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tv   Cross Talk  RT  June 5, 2018 8:30pm-9:01pm EDT

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there is strong evidence that american partners used indiscriminate and disproportionate force and that the impact was catastrophic with details not from us to see a target that this amnesty international report dubbed war of and they have nation devastating tolls on civilians in iraq to syria is a very highly critical analysis of the airstrikes that were carried out by the u.s. led coalition that involved britain and france on the city of raka from june to october twenty seventeen in their fight against isis and this amnesty international report talks of decimated families and neighborhoods says that not enough was done to protect civilians and that some of the attacks resulted in violation of international humanitarian law and indeed talks of potential war crimes as a result of the these strikes the report finds that one hundreds of people died and thousands were injured despite the coalition saying they did everything they could to minimize casualties. we did everything we could in our intelligence assessment
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in our planning to minimize to the maximum degree possible any chance of civilian casualties the coalition's claims that that's an air complains and allowed it to bump islamic state while causing very few civilian casualties do not stand up to scrutiny on the ground in iraq we witnessed a level of destruction comparable to anything we've seen in decades of covering the impact of wars you know when you're fighting an enemy. uses noncombat as collateral damage you know it's very difficult when the when you fight it we like to completely avoid. any casualties of war like that but i can tell you we have a process that we go through. to minimize you know civilian casualties at all costs well amnesty international interviewed one hundred twelve civilians in as many as
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forty two locations of airstrikes for this report and some of their focus was specifically on four families who had lost very big numbers of family members in these airstrikes they look at one family that lost as many as eight members and one airstrike another lost sixteen another family lost eighteen and a fourth family that lost as many as thirty nine people in those airstrikes and of course while we know the coalition says that in this case as others they did all they can to minimize casualties and in these kinds of scenarios according to them this is inevitable according to amnesty international that is just not good enough and they have called for investigations and justice for the victims of those strikes r.t. was in syria while the u.s. led campaign to liberate reco was ongoing these are some of the reports filed by our correspondent on the extent of the devastation and how reckons residents were affected by the battle. the u.n. estimates that's an average of twenty seven people are being killed in iraq every
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day nothing is left in iraq except for destruction because of the coalition and deisel but the strength of the coalition will worsen some villages worldwide towns some neighborhoods were demolished in the unlikelihood more than eighty people civilians were killed in two u.s. strikes near the syrian city of bragg many have been killed among them my cousin died in iraq in an astronaut the massacres in iraq are committed by isis and the coalition warplanes together what can i say the streets are full of good bodies. armed police in the u.s. state of maryland have broken into the house of whistleblower chelsea manning after she posted messages on twitter and to get suicide.
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marty singer account joins us live now live from washington d.c. samir i don't think you would find many people arguing against helping someone who appears suicidal but should have been armed police brandishing their weapons going into the whole not seems to be the main issue here. so it's very fishy that this happened to chelsea manning and it was her home that was raided she's a former whistle blower who was sentenced to thirty five years in prison after leaking government documents to wiki leaks now she's also an activist who routinely takes part in protests the last one was in may where she was protesting against the prosecution of those arrested during trump's inauguration and she's running for senate but even though she's had a history of suicide attempts it's pretty controversial that the police broke into her house for some questionable tweets under the promise of a wellness check and this was all captured on camera and the video showed officers breaking in and searching her apartment with their weapons drawn now manning wasn't
