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tv   Keiser Report  RT  June 6, 2018 12:00am-12:26am EDT

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and shot him twice in the head how how likely is that is it possible not just pull him in shoot ok show me how to do it has this number here if you shot from right here yeah there's no way why would you hit me if i do this probably won't even hate you because you probably miss you because you're not a human on this distance you can still miss it yes if you just did like this here you can mr person trying to shoot the hid the body you can hit the head is harder to hit because it's moving right but if if he was yes if he got shot in the head twice and kind of closed the bullet holes were kind of closed there's no way he could have just pulled it out like that because that's what they said they pull it out of his waistband kept it there and shot him from that point. on this side of the head was he an expert shooter no he was eighteen you know ok there's no way he could a shot like that in hit the person twice i'm here because you have to be an expert
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you had to do a lot of training and eighteen years ago. there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way. because bullets do not shoot around a corner. the very usually to clear your own will you only want to go on with it goes with the road you go through the windows or survive. we. are short of a good girl. when after he murdered. the dog to do it was. my favorite picture of him this is. this is probably one. that was and how these in here. probably first grade here first grade and there's the one in the say
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that's not fair. use like three for one obvious reason he's enjoying my favorite what was he all dressed up for just for to go get a picture. case he still has the same smile i need to have sex with. him how is it for you to visit him. can't wait to get there and hate to leave it's real emotional. in the us every tom you know. every day you know he's limited. a box. he's club baby. when set in the prison or he'll pick you up to come home.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten likes color blind stamping each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit first shot and big one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one business shows you can't afford to miss the one and only boom but.
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it is a nuisance it is a. church secret indeed just like priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the geographic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot were the previous standards not known the highest ranks of the catholic church help conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that of themselves and as the i and then i can flip out at tuesday's out and think. it's both.
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a and. b. . i just remember being so typical i. thought of brother little sister i mean we.
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you know i remember playing together i remember. cascade broadened by saying i'm going in the woods and build a fort. i also remember he know me locking him out of the house and as spot. play and. baseball. he was he was a good bet for he as a brother or a. job like i was that way. to get him out. jr could. get him out and you know you know. you
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know it was good for a boy and in jr quick and they did love it ok just a little river and they rode along as best so that way to drown or if you don't dive in the bushes to drown first i did have a smart raid to shoot them are bred to into a block or a sound and eventually did. their own voluntarily fans tell us what happened down here where everybody wore their guard perfect breath yes sir ok this is the road where the body was finally. over the stuff but. a lot. of old. put it back over. to her room through the front and got back to the phone. there
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for me verity he pulled her horse you body out of the body i am all ears. myself right now. although i thought. a few thing that many of our highly. malou what they talked about a bag a car or anything like that or when i was away from home or i don't know but i went out how threatened they all had loaded gun shots and. there was armed. margrave was on. two tweets are losing a very good. point to
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grab it was chrome alone knows. what if you're sure that. one of the two that. revolver it was a one too short legged is. in the thirty eight were the twitter shore. so let loose with margaret. there are. thirty eight position. was a position to. hear it. for. profit margin offers where you are off the job market office house. ajami are right there on the top of he'll did our they're going after
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a rock y'all where they were go or what their plans or they talked about. he talked about that you want to visit and. it was do something knows what. you were. going to use. the. i had some of thank you already what they hope was there was a problem really actually very i mean i've been up for days i was home and then for me i wasn't in the clear state of mind. at that point i just wanted to get away from everything and that's why i lived east texas that's what i don't get why you don't just get away from the stance that he's date with one of those they would want i asked myself why are you man same question you know why i am this time around or whatever right. i know that any normal
