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i was like mayor. how likely is it because the two co-defendants who did a lot of last time they said that clinton was sitting here pulled his gun from his waistband and shot him twice in the head how how likely is that man that is it possible not just pull an inch you know they show me how to do it had this number here if you shot from right here yeah there is no way why would you hit me if i do this probably won't even hate you because you probably miss you because you're not a man on this distance you can still miss it yes if you just pull in there like this here you can miss this person trying to shoot the hid the body you can hit the
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head it's harder to hit because it's moving right but it's if he was yes if he got shot in the head twice and kind of closed the bullet holes were kind of closed there's no way he could have just pulled it out and in charge like that because that's what they said they pull it out of his waistband kept it there and shot him from that point. in on this side of the head was he an expert shooter no he was eighteen you know ok there's no way he could have shot like that and hit the person twice i'm here because you have to be an expert you have to do a lot of training and eighteen years old. there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way. because bullets do not shoot around a corner. the viewer usually it is clear that you know you only want to go on with it goes with you know you go with you when the doors are left.
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over we are here with her daughter a good girl. when after he murdered. the dog to do it was. my favorite picture this is. this is probably one. that was and how these are here. probably first grade here first grade and there's the one in the say that's not fair. use like. thirty one that's made any point. but it was the all dressed up for just spoke to go get a picture. case he still has the same smile need to have some steaks. how is it for you to visit him.
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can't wait to get there and a totally surreal emotional. thing in the us every time you know. every day you know he's limited. a box. he's babying. what set it in the prison for he'll pick you up to come home.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten thousand dollars more in tampa each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you want to be old for rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit first shot and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park. but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember one one distance shows you can't afford to miss the one and only. to the summit can donald trump and kim jong un start a meaningful peace process as well as what's italy's democratic process means for
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the e.u. and much much more on this edition of cross. i just remember being so typical i. go to brother little sister i mean we. you know i remember playing together are a member. cascaded riden by saying i'm going in the woods and build a fort. i also remember he know me locking him out of the house then as. my hand. baseball.
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he was he was a good bet he is a good. job like i was half way through the woods. to get him out. jr quick got him out put him out into the you know you know you go. you know i was going and in jr quick they did love it ok i'm just a little river and they rode him on his back so that way to drown or if you don't dive in the bushes to drown first i did have a smart raid to shoot the m.r.a. had one too good luck or a sound of them did. their
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own voluntarily van zyl of what happened down here for everybody or there were guards that separate the sort of fact this is the road where the body would find. over the filth but. a lot. of holes will put it back over time the third time he ran around through the fluid he got by the polar. bear i mean if it's called thirty or so years body of the body i am all ears. i sat right. over my eyes. she said if you think that any. of our what they talked about the back of a car or anything like that or when i was away from them or i don't know but i was
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driving around threatening they all had loaded gun shots and. there was armed. margrave was on. or. two joints are losing a very good. point to the grab it was chrome alone knows. where you go you're sure that. that. revolver it was a one to short leg is. in the thirty eight were it would do the short right shoulder to loosen margaret. there with.
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the thirty eight position. was a position that needed here it. is marvellous for where you are off the job market office house. ajami are right there on the top of the heel did our there really after a rocky all or where they were go and work their way into our talk about. the talk about anyone finishing. it was do have to do c.s. them to know what. you were. going to use. the.
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sum of thank you already what they hope was there was a problem really actually right i mean i've been up for days i was home and then for me i wasn't in the clear state of mind. at that point i just wanted to get away from everything and that's why lefties texas that's what i don't get why you don't just get away from the stats because date with one of those they would want i asked myself why are you man same question now while i am this time around or whatever right. i know that any normal person would have said i would call the police you know but i don't have a normal life and i mean i mean i'm not i really blame it on my life song wise but the conditions are certain things the way you respond to critical situations. i just want to go to sleep as that's all i want to do that's why did i want to sleep .
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i just got a gas. station. i could have a guest in a parking lot this wasn't a is car right and i was over and i got out when a cyber stars and i got this fright the sunflower seeds and the buy one get one free pack of more belmont cigarettes are come out and that's when page was already in the truck. and its truck with a tree yes and so when i seen a situation i recognized it was something that was what was the situation he was there while he was in and i thought he was all. he said there is also my right and benching was there ever a suicide in the passenger seat. and so i look over at my man i was up and he said when he said when he had no vehicle and so i was like man come on i hopped in
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a car took off right. by the time up to this second murder and went to sleep and. our jumped out of the truck and i say no i want persons down there are very brave why i asked them why he sued them and he said he knew my name in your pages. and once a month petri. dish. that took a toll on me because i'm like and this doesn't tell me that i have
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a family i mean this is the type of man that i was raised to respect it's now i said there a shot i get are even more cold if it who was that they would page. it was i guess who was not supposed to that ok he's not somebody that they need thing or harmed anybody in any kind of way. and so i'm like and then reality said man. everything is all come back on me too so self-preservation with their self-preservation kicks in i mean people say why do you call the police what it was an option i mean i mean that was what i considered option. what to do because get away from me and to get out the truck and did he tell you i'm going to turn myself in yes that yeah he did but i wouldn't i mean i wasn't thinking like that nobody actually said it would all be right now and then so i was like ok i don't care what you do just get away from me.