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at home when this happened and her friend was actually relieved when she found out she wasn't at home saying that the raid could have resulted in manning's death if she was at home now mental experts are opposed to these so-called wellness checks arguing that they shouldn't be done by police in the first place now the american civil liberties union has also raised concerns about this practice saying that potentially suicidal people need professional help not police raids the montgomery county police department however feel differently at first they questioned the office authenticity of the footage and then they defended their actions saying that they only conducted the raid after receiving calls from quote concerned parties when they were asked for the need for weapons the police captain said that the decision to draw weapons depends on the officer and the circumstances but as for manning her friend says she saved but she's also asked to give manning some more space but to provide some statistics these raids sometimes don't end very well and twenty eight hundred loan officer shot dead sixty four people and it's definitely
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suspicious that it's happened to chelsea manning who's been on the government's radar for quite some time now. from washington d.c. . germany's refugee agency is being investigated for corruption it's accused of offering asylum for bribes chancellor merkel has now also been dragged into the scandal with claims she was aware of the problems but they did nothing to reform the organization our europe correspondent peter oliver reports from berlin. as the cash for asylum investigation into the german federal office for migration and refugees all come from gap is speed public focus has turned to the german chancellor angela merkel and what she knew about the agency's problems its former head frank here good advice gave an interview to a leading german sunday tabloid and which he said he held a face to face meetings with the chancellor and made it explicitly clear that his
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agency couldn't cope with the pressures being put on it by refugee policy. there was no structure or organized development in the form of specific tasks set of priorities or occult collation of personality acquirements since no instructions were available everyone could work as they saw feet in response to those claims a spokesperson for angle merkel had this to say. of course there was an ongoing intense process of changing the work of the german federal office of migrations and refugees when the refugee crisis broke out i'm just trying to make clear that mr vice is repeated reported on these changes in the prove months to the how the federal states the bond the stock the cabinets he has spoken at press conferences and again and again to the public and major league the chancellor was informed about the plan of the reforms and the measures taken in this agency. the investigation began after it was alleged that an employee at the un fought for us in bremen wrongfully granted asylum to twelve hundred people on the list though
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security services say were to islamic extremists one of whom they describe as an actual terror threat while forty four others belonged to islamist groups prosecutors allege that the female employee took both money and gifts to grant asylum wrongfully between twenty thirteen and twenty sixteen as the investigation continues she did nice those charges against her politicians both from the opposition and from within and glimmer of course on coalition partners saying they want answers. it is not about accusations it is not about vindication of a conspiracy theory but rather about a sober investigation. we have to investigate the accusations of negligence and corruption and you have to do it quickly and everyone who was involved should give testimony the former refugee card to nato and the interior ministry there is
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a way to be done in this investigation last month the country's largest opposition party alternative for germany launched a last. suit against anglo merkel's refugee policy they say that the chancellor's decision to welcome around one of the half a million refugees to the country should have gone through a vote in the book on the stock and the fact that it didn't is unconstitutional and so we put the legal course in front of the court to question whether there there is a legal. explanation or a legal reason to open our borders hopefully we'll have a special committee to go into that scandal well the point we're making is probably the scandal is not something about the so one one office environment and has to do with political responsibility and we have to look who is responsible for everything what has happened there before now the big question remains if the chancellor knew that the migration and refugee agency was struggling why was
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nothing done to relieve the pressure peter all of a r.t. . the international nuclear watchdog has confirmed that iran is preparing to restart the production of a chemical compound that can be used to produce nuclear weapons to run earlier sent an official letter informing the organization that it is stepping up its enrichment capacity. right now the electrical infrastructure and utilities in the towns are ready for hundreds of thousands of separate it work you know we started the work yesterday we sent a letter about the start of some activities to the i.a.e.a. . well the developments come with the iran nuclear deal on the verge of raveling the twenty fifteen accord was the result of long drawn out negotiations that lifted international sanctions against iran and in turn tehran gave up its nuclear aspirations and significantly limited its in richmond program but now that the u.s.
