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to ensure the objective it he of what happened there i do not think so i think it was an attempt to create conditions that would make it impossible to investigate thoroughly that is what it was. just said that there is proof militants used chemical substances who punished them have they received any punishment did the coalition and attack them immediately i did not see anything like that because. israel borders praise for more protests choose day palestinians are marking the fifty first anniversary of the six day war known to them as next a day or the day of setback some five thousand protesters have reportedly gathered along the border there and new in the south and in the tell you about it comes amid heightened tension in the region and u.s. ambassador to israel saying some less than diplomatic advice for journalists covering the violence check this. the weekend. am the bar.
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maybe not the most diplomatic of language and what a hey look at our middle east correspondent paula slee is there hi paula what provoked that comment. well as you say what we're hearing from the american ambassador to israel is criticism against journalists for what he says is failing to philly cover the past roughly two months of protests we've witnessed by palestinian demonstrators along the israel gaza border david friedman said and i'm quoting the reporters should keep your mouths shut and less they know better than israel how it should respond and what to do in such demonstrations now friedman did concede that some of the criticism against israel's use of live fire and the like was a joke but he did say that nine out of ten articles that covered the recent gaza protests have been critical of israel and he called on journalists to meet with experts to
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better understand what israel could have done differently the american ambassador saying that israel could not have done anything differently that this was an unprecedented situation where you had some forty thousand protesters rushing at the israel border under the cover of burning tires using mollett of cocktails and the like now he of course echoes the israeli position israel has repeatedly defended its use of live fire it's blamed her musts for the several dozen people that were killed by the israeli army saying that they use those people as pawns david friedman is not the only american official who's come out and supported israel's suggestion in israel's as to how it dealt with these demonstrations hamas terrorists backed by iran have incited attacks against israeli security forces and infrastructure and we understand that israel has a right to defend itself urged the members of the security council to exercise at least as much scrutiny of the actions of the hamas terrorist group as it does to
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israel's legitimate right of self defense. despite the fact that the american ambassador said that israel did behave accordingly we've heard unprecedented criticism by the international community particularly by international human rights organizations accusing the israeli army of using unprecedented force against unarmed protesters you have human rights watch saying that this was a bloodbath the united nations calling on israel behavior outrageous amnesty international saying to quote this was a horrifying use of live ammunition against armed protesters the latest figures that we have received from the gaza health ministry are one hundred and nineteen people who were killed in some nine weeks of protests and as you say there is an expectation that those figures unfortunately could climb next we will keep a close eye on what happens over the coming hours especially as it turns into
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evening with thanks for now paula slee appreciate it all right let's lighten the mood a bit let's talk football you know a lot more of that on this channel over the next two months i can tell you so let's enjoy it's just nine days now and counting until football's biggest event kicks off in russia the world's biggest country why not so what better time to catch up with former brazil defender in two time world cup winner care food he gave us some insight into how his notion might perform at this summer's huge tournament. well expectations are really high not only concerning the world cup in russia but also concerning the world cup in general especially regarding the brazilian team pressure is high you are fighting for a world cup with the brazilian team there are more than two hundred twenty million brazilians that still hundreds and twenty million football coaches two hundred and twenty million football fans so there is additional pressure on players to have a great world cup when we come to the world cup we come to when no one plays at the world cup just to see if it's late we come to ween of course sometimes it doesn't
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happen the way you wanted to but you can be sure that the and the lack of commitment and brazil is going to have a great world cup so this time well we don't know but it's a line up of the champions of the last five total months for you starting with brazil there then all the italian flair we witnessed in two thousand and six spain four years on and the current trophy holder germany but of course question is for how much longer it's all going to play out in front of us over the coming month or so. fired up and ready to go with our special coverage of fifa world cup twenty eighty it's going to be russia's first time hosting this huge event.
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not. that sort of c.e.o. clearly all the. global warming are selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chickenhawk forcing you to fight the battles but still empty new socks for the tell
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you that will be gossip and probably buy files of the most important news day. off advertising telling me you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we and all of our audience will want. can say anything he wants to say and he can't fire him you know it won't be another election until twenty twenty and he's gliding into twenty eighteen probably won't even lose many representatives of support in the in this election this year. too.