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and i was wondering what are the odds that that they've it will tell what happened i don't. they. i don't know i mean i guess as between him and whatever god he's to in a war ship right now you know. in the marines are after him how are you i mean he says he can get to see and to see. so he dropped you off for a. while but how much sense does that make if he if he helped you at gunpoint or he didn't hit your gun point right he just felt
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afraid because he was carrying a gun around the senate and i really like anything you try to try to get away with get away from like that if i had a gun and i'm holding you. or even if i'm not holding your drug and you know i've done killed two people you're going to try to talk your way and get away from me. whether or not work we're cool or not you're going to try and get away from so one form or fashion and it took me that long to figure out ok cool that's the way i'm going to be able to do this and be able to manipulate him letting me go by telling him to get it get away from here you know marty him in my opinion yes. one person who works with the police chase they say why do you run a different i if you're i could see but i did not know i was wanted for murder alone for world there's
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a gun in the truck i'm going to make the deal i'm outside of the city limits of where i'm supposed to be i'm going back to do. the charge of police about you know or use one out while sorceress are fuselage police theory. i mean because i know how it is isis eeriest charge and i've been involved in cost i know how they do things so i'm not talking we all do without an attorney. but why didn't he when he don't hate us because. you know i said. i was caught up in history cultural mosse it we don't talk to the police you don't form one of the people right but if you know it it can be and i mean i'm not saying it's right or wrong you know sam i mean if it was like a child or some might at some i heard a child in this different you know i mean this is i'm thirty one years old now so i see the nonsense and these quote unquote rules all these drug dealers and stuff and gamers stuff. and i'll say this right but it's what i'm here to at the time and at
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the time it was to me a motto of police nothing and so i didn't know that they would put it on me and i will get these people in trouble to get myself out of trouble it was my whole business and writes i'm not going to say now had i known that they were going to give the state was i guess we already did what is it a little bit you know but at the same time i'm doing as a mom i'm still a mom. so you know me. but i think he's one of the first told the police it and i read a statement. no amount of work came from what happened at way but i mean as a sister or. anybody. who's the.
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son can say anything he wants to say and you can't fire him you know it won't be another election until twenty twenty and he's gliding into a twenty eight team probably won't even lose many representatives of support in the in this election this year. their. legal radially reinforced rammed earth bricks was what they really are. legal. as more than seventy houses about a hundred and forty people with families living here.
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it's really a way of forming seem at least the sun's coming in and hitting the house and being stored in massive walls. sagebrush is the natural environment here but as we're containing the sewage and and using the plant starts to process the sewage we create our own little way system here. please look. at. least
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something he was looking at here at the top of the to do list everything was right. standing steadfast with germany's chancellor stresses her commitment to the iran nuclear deal as the israeli prime minister arrives in europe to lobby against. the european parliament looks in. to the misuse of private data by scandal had. more revelations show that it's now defunct parent company was involved in a secret counterinsurgency operation in yemen. as french authorities scramble to tackle the threat of radicalization in prisons the guards at europe's largest jails say it is overcrowded and security inadequate plus. he's about. to reproduce it's down for an interview with austrian t.v.