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has scrapped the agreement sanctions are being imposed again and washington is warning there's more to come. we will apply unprecedented financial pressure on the iranian regime the leaders in tehran will have no doubt about our seriousness these will indeed end up being the strongest link in history when we are completely with the european union has reacted to iran's latest move saying that although it doesn't constitute a breach of the deal the revival of enrichment activities by tehran exacerbates the already fragile situation meanwhile both iran and washington are putting pressure on europe each issuing threats and ultimatums is the u.s. going to impose sanctions on european companies that continue to do business with iran i think it would give the answer you know the answer is it's possible it depends on the conduct of other governments. european countries seem to expect the iranian people to both suffer from the sanctions and give up their nuclear energy
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activities abiding by the j. c.p.o. a limits i'm telling those countries that this is a dream that's never going to come true this will never happen. aside mohammad marandi a politics professor at the university of tehran believes iran has shown remarkable restraint and that the ball is now in europe's court. i think without a doubt the iranians have shown a great deal of patience so far when the americans pulled out many expected the iranians to pull out immediately as well because after all this was a multi battle agreement and the united states is the key and. and when the united states pulls out the. agreement really becomes almost meaningless however you showed patience and they told the europeans that if they're willing to grow backbone and stand up to the americans protect their citizens
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protect their business people and their corporations and companies and banking and financial institutions with real commitments if they are sol if they bring forth solid commitments to show the iranians that they're willing to do this then iran can stay within the agreement but otherwise if the europeans are just going to give verbal support and back down and allow their companies to be sanctioned and punished by the americans then there is absolutely no reason why the iranians should stay in agreement. u.s. federal prosecutors working on the trump russia probe public use the american leaders former campaign manager of pressuring witnesses to give false evidence ahead of a trial paul monna ford is said to have failed to register as a foreign agent when he lobbied for ukraine in twenty twelve but as a nation he no examines when it comes to interfering the u.s. has prior they managed meddling in the two thousand and sixteen u.s.
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presidential election still dominates headlines stateside russian meddling into the twenty sixteen election russian interference in russia is again trying to disrupt our elections where russia did meddle in the two thousand and sixteen election but he didn't need a history lesson to understand that foreign meddling is a global game one that the u.s. plays very well. through our history when we tried to manipulate or influence elections or even overturn the government it was done with the best interests of the people of that country in mind given the traditional reverence for human rights according to studies between nine hundred forty six and their two thousand great powers intervened one hundred seventeen times in foreign affairs with the us making up a large chunk of those statistics. part design of the cold interventions and other what situations when great powers that intervene in elections in other countries in an attempt to determine those old united states intervened in elections of.
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elections in this manner in forty seven countries for this purpose between one thousand nine hundred eighty six and two thousand here's a few examples the say i publicly admitted it was behind the notorious nine hundred fifty three k. of iran's democratically elected prime minister he insisted on oil should be nationalized which perhaps wasn't in the best interest of iranians or washington's it seems so he was overthrown and the shell small installed for the next twenty six years to safeguard the west all ambitions in the country until it all ended and the west an islamic revolution. the one who's in the me is america there is not based on prejudice or pessimistic points of view but rather it stems from experience from a cripple and real understanding of the actual realities of the world from a wrong to chile two decades on and the cia is supporting a bloody military coup in south america the pinochet government present torches and
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killed some forty thousand and also political enemies including us citizens and the f.b.i. surveillance like caesar peering into the colonies from distant rome nixon the choice of government by the chileans wasn't acceptable to the president of the united states the attitude in the why. how seemed to be if in the wake of vietnam i can no longer stand in the marines then i will say in the cia with this in mind is alleging russian meddling in the us election a little hypocritical the reelection campaign a former russian president boris yeltsin was secretly managed by three american political consultants they spilled the beans to a us magazine about their collaboration with the clinton white house to bump up his approval ratings although the americans spoke no russian and worked through translators they began secretly laying out an american style campaign to counter the public sentiment running against yeltsin the plot was thrilling so much so