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it's coming up to eighty minutes past one o'clock in the afternoon in moscow thanks be without international story potentially coming in from germany we've got live pictures to show you you're seeing it like i am for the first time police there in the german capital berlin evacuating people we're hearing from a primary school over a suspected dangerous situation nothing was being said about what quite would be at the moment could be something could be nothing when you see it quite a big police turn out there we've got these live pictures this is coming from the scene from our ripley video agency police have put that here into lockdown after unconfirmed reports that two armed men vented that building as of now residents been asked to avoid the air or stay put keep doors and windows closed as you can see big police turn out there looking reasonably relaxed don't know what's happening in that school that's all we've got at the moment but we're very across it these are live pictures from berlin could turn into something stay with us for
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more we'll keep you fully posted. well talking of germany germany's refugee agencies being investigated for corruption it's accused of offering asylum for bribes chancellor merkel has no also been dragged into the scandal too with claims that she was aware of the problems but did nothing to reform the organization or your correspondent peter all of a picks up this story that. as the cash for asylum investigation into the german federal office for migration and refugees all gathers speed public focus has turned to the german chancellor angela merkel and what she knew about the agency's problems its former head frank here good advice gave an interview to a leading german sunday tabloid which he said he held a face to face meetings with the chancellor and made it explicitly clear that his agency couldn't cope with the pressures being put on it by refugee policy. there
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was no structure or organized development in the form of specific tasks set of priorities or occult collation of personality acquirements since no instructions were available everyone could work as they saw feet in response to those claims a spokesperson for angle merkel had this to say. of course there was an ongoing intense process of changing the work of the german federal office of migrations and refugees when the refugee crisis broke out i'm just trying to make clear that mr vice is repeated reported on these changes in the prove months to the how the federal states the blunder struck the cabinet he spoke at press conferences and again and again to the public and major league the chancellor was informed about the plan of the reforms and the measures taken in this agency. the investigation began after it was alleged that an employee at the un fought for us in bremen wrongfully granted asylum to twelve hundred people on the list though security services say were to islamic extremists one of whom they describe as an actual
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terror threat while forty four others belonged to islamist groups prosecutors allege that the female employee took both money and gifts to grant asylum wrongfully between twenty thirteen and twenty sixteen as the investigation continues she did nice those charges against her politicians both from the opposition and from within and glimmer of course on coalition partners saying they want answers. it is not about accusations it is not about the vindication of a conspiracy theory but rather about a sober investigation. we have to investigate the accusations of negligence and corruption and you have to do it quickly and everyone who was involved should give testimony the former refugee card to nato and the interior ministry there is a way to be done in this investigation last month the country's largest opposition party alternative for germany launched
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a loss. suit against anglo merkel's refugee policy they say that the chancellor's decision to welcome around one of the half a million refugees to the country should have gone through a vote in the bill in the start and the fact that it didn't is unconstitutional and so we put the legal course in front of the court to question whether there are there is a legal. explanation or a legal reason to open our borders hopefully we'll have a special committee to go into that scandal well the point we're making is probably the scandal is not something about the so one. office environment and has to do with political responsibility and we have to look at who is responsible for everything what has happened there before now the big question remains if the chancellor knew that the migration and refugee agency was struggling why was nothing done to relieve the pressure betrayal of r.t. early. u.s.
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federal prosecutors working on the trial russia probe of accused president trump's former campaign manager of pressuring witnesses to give false evidence of a trial for man of fort who failed to register as a foreign agent when he lobbied for ukraine in twenty twelve but as isha sesay explains next when it comes to meddling the u.s. is a past master the alleged meddling in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election still dominates headlines stateside russian meddling into the twenty sixteen election russian interference russia is again trying to disrupt our elections russia did meddle in the two thousand and sixteen election but you don't need a history lesson to understand that foreign meddling is a global game one that the u.s. plays very well. through our history when we tried to manipulate or influence elections or even overturn to governments it was done with the best interests of the people of that country in mind given the traditional reverence for human rights
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according to studies between nine hundred forty six and their two thousand great powers intervened one hundred seventeen times in foreign affairs with the us making up a large chunk of those statistics. part design in the cold interventions and i do it situations when great powers that intervene in elections in other countries in an attempt to determine the election result the united states intervened in elections of this in a do one elections in this manner in forty seven countries for this purpose between one thousand nine hundred eighty six and two thousand here's a few examples the say i publicly admitted it was behind the notorious nine hundred fifty three case of iran's democratically elected prime minister he insisted on oil should be nationalized which perhaps wasn't in the best interest of iranians or washington so it seems so he was overthrown and the shell small installed for the next twenty six years to safeguard the west all ambitions in the country until it