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person would is that i would call the police you know but i don't have a normal life you know i mean i mean i'm not trying to really blame it on my life so much as but the conditions are certain things you know as the way you respond to critical situations. i just want to go to sleep as that's all i want to do that's why did i want to sleep. i just got a gas. station. they have a guest in a parking lot this wasn't always car right and i was over and i got out when assad berkshire's and i got. this fried the sunflower seeds and the buy one get one free pack of more cigarettes are come out and that's when pais was already in the truck . and its truck with a tree yes and so when i seen
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a situation i recognized it was something that was what was the situation he was there while he was in a truck he was on. he said there is also my right and was there was another passenger seat. and so i looked over at my man i was up and he said when he said when he had no vehicle and so i was like man come on i hopped in a car took off right. amount
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of time to this second murder and went to sleep and. jumped out of the trunk and i seen or i want persons down there are very brave why i asked them why he sued them and he said he knew my name innervate just. one same a petri. dish. that took a toll on me because i'm white and this doesn't tell me i have a family i mean this is the type of man that i was raised to respect. it's now i said there a shot i get already my code if it who was that they would page. it was i guess who was not supposed to that ok he's not somebody that they need thing or harmed anybody in any kind of way. and so i'm like and then reality said man. everything is all come back on me too so self-preservation with
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their self-preservation kicks in i mean people say why do you call the police what it was an option i mean i mean that was what i considered option. i said look i don't know what to do when to get away from me yeah and then you get out the truck and did he tell you i'm going to turn myself and he hasn't yeah he did but i wouldn't i mean i wasn't thinking like they look like they're going to get out of me right now and then so i was like ok i don't care what you do to get away from me. and i was wondering what are the odds that that they that page will tell what happened i don't. they. i don't know i mean i guess s. between him and whatever god he's to use in
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a warship right now you know. in the marines are after him how are you i mean any sissy can get to see and to see. so he tried to offer aid. but how much sense does that make if he if he held at gunpoint or he didn't he told you at gunpoint right he just felt afraid because he was carrying a gun around the senator really like anything you try to try to get away with to get away from like so if i had a gun and i'm holding you. or even if i'm not holding your drug and you know i've done killed two people you're going to try to talk your way and get away from me. whether or not will work cool or not you're going to try and get away from so one form or fashion and it took me that long to figure out ok cool that's the way i'm
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going to be able to do this and be able to manipulate him letting me go by telling him to get out get away from here you know marta him in my opinion yes. herbut who works with the police chase they say why do you run and if you're not if you're i could see but i did not know i was wanted for murder alone for world there's a gun in the drug war married until i'm outside of the city limits a world supposed to be i'm going back to do. our future stars of police about you know i refuse when i was first refuse to watch police period. i mean because i know how it is isis eeriest charge and i've been involved because i know how they do things so i'm not talking we all do without an attorney. but why didn't he when he don't hate us because. you know
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i said. i was caught up in history cultural my ass it we don't talk to the police you don't form one of the people right but what if you know that it came to me and i mean i'm not saying it's right or wrong you know saying i mean if it was. some i heard a child in this different you know i mean this is i'm thirty one years old now so i see the nonsense and his quote unquote rules all these drug dealers and gamers stuff. i'm not saying it's right but it's what i'm here to at the time and at the time it was to me i'm not so it probably is nothing and so i didn't know that they would put it on me and i will get these people in trouble to get myself out of trouble it was my whole business and writes i'm not going to say now had i known that they were going to get the state was against me already that oh is it over love you know but at the same time i'm doing as a mom to let my mom go find darnell so he can tell me. he's one of the first told the police it and i read a statement. no i don't know where it came from or why it happened that way but i
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mean as a sister or. anybody. remember . this is the. case with frustration and dismay for america's allies even members of the g.o.p. donald trump is sticking to his campaign promise to recast washington's trade relations with the world the reaction has been loud in swift only on the verge of a global trade war.