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showtime made a movie about it based on a true story told the russians please tell me you did not your government whether they wanted. to look out today apparently stalin but. it seems as though outside intervention in domestic politics is as old as politics itself and when it comes to us meddling it will change your country for the best whether you want it why not. sports fans rejoice in. counting no until football is showpiece tournament kicks off right here in moscow thirty two nations will die to get their hands on the world cup trophy and earlier we got a close up look at the biggest prize in football. i am really proud to tell you that there is more than just a special reason for me to be wearing this golden tide because here in this studio
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right now we're going to show you a very special shiny gold and guest can we please have a lot for. the actual proof the world cup winners get their hands on after the final the winning team will lift this exact trophy above their heads and this is the one that they keep only for a short while. for the ultimate possession they get a called the so-called winners trophy which it looks like exactly this one but only made of bronze and it's a gold plated bronze so even lionel messi seen as the best footballer today can't touch it indeed this is the one in on li made of eighteen karat solid gold. official fee for world cup trophy and only heads of state and people world cup winners can touch this magnificent fold the price how far has the trophy traveled
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on its tour trophy traveled from kaliningrad to vladivostok literally a massive geography we estimated that around forty million people lives in the nearest proximity to the cities where the traffic visited any special moments in russia including russia for instance a young made american marriage proposal to his to his girl and that was really really touching and almost you know i almost had tears in my eyes and a lot of new words coming to see this trophy after their wedding there was. a longtime fan of food bowl he was around sixty years of age and the guy was crying and i haven't seen you know a sixty year old guy crying this side of the trophy. yeah that was the excitement builds over which country is going to lift out world cup in the final in moscow next month r.t. has been picking the brains of perhaps the most famous coach at their job see. the
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tournaments will play out and we invite you to challenge the special one and make room predictions a little bit of emotional to be good to contradictions because you know where you live play the story and with the also on my plate is the on the hold it so this is what it does and if you feel up to testing your knowledge against the might of marine you it's easy as pie head on to facebook or twitter and follow the how much memory to make sure you don't miss any of the games there will be two rounds of predictions from the group stages to the knockouts with the first starting on wednesday. adding to things that are now the fifty six mission to the international space station is set to blast off on whedon's they from the baikonur launch site in kazakhstan all boarded our international crew of three who are expected to take two days to reach the orbiting laboratory. is up a volunteer force. we rode into the baikonur cosmodrome as the sun was rising in
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order to catch the first glimpses of the craft as it left the assembly platform to slowly surely and ever so cautiously make its way to the launch pad. the so you system is actually made up of two parts the rocket and the spacecraft itself first one of the gate was the rocket which contains the most eye catching aspect the first boosters which measure around twenty meters long it will burn for only one hundred eighteen seconds before falling away at which point the stack and then the third stage rockets take over the top half is the actual spacecraft and it can also be broken down into three sections at the very top of the orbital module where the crew will sit for takeoff. currently the site you system is the only one in the world used to get crewmembers back and forth to the international space
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station behind me you can see the rocket taking its final position on the platform before takeoff. the system is finally in place here at launch pad one also known as the garden start named in honor of your car and the first man ever launched in the space back in one nine hundred sixty one and that was just a few years after the first artificial satellite was also launched right from here and on wednesday i'm going to get a chance to witness my very own lift off. student debt on solar cells betty ahead in the latest report this is our two international. it's.