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all ended and the west an islamic revolution. the one who's in the me is america there is not based on prejudice or pessimistic points of view but rather it stems from experience from a cripple and real understanding of the actual realities of the world from a wrong to chile two decades on and the cia is supporting a bloody military coup in south america the pinochet government prisoned torches and killed some forty thousand and also political enemies including us citizens and the f.b.i. surveillance like caesar peering into the colonies from distant rome nixon said the choice of government by the chileans wasn't acceptable to the president of the united states the attitude in the why. how seem to be if in the wake of vietnam i can no longer stand in the marines then i will send in the cia with this in mind is alleging russian meddling in the us election a little hypocritical the reelection campaign
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a former russian president boris yeltsin was secretly managed by three american political consultants they spilled the beans to a us magazine about their collaboration with the clinton white house to bump up his approval ratings although the americans spoke no russian and worked through translators they began secretly laying out an american style campaign to counter the public sentiment running against yeltsin the plot was thrilling so much so showtime made a movie about it based on a true story told the russians how to play the meat you did not just government whether they wanted to win. the election were held today apparently stalin. it seems as though outside intervention in domestic politics is as old as politics it self and when it comes to u.s. meddling it's all change your country for the best whether you want it or not and the reporting there for a go just very quick recap primary school in the north of birth of the moment
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police says a dangerous situation may be to government involve the people across that one r.t. dot com colleen say with all the latest in half an hour you know programs after the break. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race based on often scary dramatic development only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical of time time to sit down and talk. at the plate for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the
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passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill the narrowness and spend each image of the twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else on to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy a great so what chance with. the base it's going to. radially reinforced rammed earth bricks is what they really are. this more than seventy houses about a hundred and forty people with families living there. it's really
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a way of forming same as. their sons coming in and heating the house and being stored in massive walls. sagebrush is the natural environment here but as we're containing the sewage and and using the plant stuff to process the sewage we create our own little way sis out here. reading the salutation. insert tap slide swipe return and click those are the new sounds of current seahawk watchers gone are the days of the ching
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was in the jingles and jangles of paper and coins this is the a of the bank card the credit card and the mobile plat pass plastic plastic plastic plastic plastic everywhere and if you're not swiping tapping or inserting plastic to spend those magical numbers on your bank statement you're double clicking your mouse banging away on your keypad or swiping your touchscreen but what happens when those small important pieces of plastic no longer work. the swipes in the taps no longer feed the roll of receipt paper at the register the touch screen reads decline what happens then after hard currency is gone the way of the video store in the dinosaur this past week in the good folks of europe got to experience firsthand what happens when that imagined scenario becomes reality yes bisa cardholders across the united kingdom found their cards no longer working thanks to what the credit card giant is calling a hardware failure from personal card holders the businesses you k.
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vs the customers and europe use the customers for over twelve hours half a day got declined for making purchases and payments forcing many shops and bars to go cash only or risk closing down thankfully basis reporting this hardware failure was not the result of anything criminal and that they have no reason to believe this was associated with any unauthorized access or malicious of that but the cold harsh realization that comes from truly realizing the tight rope we are on will definitely linger in the minds of those affected as we continue to move further down that paperless wireless line we have to ask just what will happen if the grid goes down and our wealth and purchasing power vanishes in a microsecond. these are the questions that arise when you are watching the hawks.
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that i got. well the logic of our science i robot and. cashless society when the wonderful isn't that interesting yeah right like i mean this is one of those stories that when i saw a break i was like oh this is like a harbinger of what could come because i like we all kind of have that weird feeling in the back of your skull like what happens if the plug gets polled you know what happens if i can't go and use my magic magical carter tap of my magical
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numbers on this computer screen that i see that says i have money what if that doesn't exist anymore what that just goes down that's creepy right yeah and you're looking at it so it happened around two thirty in the afternoon and started at eight thirty in the afternoon which i think it's horrifying to think that at that time of day right after lunch and then right before people are going home suddenly none of your i don't ride a on a friday and you get to the park then you're like oh have a pint and they're like no you all right now. among other things i mean whatever you want to count what if you got to i mean how many people were literally stuck right and then this is like you and who carried out anymore yeah i mean and it's interesting because it's like less than twenty seventeen was the first time ever that actually you know credit cards are bank cards over took cash for retail payments in the united kingdom and that's according to figures from the british retail consortium but that's a first time ever twenty seventeen according to be dissipated where do you hear this number according to be is
