge on a little while more revelations that show that it's the now defunct parent company that was involved in a secret counterinsurgency operation in yemen. as french authorities scrambled to tackle the threat of radicalization in their prisons are to travel to europe's largest jail which guards say is overcrowded and security inadequate.
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but important sits down for an interview with the austrian t.v. giving rise to a wide ranging discussion that at times was remarkably frank. you can check out our two dot com for more on the latest headlines coming up those sophie and co pakistan's former prime minister about the crucial international issues country stay with us. welcome to go on sophie shevardnadze pakistan is key to the fragile balance of power in south asia and the middle east and with upcoming elections will the country's internal stable and be able to help the region deal with its issues on my guest today. former prime minister sharon disease and he's here in st petersburg
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taking part in the conference. on u.s. alliance just faltering with threats of american sanctions cutting off u.s. aid and mutual diplomatic measures down to pakistan's complicated policy towards militant extremist groups with washington look at the distance of just don't fall into the arms obviously. changing ties of the never ending war against the taliban and what will be a realignment of pakistan mean for greater stability for the whole of southeast asia. it's a great pleasure to have you as our guest one more time good to meet you in person . so let's talk about many things going on in your country elections coming up. soon the country will have the new prime minister i mean you been finance minister you've been prime minister has anyone so your council. maybe asked you for advice. well you know it's
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a government functions the privilege of talking to anybody asking people what they think but the core decision making is made by the chief executive and the cabinet and that continues when i was in office that's what we did do but if you bump into somebody or you know somebody you can get another view. however in pakistan one thing is very significant the press is totally free and they go to all segments of society to get views and those use next morning and front of you so it is not a closed shop at all so you could be president you could be prime minister you you get feedback all the time when i was in government i used to get through the press very open to criticism critiques and suggestions and what have you. i think what is more important is knowing what you want to do knowing what you believe and knowing what your principles are and your major priorities and then that i spent
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a lot of time publicly sharing them over the media events. physical move meetings with groups of people every day the schedule had ten to fifteen meetings every day so people asked when do you do the thinking that's a good question it's a constant process absolutely but did you ever think of coming back to the pakistani politics actually i mean you do great stuff monitoring kind of the con of me i'm not a politician i'm a technocrat and that's why. to some extent. my working style was very different eighteen hours a day seven days a week and. then but since i was elected i had a constituency for the election almost got killed in the process as you know and so on and so forth so it was a unique set up which was tailor made for that time so i want to
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take some of your views and. maybe suggestions so what's going to happen after the election i spoke to him down hon not long ago he struck me as someone very charismatic but also very smart and someone who knows what he's talking about what do you think of his chances of becoming prime minister would he be the right person for your country i think to me the right person would be whoever wins the vote at the ballot box if you believe in democracy and if you believe in the. responsibility and ability of the people to express their view the leader they will select has to be the chief executive of the country he has elected a good team of people as you know one person cannot run all the affairs of the state and there are other parties too we have three main parties and then there are a lot of other important bodies who have religious leanings who have other geographic connections in certain part of the country and i think all leaders will
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. have to present their point of view to the public the public is much more politically conscious today than it ever was then again i give credit to the media if you look at the penetration of media in the country it has gone up exponentially which is very very positive so in terms of principal parties the current party which is there as a big footprint and i'm sure they'll be active in incumbency can be a plus and minus that time will tell. then you have. the. people's party they have a following two and then you have b.t.i. which is mr party the you are more attracted to a party like that. the have. to run a province which is a very good thing i think this whole concept of political parties running
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a province for then going at the national level is a healthy concept because you get to understand the organs of the state and what makes things happen and what makes things not happen so i think they have but experience now than they ever did people's party has run the federal government and the provincial government have sinned and be emelin has run been job just problems and of course at the national level they have been active so all these components of. the state have their own dynamics and their own sort of approach to handle that or to say that body it will come will be will come for me sitting and living abroad and not breathing the every day would be unfair but i can i'm really confident that the electoral process will be quite transparent and again media is very important but you can't stop them somewhat aspartame except for the
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internal pakistani problem as well so touched upon whatever is going on right now between pakistan america the fact that america is accusing pakistan of sponsoring terrorist groups and maybe thinking of putting pakistan on a temporary. terrorist sponsor list also cutting aid to pakistan oh that so he said to me you know maybe american sanctions will hurt the country but following the american line will hurt pakistan in the long run even more what do you think i think that you know his the history of pakistan u.s. relations can. go back since party was formed as you may know we were the most we have the privilege of being the most allied of the united states sent to see to. many other alliances promoted by the west states in particular we've been members oh we also have the privilege of being the
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most sanctioned. of that to any group of countries so while it sounds contradictory it is contradictory and this shows that pakistan will do what is in its national interest it will not just go with the wind one way or the other and if it means disagreeing with a friend or some other stakeholders if that is what national interest desires that will be done you cannot always be. agreeing on every issue in the book so i feel very confident that our press is free it's plays a pretty active role parliament is active the debates etc that forms and influences public opinion so all that all those factors being. the executive which is the government in question can then decide what suits national interests as regards us box time to lay sions i think buckstone as a country. has shown to the us that when they really needed help after the
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situation. reached a stage which was. needed to be managed by external sacrificed a lot we will give them bases we give them all fly still want you to find that the war in afghanistan is costing pakistan a lot of time off the remnants of that whole election is pakistan alone our people are dying the. infrastructure is affected are there money yeah absolutely so i think this is. dialogue is needed and now us as a new government so i haven't had experience with the trumpets. ministration but with president bush and his team. i thought they were very balanced and it is reasonable and i'm sure the net debt of government would also be the same if we have to make our case so if you don't mind i'd like to.


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