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hey this is max a bit of your this is a report only got on good stuff for you today. max but i want to bring up the issue of squirrels because the squirrels in this world are the bane of my existence we have many schools around here in north
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carolina and you know i notice because they're always dodging in front of my car and then i have to screech to a stop and they were running in front of the road and they have a little acorn in their mouth and they're like they think i'm going to stay alive and i spend all day long so so busy so engaged in burying all these acorns all over the place because they're stupid and they have a bad memory so they don't learn from history that the fact is that they lose their cones all the time though they are so afraid of somebody stealing it and this is how stupid i think we as a human race are this is a very interesting analogy that you're making there with the squirrels you know they've got their own economy coming down hard on the squirrels they nuts and other squirrels fine and it's a big economy it all works out in the squirrels have been around for a long long time they were here before humans were here their ancestors and they'll
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be here after all gone because they've got a unique way of surviving this world well even think about it they bury these nuts and then other schools find it now look at this whole resistance movement in america and the media space we have they basically ran on a platform of outrage and looking for anything to get the other side fired and now it's back firing on a lot of media personalities here in the united states from the left wing the from the resistance i might point out joy reid. our samantha bee everybody's looking we as a media and cultural people are spending our time searching i go some thoughts on us well we're searching for those little nuts that have been planted the seeds the acorns and nuts and somebody planted in an old blog post from like twenty years ago and we're trying to say fire that person fire that person yeah you got the squirrels versus the maximum credit tours in the white house that have
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lunch roasting up squirrel meat of all these media personalities here's the deal you've got basically profanity arbitrage you've got a profanity arbitrage in the making you see trump can say anything he wants to say and he can't fire on you know it won't be another election until twenty twenty and he's gliding into twenty eighteen probably won't even lose many representatives and support in the in this election this year so he says something outrageous he says something profane that's not profound in any way and then celebrities like a sarah silverman or samantha baby or is roseanne barr and the discovery some guys too and this makes can't think of any at the moment but they say these outrageous things they tweet these outrageous things and the course corporate america will immediately fire them and they around the street because there's profanity arbitrage so it's reminds me of we were living in the south of france if you recall
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and we live next door to a very famous chateau and this is where the rolling stones recorded one of their earliest records as mainstream exile on main street and a lot of the locals try to keep up with keith richards with his heroin years and they all died but keith richards lived because keith richards is immortal but everyone else died so it's like these guys are the equivalent of the squirrels that run in front of the car and don't have somebody as nice as i to stop and let them. yes most people just run them over but i stop you know actually when you talk about trans tweets and he gets away with it if you look throughout history and mad emperors a mad kings if you look at the series the tutors it's a good demonstration of this henry the eighth was deranged ok he killed all his friends he executed half the royal family to kratz all over everybody and everybody around him had to go.
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through benevolent king and of course this is the same thing with the grotesqueness of charles and his tweets when you see europeans when you see asians when you see everybody responding as if they were close allies of america even though trump has tweeted like they're bimbo's over there and we're never going to we're going to slap on some tariffs and we're not going to deal with those people in there like they have to be polite and pretend that everything is easy in america has become like british or european aristocracy and they have forsaken their role of telling truth to power years ago decades ago they've become an instrument of corporate power and very little media so i agree with trump when he calls people from n.b.c. c.b.s. a.b.c. fake news because they are. using twitter to go directly to the public has worked
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brilliantly and i take on bridge at insulting king henry the eighth like this because of course he did invent the church of england which in america became a biskup alien ism which is my my language and also let the religious right the there are other stories that of you know in this hyper active media world where you have twitter all day long and you need you know excitement and people forget the news cycle within a few moments just like schoolgirls screaming at where they buried their eight corn we have stories like that story i don't know what really happened. some deranged pretend assassination a fake assassination that happened in ukraine because the ukrainian media or the lobbyist in the think tanks couldn't wait the ukrainians correlate with media amnesia station fake assassination of ukraine and all the major fake news networks in america n.b.c. c.b.s. and a.b.c. with this fact and it got egg on their face and it was quickly forgotten what exactly because the likes of rachel maddow couldn't wait for the real story to happen since i just grew up so they could be. oh i lost it i
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don't know i got it by car yeah is a fake story it's a fake assassination but just like the story about tax returns and she was so excited like it's tax returns i have tax returns and they should be paid thirty three million dollars in taxes that year and she's like oh i guess that's not so good i crawled around. al capone's tomb that was the beginning of this fake news cycle he was ahead of the curve or old oh yes that was like twenty years ago people might not remember that but i'm going to talk to a story about well in twenty years time again people might not remember this guy mike i'm a rube by michael route here is profiled i think it's the new york times is one of these big papers has one million dollars of student loans how did that happen escalating tuition and easy credit have yielded a class of student loan borrowers with spectacular debt they may never pay back due to escalating to ition and easy credit the u.s. has one hundred and one too.


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