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good. night. and in the end the. read those you don't consume don't eat and i can do is only a joke you deal with the saying i'm the only person in there that are equal to changes my son into what he calls just asked me if i don't want this why don't we don't say don't name do they deal with that do those all would be mean as you say as he does so to us it all just doesn't even on. the. was
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was. a war of annihilation damning report from a leading rights group accuses the u.s. led coalition of potentially breaking international law as it would to liberate the syrian city of rancor from isis the last year however a spokesman for the us led coalition in the region stronger disputes that playing. sanctions and the energy supply is top the agenda as vladimir putin visits the end up on his first foreign trip since tossing his full term as president. also ahead america's ambassador to israel gives some less than diplomatic feedback to journalists cup. bring the i.d.'s you have extreme force against palestinian
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protesters in front. of the future with. a very warm welcome you're watching r.t. international with me mickey aaron great to have you with us this hour now our top story this spokesman for the u.s. led coalition against eisel says that accurate figures for civilians killed in rocca will never be known as far as how do we know how many civilians were killed i'm just being honest no one will ever know anyone who claims they all know is lying this comes out to amnesty international accused the us led coalition of
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committing potential war crimes during last year's operation to liberate the syrian city of rock from islamic state more now from an associate churkin. this international report dubbed war of the hill ation devastating tolls on civilians in iraq to syria is a very highly critical analysis of the airstrikes that were carried out by the u.s. led coalition that involved britain and france on the city of raka from june to october twenty seventeen in their fight against isis and this amnesty international report talks of decimated families and neighborhoods says that not enough was done to protect civilians and that some of the attacks resulted in violation of international humanitarian law and indeed talks of potential war crimes as a result of the these strikes the report finds that one hundreds of people died and thousands were injured despite the coalition saying they did everything they could to minimize casualties. we did everything we could in our intelligence assessment
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in our planning to minimize to the maximum degree possible any chance of civilian casualties the coalition's claims that it's precision air campaigns allowed to bump islamic state out of iraq while causing very few civilian casualties do not stand up to scrutiny on the ground in iraq we witnessed a level of destruction comparable to anything we've seen in decades of covering the impact of wars you know when you're fighting an enemy. uses noncombatants as collateral damage you know it's very difficult when the when you fight it we like that too to completely avoid. any casualties of war like that but i can tell you we have a process that we go through. this to minimize you know civilian casualties at all costs well amnesty international interviewed one hundred twelve civilians in as many as forty two locations of airstrikes for this report and some of their focus
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was specifically on four families who had lost very big numbers of family members in these airstrikes they look at one family that lost as many as eight members and one airstrike another lost sixteen another family lost eighteen and a fourth family that lost as many as thirty nine people in those airstrikes and of course while we know the coalition says that in this case as others they did all they can to minimize casualties and in these kinds of scenarios according to them this is inevitable according to amnesty international that is just not good enough and they have called for investigations and justice for the victims of those strikes. well let's delve a little deeper into this story now and cross live to international law attorney jennifer braden misplayed and thank you for joining us on the program what are your thoughts on the amnesty international's report on civilian deaths in iraq. well i think i think the report for me as
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a little bit questionable i mean having studied human rights myself and there's a lot of work that amnesty does that i do appreciate a lot of work that goes under goes forgotten and unnoticed but for amnesty being able to put reports on it for this however it was a little bit disconcerting a little bit confusing to me for one as to why amnesty has chosen to highlight this yes there have been civilian deaths there we know that there's been civilian deaths in syria but we also know the modus operandi of isis and their affiliates and in isis strongholds what they will do is actually move it into a city where there are civilians and move into their homes now and those civilians don't escape on time they're going to be killed if they try to escape so if they don't get out they're going to be there and they're always used as collateral damage we had forces outside of baghdad in iraq that had to kill civilians just to get out isis stronghold locations so this is something that we do know and i think that's one thing the commander is talking about it is highly unfortunate some of the stories that amnesty pointed to that so many family members die even one of
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them being a baby in these air strikes being somebody who's been in areas where isis has been liberated because of coalition airstrikes it is very clear to see the damage that is done to homes from the air strikes however in some of these villages the villagers who have survived some of them were able to escape before isis came in.


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