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giving rise to a wide ranging discussion but it was remarkably frank. to have a full news bulletin for you now this time but next on our team international cross-talk explores the possibilities for the upcoming us north korea. oh and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered. to the summit can donald trump and kim jong un start a meaningful peace process as well as what's italy's democratic process means for the e.u. and much much more on this edition of. the
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summit i'm joined by my guest mark he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have dmitry babich he's a political analyst we spoke nick international and in london we crossed alexander me curious he is a writer on legal affairs as well as editor in chief of the duran dot com all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate let me go to london first let me go to alex to a quick update on what's going on on the korean peninsula. this time last week a trumpet said no now he says yes what i think is in play is really the enter korean dynamic here this is where the real peace process where there is one going to be one it originated there and it's going to continue there and we'd have to see where the us stands but even if the u.s. does change its mind once more it doesn't mean a peace process is over go ahead alex in london i think that is absolutely right and i think you are correct to point out that this is actually started as an
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insecurity in dialogue the koreans first started to talk to each other and properly back in january when kim jong basically made a speech in new year address he said let's go to the olympic games and we've seen this thing to go up now and also you're absolutely right to say that each is the united states which has been cool all there are some people in the united states who are you think are not happy with this process but ultimately what can the u.s. do if south korea agrees to does north korea agrees to desire to get rid of its nuclear weapons and south korea says the u.s. troops was go does the u.s. say no to those two things where on think people would like it to might not be you know what i think it's really interesting we got a demon here i mean you know in looking at the mainstream media it is the
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nuclearization of the korean peninsula not north korea only also the north korean leadership has made it clear very wisely from a diplomatic point of view is that they're not demanding a complete immediate withdrawal of american troops that would be part of some part of some kind of process here i mean they are displaying a step by step process donald trump through his last reenters about it seems to be picking up on that he said there. won't be a deal made in one meeting smart ok because there won't be one on top of it we have an international charm offensive going on you usually don't say north korean charm but now we are meeting with president putin so this is having a ripple effect i mean it's very easy to all charm the united states michael pants. developments in north korea they could go along the libyan mortal you know we all remember what happened and what's going on there now so it's not
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a very appealing perspective but you know the way trump crandall's it on the thirteenth of june you know they are there presumes i met south korea has a local elections and they have meet them elections through their parliament so it's very important for president one jean who did a lot for peace on the peninsula to come to this election with some kind of a result he's already i mean there's already results it's is all about a process mark there's still a lot of landmines in the in the in going to end and i and i want to say it's not there's nothing wrong with being cautiously optimistic but we do see the past ok lack of goodwill on all sides including the united states last time this year there's nothing wrong with being cautiously optimistic but i'm not at all cautiously optimistic cautiously or not i mean the landmines are so huge i mean just the fact that the two koreas are speaking to each other is already
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a progress that i think we should recognize and we should have we should lower our expectations for this right but i mean we have figures in the administration we have bolton we have pompei. and others right we have the u.s. deep state we have japan which does not want to see the two koreas unified as it has historical animosities with cuba we have the south korean deep state because they have. a conservative military and intelligence apparatus which is not very happy with their own president right and some of the gestures he's making towards we have can remember that just a few weeks ago when the u.s. pushed defense drills with north korea that would it was going to involve strategic assets including. b. fifty two an f. twenty two bombers an f. twenty two fighters both nuclear capable that already almost sank these talks so it
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would take only a very small military provocation and it's not like we have this is going to ask before to truth not only sink us but to send us in the other direction let me go back to london here but one of the things that is ok i'll take mark's you know he's not cautiously optimistic and i think that balance is a lot on this program here but you know breaking the russians on board the chinese on board certainly elements of the south korean political leadership by i agree with mark is going to be the deep state that's going to be very hesitant but this is creating a momentum and anyone that's involved in negotiations and particularly donald trump of the art of the deal no one wants to. have the perception out there that they didn't follow through and i think this is part of the dynamic that is being played out right now go ahead alex well jogging about an answer. is of some that. deep state people like bolts are deliberately trying to sabotage the
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summit that was why they were bringing up this business about libya. and yet in spite of all of that one to drum up say the summit is cooled off the summit is back on and the reason it is magical is because the koreans the two careers responded to you know each other and that is the momentum but mark is absolute. all sorts of. japan might want to go along with this then surely but he's not going to be happy to have an eighty million population career economic giants. on its doorstep and one who's been to korea south korea which i have there is no love lost between koreans and japanese no no no what i think i'm going to change gears here but at the end of the day it's all about country's sovereignty of south korea maybe want to claw some of it back and
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japan will have to think about its dependence on the united states if the deal is made right let's change gears here or i was watching the italian elections with a great fascination. essentially the powers that be were putting a brake on democracy the two parties the one more than fifty percent of the vote and then they backtracked here and now we have the e.u. first lecturing the many figures in the e.u. lecturing the italians about how they should vote but the democratic process is inching ever so slowly forward in italy is what kind of message is that sending brussels and the rest of the membership of the e.u. well i think the message is don't cross them mainstream new gear who calls anyone who disagrees with the european commission populists far right dangerous marginalized politicians the five star you know a lot of lead they have one together you know if we. are
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a percentage of the what they want they want more than fifty percent of the vote of the people who actually came to the ports they had the full right to suggest their prime minister when their president said that might i would try to separate that that was a scandal but obviously there are some changes taking place in the u. because i think two years ago three years ago the european commission would simply you know push their idea through you know because they're not on leave and the price that can be to. and want to see and they called for and then to enter russia sanctions in their so-called government contract but now when the head of the european commission. or you will carry in french when he is saying i'm caught in this i do think we have to reconnect with russia not forget and what our differences are but the russian bashing has to be brought to an end and of course when such things you hear from the head of the european commission something has to change inside the green union to look at i think may.


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