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a payment processing through its systems accounts for get this one in every three pound of all retail spending in the u.k. one out of every three in us it would be like one out of every three u.s. dollars for those years of use that that's a monstrous number that's all put on credit cards it's all run through visa. and i mean these are just like putting credit these are now everybody has a debit card you have all of these things. everything we do is done through these cards because you can't do anything without it you can't do things and cast any more it's rare that you can find a place where you can rent a hotel room with cash you can write you can't rent a car with cash right now i mean this place is what won't even take i've been at an airport and gone to pay cash for something. and they just literally like i don't even know what to do it knowing they have called three manager says to figure it out and that's the thing that kind of scares me because this isn't just about whether you have plastic or whether you have a piece of gold or
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a piece of tin or something but stamped in size that it's giving banks a lot a lot of power and that's really scary it's kind of like cashless society is you euphemism for you know bank payments you know here we are everything's every transaction passes through a bank card companies phone providers payment processing fee is more a processing fee when we have to pay money in order to use our own money and then brett scott who writes wrote in the guardian had said that in granting financial corporations complete control of our money system every hour every economic interaction ends up log in their database this for analysis and this is the part that really scares me because i don't think our credit is being checked the way it was before i think what they're doing is another source of data that they are selling off to probably politicians and research servers and everything else they're selling all this data off because they know everything about us how we
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spend where we spend and essentially how we move money from ourselves just to them to somebody else and i don't like to give people the be so or that whatever their card you know they have or you know you give it to the obstructive everywhere you drove you know based. on those pretty much all of your spending habits appear with these are just so you know how many people are with this in twenty one point one point nine billion cards in circulation. like credit debit right billion cards in circulation twenty sixteen two point eight billion cards in circulation and experts are predicting by twenty twenty one three point eight billion cards just beast we're not including american express master card all but three point eight billion cards and what happens if what you saw in would becomes the trend that plugs polled and suddenly boom well one thing to think about is that while this wasn't malicious activity or a hack that's the thing that scares me is you could have something taken out in
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a heartbeat or is it backed up is it taken care of because. it's kind of iffy you know it's kind of night maybe it be nice to for federal reserve actually for the u.s. dollar buy gold again that would be cool but we can only hope for so. who is the leader of the club that's made for the one percent and i c k e y m o u s e yeah and the house that the mouse built disney just got burned as for months senator bernie sanders zeroed in on the corporate behemoths grand canyon style wealth gap between the skyrocketing salaries of its corporate suits and the rock bottom wages for the blue collar workers in the happiest place on earth and los angeles are two correspondent matt has a story. it's only deja vu looking a lot like twenty sixteen all over again senator bernie sanders is blasting disney for making billions in profits while failing to pay employees what he called a living wage sanders told the crowd he wanted to hear the moral defense of
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a company making nine billion in profits four hundred million for their c.e.o.'s as a thirty year old worker is going hungry a senator saying a similar tune in twenty sixteen anybody can make a living wage from this thing. sanders took to twitter on friday saying i have a feeling a.b.c. will not be asking on its nightly news program tonight how disney can make nine billion in profits well through. quarters of disneyland employees can't afford basic living expenses in another tweet sanders posted a video criticizing coach chairman and c.e.o. bob iger for making a reported thirty six million dollars in twenty seventeen the video also claims that i got received one hundred million in stock awards for disney's deal with fox this as through the video centers claims a whopping seventy three percent of disney employees aren't making enough for basic needs it also says one out of ten disney workers reported being homeless in the past two years sixty percent of disney employees said they were food insecure
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meaning they couldn't afford a nutrient dense diet and although a one thousand dollars bonus was promised to employees after president trump's tax deal was signed into law the video says more than thirty seven thousand will not receive the bonus that is unless they sign a contract agreeing to more low wages according to workers the average salary is ten dollars seventy one cents an hour disney responded to my request for a statement saying distain is now negotiating an increase of wages to fifteen dollars an hour by two thousand and twenty two years ahead of california's minimum wage and the statement goes on to say that sanders really criticizes disney to stay in the headlines that are launching an educational program to help for their employees to breeze in anaheim to toss a sweet party. not the happiest place on earth by a long shot if you're working a seventy five percent of the employee id they're trying to like oh they brag oh we're going to bring it up to fifteen an hour by twenty twenty sorry i'm sorry you
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could do that a today well and b it's actually twenty dollars twenty to twenty four dollars an hour that actually gives people a truly with a living wage meanwhile hey let's give the president a company of thirty six you know what dad sort of before there's a guy i actually agree that i think that we should not talk we could talk about basic little minds but let's talk about like an up or stop that you know like like is up to get past what thirty six million a year. just what do you need what more could you buy at this point you know. what's really kind of strange is how much money is sort of. go in around that big suit that is disney and full disclosure i've worked for disney companies before when i worked in a couple others these are disney on property so i know a little bit about how they work and there's a lot of free stuff when you get above that bottom blue collar area when you start going into salaried employees when you start getting the secretaries and not.


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